What does it mean when your crystal disappears?

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missingSo what does it mean when a crystal disappears? Just up & goes AWOL?

  • Sometimes people will find their crystals later & it will be completely unexplained. Like the crystal manifested itself in a little bag that was locked up somewhere in a safety deposit box – something really, really wild, like that…& it’s completely unexplained. Unless of course you had amnesia & don’t remember doing such a thing. 😛
  • Or sometimes, the crystal is found by someone else in a different place entirely; not even in the same vicinity.
  • Or sometimes you never find the crystal again – its just up & left. It’s gone. It has disappeared, never to be heard from again.

This is a very common question I get asked on a fairly frequent basis and there are a few ways to answer it.

ANSWER # 1…(and the most logical aka “blue pill”) is you misplaced it

…and when you find it, you’ll go, ‘Oh! Right, that’s what I did with it. Totally forgot about that.” Or you’ll find it in some place like a vacuum cleaner – accidentally got sucked up.

Now let’s talk about the illogical explanations because they’re more fun!

ANSWER # 2: manifested elsewhere (here we go down the rabbit hole! aka “red pill”)

This is a story or explanation that I have heard passed down from generation to generation.

I’ve read about it in books.

I’ve heard it from spiritual teachers.

I’ve heard it from my Native American mentor.

And I’ve experienced it.

I give this explanation a lot of credence. It says basically that the crystal’s work with you is done. It manifested itself (or perhaps you manifested it) in your plain – in your vibrational reality when you needed it. But now that you no longer need it, it has manifested elsewhere. We might develop attachments to things, but I feel these vibrations know when they’re needed elsewhere.

One teaching that I think is interesting enough to share here…& 1 that I’ve been taught by a few a Native American mentors that their belief (this is not speaking for all Native American teachings or tribes) is this:

Stone People (crystal beings) know when we need to be done with that particular stone’s vibrational frequency. And that the crystal beings have the ability to easily change time & space “teleporting” into another dimension. That they can flash in & out of existence. Off into other dimensions, parallel universes, plains of reality…


This sounds like I’m talking about Quantum Physics here, right? B/c that’s what Quantum Physics’ is all about, Baby! Quantum physicists have proven that on the sub-atomic level, that’s exactly what particles are doing; flashing in & out of existence. *I always wonder where they go exactly.*

atomAnd I feel that there’s a fractal relationship to everything – a holographic explanation to everything. What I mean is…if that’s what’s going on – on the sub-atomic level – then that’s what’s going on with the macro level – our level – or what we perceive to the be the macro level anyway.

Is it reality or is it a perception? Hmmm? Well, I feel that there aren’t any exact boundaries to that. Reality can flow into perception & vice versa.

So what I’m getting crystal energyat is that it seems that crystals have the ability to do this quite easily – flashing in & out of existence…but there’s an “a” & a “b” scenario here:

Scenario a. If it’s flashing in & out of existence like quantum particles do, then you may see it again…as it comes in & out of your perception…or your reality– you may see it again – it may disappear again – you may see it again & so on. It may reappear in some place entirely different.

Scenario b. The crystal’s work with you is totally done. That means, it’s going to leave & be gone for good. You’re not going to see it again – not in this reality anyway. And then there may be little bit more to this story; being that someone else needed it more than you so it manifested into their reality. That seems to be quite a comforting because, hey, if I don’t need that crystal anymore & someone else needs it more than I do, I’m more willing to let it go:

“Okay, I don’t have that stone anymore. It makes me feel good to know that it’s with someone who really needs it.”

You don’t want to feel like that crystal went to waste in any way. And I don’t feel like any crystal ever goes to waste even if it shattered into a million pieces on the floor – b/c that’s what naturally happens in the rock cycle, isn’t it?


If a human never touches a crystal in it’s entire existence & it exists the entire time underground – within Mother Earth’s crust or & then gets crushed up in some geological process or melted & goes back to into the mantle –  into the rock cycle – into magma & no longer crystal or stone for the time being- just being recycled – just like everything. It’s like the water cycle, the carbon cycle – there’s a cycle for every element & every thing that exists really. Everything is part of a cycle, absolutely everything.

There’s a cycle for us – &, of course, there’s a cycle for crystals.

As above, so below, as within, so without – holographic existence, Crystal Hottie!

You got to love it. Namaste,


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  1. I encounter this especially when we carry them around. Sometimes they really just fall between the sofa or drop out somewhere. Later you find them or not. The really cool experience was the Chrysophase that appeared in my sacred wooden box for Mesa. I learned to be a Mesa Keeper until the the woman disappeared… I don’t want to think about that…. Anywho, I still had my box with all the little Mesa things, then we had a house fire. Mostly water damage so we had to sift through the rubble as they had flooded the attic and the ceiling came down……….. I am praying and crying to whoever or whatever Spirit would listen. I thought of an old friend that I had gotten the stone from and my hubby found the Mesa box and that big chunk was in there!!! We freaked out!! I GAVE that away to my Mesa teacher and there it was…………… perhaps the Stone People knew I needed it back at that time.

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  2. TRUE STORY: I had a beautiful polished piece of Citrine that I was drawn to at a show to buy. After cleansing I programmed it to always be a sunny and warm place in my life. When things would get tough I could use this stone to feel warmth and love that sunshine gives you.

    The Crystal disappeared. I mean it was gone. I searched everywhere. Under ever chair, inside every pocket in my entire closet, under mattresses. EVERYWHERE. Until I finally decided it had left me. I was disappointed and saddened.

    Several years later, at a particularly troubling time in my life the crystal came back. I was folding a pair of pants and there it was, lying on the bed like it fell out of a pocket (NOT).

    It came back to me when I needed it.

    Now I keep it secured in a velvet bag attached to my purse so I will never let it go again.

    Now excuse me while I go and check that it is still there!!

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      1. I am sad because my rose quartz crystal is gone. I am only 8 years old. And I love crystals. Please pray for it to come back

        1. I’m sorry no one answered you, and you probably won’t see this response. One thing: I advise against asking just anybody to pray for anything for you. I hope you found your rose crystal by now.

          1. it’s good to pray all the time and pray for each other you cannot go wrong with God he answers your prayers

        2. My too Yesterday the weird thing is its fallen out my window becauze i was charging it and just boom its feel from my hand down the window okay then i looked Outdoor diddnt find it after that i looked and i was seing it down on the balkon i asked neughbor where i seeed it and he sayed it dosnt there also now i have a flashback deja vu and my crystal is disappeared and now is there where was my crystal a trash can

    2. lol I like that you are going to check its still there.. that is something I would do. I had 2 rose quartz crystals.. one was quite large almost shaped like a heart, the other was like a chunky oblong shape about 3 or 4 inches long. One day I noticed the oblong crystal had just up and disappeared I searched everywhere for it. I think it must have been 3 years or more since it went. Its never turned up. I was very sad at the time thinking someone had taken it, but who? The only people who were around at the time were the Engineer for the boiler and am sure he didnt take it and my son in law’s Mother had been around. I cant see why any of those people would take it. Why would it just disappear never to be seen again? To me the logical answer was it had been taken. I never considered it would up and leave of its own accord 🙁 but if it has gone to help someone else then that’s ok I prefer that explanation 🙂 <3

      1. I lost my crystal in my mans bed and I wasn’t sure of whether I should be with this man or not when the next morning came he said your crystal fell off your chain when I checked it it was no gap for it to come off the loop of the chain so with that being said I picked it up I put it on the table and I thought that was a great thing to happen because it’s been the first man I’ve been within seven years since my ex husband and I split up if this isn’t true I would like to know by the way it’s a clear crystal

    3. I have been looking for an answer to this question for over a month! I’m so glad I found this article. I purchased a small clear quartz ball about 3 or 4 years ago, when I first decided to open up to my higher self. I had been practicing on and off for a while until this past October, when I really dove in again. Well I had spent about 3 nights with the ball under my pillow to try to clear the negativity from my dreams that had been happening lately. And I finally felt a sense of peace. Well the day I went to wash the sheets, I forgot the ball was under the pillow, and I think it went through the wash… and the dryer. The ball was no where to be found after that, and I will never know if it just melted in the dryer (2 cycles!), or if it simply manifested somewhere else. Unless it comes back of course.

