Crystals as Living Beings | Are Crystals Alive?

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So, what do you think regarding crystals… as living beings?

Are our beloved crystals alive and conscious… just like we are?

are crystals alive living beings

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Many ancient teachings and cultures, especially those of aboriginal tribes teach that crystals are alive.

I feel quite strongly that the Earth, the Sun, Milky Way Galaxy, even our entire Multiverse is also alive and I’m not alone in that belief …many academics and scientists are on board with this notion.

Did you know that the core of our very planet is a single humongous iron crystal… presenting itself in all its Sacred Geometric glory as a dodecahedron??!

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Show Notes

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As always… if you’d like to debate if crystals can be or are alive OR have something to add, you know I’d love to see your comments below.

Many Crystal Blessings!

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      Good point, Zoe… but neither do viruses and many scientists classify them as “alive”. In addition, biologists do believe in the existence of DNA-less microorganisms. Not to mention, that some scientists speculate that RNA and DNA itself evolved from specific silica-rich (quartz crystal) clays. So in essence, a crystal giving rise to life itself.

  1. I absolutely LOVE your info!! You radiate everything positive about which you speak and it is especially wonderful to listen to another woman who embraces her geekiness to the MAX! I cannot get enough and truly hope you keep talking on this subject. You are fearless and relentless in your search for information to educate others. It isn’t always easy to break science/facts down to a level which is easily understood by the masses, but you do it effortlessly and I thank you for doing that work for those of us who wish to educate others in the science of crystal healing.

    1. Definitely Crystals are alive. I had a quartz shatter onto slivers after having my husband wear it for a week…he was having bad dreams and would wake up screaming. Something was trying to get to him and couldn’t. He was left alive by the energies attacking him after I made this crystal pendant for him.

  2. Can you do a video on that beautiful elestial Jacare quartz crystal you were holding in the video? And yes, crystals are definitely living and conscious beings!

  3. Great article! I believe my Creator is alive, and I believe my Guides & Angels are alive – even if I can’t see them. Crystals ‘talk’ to me and give me nudges just like other unseen but alive helpers!! Sometimes we just have to expand our thinking on what is… just because we can’t explain all the dets doesn’t make it not real or not so. I love getting out of the box – please keep these kinds of articles coming 😃

  4. Yes they are amazingly alive and working for us all the time. I have crystals that help with meditation, Akashic record work, healing and some of them are just great friends! I am carrying a mojo bag of crystals during the mercury retrograde (as you have suggested) and so far non of the shenanigans that I am usually bombarded with. Thank you Hibicus💜


  5. Crystals are alive in a quantum metaphysical vibrational energy field, I have a few crystals that have self healed and grown crystal nodes, each crystal or rock even has their own personality.

  6. Totally alive. When I put them on the window to get them sun or moonlight, or under running water, I get a feeling from them that they’re very comfortable. Often times lately, they’re asking for permission to heal me. I see happy flashes from them when I show them appreciation or love

  7. Great video!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for the discussion and clarification regarding changing crystals!!!!! I have several that I swore had changed but was unsure as to whether or not this was even possible. I thought I was losing it. Thank so very much for this!!!!!!!!! (Also, the new kit is AMAZING!!!!!!!!)

  8. Totally alive! 🙂 I have watched some of my crystals change and evolve, yes grow in some ways as well. Pretty amazing!

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