Are you an Introvert? The 5 Best Crystals For Introverts

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Are you an introvert?

What most people think of as an introvert is a hermit, someone who’s very, very shy, who never wants to speak to others. And definitely NOT someone who’s putting themselves out there on the Internet in blog form, video form, newsletters what have you….like I do.

So many people would look at me & what I do & think I’m definitely an extrovert, right?

Are you

Well, they’re wrong.

It’s all about Energy, Baby!

So what does introvert/extrovert actually mean?

Swiss psychiatrist, C. G. Jung used these 2 terms a bit differently than how many of us may use them, but his explanation makes the most sense to me.

So, most of us think of an extrovert as being very sociable & outgoing. And an introvert is often thought of as withdrawn, quiet & shy

Jung, on the other hand, described these terms as a way to measure the favored way to direct energy:

  • EXTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy outwardly, to the outer world & to other people, you get an energy boost from being around others, energy gets zapped when you spend too much time alone.
  • INTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy inwardly, on your inner world, you get an energy-suck from being around people for long periods of time, need to be alone to recharge your battery.

Now, before you clearly label yourself as 1 or the other, know that most of us usually  lean more strongly towards 1 or the other, BUT we’re all some sort of a mix of both:

“There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.” —Carl G. Jung

One thing I’ve found is that many of us Crystal Hotties (& those who enjoy crystals or consider themselves light workers of any sort)  consider themselves to be introverts.

Would that be you?


Yep, I’m very much an introvert,  even though I may seem very much out there & come across as quite social. This introvert-stuff seems to be a common thread that runs through a lot of us in our community.

Yes, I’m rockin’ & marketing an online business as an introvert. Seems impossible, right? Actually, I’ve also noticed that those of us that do enjoy putting ourselves out there online; putting our faces out there, our writing out there, making ourselves vulnerable online….can be quite the opposite & very introverted in our private lives.

Sometimes, even the online stuff can get to be a bit much & you just need to take a break. I’m currently on a month-long social media fast. As much as I love interacting on there, I also feel the need to take that break…lovin’ the time off.

Currently posted on my Facebook Page. 'Tis the Season!

Currently posted on my Facebook Page. ‘Tis the Season!

As far as my private life goes, I definitely would label myself as a hardcore introvert.

Oh my. If you asked my neighbors [heehee] they would think I’m a total anti-social hermit introvert. Maybe it’s a balancing effect of being so extroverted online. I just know that when I’m home, I feel like it’s my sacred-sanctuary-safe-space. I really need to pull in my energy when it comes to my private life. So I don’t feel comfy going out there & mingling with all the neighbors on the sidewalk & sharing all kinds of personal stuff.

Another wacko-doodle quirk about me?…I also like to know when someone is coming over for a visit. It’s like I need to prepare myself energetically. And the longer the visit, the more prep time I need.

When I’m at a live event, I make certain to keep to my break time boundaries in place (alone time & retreat to some place quiet), b/c if I don’t, then I can’t give my full energy to the teaching or event.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a hugger, I like to mingle, take photos & laugh & meet with peeps at these events. In fact, I love it! So, this does not mean that we introverts aren’t completely enjoying the company and the event itself.

It just means that an introvert simply can’t handle as much of it or for as long as an extrovert can.

So, although, I’ll probably have a great time, afterwards I would be drained for DAYS….until I figured out how to mange my energy.

I also feel like my everyday life needs to have certain boundaries & restrictions too so I can feel comfortable & safe. I even have really strict boundaries about [I’m laughing right now typing this]…when I will answer the phone or look at texts, where voice-mails can be left, when I talk to my friends & family on the phone.

Yes, I know, I know!! I’m kind of weirdo like that & I OWN IT. Definitely introverted in that way.

For a long time I used to beat myself up or have lots of shame around how I am….until I realized WHY. #IntrovertSideEffects

My close friends know these things about me, make fun of me (I’m totally OK with that b/c it DESERVES being made fun of) & accept me with all my quirks. Family? They may not be as easily accepting, but they deal. You know how that goes. 😉

When I’m traveling or when I’m out & about running errands I usually don’t just strike up random conversations with people unless something really strikes my fancy or the person looks like they really need that in that moment. Mostly because small talk doesn’t interest me in the least. I love deep meaningful introspective conversations. Can you imagine striking one of those up with the checkout person at the store that you’ve never seen before? Hey, it can happen. *shrugs shoulders*

I’ll often times send people energy,  that I don’t know, that I feel look like they need it. Heart-centered energy. So it’s not like I don’t have any compassion or I’m not thinking of these people or anything, but small talk is like a slow drain on my energy.