  3. So now I understand why I am always dropping crystals and they break…. One is I am clumsy and two for some reason I envision them dropping as I feel it needed to be dropped for some unexplained reason… I can “hear” the crystals “talk” to me and feel their energies and some are very strong others very soft…. But for sure, like this time last year, I lost four moss agate in an organza bag and I could have sworn I put them with the rest of the crystals…. I have yet to find them still!!! As I do know I had not used them at all and my granddaughter was “playing” with them… Looking at them and holding them… I still think they are in the vent…. Still totally missing… And now, my grandsons huge chunk of azezutelite I have misplaced… Its funny though how they do disappear… And when I do drop a crystal at times also, I feel that its because they are telling me that I also think I am still “broken” in some way but they let me know that even if broken, they still hold the same energies just in smaller pieces… Thus making me think that imperfections are much more beautyful than the entire thing put together because once broken, it cannot be fixed but it changes… And it changes in a much more powerful positive way!! I did however superglue my crystal quartz wand back together as I had just gotten it and I dropped and broke it… Its funny in a way because the “cracks” it has on the outside and a few spots where it was just crushed, that energy shines much brighter than before…. And my selenite, thin, pencil type wand… it broke into several pieces five or six =/ but it was thin as I once was and this energy it now has is free and it still works! And works well!!! I was going to wrap it but it broke again! Perhaps telling me I am correct in needing a lot to tape to my spine…. WHO KNOWS!!

    1. Pamela I have learnt alot in my life about how here on earth we are direct manifestors of our realities/individual experiences. Indeed I agree with your train of thought for sure and to expand on it (which I believe you already know on some level-that’s why you’re voicing your experience as you’re figuring it out) … Your source already knows you are perfect however here on earth your power to manifest is manifesting your choice to believe you are all those attributes you pointed out. You see, whatever you put your energy to you will indeed create. It’s like life is a self fulling prophecy. And on that note, the more energy we put to something on a feeling level the more momentum we put to that thought thus creating more and more and typically also creating a ‘train of thought’. Thought patterns are something that has to be realized and practised out of. Overlaying of a new more empowering thought pattern is not only possible but is exactly what realization and ascension are essentially all about. On a side note; Abraham-Hicks on YouTube is perfect to check out on this 🙂

  4. I have experienced the disappearing crystal as well. I carried a rose quartz around in my pocket for months. It was like my life line, I thought if I lost it, life as I knew it, would suddenly turn into some huge disaster. Well, one day poof..It was gone. I looked everywhere, thrice! I cried, I prayed, I was so upset. Then I talked to my best friend about it. She is Native American. She told me not to fret. The crystal’s work with me was done and now it needed to rest. She told me it would come back to me when it was ready. So, I took her word for it and went on about my life. Months later, viola! There was my cherished rose quartz..On the floor of my living room, plain as day. I know it wasn’t there before..I’d vacuumed many, many times and walked over that very spot every day. So, I just smiled, plucked up my quartz and welcomed it home. Haven’t carried it since. Now it stays on an abalone shell in my bedroom with an assortment of other crystals. Every time I look at it, I have to smile. 🙂

  5. This happens to me all the time! Once I lost a stone; like others, just gone! I was sad but figured it had another place to go.
    Then probably 5 years later and about 15 moves, one half way across the country, I opened up the band aid box and there it was. This box of band aids was a recent purchase not from years ago in the old place, I had just gotten it a few days ago and blam there was my stone:)
    This stone comes and goes sometimes it goes to see my best friend and then home to me and sometimes my girls but it has always come home so far!
    Gotta love those shiny magic travelin’ little suckers!!!
    Like the old saying goes if you love something set it free!

    1. LOL! Great story; I love it!! A recently purchased box of band aids — That stone has a great sense of humor! 🙂

  6. It amazes me that I came across this post in your blog. I have a small amethyst, about the size of a gumball that I have been carrying around for a couple of weeks. Amethyst is my birthstone and I read somewhere that it can help with addictions. I am currently quitting smoking and have been using the crystal to help get through the withdrawals. I always place the crystal on my bedside table before I go to bed. The other morning I woke up to find it gone. I was really upset as I felt that it was really helping me. I looked all around for it. I figured it fell between the nightstand and the bed, but after a thorough search couldn’t locate it. That was three days ago. This morning I decided to give it another look. I got a flashlight so I could get a good look under the bed. When I got down onto my forearms, the crystal dropped right in front of me with an audible thunk. All I could do was stare at it. As I said, I had already went through the entire area, shook out things and I even moved my mattress. The odd thing is, is that when it dropped in front of me, it drop from my left side, which is the bed, not the nightstand and here you are talking about disappearing crystals…..weird!

  7. Right on the money! Crystals and stones – the Stone People – have jobs to do here as well as the animals and humans. I tell my customers that if a stone if meant for you, you will just pick it up and if you listen real hard, they will talk to you. Sometimes when I am sending a box to the kids or a customer, I will get a feeling and have to go to my “rock hotel” or just around the house (they are everywhere) to find the stone that is speaking to me – they want to go to the person I am sending the box to! We say our goodbyes and I bless the stone and carefully pack it. Sometimes they go missing when you have misplaced something else-the stone will call to me and there it is! Right next to the item I have lost! Don’tcha just LOVE them?

  8. I love the way “my” crystals come and go. When I first noticed it happening, years ago, I found it distressing. Their disappearance made me think I must have been careless with them somehow, but when I realized that they do reappear, I was more at peace. I always welcome them home and introduce them to their new housemates. 🙂

  9. I have a beautiful amethyst point that is a very dear friend and rides around in my pocket. A long time ago I learned that sometimes it just goes off for a while. I always think of it as going walkabout, taking a vacation or a class or something. So far it’s always come back, maybe one day it won’t, but I’m awfully glad to spend time with it now.

    (I’ve had stones insist! I take them home. It makes me laugh sometimes.)

  10. I was looking at a crystal in a metaphysical store. It was a quartz crystal about the size of a half dollar. I choose the crystal and had been carrying it around the store with me until I was ready to check out. I put the crystal down on a shelf, freeing my hand to look at something, when I turned to pick up the crystal, it was gone!! There was one other customer in the store and she was on the other side of the store. We (the owner, whom I know well and I), left it up to that maybe the crystal wasn’t meant to go home with me, which if fine with me. The owner had changed the store around several times since then and she never found the crystal!

  11. I have a funny story about this… I had a crystal that i had charged with healing energy for my nephew who was in children’s hospital, and i gave it to him while he stayed there. Well he had it on the bedside table and then when he was about to go home he realized it was gone. I said it would turn up, well lo and behold… One day at work, one of the guys who i worked with came up to me holding that crystal (same shape and all), and he said that he had a friend who worked at The Children s Hospital, she apparently was compelled to take the crystal cause it was so pretty, but then after taking it she realized that she shouldn’t have because it was for someone else. The crystal told her to give it to her friend (the guy i worked with) and he would know who to take it to… He had no idea that my nephew had been at the hospital, he just had a feeling that it should go to me.

