Top Five Simple Ways to Use Your Crystals Every Day

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Ancient peoples truly appreciated and put to good use the extraordinary healing properties of crystals. We can learn so much from them and apply their wisdom to our modern lives to inspire us to work with crystals every day.

Unfortunately, us mod-humans, have mostly pushed aside or just forgotten all about our effective ancient stone and mineral know-how.

The good news is that recently we’ve experienced quite the Rock Revival. Am I right? A total resurgence and re-interest in the energetic healing powers of crystals and stones. (I feel we’re simply REMEMBERING what worked well for us without the nasty side-effects of other possible “remedies.”)

Sneak Peek: One of my recommendations is daily crystal meditation. For a simple meditation, grab this free throat chakra meditation mp3 and drop into some quality time with you, your rocks and your breath.

First Some Interesting Crystal Healing History

Humans have used crystals for millennia for various healing and protective purposes.

We now have evidence regarding the earliest hominids that were working with crystal energy as early as about 40,000 years ago.

This is specific evidence of ancient human remains buried with jade-looking (chlorite) jewelry. Anthropologists gather that it was used for either healing or some sort of protection, like a talisman of some sort. So far, this is the earliest evidence of crystal healing to date.

Ancient civilizations have also been documenting the use of working with stones or laying on of stones; where they were placing them on the body for different modes of healing, protection and connecting with Mama Earth. We even have evidence of this documented in the Bible.

crystals every day

Bottom Left: Lapis lazuli used in Scarab Pectoral, from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes, Ancient Egypt, c. 1361-52 BC. Right: Lapis lazuli used in “Ram in a Thicket”, from the Royal Tombs of Ur, Sumer, Ancient Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq, c. 2600-2500 B.C.

Yes, metaphysical powers of crystals were no mystery to most of our ancient cultures including:

  • Egyptians
  • Native North Americans
  • Chinese
  • Indians
  • South Americans
  • Australian Aborigines
  • Sumerians

… and many, many others regularly adorned their bodies with gemstone jewelry and embellished their buildings, carvings, statues, etc. with sacred stones. This was the norm, not the exception. The ancients had many ways of working with crystals every day.

Crystal Info Dissemination

Civilizations have worked with stones and have experimented with them for thousands of years, honing and perfecting this information and techniques.

When the anthropologists sit down to study various cultures and ask them, “Where does this information come from?”, it’s repeatedly revealed that it’s been passed down from generation to generation to generation.

They’ll often say, “It was passed on by others.” Now, who are the others? That’s left up to interpretation. You can take that deeper wherever you’d like to go, but that’s beyond the scope of this blog post. 😉

Most of our crystal books and their stone correspondences are based on this passed down data.

Not all of them…

Some contain info that’s been channeled or personally researched by the author, but the majority have a strong foundation largely based on this ancient information.

And it’s great to KNOW all this crystal stuff, but keep in mind…

Knowledge is useless unless it’s applied. Right?

And I don’t know about you, but for me to CONSISTENTLY apply something, it had better not take up much of my time or brain power, plus it has to work itself easily into my everyday routines. Otherwise, it just becomes some beautifully complicated ceremony that I did that one time and never had time to do again.

Now that may work for some stuff but for most of the things that we want to apply crystals to; it generally works out best if we work with them often and consistently; making them part of our everyday routines.

So, how do we do that? – actually put them to practical everyday use?

Well, I can tell you what I do…

Crystal Grid

My five favorite ways to work with my crystals every day:

1. Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are like a manifestation-amplifier for any area of your life — money, health, relationships, happiness. On any given day, I’ll have at least one (but usually two) crystal grids set up somewhere in my home to manifest a certain intention I’m working on. There’s always something I could be working on!

I have a recent blog post over here with specifics on getting you started with a crystal grid.

2. Gem Elixir

Basically, a gem elixir is crystal water. When made with the intention of drinking it, I’m always mindful of toxicity levels of any of the stones that I use. I also consider the Mohs Hardness or rusting probability (iron content) when I’m concerned about preserving the stone’s integrity and beauty.

Gem elixirs are water entrained with specific crystal healing vibrations… because subtle energies can be charged and stored in water quite efficiently. Here are two different blog posts where I give you an example of how I work gem elixirs into my everyday routines: Hibiscus Iced Tea for Immune Boosting and Magical Mermaid Crystal Tea. But, listen… most days I just take a safe tumbled stone and plop it into my drinking water.

3. Crystal Meditation

This is something I strive to work into every day. Some days it just doesn’t happen. However, I’ve found that if I do it in the morning, that seems to work best. I usually end up getting my meditation in about four days a week.

And this is the one activity in this list… that if I had to choose just one, I would not do without this one. I find it to be the most transformative for my everyday psyche and mindset.

Before meditation, I simply choose a stone to work with. It’s usually the same stone that I’ll work with for at least a week, if not longer. Then I’ll rest it in my left (receiving energy) hand or if it feels uncomfy that day I’ll rest it in front of me on my meditation cushion while having it touch some part of my body and allow it to influence my vibratory field for what’s usually a ten-minute meditation. Most people have a Rose Quartz. Or an Amethyst. Grab one and give it a go.