I’ll go out to local energy healing events, classes & things, but I won’t make a huge effort to go out & find a whole bunch of new friends and say, “Hey, I’m Hibiscus Moon. Crystal Blessings!” So if you ever see me at anything like that do come up and say “Hi”. I love when people do that. Don’t feel like this is laying down a barrier, but people might be surprised that I’m not out there with a billboard on myself being an extrovert in my every day life, b/c of how non-shy I am about promoting online.

One thing that I know helps me in keeping my energy balanced as an introvert is working with crystals. I’m not talking about wiping out the introvert tendencies completely.  I feel they are important & serve a vital purpose.

For me, the goal here is not to become more extroverted. Instead, I prefer to nurture & support what we know works for an introvert; like needing time alone to recharge & neutralizing energy that could be felt as harmful.


1. Gold


Any sort of gold jewelry will work so this is a very practical mineral to work with. Gold comes in really handy for introverts b/c it has a very bold, strong & masculine energy so if you know you’re going to be in a social situation for a long period of time you may need a Golden Boost. Or if you feel your energy starting to wane & be depleted, maybe you can eek out another hour or so by tapping into your gold-energy. It’s great for amplifying & stimulating what energy you have left to make it last just a bit longer. It’s also great for giving you the stamina you need to navigate through a social situation that’s starting to wear on you.

2. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

Black tourmaline’s supportive energy is an all time favorite for being a sort of shield while purifying & transmuting any energy that may feel negative to us in any way. So I usually try to wear my black tourmaline jewelry, carry some in a pocket. And b/c this stone is great for purifying us of anything that feel toxic to us, I may also work with it when I’m done with an event or situation that may feel energy-depleting to me.

3. Smokey Quartz

smokey quartz

Smokey quartz is another go-to fav. for these sorts fo things. It’s a champ at transmuting negative-feeling energies and for strengthening you to be able to last the energy-depleting situations a little longer. It’s practically interchangeable with black tourmaline so it really just depends on what you have at hand and what your preference is.

4. Clear Quartz w/ Indicolite inclusions (aka Blue Quartz)

blue quartz

Blue Quartz available from Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.

This crystal will allow you to be emotionally balanced while you are in the company of others. It allows you to make meaningful connections with others & will help you to shift your energy so that energy leaks aren’t happening before they should. Just be sure to monitor the amount of time you’re in the company of others & take regular breaks for alone time as needed.

5. Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogony Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian available from Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.


This gorgeous obsidian is perfect for helping those of us with Introvert-Shame (me! me! me!) simply get over it! It’s great for shifting our energy around this so it’s a good stone to work with on a regular basis or to create a crystal grid with for the purpose of dissolving that shame. We Introverts have nothing to be ashamed of!

Now, in the midst of the Holidays, you may need these tips more than ever so I hope you find them helpful. If you have some others you’d like to add to the list, please share them in the comments below for our Crystal-lovin’ Crystal Hottie Community!

Crystal Blessings!



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  1. Such an interesting blog post and very helpful! Being able to withdraw for recharging and balancing my energy is essential. Around the holidays with the house full of family, even though I am loving them all, I need to give myself break time. Make sure my crystal pouch is in my pocket all the time is important. Thanks for the article and the specific crystals.

  2. You are wonderful. I so identify with what you wrote re the introvert and your own personal input. Many do find introverts ‘strange’,assuming introversion to be a negative state whereas in fact it is life affirming and loving of the spirit. In truth, we are walking the talk, respecting our inner wisdom and the silent time needed to be in touch with who we are. Our sensitivity is so acute which makes it imperative to love and respect our need for space, for silence, for detachment, for finding ourselves over and over again within the overwhelming cacophony of early 21st Century reality. Thank you!

  3. I am definitely an introvert who does get energy drained by the thrift store customers I deal with 40 hrs a week. Question…………I have two small pear size raw chunks of mahogany obsidian. Is there a time limit as to how I might work with those? I haven’t researched what the grid link yet but if there is a grid I can make to help me keep and maintain my energy so that I am more productive…….I am all about that. Every crystal or stone you have mentioned regarding energy sensitivity I have invested in ……..not all of them are easy to wear jewelry out in the public. I did invest in a slab of purple jade that you mentioned in the early fall. I need that piece when out in the public but it is large and would attract many curious eyes. Guess I can wear it underneath my tops or just deal with comments. It would be a very large flat pendant. I will post a photo in the cave when I complete that pendant as I have talked myself into doing that now. The mahogany obsidian are way too large to carry out in public. Will read what you say about a grid.
    I have, regularly, felt my energy evaporating while I am stuck at work………… I have recently used the mini grounding set from class that I carry in my wallet so that I always have it. It helps right away but I seem to wait too long to think of using it……………Thank you for this blog.

