missingSo what does it mean when a crystal disappears? Just up & goes AWOL?

  • Sometimes people will find their crystals later & it will be completely unexplained. Like the crystal manifested itself in a little bag that was locked up somewhere in a safety deposit box – something really, really wild, like that…& it’s completely unexplained. Unless of course you had amnesia & don’t remember doing such a thing. 😛
  • Or sometimes, the crystal is found by someone else in a different place entirely; not even in the same vicinity.
  • Or sometimes you never find the crystal again – its just up & left. It’s gone. It has disappeared, never to be heard from again.

This is a very common question I get asked on a fairly frequent basis and there are a few ways to answer it.

ANSWER # 1…(and the most logical aka “blue pill”) is you misplaced it

…and when you find it, you’ll go, ‘Oh! Right, that’s what I did with it. Totally forgot about that.” Or you’ll find it in some place like a vacuum cleaner – accidentally got sucked up.

Now let’s talk about the illogical explanations because they’re more fun!

ANSWER # 2: manifested elsewhere (here we go down the rabbit hole! aka “red pill”)

This is a story or explanation that I have heard passed down from generation to generation.

I’ve read about it in books.

I’ve heard it from spiritual teachers.

I’ve heard it from my Native American mentor.

And I’ve experienced it.

I give this explanation a lot of credence. It says basically that the crystal’s work with you is done. It manifested itself (or perhaps you manifested it) in your plain – in your vibrational reality when you needed it. But now that you no longer need it, it has manifested elsewhere. We might develop attachments to things, but I feel these vibrations know when they’re needed elsewhere.

One teaching that I think is interesting enough to share here…& 1 that I’ve been taught by a few a Native American mentors that their belief (this is not speaking for all Native American teachings or tribes) is this:

Stone People (crystal beings) know when we need to be done with that particular stone’s vibrational frequency. And that the crystal beings have the ability to easily change time & space “teleporting” into another dimension. That they can flash in & out of existence. Off into other dimensions, parallel universes, plains of reality…


This sounds like I’m talking about Quantum Physics here, right? B/c that’s what Quantum Physics’ is all about, Baby! Quantum physicists have proven that on the sub-atomic level, that’s exactly what particles are doing; flashing in & out of existence. *I always wonder where they go exactly.*

atomAnd I feel that there’s a fractal relationship to everything – a holographic explanation to everything. What I mean is…if that’s what’s going on – on the sub-atomic level – then that’s what’s going on with the macro level – our level – or what we perceive to the be the macro level anyway.

Is it reality or is it a perception? Hmmm? Well, I feel that there aren’t any exact boundaries to that. Reality can flow into perception & vice versa.

So what I’m getting crystal energyat is that it seems that crystals have the ability to do this quite easily – flashing in & out of existence…but there’s an “a” & a “b” scenario here:

Scenario a. If it’s flashing in & out of existence like quantum particles do, then you may see it again…as it comes in & out of your perception…or your reality– you may see it again – it may disappear again – you may see it again & so on. It may reappear in some place entirely different.

Scenario b. The crystal’s work with you is totally done. That means, it’s going to leave & be gone for good. You’re not going to see it again – not in this reality anyway. And then there may be little bit more to this story; being that someone else needed it more than you so it manifested into their reality. That seems to be quite a comforting because, hey, if I don’t need that crystal anymore & someone else needs it more than I do, I’m more willing to let it go:

“Okay, I don’t have that stone anymore. It makes me feel good to know that it’s with someone who really needs it.”

You don’t want to feel like that crystal went to waste in any way. And I don’t feel like any crystal ever goes to waste even if it shattered into a million pieces on the floor – b/c that’s what naturally happens in the rock cycle, isn’t it?


If a human never touches a crystal in it’s entire existence & it exists the entire time underground – within Mother Earth’s crust or & then gets crushed up in some geological process or melted & goes back to into the mantle –  into the rock cycle – into magma & no longer crystal or stone for the time being- just being recycled – just like everything. It’s like the water cycle, the carbon cycle – there’s a cycle for every element & every thing that exists really. Everything is part of a cycle, absolutely everything.

There’s a cycle for us – &, of course, there’s a cycle for crystals.

As above, so below, as within, so without – holographic existence, Crystal Hottie!

You got to love it. Namaste,