  12. “And I feel that there’s a fractal relationship to everything – a holographic explanation to everything…. Is it reality or is it a perception? Hmmm? Well, I feel that there aren’t any exact boundaries to that. Reality can flow into perception & vice versa.”

    I totally agree! For me, the universe is as you believe it to be — “Seek and you will find”, “What you see is what you get”, etc. Isn’t that what Quantum Physics has shown? The state of a ‘thing’ can not, could not, possibly be known until you peek — so, until you measure it, it exists in both (all?) states. Hints at a weirdly suggestible ‘reality’, hmmm?

    I LOVE this stuff!!! 🙂

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  13. In 2011 I bought a few gems never knowing about them I stored them away. Then 2012 I bought a few new gems remembering that I had some at home stashed away. Caring the gems in my left pocket at all times, I was quite fond of a Blue Lace Agate always feeling, touching, and looking at it. One day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom I lost it I searched everywhere I was so sad by this, but thru the search I found a coin on one side it say “Believe in your dreams* Graduation*” other side says ” In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6″ later that night I realized I was meant to lose my blue lace agate. I graduated with my AS in LMT in 2012 and plan on becoming a Acupuncturist with a big vision.

    One of the newer gems I bought was a Blood stone. About a month ago I took my dad to Wekiva Springs,FL also cleansing my gems and coin =). As I’m leaving the springs I realize I lost my Blood Stone. Few days later my dad texts me to say he found a rock, I was thrilled to verify it was my gem. Not knowing better, I told my dad it was for his keeping now, I wrote to him its ability’s and a lil history on it, he was amused. After sending him the info I said to myself wow, he really needed that stone more then I, for he was in hard times.

    I’ve recently lost a clear quartz, and found my moms Pyrite cluster =)

    Although I’m still new to crystal therapy, I find it quite fascinating living with these gems.

  14. I’ve had a pink agate for 13 years. It has one pink ring around it and two white rings around it. It’s brought me great blessings all these years. I tend to find it two to three times a year when I need it and then it vanishes for a time until I need it again. I’ve lived in 8 places all theses years; 3 states and it always comes with me.

    Thanks for posting this!

  15. Aha! Thank you for this post! I lost two stones last summer, one in the backyard. ..it hyst vanished. This explains it!!

  16. When I saw your post, I thought about how I had lost and found two of my crystals…ahh the synchronicity! I recently purchased a small smokey brandberg amethyst point and I had not even worked with it when it suddenly disappeared from my crystal box. I searched for it for two weeks and finally gave up when it again appeared in my crystal box. I’d looked there several times but it just wasn’t there! The same week I found my favorite piece of Fluorite that I thought that I lost in February; I found it in my couch. When both of those crystals disappeared Iiterally searched every pocket, crevice, couch and corner. I could not find them anywhere and suddenly out of the blue there they were. I’m just glad that I got them back and my stone friends are not done with me yet!

  17. My best friends father broke a piece of quartz crystal and made necklaces for his family (I’m considered family). I moved out of state, and one day hung it in a Window torecharge by the Moon. I never saw it again. This makes me feel a bit better, but I wish it would come back to me.

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  19. I’ve lost both my selenite crystals, one after the other, the second one sooner than the first. But I want to buy another one because I love them and the energy they give me, I don’t know if I should keep buying them or not. I loose them when I carry them out with me, and you know what, I feel like I don’t really need them anymore anyways, maybe that’s why they disappear. Either way I love the universe and it’s mysteries! And this blog you got 🙂

  20. Many years ago after my mopther died a friend gave me a necklace with a dark coloured Pounamu on it (New Zealand greenstone which has significant spiritual value to New Zelanders and New Zealand Maori). I wore it for a long time and one day I was lying on my bed talking on the phone. As I talked I had the necklace and was twirling it around. I thought to myself “I wont do this anymore, I dont think it likes it” – as I had that thought the necklace flicked off my fingers and out an open window and I never saw it again despite looking and hunting for it. I spoke with a Maori woman about it and she said it was not meant for me anyway as it was too dark in colour and the dark ones are for men, light coloured ones are for women. She told me it would make its way to water and appear somewhere else.

  21. I tend to find jewelry disappears. Emerald in paticular. I myself a ring and kept it on my headboard. I go to wear it and its gone. I looked everywhere including under the bed. Nowhere to be found. I now have a huge piece of faceted emerald and that stays in a box at all times. I dont want it to disappear.

  22. It’s happened to me twice. I made Aventurine And crystal earrings. I lost one for 9 months. It popped up one day outside by our mailbox. It survived all winter and didn’t have much damage. I think it must have left and come back. I was so happy to have it back. 🙂
    #2 I had an amber that I use during Reiki. I place it on the solar plexus. Disappeared for several months. It appeared in a crystal bag at my moms house. That particular amber has also broken in half b4 that. So this crystal really gets tested. It changes and leaves. Mind of its own. Lol

  23. Great article! I, too, have lost stones, never to be found again (so far, anyway). Two in particular that I can think of is a small octahedron Garnet that I only had for a few months, then disappeared. The other is a gorgeous sphere of Malachite that has a chatoyant rose on it! Never seen one like it! I currently have many crystals all over my room, and always keep them packed together if I move…But this piece seems to be gone for good for some reason! I think about it a lot, every time I see Malachite! And I only have one other piece of it, that’s not quite the same.

    Also, not a “disappearing” thing, but for some reason, every single piece of Labradorite I buy seems to be meant for someone else! I love the stone, but when it comes time to “gift” someone with something, I always feel the Labradorite belongs with them, and give it away! I am on my 4th piece of it now, and I am wondering if this is the one to stay with me. Oh! Linghams, too! I always seem to give those away even though I love them! I also recently gave away a gorgeous cube-shaped piece of Flourite, and I’d been looking for one for a long time…Only had it about a month, and gave it as a gift to a friend. It’s funny how sometimes they come into your life, only to use you as a bridge to someone else. 🙂

  24. I love these stories! I always remind friends and clients that if their stones disappear, or if a crystal bracelet explodes or whatever the case may be, that it is ok. They have work to do and must get on with it! I had a friend come into the clinic in despair one day after her black tourmaline necklace burst off her neck and rolled all over the subway car she was riding. She was almost in tears over it, until I gave her a high five and explained that the tourmaline was clearly needing to do some big work for the people on that subway car! She wiped away some tears and laughed, remembering how the energy on the subway had been so anxious and palpably negative before her necklace broke. Clearly, the T
    Tourmaline knew exactly what to do! Yay! Go Awesome Stone Helpers! 🙂

  25. Funny reading this cause I’ve had crystals leave / come in n out
    Just today one I thought I lost my Lapis it re-appeared in jeans i hadn’t worn in 2 yrs but i had the stone 9 mths ago …. Im still waiting for my Aura quartz to appear its been missing for about 5 mths

  26. I have a similar story about a Quartz Crystal (wand shaped) I wore for many years, in a Necklace pendant. Was about a year ago now…that myself and my partner were being intimate when the Crystal literally came out of the pendant, and down his throat into eternal ebiss….we joked and said he needed internal cleansing, we were very deligent in looking for the Chrystal for about 3 weeks but it never reappeared. Does anyone know or can give guidance of the significants to this?

