crystal bath

Ever hear of a crystal water bath?

Let me fill you in.

Recently, I realized that my third chakra, my solar plexus, needed to be re-calibrated. (I discussed the circumstances surrounding that in my latest newsletter). It’s underactive at the moment; very out of sorts for me actually and therefore, really disconcerting too. If you’d like to find out more about the science behind crystals + chakras, you’ll want to start here with a classic blog post I have on that. So, I was getting ready to do a solar plexus crystal bath and thought to myself,

“This is a great topic to share about and explain why a crystal bath is a highly effective and immediate energetic hygiene-fix!”

A water soak with your chosen crystals is an excellent way to work with them. At the same time, you’re also creating your own relaxing spa experience. 

The Science

Now, let me explain why I feel putting stones in the tub (with water) can be so powerful.

It’s an easy and efficient way to infuse your auric field with their vibrational frequencies:

  • to help balance chakras
  • influence certain energies aka vibrational frequencies
  • or to help manifest certain things

crystal bath

See, all matter emits electromagnetic frequencies, as do crystals, as do people. Those frequencies travel, just as electricity does (in the form of electrons). So, we have something that’s a good electrical conductor; like me; a person.

GEEK ALERT: all living things are excellent electrical conductors (something that allows those electrons to flow with less resistance), hence why you don’t want to be out in the middle of a lightning storm! Metals are also good electrical conductors. Some things are better conductors than others. Gold, copper, silver are really good metals for this. And then we have water; water is also an excellent electrical conductor — when it’s infused with minerals as it usually is (and not distilled or dead water). The opposite would be a poor energy conductor (aka insulators); such as glass, plastic, rubber, air, and wood (not a living thing any longer).

So, we’ve got water + me; two effective energy conductors. Plus, water is highly programmable (will get to that in a bit).

Crystal Bath Frequencies

Crystals and stones emit their own individual resonant frequencies. Now with water being a good energy conductor, I find those frequencies are going to travel with less resistance and then come in contact with me, being another good energy conductor. 

The less resistance, the easier it is for the energy to flow, therefore, that results in more efficient amplification of the vibrational frequencies.

So, with less resistance, the easier it is for my electromagnetic field to be influenced by the frequencies of the stones I have in the water.

In some ways, it’s more effective for us than a simple crystal meditation sitting on the cushion because you’re surrounded by water; an added powerful conductor.

Programmability of Water

We’re made up of about 70% water, just like our planet. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research with water molecules has shown us that water is highly programmable. Through his experiments, he was able to show us that our thoughts and intentions have an effect on the molecular structure of water. When our intentions are positively directed towards the water, the water molecules are physically altered in a beneficial way.

(I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Emoto at a book signing shortly before his passing.)

emoto gem water crystal bath
Dr. Emoto noted these positive changes can be achieved through prayer, music or even by attaching labels to a container of water. The Institute of HeartMath has confirmed these findings with waters programmed with prayers and healing intent from holy places around in various parts of the world.

This research shows us that water is an easily influenced energy transformer and an ideal delivery system.

This got me thinking— we’re beneficially affected by good intentions, compassion, kindness, and meditation due to the fact that we’re mostly made up of water; a highly programmable material?

So, to sum up…

Being that water and living things are such excellent conductors of energy and both so easily programmable, it seems very logical to me that combining the three (crystals + water + living being) will result in the vibrational frequencies of crystals and stones conducting energy with less resistance, thereby more easily influencing us!

Crystal Bath Recipe

The only three necessary items are:

  1. You
  2. Tub of Water
  3. Crystal(s) of your choosing (following safety guideline below)

Each of the following steps is optional:

  • Fill the tub and add in some salts (Epsom or Himalayan Sea Salt). If you want more info on why it’s beneficial to add salts, I highly recommend you check out this bookTruly eye-opening! Be informed and get protected against EMF.
  • Choose a music selection written to entrain your energy to balance the chakra or achieve your personal goal.  Some music is written to influence specific electromagnetic frequencies in you. It also allows us to connect with specific light codes, and can even be based on sacred geometry and numeric patterns. My solar plexus go-to track is this one (I just keep it on repeat since it’s only 6 min. long).
  • Place your chosen stones in the water, but first, there are a few things to consider when choosing your stones. I  choose according to non-toxicity of the stone and next [because you don’t want your stone getting slowly dissolved or ruined by the water] you want to be sure it has a minimum Mohs Hardness of 6. Here’s a great resource for looking up the Mohs Hardness.  (If you’re really into learning more about Mohs Hardness scale + some cool mineral ID tips, you might want to check out my Crystal Savvy Class Elective.) So, for my solar plexus chakra, I chose yellow calcite. It “ticks all the boxes”.
  • Next, you may choose to add 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (no synthetics). They need to be safe for topical use as well as gentle on the skin. For solar plexus work, I usually choose lemon and/or peppermint. But only 1 or 2 drops because these can be irritating to the skin. Please do your own due diligence here; research, test and use caution!
  • I also love candles with a bath like this and I usually make my own chakra candles or you could go with something like this and place them around the tub. In this case, I’d be using a yellow candle (in alignment with the solar plexus) that may also have oils and crystal chips embedded within. This allows me to layer in a few more similar vibrational frequencies and further amp up the effectiveness of my chakra balancing.

More Creative Options

Adjust the frequency of your water and program it in a very specific way (you can do that!) using a tuner like this free one (528Hz is known as the Love Frequency):

You can be highly creative in the types of crystal baths you can do.

I share a recipe for a Self Love Ritual Bath here.

I’ve seen some highly specialized crystal bath salts too. For instance, You can add those little gemstone chips they sell in tiny bottles into a small muslin bag. Then mix in half Epsom salts, half sea salt or Himalayan salt. Next, toss in some herbs that align with the frequency of the chakra you’re looking to balance or with the intention you’d like to manifest.

I’d love to hear your ideas or if you try your own Crystal Therapy Bath; how did it go? Did you like the results? Please share in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!

Hibiscus Moon