Several years ago I was contacted by a sweet client who suffered from anxiety & was looking for crystals to help alleviate his distressing symptoms.

He so was tired of taking medication & very drawn to the stones and crystal healing.

He wanted something discreet & easy to use.

Crystals to the rescue!

Working with stones is a natural way to relieve anxiety that’s safe & completely free of side-effects – & works, My Sweets!

The solution I came up with for my client (which he loved working with BTW!) was this mojo bag.  A mojo bag helps give you a little juju-juice of whatever energy flavor you’re in need of, in this case its Anxiety-Busting!

Anxiety Buster Mojo Bag

green aventurine

Luscious green aventurine tumblies.

So what’s  in the mojo bag?

  1. I included a citrine tumble for its ability to reduce anxiety, fear & depression. In fact, I’ve nicknamed it the “Happy Stone”.
  2. Then I’ve added aventurine, for its ability to establish a calm yet healthy & vital state of mind, keeping you free of fear & anxiety. Ahhhhh.
  3. I also included orange calcite for its confidence boosting energies, driving anxiety far far away. *sigh*
  4. Lastly, I sprinkle dried organic crushed basil leaves. Why the basil? Basil is known to reduce anxiety & to be uplifting & balancing to the emotions.

Another stone to turn to is lithium quartz.

Anything containing the element lithium is a favorite for relieving anxiety. And just as its name states, lithium quartz…it contains lithium. Lithium helps to balance the emotional body & calms the mind, often used medically as a mood stabilizing drug. Yes, even if you’re not taking it internally…just having it in your electromagnetic field works!

But, it also activates the heart chakra, releasing a surge of loving energy around your entire electromagnetic field (auric field). It’s also well known for releasing stress, calming nerves & allowing you to relax.

Using this stone will allow you to move out of anxiety & into a peaceful heart-centered calm place. Ohmmmmm.

Now what do we do with a mojo kit or individual crystals?

With the kit, simply keep it by your side as much as possible, in a pocket or in a purse. It may also be placed in your pillow case while sleeping or right by your bedside. When you feel the anxiety creeping in, grab your little mojo bag & give it a squeeze, knowing that the stones energies are there helping to calibrate your energy, bringing you back to perfect balance.

They really & truly are.

Something else you can do to melt away the tension is a crystal bath. Bliss! Place your crystals directly in the tub with you. I like to also add some nice essential oils like lavender or basil for anxiety relief. Then just soak in the vibrational frequencies. A good 15 minute soak should do the trick.

This is good stuffs!

You can also caaaaaaaaaalm down with a cup of gem tea made with a gem elixir from a particular stone.

Simply take one of the recommended stones from this post (these were specially selected for their non-toxicity & resistance to water damage). Be sure to wash your stone well & let it sit in some filtered water in the sun for a few hours.

You now have a gem elixir yummy-infused with the vibrational frequencies of that stone!

Now use this gem elixir to make an herbal tea (decaffeinated organic chamomile is a nice choice for this given its relaxing properties.) Hold the cup in your hands with the corresponding stone on the saucer next to the tea & calmly breathe the energies in, enjoying the moment & melting your anxiety away, away, away.

Many calming crystal blessings to you.

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P.S. Please let me know if there’s anything here that you find works particularly well & feel free to share any other tips that work for you! ((HUGS))