      1. Thank you I’ve read this…I understand the Crystal being done with me and my purpose I needed alot of work, we’d been together along time…just was wanting to know if there was any significance with the way it happened? It’s not all the time that you lose your crystal as you’re being actively intimate with your partner… 😉

  27. True story! I’d bought a moldavite crystal when traveling. When I stopped at my mother’s to sleep, I put it in my pajama pocket. Upon waking, it was gone! I tore apart the bed sheets–3 times! I looked all over & it wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I had to leave after breakfast & was extremely sad to leave it behind. I’d heard that the elemental beings love to play tricks. So I said to them “ha, ha, funny funny, great joke. Well, I have to leave & I paid good money for that crystal so I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d return it please. Jokes over. Thank you very much:)” Then I proceeded to the kitchen to make breakfast. When I returned to the bedroom to read while eating, there was my moldavite. It was right on the bed in the depression where I’d been sitting. If it’d been there before, I’d have felt it! What a laugh! It sure wasn’t there 10 minutes earlier! So I got back my crystal along with knowing the elementals were there. What a joyous lift to my day! 🙂

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  29. This is a long response, but I feel like my reaction to losing my quartz is very different from those that have lost theirs. Also I am venting a little bit. So please bear with me and give me your feedback if you have thoughts to share.
    So I just bought this beautiful quartz pendant in Mexico, and for the first time, I wore it today, on a fabric string that one is supposed to tie around their neck. I was so happy to have this quartz pendant, because I’me just captivated by rocks. When I chose this quartz pendant out of the other options, I was so excited, trying to feel the one that I was much more attached to. All the other pendants looked so clean-cut. The one I chose was much more jagged. And I liked it because it was so much different than the other ones. Next: The second day I came back home, after my trip from Mexico, I kept looking down at my blouse to see my quartz necklace there on my chest. Then at night, after spending half the day with one of my good friends, I call a taxi to give me a ride home. and in the cab, I finally look down, and my necklace was gone! I went crazy, I went looking around my seat, I starting taking off my seatbelt to see if I was sitting on it. ANd then I patted my back. And then I felt the string… the fabric string on my back. I got excited because I thought the quartz pendant would be found in my shirt too, but I actually didn’t find it. And the weirdest thing is that the string looks like it was just ripped in half. As if the pendant was forcefully removed from me. The crazy thing is that the string wasn’t just one thread, it was a little thick. And the pendant wasn’t small at all. So if it fell I would have heard it. And when I got home, I started to cry. Its crazy, because I don’t ever cry over lost possessions. I would cry if someone in my family was ill, or if I didn’t get accepted to a program that is being offered at my college, but I never cry over lost possessions. But although I had this pendant for only a few days, I felt so attached to it, almost like it was meant for me. Its weird, I really honestly shocked myself when I almost cried in front of my mother for a pendant. So I called my friend, because earlier that day, I was hanging out with her at her apartment, and I asked her if she saw my pendant, and she said that she hasn’t. Then I told her how upset I was over it, and she said “oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” Mind you, she has no knowledge on stones… she is smart, but she doesn’t have any background knowledge on minerals, stones, etc…. and I got upset with her answer, because I feel like that response was a bit harsh for something that I really care for. It almost sounded like she was indifferent about me losing the pendant.
    But after reading some of your comments, I find it weird that some of you say that it wasn’t meant to be for you, and it gets lost. Or that someone else needed it more than you did. ALthough I’m happy that some of you responded so positively to losing you stones, I actually am very upset. I bought it because I feel like I needed it. I carried it All the way from Mexico to the U.S. so that I can wear it, just to lose it? So that someone else can use it? I find that unfair and its really hard to feel positive about it. I feel like a bad person for saying that, but i can’t help it. I was just so attached to it. And I have this deep feeling like I’m just not going to get it back. 🙁 Please, and thoughts, or explanations, why I am not reacting as positively as other commenters? Thanks, if you had the patience to read my looong comment.

    1. Straight off, even though you will probably never see this as you posted years ago – if you attach the metaphysical qualities to losing the quartz – the quartz wasn’t cleared/cleansed before you started wearing it. It could have had some bad garbage associated with it. You could have been freed, if you will, from experiencing negativity from the quartz.

      But I’m here tonight, because I lost the one stone that I associated with joy, happiness, fun, and serenity. At this point in my life, I’m pretty darn sure that – well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been cursed – but something close to that. Seriously. So, I’d much rather see the loss of this stone as my misplacing it, or it just dropping somewhere.

      1. PS As I couldn’t feel much worse and still get up every day, to have this one stone vanish sure doesn’t help. I just noticed something – the photograph on my calendar is of a stream with small waterfalls. The water is the exact, unusual color of the stone, and the white of the waterfalls is exactly the same. In fact, the entire photograph looks exactly like the stone. Let me tell you how much I’m not going to think about that.

        1. I found it. I had put it in a pocket, by itself, which was unusual for me to do. I tried harder last night. Never give up. Don’t read things into events that only serve to complicate. Never give up.

  30. I had layered quartz crystal and it was in the energy field of Max the Crystal skull found in South America ….I was an incredible experience ..but then it just disappeared.My soul told me it was needed to help with coding the new earth as we integrate into our next evolution into 5th dimensional density our cell will be working with atomic structure of silica which of crystal are made of…..interesting

  31. I had a crystal quartz pendant that I always wear 24/7, it protected me all this time. Then I sort of check online for any store that sell it. It was weird when I checking out some raw crystal quartz pendant I felt like my old one fell. I was telling my friend about it. I guess it was time for it to go. It’s really weird. I’m still thinking about it up to now.

  32. I have this piece of tigers eye that I carry around with me everywhere and right now it’s gone missing and I am really sad.
    So I first picked it up when my really close friend get amnesia after having a fit about the dark moon and didn’t know who I was anymore. During that time my crystal broke and I just didn’t know if that meant anything. would always just hold it for that time because I loved my friend like a sister and she never did get her memories back.
    Then my friend started writing things subconsciously and was acting almost like a seer or oracle and I would give her my tigers eye and she would instantly calm. Now all this stuff has settled down and I have been constantly losing my tigers eye and now I only lost it about 5 days ago and I haven’t found it and I have had a dream about finding it but it’s gone and

  33. I recently bought a pair of green prehnite earrings. And accidently dropped one in the wash basin. I tried very hard to find it, even removed and cleaned the pipe underneath, but was unable to find it. I still have the second earring, not sure whether to keep it or not. I had heard that if a stone is not meant for you, it leaves. I lost one but the second one still remains. And it can be transformed into a lovely pendant. Also it is a green stone that is a heart chakra stone. Maybe it wants to be used as pendant near the heart, than as earrings? I am unable to understand if I should keep it or release it to the earth from where it came. Please help. Thanks.

  34. Just last night i had my boyfriend sleep over at my house. He took his crystal off to go to bed because he was around his necklace.. He laid it with all of his clothes and shoes that night. We went to sleep that night and woke up the next morning and the crystal was gone. We searched EVERYWHERE in the entire house even places that we knew it couldnt possibly be. It honestly looked as if i took the crystal because there was noone else in the house except me and him. I called my mom on the phone to ask if she had possibly came over to the house while i was sleep (which is highly unusual) because she was the only other person who has a key to place. Of course she didnt come over at any time at all.

    He said there had to be a ghost in the house that likes jewelry and he didnt think i took it but honest to GOD i can not imagine where on earth it could have possibly been other than where he placed it. I didnt even know he had taken it off. I pray to GOD that he discovers it because i have no idea where it could be and i feel really bad because he said it cost alot of money but where on earth did it go??

