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Here was a very interesting question I recently received. Thought I would share the conversation here:

Q: What’s up with these crystal vibration numbers?

I noticed that in some places they actually state the crystal vibrations with a number, such as Amethyst’s vibration number is 7. I’m just not sure what that means.”


In a nutshell…everything is made of energy and different forms of matter and rays of light vibrate at different vibrational frequencies. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies depending on their matter, size, thickness & their color (light frequency). The next step is to learn what stones resonate at the correct frequency for what you are trying to achieve. Thankfully, much experimentation has already been done for thousands of years before us by the ancients with the art of ‘laying on of stones’ and they’ve already figured out what stones help with what needs…for most.

Since the vibrational frequency varies in this way you can’t just give a “blanket number” & say that ALL amethyst vibrates at a specific frequency number. Vibrational numbers are a measurement of the resonance of a vibrating object  with a very precise wave frequency. But since it would be based on so many variables, we can’t just assign a crystal a number. Get what I mean? Can’t do it.

Not to mention…without units after the number, I’m not sure what that number “7” is measuring. In science that’s a HUGE No-No. As I used to say yell to my physics students:

“Don’t give me a naked number as your answer. I WILL mark it incorrect even if your number is right. And don’t have your parents call me either! A naked number is meaningless! 7? Seven what? Seven hot dog wieners? Seven dirty diapers???!”

*…all this w/ a smirk…I do miss being able to pull that shiz with teenagers in the classroom…they have the BEST energy around*

So anyways, my point is that you need a unit like Hertz after that number in order for it to be meaningful.

Here’s a video I did a few years ago (please excuse the poor quality) on precisely this subject:

Crystal Vibrations & Frequencies: a discussion?

Oooops! My GEEK-roots are showing!

Sorry to get very scientific, but that’s how I roll. 😉

Special Crystal-GEEK Blessings today,


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  1. I think ice cubes look like crystals. Icing an injury decreases pain too because the cold decreases inflammation and inflammation causes pain. (Just a thought).

    There are some really powerful stones that help healing but I've used them mostly for protection and spiritual work (more than for physical healing). I'll have to examine this idea further …

    1. That explains why I have always loved ice. 🙂 Crystal is amazing. I’m very grateful that I bought my first crystal cluster this last summer. I want to get more, in the future – that’s how much I love it.

      I’ve learned that the only science that I appreciate and respect is natural science. This is a branch I am proud of.

      *hugs* 🙂

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  2. there are many scintific reasons for the physics the geometry of life and can all be measured by there wave formations from these vibrations all things in the universe work in the same way

  3. we are coming to a point of enlightenment when we to truly notice the universe for what it is when we do break out of our host ego and back to basics then we can be at one endless boundries of possibilty where nothing is impossible and life truly begins the enlightenment is not in context a source of light visually but think of light as a wieght , a wieght as in burden being lifted and we are free from this guilt this termoil we have become feel this energy rushing around you and through you become the universe become as the great one wanted us to be as gods in our own right

  4. I’ve been trying to learn more about this…what is a good source of info to see what numbers are associated with particular crystals and also to see what each frequency is best used for? Thanks for hitting on this interesting topic.

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  5. Hi 🙂 I’m not such a big fan of combining numbers and crystals. Okay, the way you explain, I completely agree with, and the first time I saw someone give all the crystals a number. that was how I viewed it. UNTIL I found out, that it was simple numerology based on the crystal’s name. That means the english name 😉 So what about the brazilian quartz or my danish collection, do they resonate with the same numbers 🙂 ? I know, that that’s not what YOU mean, but – and I won’t name author names here – several authors use this system, and it ruins the whole idea about crystals’ connection with numbers. Just my opinion and just saying that we need to be a little skeptical, when we see numbers connected with crystals 🙂 <3

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  6. Ya know I love that you come from a science background ~ it completely works for me… It takes the hocus pocus out of it… Or rather lifts the vail. So many would like to continue hiding crystal healing behind that veil… Whilst I truly want to be able to say to people it works, not just cos I say it does or it says so in this or that book, but ‘cos it’s been proven to over millennia AND science can show you how!! Lurve that… maybe I’m a latent geek? Hope so 😀 xXx
    Oh but I have to say that albeit I’m newish to crystal healing I do an awful lot by intuition… That’s harder to explain with science 😉 but I like/love that for those that look at me a bit cockeyed ~ well okay if you find the metaphysical side hard to accept.. there’s always the scientific side 🙂 and even now the placebo effect is proven. So I guess it don’t matter what people believe as long as they believe and I believe, we can help each other 😀 xXx
    Oops! witterring now lol

  7. Hi! I see this video and it’s posts are from some time ago (2010) – hOpEfuLLy I’m not too late here (2016), so here’s the thing…

    I’ve been working personally and professionally with gemstones. I’m now putting that work and knowledge to use in jewelry, hOweVer, the proverbial missing link has been on specific vibrational frequencies beCaUse recommended “pairings” if you will, have proven to be hit-or-miss for me (and at times my clients). So…! I thought that pairing higher vibrations with lower vibrations would provide a tempered balance. So…yah, that’s why I’m here and thAt’s what I’m looking for…help!…ideas?

