Car Protection Crystal Mojo Kit

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Did you see this?

I’m often asked what crystals 1 could use to protect themselves while traveling about.

car protection crystal mojo kit

(I prefer a black bag for this but I ran out at the time I took this pic….oh well!) And yeah…no…that’s NOT POT. *Watch the vid for further explanation, LOL!!!*

I made this video a bit ago to show what my husbo & I use in our cars.

You can also use this for traveling on a train, plain or a bus…why not?

There’s a fun little poll within the video too. 🙂

Car Protection Crystal Mojo Kit

Here’s a handy ingredient list for the car protection mojo kit:

So stay safe & SPARKLY, Chick Pea!

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  1. Doing this for sure! I got my tourmaline hanging in a medicine bag with my lemurian in my car at all times. Thanks crystal hottie mama!

    1. Post
  2. Oh, I wish I’d seen this over 2 weeks ago!! Two Mondays ago, a lady in a minivan backed right into the side of my car, with me in it! No injuries, just a BIG dent. Her insurance has paid me, but I think I’ll make one of these so I can keep the car as long as possible. 🙂

  3. My feverfew should be arriving today from Mountain Rose! So excited to whip up some of these puppies. This post helped out a lot, my boyfriend and I just got a car not to long ago and he was asking me what we could use for protection and then there ya go posting ever so synchronistically 😉 I intuitively knew to use those stones but I was not sure what herbs would fit well with my favorite crystal babes.
    I’m going to be making a couple of these to give to friends too – we all need super protection driving around crazy NYC haha!

  4. Creating little black bags for myself, husband, son and daughter to keep us all safe in our cars – what do you think about adding a rose quartz and a yellow tiger’s eye in addition to the amethyst, black tourmaline and smoky quartz?

  5. Nice set.
    I myself use a small wire cage with black Tourmaline and a clear Lumerian crystal hanging from the mirror. In de side pockets (doors) I have some Shungit. Now the Tourmaline is for protection ofc. The Lumerian is to boost the Tourmaline. The Shungite is for protection too but also to keep the in-car environment a little cleaner. It protects from all kinds of radiation and electronic “debris”. It is also supposed to filter out and keep out airborne organic and non organic pollutants :). I may consider adding Amethyst… so thats “my cars” crystal set :)…..

  6. I am so glad I came across your website..getting to learn so many things and hoping to do the healing course from you soon.I have all the crystals you have mentioned but as I stay in India, we do not get feverfew herb here. Is there anything else I can put instead ?? Thank you 🙂

  7. …if a piece of selenite was placed in the mojo bag it would clear the other stones, and in that case there would be no need to cleanse them on a regular basis, I think this is an important point for people to know about! Thoughts?


  8. My daughter just got her first car and is turning 16 on the 15th. She ask for a protection bag. I put black Tibetan quartz, jet, hematite, black tourmaline, red jasper and a smokey quartz and of course reiki! What do you think of this one? I may add a tigers eye. L&L. Laura

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