  35. My favorite rose quartz seems to speak to me whenever I forget about it in the midst of traveling. I hold it a lot while driving and sometimes I get so sidetracked out of the moment that I put it down somewhere or it falls off of me on the ground without me realizing it and always always always as I’m walking away from my car and only in these instances when I forget the crystal will I look back and find it on the ground right next to my car. When I’m digging in my purse for it and can’t seem to find it I always talk to it and tell it to come to me, and it does every time. It just appears right where my hand happens to be in that moment. It did occur to me that perhaps my crystal loves me as much as I love it and it never lets me leave without remembering about it even while having mommy brain. I feel grateful for my crystals…they’re my sidekicks in playing this game of life.

  36. Hi Biscus ~ Yah, I like to play with words and NO I don’t mind at all being called a “jelly bean, lima bean or any bean”….hehe..Just joined and wanted to comment on this particle thread: My Mother started her “other” journey 3yrs ago….while my sisters & I were cleaning out her bedroom and reminiscing, I came across a very small quartz crystal my ex and I had made into a necklace for her years ago. Well I took it and added it to the one I always wear around my neck (made at the same time). It stayed with my quartz for almost 2yrs and then one day it just fell off the necklace…mine (well I guess it’s mine…lol..they both looked like twins) is still hanging on. I didn’t lose the one that fell off, it’s in my jewelry box, and I often wonder if I should try to re-clasp it to mine or is it’s work done with me? I keep thinking about now and then and need to get a pendant ring to reattach it and then I forget just as quickly. It’s like “yea, hang it back on there and then No you don’t need it or I don’t want to hang there anymore”….lol…just wanted to share that and to also let you know that while looking for crystal grids on pinterist, I went to thru all those pages never clicking on anything that is until I saw where someone had pinned your site and I was like “ohhhh….i like”….. 🙂

  37. I had a bag full of crystals that just seemed to vanish into thin air, my bf and I looked everywhere for them and they are nowhere to be found. Someone else must have needed them more than me.

  38. I lost a rose quartz crystal and then I got another as a replacement. Sure enough when I got the replacement a friend messaged to say that they’d found it. What does this mean?

  39. What’s the explanation for crystals jumping out of your pocket? That’s happened 2x to me so far. First time with a Angelite that was perfect, no white inclusions, just perfect I used it a few days had a dream that revealed Its had a limiting subconcious belief that I wasn’t worthy and that morning it literally popped out my pocket and got 4 scuffs on it. I cleansed it apologized to it and worked on the limiting belief… It healed itself in a few weeks leaving only 1 scuff left. I believe this was its way of workin with my vibration, Today I was carrying a new tektite in my pocket and it was in a tight pocket with a dalmlmation jasper and while I was walking it hopped out my pocket and rolled across the floor at my work. I picked it up and it was fine no damage. But I’m curious on what this means. Should I give this tektite away? Can’t find an answer anywhere.

  40. For a long time my crystals went astray fairly frequently. Now the more organized I become, the more they stick around! I think they are as curious as I am to see the end result of my efforts to create a sacred space of my home, and to be there for me when I start using them in a full-blown healing practice.

    Interesting, to consider this (disappearance as related to chaos) in the context of quantum physics.

    Yep, ya gotta love it!

  41. I remember a particular incident with my angelite. I remembered I placed it on my wardrobe table and when I came back after classes it wasnt there so as im quite careless I thought maybe I left it somewhere else and no matter how much I searched for it It wasnt in my room!
    So for a few weeks I tried looking for it until [it was roughly 4 weeks] I found it underneath my bed. I had a good time laughing and crying, aren’t they mysterious?

  42. I have recently started working with moldavite. I lost a piece of Herkimer diamond and then later a piece of ameythest. I have been meeting a few angels one of which said that she had both my piece as they help her connect with me better. She said since I had another piece left with me that’s why she took one. Since them I am really surprised. I wanted to check whether this is really possible. Can anyone help me with this.

  43. Hi
    I’m so bewildered, I have to write to you ! Just now I stepped out onto my balcony where I have some plants and a bird feeder.

    I found a small Amethyst there. I love Amethysts ! Can’t stop wondering
    How could it be there ? I go out to my balcony everyday to water my plants or feed the birds.i have Amethysts in my bedroom, which is far from the balcony.
    Would love to hear any explanations. Thank you so much xx

  44. Oh, and it couldn’t have gotten there on my clothes because my crystals are on a plate on my dresser , not on my bed. And I can’t tell whether it’s mine or came from somewhere else .

  45. I bought a wire wrapped chevron amethyst pendant, I loved it, I was feeling the energy seep into my chest, and then I had the necklace in my lap while driving. I think I lost it in the parking lot because I got out of the car without putting the necklace back on. I lost it within one day of owning it! How can the crystal have been done with me so soon? Mustn’t there be another explanation for its disappearance? That does not seem meant to be, when it had just begun to work on my energy!

  46. Hi there, I did an abundance grid and a grid for attracting love 7 days ago. Ever since I put grid up, I did exceed my sales target at work. however today I was terminated for business reason and they have new hire starting soon. I am devasted as I was out of work for over a year and have no additional income, can anyone suggest if I should take grid down and redo, thanks

  47. Wow, I got this link from facebook.. and followed most of these wonderful stories.. and I had a large chunk of dirty clear? quartz? it seems to breaking into various sized pieces… so I thought cool.. I keep them moon charged and put the little pieces in my different bags.. (purse, bab I use for work etc.. ) and always keep one out charging like that extra cell phone.. .lol..
    So one of those pieces was sorta shaped like skewed pyramidish type thing… and I loved that so I kept it charged and in my work bag because I needed the energy (still do, my health is really off) so one day I looked for it in my bag after I found another very small piece that was like that before… so now I have several more pieces.. (mind you the larger than soft ball size original I started out with had been outside in the weather (garden) for years… and then kept inside in a wooden box and when I opened after some time had found these other pieces..). Ugh I am confusing you arent I well.. Big went to medium with smaller counter parts then even smaller yet.. I wanted to polish the weather off the large chunk yet.. but what the heck? was my general response… after years in the really opposite weather in Missouri… really hot summers and really cold winters.. now the crystal decides to come unhinged.. so I have tried paying it more attention thinking I was the issue.. sigh… but if I can figure out what it needs.. perhaps It will be a happier stone… like me? Im thinking

  48. Hello and Namaste
    I once ‘lost’ a beautiful small piece of pale pink Rose Quartz, I was a little sad, but figured it needed to be somewhere else. A few weeks went by, and I was changing my clothes one night and behind me I heard a thump and there was my Rose Quartz. I also lost a beautiful large labradorite in someones car and searched all over for it. I rode in his car again and there it was right next to the seat! I talked to a healer about this and he said he once lost a special crystal wand which ALWAYS stayed on his windowsill, he knew it was somewhere else. Later that day he got a call from his friend halfway across the country who said that his wand was with him! He was without it for a year until one morning he came and it was sitting in that exact spot on his windowsill…

  49. This made me feel better I just moved and seem to have lost 2 stones 2 of my favorite stones I was all sad and moppy till I read this & all the comments thanks guys!

  50. Wow, I really thought I was going crazy until I read this! I have lost multiple crystals in unexplainable ways. A few minutes ago, I relized my new hand made crystal necklace, which I bought a little over a week ago in Mexico, was no longer around my neck. I feel horrible about it. I felt this one was far more powerful than the other ones, all which have simply dropped out of my life. And this one was gorgeous, the only souvenir I brought home with me. I hope this one can come back to me, at least for a little while. I only had it, like I said, a little over a week.