4. Chakra Balancing

This is an active and highly effective technique that can really effect change with recalibrating your major energy centers in your body. If you’re new to chakras entirely, I suggest you start with part 1 in my chakra blog post series here.

This is the art of laying on of stones.  There are many steps and nuances to it that I teach my students in my Certified Crystal Healing Course, but to do a very simple chakra balancing session, you’re taking seven crystals whose colors correspond to each chakra and lay them over each chakra leaving them in place for about 15 minutes.

5. Crystal Jewelry

Now, in contrast to chakra balancing, stone jewelry is a very passive approach you can take with your crystal healing. You can simply find jewelry that incorporates the stones you’d most like to work with and wear them, allowing their energy field to entrain with and influence your own. That’s it! Does it get any easier than that?

Now there are many more ways to work with our crystals, right? These are just my personal methods that have fallen effortlessly into my almost-daily routines. I would love you to share your top methods with our Crystal Family! What are your favorite ways to work with crystals every day? Please tell me in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. I feel like my crystal grid isn’t working. I read your book and have done everything I can think of. I assume its me but not sure.

    1. Rework your grid and set the intention written out under the center crystal . Give it a chance and believe it will help . You might try cleansing the stones first also . 🙂

  2. Hello, loves! I adore these methods for simple, everyday crystal incorporation with the busyness of life! I personally always wear three particular rings for this purpose, my medium sized onyx that I keep on my left middle finger, my engagement ring is a blue tourmaline, and a mother of pearl on my right ring finger. I love that every time I wash my hands I can just feel whatever pent up emotion and energy I have stored in them wash’s away so smooth and simple. Though I was very inspired by your hibiscus gem elixir tea! I am definitely making some of that today! ✨

    My only easy suggestion for everyday use is sleeping crystals!!! Really good crown chakra crystals to help you sleep better, have dreams, and feel more rested. Put them under your pillow if that’s not too uncomfortable, or under the mattress where your head lays. I’d suggest the simple, but powerful amethyst, or and aura aura(Angel aura). There’s plenty other good ones out there though!
    Have a beautiful day everyone, much love! 💜✨

  3. I love using crystal coasters!!! Ngl I got some great natural agate ones at tuscon… everyone loves them. Great gifts. Great energy. It’s such an easy way to boost the morale in the room .They’re wonderful!

    I also saw in ebay some bulk pens where you can unscrew the top and insert glitter, confetti or whatever in the top. I’m SO putting some gem chips in there! Intention in every word.

    1. Gem chips in your pen – that’s brilliant! Writing is such a great way to focus intention anyway, and adding crystal energy to every word sounds amazing. I might have to get one for each person in my Thought Technology group. Thanks for posting about them.

  4. Hi, I am doing the methods you speak of, they just seem so natural and fit into my daily routine.

    My favourite which wasn’t mentioned is I have added crystals to my indoor pool water. After doing my laps I also say my intentions to the universe while doing tai chi movements and creating bubbles by running my hands and fingers through the water. Water has memory and loves to be told infinite love and gratitude, makes it much more vital. I have extra magnesium in the pool as well which makes my skin and hair so soft. I leave the pool so invigorated and alive, which keeps me going back.
    Such a win win for the water and me.

    Keep laughing and smiling, life is great

  5. Thank you for these tips and so appreciated. My problem is I have so many that I am overwhelmed. I could not help that I was called and drawn to all of the crystals I have, I love them all so very much and want to learn more about each and every one of them. Happy New Year- Hugs!

  6. I use crystals in my artwork. Then I hang my artwork in my home. People love the energy and beauty of the crystals and how they look in my art. I also am new to this webpage and can’t wait to learn more about it.

  7. I’m new to the world of crystals, but I’m eager to learn as much as I can about them in order to live a healthier life and be a better me. I currently have a lapis lazuli pendulum that I wear as an earring because I was told that it’s good for being true to yourself-especially when on a new spiritual path. I always keep my moonstone and my chrysoprase on me, usually in my pocket. At home on my altar, I also have a tumbled bloodstone and another gorgeous square chunk of lapis lazuli. I’m really low on funds, but hopefully I’ll soon be able to buy some clear quartz and other essential crystals. I look forward to getting to know this community better! ~blessed be

  8. Hello! Thank you for putting these methods out. I love working with a crystal wand. Crystal Massage is fun, but does not fit in with every day life. I agree about the meditation. The easiest way for me is to do my beeatheork meditation and include the crystal in it. This ya especially useful when cjhajra balancing it simply calling attention to something. For wxampke a simple Quartz ir Flourite wand can help when needing extra support guidance and protection. A simple Milky Quartz can help support you when releasing it sitting with a heavy emotion. Live and light! 💖

  9. I have not been able to download the crystal grid e kit yet because, well, seriously broke but I love the meditation mp3 I listen to it every night ( for last couple months) and at first my mind was everywhere for a while..couple weeks later it hit me and I TRULY MEDITATED! I just wanted to thank you Hibiscus moon for putting that together, I’m thinking so much clearer, it’s bizarre. It’s a great thing and I enjoy your emails. Thank you, you’ve changed my life, Patrice

  10. I have a question. Is wearing a crystal in a wire cage effective or does it have to touch your skin?

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