5 Tips for Crystal Shopping & Bargain Hunting

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OK, I’ll tell you right now. I don’t like shopping.

I never have. Nope, never got my sox off at strolling through the mall & ogling at purses, shoes & clothes. In fact, I avoid malls like the plague.

BUT…take me crystal shopping…that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I’m all in!

Perhaps its b/c its not quite as easy as just driving over to the mall & this makes it more like a hunt. You have to wait for a gem show to come to town, shop at your local metaphysical store, which for some may be well out of the way or do your shopping hunting online with a vendor that you really trust.

So, perhaps its the fact that its more of a quest, a challenging chase, or a MISSION even that hooks me in…

But I’m HOOKED; line & sinker.

As you know, I get most of my wholesale inventory (which I don’t really keep too much of these days) & shop for special order clients once a year at the big annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. And the entire trip is a joyous shopping adventure for me! I’ve come to love it more & more each year.

I’ve noticed that crystal shoppers, myself included, tend to behave just like any other shopper…falling victim to all the usual psychological shopping baits, sales, clearance mark-downs, etc. As all shoppers do, sometimes you make some really stooopid buying decisions or buy way too much of something that you have no use or need for when items are stamped  with “50 % off”!

crystal shopping

Oh how easy it is to overspend or buy the wrong thing. Except with crystals you really never know if you’ll ever see those specimens again. Really. Even miners don’t know if they’ll ever hit another pocket or vug of a particular crystal. Sometimes they do know that the supply is dwindling, Mama Earth only made so much & they’ll tell you the area is almost entirely mined out so “grab it while it’s hot!”

In addition, each & every crystal is an entirely unique specimen. You will NEVER find another one just like it. So there’s that added twist of psychological shopper’s arm-twisting & traps, except no one is really setting them up as traps. Its the geological reality, Lima Bean…most of the time.

How can you NOT fall prey to that?

crystal shopping

  • How often have I scooped up a lot of 50 rough azurite/malachite that no one else really wants & I end up hoarding for 5 years?
  • How many times have I snatched up entire lots of mica thinking I’ll use them for something but never really do & they end up just gathering dust?
  • Or how many times have I grabbed up way too many Navajo unakite pendants just because they were two-for-one & been stuck with them for years?

Well, I’ve only ever done each of these things once…but once is enough.

Oh yeah, this was all well-justified at the time. *wink, wink* After all, just think of all the $$ I was SAVING!

So over the years I’ve learned a few crystal shopping lessons & thought I’d share these golden nuggets with you, my Crystal Hottie.

Here are some ways you can make your crystal shopping/stone bargain-hunting useful yet cost-conscious:

  1. Inventory your crystal stash. You really need to know what you have. If you’re like me , you’ll even forget what you own & purchase duplicates *ahem…or triplets* of things you already own but forgot about.
  2. Make note of stones you use often, your “work-horses”. Do you need more of a certain kind, for instance you may need more small clear crystal quartz points or some more citrine tumblies for grid-work. Take time to think on this over a few months or even longer & really put some thought into what you’ll be needing & using.
  3. Next, keep an on going list of your NEEDS . You can even break your list into categories: tumblies, jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, rings), large points, wands, chakra stones, crystal healing sets, etc.
  4. Only purchase from reputable sellers…do you know someone else who has good experiences from this seller? Do they come with good recommendations? Gem shows can be tough unless your really know your rocks b/c if you end up with questions or aren’t happy with what you purchased, that seller may be gone next weekend. Ebay can be good if you stick to sellers with really high ratings. People always ask me if I still sell crystals. I don’t do so as much any longer, but do some occasional Special Order pieces (it’s rare, and when it happens I’ll let our email subscribers and Facebook fans know).
  5. Now that you’re all inventoried & organized & can clearly see your crystal need gaps, if any; you can PLAN. Now you can decide what you’ll purchase at a bargain price & what you’d like to save up for & spend for a good quality piece or 2 without overdoing it, busting your budget or really getting something you truly don’t need.

If your goal is simply to collect rather than use & work with your crystals then your strategies will be a little different. Just be careful to not let it fall into the crystal-hoarding category. That’ll be a different blog post for another day. 😉

So do you have any organizing or shopping tips for us? Please post them in the comments below. I kindly ask that we please refrain from promoting various crystal shops & links here at this time as there are way too many out there & that can get a little hairy as I’m sure you can understand.

Sparkly Blessings!



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  1. When I go crystal and stone shopping I get all quivery and lightheaded in the shop. I sometimes have to walk out to clear my head then go back in. I have been told it is a special sence I have and it is overwhelming. I love shopping for crystals.

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    2. I began wearing a six-sided clear quartz point over my spiritual plexus. I noticed this helped quite a bit with the feeling of being ‘overwhelmed’ by the crystal energy. I’m much more focused and stay on task. 🙂

  2. Love this! I have been making a lot of Mandala Crystal Grids for myself, my clients and the Lightwork that I do. I have found it very helpful to take photos of each of my Crystals, or group pics when I have lots of the same Crystals. This serves two purposes for me.
    1. It helps me know what I have and since I am very visual, I like this better than a written list…though now that you mention it a list would be beneficial too!