  51. This is so crazy! I am reading all of the posts and it has happened to me as well! I have always collected “rocks” but just recently started researching crystals, energies, etc…..Over the years as I have found lil “treasures” I would put them in plants or vases or whatever….Once I started learning their secrets I remembered that I had a piece of hematite somewhere….I looked and looked even unpotted some plants looking for this hematite…finally gave up and bought a new piece…meanwhile here it is months later and a friend at work is going through a lot of stress (which really messes with me b/c I am an empath as well as being a crystal hottie!) So I wanted to take her a grounding stone…looking through my collection, I couldn’t decide what grounding stone to give her…..happened to be walking by my fish tank and there is the piece of hematite I had been looking for!!!! Perfect for a gift…showed up at just the right time! BTW…I have cleaned that fish tank so many times since I started looking for that piece! it was meant to be!

  52. I have a finger-length Auralite-23 wand as one of my “pocket stones.” Several months ago when emptying my pockets before retiring for the night, it wasn’t there. I knew that I had put it in my pocket that morning and had not taken it out during the day. It’s one of my favorites and I was really upset that it had gone missing. The next morning I carefully searched all around the bedroom in case I’d dropped it without seeing, but no luck. Same thing the next morning.

    So before leaving for work, I sat down and got a clear picture of it in mind. I spoke to it, told it that I loved it and missed it, but that if it had decided that someone else needed it more than I did, then go with my blessings and bless that other person as you’ve blessed me. I felt a genuine sense of release and detachment with those words.

    Arriving home that evening, I walked into the bedroom toward the nightstand and suddenly felt something underfoot. Lifted my foot and there, in a place that would have been in plain sight and utterly impossible to miss before, was my Auralite.

    Perhaps “someone” was testing me… evidently I passed ;>)

  53. I was in hospital after the birth of my little boy Olaf. I had my malachite sphere in bed with me (which he chose whilst I was pregnant) and it really helped with my uterus after the birth – it’s the midwife stone. I went to go and feed him in the special care unit, came back and the bed had been made, which meant the sphere had gone. I had to wait 3 days before the laundry team were in for them to check if they had it. My little one was struggling with too much red blood cells (haemoglobin) in his system so we were trying to water him down with breast milk basically. When my stone had disappeared I googled what stones help with his condition. Turns out the Malachite HELPS production of red blood cells – the EXACT opposite of what he needed. At that point I went from distraught that it had gone to totally accepting that it had gone. It had cost me about £50 and I loved it as I could see little scenes of dancing people in it in celebration of his birth…

    On the day we came to leave my stone was returned to me! I now know it has to be rehomed as it’s not meant for us. It served its purpose to help celebrate his birth but now it’s time for it to go.

  54. I have had a couple of experiences with losing stones. The first was my first laboradite which I had a beautiful connection with and was one of the first stones that I saw a vision through..it was an intense vision, of the time this Beauty was created..I have never experienced such a vision since and soon after it just disappeared!
    My second experience happened when my mother gave me a piece of her jewelry which was a beautiful green anarchy sapphire ring..there were bush fires close by so we had to pack up our valuables, we travelled a couple of hours south with our belongings. The fire never got close enough to our suburb to damage our home. When it came time to unpack, my mother’s ring was missing…this was almost four years ago. My mother has recently moved from my home town (10 hours away from us) to another place (4hours from us). During her unpack she found the ring! I was gobsmacked! How was this even possible? Anyway I’m so happy it stayed in our family and ended up safely back to its original owner. Not sure if I’ll be trusted with it again lol.

  55. I just packed all of my jewelry up before moving i tucked my black tourmaline necklace in its case and tied it shut . I came back and saw the tourmaline dangling in plan sight outside of the bag. Anyone have a explanation?


  56. This is such a coincidence as I just clicked on this link after reading your email about finding your lost crystals after the full moon – I have actually just lost my favourite crystal ever, my Larimar.

    I’d only had it less than a week, I started seeing it everywhere including in your blue minerals video, and I read up on it and learnt that it was good for attracting soulmates. So I had to have one. I bought the smallest piece for $18 and was so drawn to it, I took it with me everywhere, slept with it under my pillow and would often just hold it and look at it. I would even put it on my phone as at the time I was trying to attract someone who I thought was my one of my soulmates.

    Anyway I loved the stone so much that a couple of days later I bought a Larimar pendant and have worn it everyday. I still loved my crystal though and would meditate with it on my heart chakra. One day I forgot about it and was meditating lying down, when I got up it fell onto the floor. I was mortified and immediately put it on my selenite to cleanse and left it there all day. Since then I carried it and some other crystals in a little pouch and put them on my desk at work so I can look at them during the day. Yesterday I packed them all up, excited to cleanse and charge them under the full moon but when I got home I couldn’t find my beloved Larimar! I searched high and low but it was nowhere to be found.

    I now feel as though since it’s a soulmate stone, its ‘gone’ to find my soulmate and in its place my soulmate will come into my life. I also feel since I have the pendant I didn’t ‘need’ 2 Larimars so it had to go. I’m still devastated though as it was such a beautiful piece. But I hope that it is helping someone who needs it more than I did and I look forward to meeting my soulmate in the future 🙂

  57. I just got my Rose Quartz Hear 2 days ago. I Cleared it and charged it with a love mantra last night to help heal my relationship, I did my ritual and I placed it in a small bag and decided to sleep with it next to my heart. It was very secure, but when I woke this morning it was gone! I slept great but then started waking every 30 minutes 5 minutes before my alarm clock. Tossing and turning… I did a very thorough search around my bed pulled the sheets looked under everything, but it is nowhere to be found. Is it possible that it left me because It did not agree with my intention for it. This is my very first crystal and I am sad that it is gone… but I also have a weird sense of airiness that I woke up with this morning. Would anyone care to share their thoughts on this?

    1. I have heard that rose quartz is good for maintaining a good relationship, but not so much for repairing an ailing one. Could be the quartz was telling you to address the issues before you “set anything in stone.”

  58. i found this really beautiful wire-wrapped crystal a while ago that i was just totally drawn to. it helped me so much, i felt total peace and oneness when holding it. one night we went out for a drink and i was wearing the crystal around my neck, and by the time we got home there was no crystal…just the hollow wire shell that the crystal had been in. i was so confused, there was no breaks in the wire or anything to show that it could have broken out. i was so shocked at how it could have just disappeared. im still a bit devastated but i figured that maybe its meant to be and its probably helping someone else right now just as much as it helped me!

  59. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories. I recently lost my citrine and feeling pretty upset. I purchased several stones in December, I practice reiki and picked random stones I felt drawn too. Each one held a different vibration to me, some felt really nice, others felt really strong and had a “bite” to them, if you know what I mean? Anyways, I had been going through a slow phase a work and needed to earn more money, I held my citrine the night before last, until I ft calm again. Then I went to sleep. Suddenly, work picked up and I was so relieved!! Last night I knocked a stone off my dresser near my bed and assumed I would find it in the am. Well, I turned my room upside down and it’s gone !!! There’s no way it could have gone anywhere. I keep it on my dresser and I haven’t left the house. I know someone else may “need it ” but I don’t feel I’m done with it. I have a shopping addiction I’m trying to break and whenever I felt anxious about needing to buy something I liked to hold it and felt it gave me strength to be strong. I know that may sound stupid. I really hope I find it!

  60. That’s funny, I thought I was the only one who did that! I super glued a Selenite Heart lol. I had it awhile and it was small scratches all over it so when I dropped it I took as I wasn’t needing it so much anymore. However, the chunk that broke off was so perfectly broke and with it being a heart I couldn’t help myself. Especially since I was quite attached to it and have to admit I was devasted. It was one of the first stones I bought in my now stone hoarding lol. I fixed it and put it to rest that I don’t really use it anymore. I have had many stones disappear though and I go absolutely insane! I have ripped my house apart looking and never found them. I swear a certain family “took” a few of them though. Long story on that one. 🙁

  61. I have had the odd crystal just disappear and I’m fine with that as do agree that they have done the work needed and it’s time to move on, I have also given them away and have done so for the same reason. I haven’t had one go that I have been attached to though so if that happened who knows I may feel different.


