Does My Crystal Not Want to Work with Me?

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Anoint crystals

So maybe you’ve experienced this…

You try to wear or work with a crystal but it keeps getting lost or falling off & or it even breaks. Multiple times. Is this a message for you?

What does this mean?

Well, this week I answer this common question for a Crystal Hottie my new BFF; it can mean several different things.

Does My Crystal Not Want to Work with Me?

As I discussed in the vid, it can mean:

  • maybe this is the wrong time for you to be working with this stone, timing is off (to test this out, try working with different crystal pieces of the same exact type)
  • It may just need to be vibrationally recalibrated. It needs a re-tuning (what some call “cleansing”)
  • It’s not ever going to be a vibrational match for you

I also mention some things you can try to prevent these sorts of things from happening:

  • Ease into working with the new stone more slowly or more gently than trying to force yourself to wear it all day long right off the bat (meditate with it for 5-10 min./day first, then try sleeping with it in your pillow case)
  • Anoint (aka consecrate) the piece before wearing it; this is a sort of little ritual prayer you can do to really create a vibrational bond & make the piece your own. I recommend doing this only after your pretty certain (from doing the above step) that this is a good vibrational match for you at this time. There are soooo many ways to do this, but a simple method is to do this in your sacred space (if you need ideas on how to create a sacred space grab my Free eKit here) take a tiny drop of anointing oil, essential oil or holy water (check that the stone’s Mohs Hardness is a 5 or more so as not to damage it) & rub it on the piece while stating a favorite affirmation or prayer. Then leave it in your sacred space for 7 days
  • Re-tune it when you notice anything funky happening. Here’s that video of mine where I teach about retuning crystals

Anoint crystals

This was a really fun question to answer + a got a new BFF out of it! 😉

I’d love for you to also call me up on my voicemail set up just for this purpose…video Q & A time!! I can’t guarantee it but if you have a good question I just may feature it in an upcoming video. Plus I love to hear your voices & connect with you in that way.  🙂 *Please note: this voice mail is not checked regularly & is not a way to get in touch with me or my Sparkle Support Team. You can do that on our Contact Page.*

Then…if you have some other tips or stories to share here in our Crystal Hottie Community, please tell us in the comments below. I love that we can all learn from each other.

Remember to always choose your crystal or gemstone jewelry by intuition. Your heart & inner knowing is usually right, so learn to tap into that, Sparkle Bomb. You can never really go wrong there.

Last but not least ~  share this blog post with your friends. I love to get this info out there far & wide with those who “get” energy & love to work with it, not against it. ♥

Namaste & much love to you!



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  2. My personal experience with Hematite 15 years ago has left me with the desire to give the tiniest piece a wide berth. I have had rings burst and get lost. A necklace lasted until I got to work before it burst from my body. I tried a beaded bracelet, worn between two other bracelets and my Shep-weiller (Ta’Xena) sliced it from my wrist with one swipe of a claw without touching the outer bracelets. I got the message. Hematite is not worn by me, at all, ever. I still have hematite polished stones and jewelry in my possession for use with others, but not for me. Gems and crystals just know. Gotta love ’em for self determination example. They provide smiles for us all.

  3. Hi Hibiscus Moon 🙂

    I’m a new follower and just started learning about crystals. I got a new crystal called, Andara. It was making me feel nauseous, and my stomach and throat were burning with a lot of heat. I also felt all of this energy run through me that made me jittery. Is this a bad reaction? Does it mean my crystal doesn’t want to work with me?

  4. I have a small piece of sugilite but just refuses to work with me. I cannot hold it for more than five minutes without dropping it. Once, I swear it literally jumped off of its display table onto the floor underneath my couch and it took me an hour to find it. I took it as a sign and put it in a jar with some other pretty purple stones where I haven’t touched it or really thought about it for about six months now. I’m going to try your suggestions as it is such a beautiful stone, there was a reason I was drawn to it in the crystal shop, I would love to work with its energy. As long as it wants to work with me, Ha ha ha.

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