    2.When creating a Mandala Crystal Grid, I mix the photos in with my favorite Crystal Oracle Decks and then I shuffle them and pull some cards to see what Gemstones want to come forth and be part of the Grid to best support my Intention! VERY FUN 🙂

    Thanks for the great information!

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  3. I have a dozen it so crystals I can’t identify. I already got help from my local store. They identified many. I have two books. It doesn’t help that there can be so many variation if appearance on a crystal I get confused. Any idea how I can get help identifying? Where I can send photos for help? I’m trying to catalog.

  4. Just last week I created an Excel spreadsheet of al my crystals and gemstones, listing them according to whether they are tumbled, rough, points, wands, spheres, etc. Now I know exactly what I have or need, and I can easily update the list as I add to my stash.

  5. Hi, I recently found you! I have crystals but I don”t have the foggiest idea what they are.
    And nowhere to cleanse them. Not working for me so far. LOL
    Have you ever heard of a fairy cross? Is it a rock or crystal?
    Any powers in it?
    I can’t wait to start using my crystals and learning from them.
    Thanks, Star

  6. Hello Beautiful!
    I keep my crystals in Jewlery boxes from nilecorp. I love them because they are wood and have clear glass tops, and you can put different inserts inside whether it holds 4 larger stones or 32 small or anything in between and their really inexpensive. About 8 bucks a box and about $1 for inserts 🙂 And I keep them all in a bench at the foot of my bed.
    I am going to the Salt Lake City Gem Show tomorrow!!! 🙂 Do you know of any reputable Reps who’s booth I should go to?
    Otherwise, I’m wingin it 😉
    I’ve just bought a few so far and have been making my list of what I need but want to spend my $ wisely… Anyone particular on ebay you reccomend?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Kathleen, thank you so much for the info on nilecorp. It’s a wonderful site. I didn’t know where to find these cases. They are wonderful for our “precious gifts”. Hope you got some awesome finds at the gem show!

      Blessings to you!

  7. ‘OK, I’ll tell you right now. I don’t like shopping.
    I never have. Nope, never got my sox off at strolling through the mall & ogling at purses, shoes & clothes. In fact, I avoid malls like the plague.
    BUT…take me crystal shopping…that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I’m all in!’

    Just loved that!! Me too 🙂

  8. I keep a crystal wish-list, so whenever I think of a crystal I feel I would benefit from/like to buy for me or as a gift, I add it to the list. If I am watching videos or reading about crystals on line and see mention of crystals I am interested in, I add them to the list.

    Then when I next visit my crystal teacher/local shop, I take my list in and see which particularly jumps out at me that day. Sometimes of course another crystal catches my eye/I’m drawn to something in the shop that wasn’t on my wish-list, but at least the list helps me remember the crystals I’d like to have in my life at some point. Works well for me 🙂

    Angela, UK

  9. I can get carried away with buying at my fave shop, but when I do it I also buy for my mother and sister. Anything I buy myself, I will use but I don’t grids yet at least not until I have gotten to know my crystals better. What I buy for right now I plan to meditate with for various reasons.

  10. I also get really over stimulated and jumpy and tingly and light headed when glazing over crystals in shops… Although I need a little breather in between, I actually really enjoy it… It makes me feel at home.
    I’m not even legal yet, but I’ve been in love with crystals and all kinds of different rocks since before I can remember, so my collection is relatively small but slowly and steadily growing which is exciting…. But I feel like I can never have enough. It’s the one thing I get greedy about.

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  14. I usually go to psychic events and there are tables set up with Crystal and gemsa Adrienne is Trust worth and has wonderful hand pick specimens. S h e is very knowledgeable. We are in central New Jersey. She teaches classes a d I am can buy too much.
    My favorites are blued like calcite, labordorrite, Lamar and Annette I could go.
    Does sell threw email. I love large pieces but the price may be out of my budget.

  15. Jill thank you so much. I am also a visual person. My memory is not great and I have many crystals that I can not remember what they are. So at the moment I am not making any grids. My son will be here next month so he can I’d them for me and I will use your photo plan to keep them identify.

  16. I like to lie to myself saying that it was made to be where they found it.. Especially on those huge pieces.. Where its looks like it shoudl cost 600,000,000 million dollars but its worth more.

  17. I have an oversized journal in which I write down any and all crystals I acquire a long with pertinent information. Also, I keep a Wish List in the NotePad on my phone. From time to time, I’ll go through it and Google to remind myself why it’s there and if I already have multiple stones for that particular ailment or Chakra then I delete it off my list. When I go shopping, the list goes with me and I stick to it. Very seldom do I deviate from my list. A recent exception is picture jasper which I apparently need right now because it practically jumped out of the bin into my hand. LOL

  18. Thanks so much for all the tips. This was perfectly well timed for me. I am going to my first gem show on Saturday. I plan on wearing lodestone in my bra to keep me grounded.

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