  62. hi,

    wired thing happen recently…

    my roommate use to hold the selenite crystal everytime when he sleeping..
    recently he suddenly unable to find it.. (usually the selenite jz left on his bed)

    no matter how much effort we try to search around the room or around the bed… it was total gone like mystery…

    very strange!

  63. I completely agree! I was taught by my Reiki master teacher, hypnotherapist instructor, Shaman instructor that when a crystal that you have come acrossed that close to you it is your time to work with that Crystal. Or it’s actually that crystals time to work with you! Therefore, when the crystal is lost or transformed, it means that the stone no longer needs you, or you no longer need it to work with. I am all about quantum physics! I try to explain this to others that are not on my level, and they just don’t get it. They don’t believe it comma or they just don’t understand. You have put this into plain and simple English, just like I try to do, and it just make sense!

  64. Is it really possible that all my crystals are going to start disappearing. Two times at work in a row Saturday morning and this morning I have ended up with stoneless rings. One was an Amethyst and in not 100 percent what the other one was but, both are gone! My rings now have holes ?

  65. Deep blue star sapphire ring. I NEVER EVER take it off. I had dreams of this exact stone for three months straight, every single night untill I found it in The back of an old cabinet at a thrift store. ANYWAY 🙂 I never take it off. I moved from GA to NC one summer. I was in North Carolina about 4 months and woke up one morning without my ring! As you can imagine I freaked out and frantically tore apart my room and my bed looking for my ring. I knew that I had it when I went to sleep because I kiss it before I go to bed at night ( weird I know but it’s my way of telling the Stone thank you). I didn’t see the ring for another 2 months. I searched everywhere and told everyone who’s home I had visited to keep an eye out for my ring. Two months after it went missing I get a phone call from my grandmother IN GEORGIA!!! She had done a last minute check on my room while cleaning and found my ring on top of my old pillow! She then sent it overnight priority package to my new house in North Carolina. HOW ON EARTH did my ring get to GA when it was on my hand the ENTIRE MOVE , un packig and all???? I have no freaking idea! Lol when this happened I was only all too relieved to have it back on my hand once more. I have always been sensitive to Energies and could only assume at the time that the stone needed to be somewhere else for a while for whatever reason. I am just relieved and glad to have it back. It’s so nice to hear other people’s stories about such incidents. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one .may you all be blessed!

  66. I have lost my only comfort gem friend, a perfect sodalite with a perfect white triangular thread joined around the stone. I think i lost it in the city. It got me to sleep at night, when i was too afraid bcuz of trauma and ill with night terrors. It was always close to hand. I didnt usually take it outside the house. I got too many stones lately and i know the sodalite didnt like them, i stopped clinging and it told me it wasnt happy. Then reached to hold it and its gone. Searched. Gut wrenched.

  67. well… when i was 8 or 9 my house was flooding and after the flood goes out i walked around and saw something shiny embedded in the mud, so i dug it out with my feet and it turns out to be a rose quartz and not just one , two of them!

  68. I am experiencing this right now and decided to do a search to we if I could find a helpful explanation. I did, thank you! I take off my crystal and put it in the same place every night. It’s gone. Just gone! I just recently bought it, haven’t had it for very long but I have to believe it made its way to someone who needs it more than i do. I’M just learning about the wonderful benefits of crystals,as I’m an empath and need all the help I can get!
    Thank you!

  69. I stepped outside today to take a break from a class I am taking. There on the ground in the parking lost right in front of me was a very large rose quartz crystal …does this have any meaning? I have found many answers on losing your crystals..but none on finding one.

  70. I came across this thread because I’ve had the opposite happen to me..I’ve drawn crystals to me. The first time it happened was with a clear quartz arrowhead. I was standing outside of a shop with my friend, and I don’t know why, but I looked to my left directly beside me, and there it was sitting on the windowsill! I took it as a sign from the universe that I was on my right path and still have the quartz. This happened to me a second time. I had been thinking for a few weeks how I wanted to have a purple amethyst- I thought about a purple amethyst every day. I was definitely in need of its energy and was aware of it. A week or two later I was at a show and saw a boy from across the room and could see he was wearing a big chunk of amethyst! I went over to see it and he showed me the amethyst sphere he was wearing wire wrapped in a necklace. I was IN LOVE with his amethyst! I thought to myself “I want it”. A few hours later (again, I don’t know why I was compelled to look in this direction) I looked into the planter next to me and it was sitting there. I tried to find him to return it but he was nowhere to be found. I told myself that maybe this amethyst came to me because it wanted to join my crystal family (I was wearing an aventurine necklace, my moonstone and agate rings, as well as my jade bracelet and another bracelet containing gemstones which I always wear). This was before I was ever told crystals can run away from you/choose someone. A few weeks later this happened again but with lavender oil. I had been thinking a lot about how I wanted to get myself some (knew I might benefit from some) and I looked down during a show into the plant I was standing in front of and there was a glass vial sitting there. I figured it was perfume, showed my friend and told him i’d put lavender oil into it instead. He asked if he could see it, opened it, and gave me a look of disbelief. “It’s not..” I said to him astounded. He held it up to my nose and sure enough, it was lavender oil. I felt (and still feel) truly blessed to have been gifted these things from the universe.

  71. Just recently I had taken my most used crystals (rose quartz, carnelian, botswana agate, amethyst, crystal quartz, obsidian, tigers eye, and moss agate) and set them beside me out in the sun for a little charging while the kids played in the pool. Well they really wanted to put them in the pool with them and I didn’t see the harm, as long as I watched carefully. When it was time to pack up all stones were accounted for except the moss agate! My strongest support stone. That stone was with me when I first got together with my boyfriend four years ago, I was wearing it when I got into an accident that I should have died in (my car flipped multiple times down a hill and landed upside down in a ditch against a tree, and my sister and I came out unscathed!), I was wearing it when I went to the hospital after and found out I was pregnant, I kept it in my hand while I was giving birth (the birthing process was painless and beautiful!) it’s been with me through every hard moment, and now I can’t find it anywhere! But I don’t feel at peace, even after reading this :/ I still feel sad, and like a part of me is missing.. Please tell me how I can move past this, I’ve lost stones before and been fine, why do I feel so lost and anxious and saddened by its absence?

  72. I’m only about six weeks into the crystal life. I had a black stone (probably obsidian, though it was advertised as shungite) around my neck for a few weeks. A few days ago, for no apparent reason, it fell off my neck and into a box of hair notions that I was digging around in. I heard it go in, saw the surrounding items in the box shake a little as it fell in . . . I tell you the stone went in the box, nowhere else. I have hardwood floors, had it fallen to the floor, I’d have heard it. Anyway, I reached my hand into the box at the exact spot it fell in and didn’t see or feel it. I then dumped the contents of the box and on the bed and replaced every item one by one . . . NO STONE. GONE.

    I honestly thought that people were just misplacing their stones, but this cleared up that misconception!!