    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  8. Hi

    foremost I would address that what I write here are my own conclusions, partially from the scientific community and mostly historical accounts. I do not intend stirring up negativity.

    Based on my observations, I do believe that minerals in raw condition are receptive for information gathering, and in cut shape (spherical, pyramids, cubes etc.) they are susceptible to programming and bio feedback according to their own vibrational resonance – whichever that frequency may be.

    Furthermore, I do believe that minerals in spherical shape unfold their highest potential for biofeedback because of spherical harmonics, and this combined with their own frequency and our body frequency there will be a state of biofeedback to and from the mineral sphere which helps to achieve healing aspects or enlightenment, etc.

    In idle condition a sphere may unload certain information (biofeedback) likewise in motion and , or, receive certain biofeedback.

    The sphere is across the universe the perfect body design, likewise for utilizing a sphere for healing could mean outstanding properties for positive vibrations.

    A spherical mineral that is rotating around a pole axis whichever one sees fit, will generate a sine wave function with a specific frequency according to spherical harmonics. Now, combine that with structured water, one could argue that there are amazing vibrations at work, beneficial to us and the global consciousness.

    So, perhaps we need to have a very close look at the ancient stone spheres and their measurements which could provide some hints what frequency for what purpose. For example if three smaller spheres hold on top a big sphere rotating in water it produces a frequency.

    Personally I do not know the frequencies of minerals, but I think we don’t need to know to make crystals work. I think what we need to know is that they are capable of certain properties under different circumstances, like the way they are cut (but not piezoelectric cut).

    I hope this was a little helpful how to look at crystals from a natural point of view – that is to say what shapes nature creates to make them efficient for certain circumstances.

  9. Hello there what affordable stones have the same vibration as the following expensive stones. 1.Diamond 2.Ruby 3.Emerald 4.Sapphire.
    I need to know this to help balance people’s Karma in the most affordable way.Please help.Peace, Love, Light. Zak.

  10. The thickness you speak of is the thickness of the wavelength.. not the crystal or mineral..

    Once you find the vibration frequency it has a wavelength.. the thicker the wavelength the lower the vibration..
    It has nothing to do with the size of your rock.. it has to do with the “tiny electrons and neutrons and protons dancing around together and how fast they go depends on their vibrational frequency.. which differentiates a quarts from a amethyst.. am I wrong?

  11. Hi , I watched your video because i have a book that has listed the vibrational number to each crystal or stone. But i was confused as some of the crystals have 2 vibrational numbers assigned. wanting to know how the vibrational numbers were concluded. I personally agree with you Hibiscus Moon. I think the colour of the crystal is what resonates with the chakras.

    1. Interested in the book you have. Can you please tell me what number it assigns to red jasper? I am trying to understand the relationship with it and scar tissue.

  12. I have a clear Quartz Crystal Wand which I use in all of my energy work. When I selected it, It took forever as I was walking around the shop, in Manitou Springs, CO., holding the different crystals in my hand. Why would I do that? You see, as each cut crystal has a natural vibrational frequency at which they resonate, I was seeking a crystal which which would resonate at MY frequency – and I found her! It only takes a few minutes in my hand for the wand to become nicely warm as the molecules begin to dance in unison. Then I am ready to make some Magick! I believe that my aura vibrates at a given frequency and this is what drives the crystal to become resonate and become warm to the touch! I have some amazing stories about what I have done with my little 6 inch crystal wand and only another Witch could really appreciate them! PM me if you’d like to hear one!

  13. This is the best answer I’ve found on the internet thus far. Thank you! Your answer had the most logic, and most thorough answer to it.

  14. Hi I just watched your video and it was very interesting to me.I learned Crystal healing in the 90s and this was the main book to use at the time.
    I believe that on page 13 she mentions that part of her information is channeled.
    I know my crystals that have chosen me, speak to my feelings, but I always wondered about how much was channeled in this book.
    Thank you for leading me -all these years later to an interesting valid meaning of vibration.

  15. I would love to see a crystal vibration chat, might not be possible to do many different elements that need to be taken into account. I love crystals and have been educating myself. I was trying to find a chart to tell me the energy vibrations of each crystal. I would be happy to start by finding out more about the energy of a crystal weather it raises or lowers our energy vibrations. Do you have or know any good links to help with this

  16. I was wondering what the name of your textbook is (and Author) that you mention in the video. I would also Like to know if there are any charts or books expressly pertaining to the frequencies of the crystals, minerals, and gemstones.

    Also, I couldn’t find the link to the video you mentioned at the beginning of your video.

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