How to Meditate with Crystals - A Simple Guide

Oh yes, we read the books and they’re great for telling us what this or that crystal is good for. But do they tell us how to do a crystal meditation? The actual how-to?

I always teach my students, I find the BEST way to make that connection and know what crystal works BEST for YOU is to do your own researching and work with it.

One way to work with your crystals is by regularly meditating with them; we’ll get to exactly how I like to do that in a bit… (and stick with me here b/c I’m going to tell you how you can get a free crystal meditation gift I have for you)

Don’t say

“I can’t meditate”

You just need practice, the right guidance, and a crystal to get the most out of this practice and I’ve got some guidance for you today that anyone can use to get started…. Even if you “can’t meditate”! 😉 The ripple effects of meditating extend out into many important areas of my day and life — we’ll get to that.

Just promise me you’ll give it 30 days…

Even if you hate it and think it’s not working, trust me it is. Just like a muscle gets stronger, your meditation muscle is indeed strengthening. Don’t back off. Make this promise to yourself. After you’ve given it 30 days, if it didn’t work for you then you get to go around saying “I can’t meditate” but not unless you’ve given it a good college try!

I’ve been working and meditating with crystals for many years now so I have some wisdom to share as far as what works for me and for the many students I have taught over the years.

Benefits of Doing the Crystal Work

After working with a stone, you’ll get to know not only its unique physical characteristics (I know some of my crystals so well that I can pick it out of a bowl of dozens easily) but you’ll also have a better understanding of the specific vibrational frequencies it resonates best with you. You’ll create a special bond with that mineral while they encourage us to sit and listen to what other realms have to say without all the usual distractions of everyday life.

I have about a 1/2 dozen stones that I work with most often and that I’ve enjoyed getting to “know” their energy… and they’ve gotten to “know” mine in a resonant electromagnetic field kind of way.

What crystal meditations do for me is that they quiet my mind so that we can tap into my higher self as well as open up the channels to allow that crystal to communicate what it has to share with me. I end up having a special connection with those pieces that I don’t have with others because I haven’t worked on developing it. It’s really cool stuff!

By doing this work, you also get some great side benefits: you’ll get to hone your meditation skills and cultivate a regular meditation practice. You know… that thing your Dr.’s been telling you to do.

Health Benefits of Crystal Meditation

Yeah, yeah… you’ve heard it before, but let me tell you again because enough people aren’t doing it:

Practicing regular mediation greatly impacts your health…

I’m sure you already know that the health benefits of meditation are endless.  But one of the most important scientific benefits is how it releases stress. (This is just icing on the cake to the spiritual benefits we’re receiving!) It will free you up from anxiety, worry + stress.

Who doesn’t want to be more happy, calm, and relaxed? Adding the crystals into this practice totally amplifies this effect, especially if you use crystals more aligned with calming: rose quartz, blue lace agate, lepidolite, etc.

Additionally, crystals make focused meditation easier by giving you a tangible focus object to center you and keep you in-the-moment.

Think of this daily practice as your spiritual nourishment; substances necessary for growth, good health, and evolution.

I’ve got a simple 5 step guide below, BUT FIRST…

If you’re one of those who consider yourself “not good at meditating go outside, start in nature. Mother Earth will ALWAYS help you.

My 4-Step How to Meditate with Crystals Progression

Here we go. Once you feel you’ve mastered a step you can evolve your practice to the next step:

  1. Start with a ~ guided meditation – there are so many options here, but I have a great free download for you right here. Just enter your name and email (which signs you up for my bi-weekly newsletter) and it will be delivered right to your inbox.

  2. Move on to Susan Piver or another guided meditation like hers (she escorts you for the first few minutes) – 10 minutes total meditation time
  3. Move to 10 min. solo (no spoken guidance) with gentle music (link to my Pandora station)
  4. Next, increase to 15-20 minutes with gentle music
  5. If you feel called to, move to silence, no music at all

Here’s my simple 5-step guide on HOW to meditate with crystals…

  1. Get into a sacred space (grab my free eKit on how to create one, why, etc.), set a space aside to use only for this purpose (a corner or closet is just fine)
  2. Ring a chime, tingshas or bell – an excellent audible signal to begin meditation, plus it helps to restructure the energy in your space, making it ideal for meditation
  3. Try to keep your spine straight while relaxing your entire body, focus on relaxing every muscle – allows your energy to flow better
  4. Hold your crystal in a gentle way in your left hand (receiving hand), don’t grip it. You can ask: “please show me”
  5. Now just focus on feeling your breath

Again, I have a FREE gift if you’d like to subscribe to my newsletter right here: my Easy Guided Crystal Meditation

Have you done a similar practice? Have you not tried meditation at all? Want to publicly declare that you will? Did you enjoy your meditation mp3 gift?

Tell me in the comments below!

Thank you for joining me here today. As always, Crystal Blessings and Namaste.

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