    1. Thank you this has explained,so many of my anxieties that l thought just came with ageing and not coping with big events that l would normally sail though , just thought l had turned into a bag of nerves. L have a real positive way forward armed with my crystals and new mind set so thank you again.

  4. I loved this article…very helpful, and you described the true meanings of introvert and extrovert so well! Thanks for being so transparent and helpful. : )
    Crystal Blessings to you Hibiscus Moon!

    1. Yes Bernadette Garcia, there is!

      I use Lapis Lazule. I had a necklace of beads that I hardly ever wore because of the weight. I decided I would make a bracelet out of some.
      But when I get the Vertigo I put one of the beads in each ear. (They aren’t to big and not to small) I wear them for a couple of days then put them in my pocket to keep handy as it can come back. But the Vertigo goes away immediately by putting them in my ears.
      A friend of mine in The Philippines gave this idea to me when I was telling her I couldn’t talk to her because of the vertigo. Her name is Jin-Jin! I just love her!

  5. Thanks for this post – aside from missing your cheery emails in my in-box, I was glad to find that there is a good reason I’m all about wearing gold rather than silver. I also have the black tourmaline and smokey quartz pieces to slip into my pocket when I go out. Another combo I’ve come to appreciate is dumortierite and labradorite. It seems to drop a velvet curtain around me when I’m in crowds and it muffles all the energy. It’s amazing how effective these stones can be at keeping me from going nuts out in public. I have lots and lots to learn yet – so many stones, so little time!

  6. I’m Right there with ya sister-friend! Ditto, ditto and a great big ditto on all accounts! Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us! “introverts unite! (Seperately, in their own homes!)” big love from the rock-tacular Joplin missouri!

  7. Thank you, Hibiscus Moon. Yet another interesting and very useful article. I totally connect with this. An introvert is definitely what I lean towards and, having read your article, beginning to feel less shame around it. I have a hard time with social gatherings, small talk and not enough time in solitude. I love the in depth chats that I sometimes have with some of my customers, it is nice to know there others out there too, doing their own thing but willing to connect from time to time. I don’t like to spend my whole time without connecting with others, it is very nice when it is meaningful and feelingful!

    Happy holidays xx

  8. Oh I needed this! I carry around a lot of Shame and guilt for being the way I am. I get a lot of crap for it. It’s good to have balance, but I find it to be very difficult, especially when it comes to actually getting up and being around people. Thanks so much and merry Christmas!

  9. Very important post, thanks HM. It is very valuable for those of us who get zapped in social situations to identify our own energy needs and have some tools to help out. Seasons Greetings of all kinds to everyone. Love and light and crystal blessings.

  10. this is perfect timing for this info. Next week is my birthday and my friends are planning I can usually handle a few hours, no prob. But, ALL DAY! Im a little worried, but now maybe these crystals will help keep it more bearable. Thanks again, love ur blog

  11. Hello Hibiscus Moon…..I’m Cathy. I am a Nurse and a Energy Healer……but my goodness as I am reading this, how you are describing yourself, I am just reading about about myself. I also think that over the years, maybe because of getting older, it seems to be getting worse. I enjoy my own company. I also enjoy being online. But I want to change this. I fear that one day a “real” person may not miss me…….I love crystals…..I love the way you talk about them, their functions and purposes. I wish to learn more about them. Namaste.

  12. I am a total anti- social hermit introvert too and so is my husband of 30 years … made me laugh at the description of yourself you may as well be describing us to a ‘ T ‘….we have both always been and embrace it wholeheartedly …..and yes Family doesn’t but that is their problem not mine ……we would agree with Carl Jung and say that maybe we should be locked up in a LOONEY BIN but we really are two of the nicest people you will come across and strive on a daily basis to be good helpful humans much to our own detriment sometimes ….BE A PROUD INTROVERT I SAY HAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. I liked this post. It puts the whole introvert/extrovert perceptions in an understandable, balanced and useful context…

  14. Thank you for that – you are me! I have certainly got a lot of grief for being the way I am. Bizarrely, it seems to make work colleagues and managers suspicious- even though it probably makes me better at my job, which is working with people one to
    one.If I ever try to change things go horribly wrong!

  15. Your blog was very understanding to read and to comprehend thank you , sometimes things are hard for me to understand . This was very helpful thanks again for sharing your experiences and knowledge Of introvert and extrovert .

  16. Hi, still miss you all! Thanks for all the great advice. I did not get it the first read, but by the end, I wrote down all the crystals for reference. I know someone who will “get it”, so I can help her.
    Blessings to all, Cathy Hall

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