  73. Omg thank you for this post! I feel so much better , I felt like I was reading into my lost crystal too much after only having it for over 3weeks or so and I found so much comfort in it ! I as well had a small clear light pink rose quartz that I usually carry in a small bag in my purse! I had placed it on my chest in my shirt & before I know it I heard like a drop sound so I assumed it was just this case on my night stand & bam the rose quartz was gone! And just like many others have mentioned ,I looked everywhere & anywhere it could have fallen & BAM JUST LIKE that my rose quartz was gone ! I really hope it comes back someday. IM sure if i don’t find it soon someone who needs it more will come across it :)Side note: i had a coworker reveal a heartbreak with me today before I lost the Rose quartz & I automatically recommended the rose quartz & Now my rose crystal quartz is missing? I hope my crystal returns but if Its with somebody like My coworker i hope it does great things !

  74. I see all the comments are about people losing their crystals. I guess I’m the one who finds them. When I meditate, I get messages of which crystals and gemstones to start using, but instead of buying them I let myself receive them. So far I’ve found a rose quartz pendant on the ground, and just recently found a raw snow quartz crystal on the ground. Both of these crystals I found in the same location.

    Now I know that I found them because I’m in need of their energy 🙂

  75. A dear friend gave me a piece of jade which I dearly loved it had such a wonderful feel. 2 weeks after
    The stone was suddenly gone. I looked everywhere to no avail. I gave up that I would ever see it again. About a month went by and I was removing the plastic garbage bag from the canister and low and behold it was under the bag when I lifted it out. I was so happy to have my beautiful little friend back. now it resides in my sacred space. Humming when ever I touch it.

  76. I was visiting my sister who lives 10 hours away and while there my husband and I were contemplating moving to the area and even went to look at a house for sale. The day before we left to head home I lost my Astrophyllite off my necklace. We searched everywhere and I figured it was just that I didn’t need it anymore. But then I get a message from my sister 2 days after we left her place to say that she had found it and it wasn’t broken. Is this a sign that us moving is a good idea?

  77. I had never lost a crystal until I introduced blue lace agate to my collection. I have bought 3 pieces now and every single time they disappear, once with a bag of others as well 🙁 The last one I bought I had only for a couple days before it went missing with a moonstone in a little bag. Just vanished!! I feel that I still really need this crystal for its specific properties but can’t seem to hang on to one for long enough…..strange and sad

  78. ok so i had a tiny citrine stone, and also a average aventurine a stone, i used it to help me me manifest luck and money, but after using it to mediate i rest it on my dresser, but when i woke up it was gone. upon searching everywhere i cam across a lottery ticked i bought months ago ( after i was sure i throw all my tickets away) but search everywhere. i was wondering did it bought me to that ticket or was it just coincidence

  79. So today at work I had my favorite black tourmaline stone in my jean pocket and it fell into the toilet while I was ahem finishing up and pulling my jeans back up. I reached in to grab it because I just love it that much. While I was washing my hands off I was also washing the stone because duh it had just been in the toilet. I set it aside and that’s when it fell down the sink drain. I tried using tools to fish it out but the drain had seemingly no end and I accepted it as goner. I am pretty sad about losing this stone but I now realize that the universe tried to take it from me not once, but twice! I guess my relationship with the stone has come to and end and I no longer need it, but it’s a good thing I still have a black tourmaline necklace at home (: it is just my favorite.

  80. It was certainly fun reading through all of these. I have a natural innate draw to this type of thing. Very connected spiritually since I was a young child. I started using crystals in my treatments (im an aesthetician) and we have certain treatments for specific skin types where we use rose quartz.

    Anywho, Ive been going through some pretty tough times from the end of last year until this year. I was told to get black tourmaline to help with the despair I was feeling and to ward off negative energies (I live in NYC). I notice, that every time I’d visit the rock shop and walk past a particular stone I could feel it. I can not articulate this experience in any other way. It was a very powerful energy radiating from this stone. It was a black stone. I learned it was called Obsidian.

    I bought the tourmaline, and it really was a delight to have it on me. I eventually purchased a kit with Obsidian, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and rose quartz (I wear rose quartz all the time)
    I also purchased a large un-tumbled aventurine…another one of my favorites. I put it in my hand and it would just feel soooooo awesome.

    One day, during dinner after my grandfather’s wake service, I took my aventurine out to show my cousin. I let him wear my amethyst bracelet, and we were talking about how that is his birthstone. He held the aventurine and was saying that it felt nice. My entire family was around, I left the stone sitting on the table. I never EVER move without my aventurine stone. I came back to the table to grab my stuff before we left and didn’t realize that it wasn’t there anymore. My cousin was with me, he didn’t take it. I was the last to leave the table and I didn’t realize until about an hour later it was gone.The waitress said if it was on the table they tossed everything but she didn’t realize it was there. I never saw it again.

    My black tourmaline is kept in my wallet, or either my work uniform or I take it out and sleep next to it. One day after work, it disappeared. I knew I didn’t drop it, it was just gone. It wasn’t in my wallet it was gone. I thought that was a mystery. About a month later I got up to shower. When I came back in the room it was laying on the floor! It wasn’t there before I left or I would have noticed it. I thought that was strange. But I was soooo happy to see it! I said to it, “hey, there you are!”

    Now my obsidian, lapis lazuli, and amethyst kit is missing. Its kept in a black velvet bag when I take it out of the house to work. I haven’t seen it in over a month. I hope it comes back soon. I feel like I realllllly could use some of that obsidian mojo.

  81. Nearly all the comments are from people who have lost a crystal. What about finding one? Or, actually, being told it picked me?
    I was at work (no longer work there) and I heard a “clunk” of something fall out of a woman’s purse onto the counter. I looked, and told her, “Your crystal fell out.” She smiled and me and said, “Keep it.” She explained that a friend had made it (it is a quartz with copper wire looped around it) and she was wondering who to give it to, but it picked me. Why would it do that? I read that they “move on” to those who need them. But, what does it think I need? I am confused, and wonder what it picked me, and what I am supposed to do?

    1. What the crystal thinks you need depends on the healing properties of that specific crystal and how badly you need those those properties in your life. Do you know what type of crystal it is? If not Google some of its properties…. for example you search up : green stone with pink spots. go to images. an click on what it looks like. it is most likely to be Unakaite Jasper if it had green and pink spots. so then you search up: healing properties of Unakaite jasper and see if you needed most or all of those healing properties. I’m not saying what you have is Unakaite Jasper, but search up the crystal’s properties. you’d be surprised at how accurate Google is.

  82. I’m not a major believer in crystals but I was a rock fanatic who stumbled upon the idea of them recently and decided I should give them a spin. I bought a howlite and Rose Quartz since I have predictive dreams and someone told me that those two together can make you dream of your soulmate. (Which I have been but I figured I could give it another shot).
    I had my howlite in my pillowcase but I haven’t felt it in a few nights. My rose quartz, though, was a beautiful pale pink stone that I carried everywhere. She was cracked when I bought her and refracted the light so beautifully and I knew all of the beautiful secrets that you could see in the sun. She was legitimately my comfort object and I brought her everywhere. I loved her so much I bought pendent online so I could keep her under my pillow and have another quartz to take around.
    Yesterday, my co-worker (Who is very spiritual but has a very negative aura due to intense drug usage) touched my quartz without me really wanting him to and I put her away in my bag for later. When I got home, I placed her on my countertop and I don’t remember if I put her in my bra (lol) or what but I left the house and when I got home from the restaurant I couldn’t find her at all. I’m worried someone may have thrown her out but I checked the garbage and she’s not there so either she’s misplaced or I lost her in the restaurant.

    I’m heartbroken. I loved her so much and I want her back.
    Does anyone have any advice? Should I buy a new one? If my goal is to find my soulmate does anyone have any crystal suggestions? (Preferably one that is for actually manifesting, not preparing) I’ll try anything once.

  83. My Aegirine cluster just dissapeared RIGHT in front of me! Now, I didn’t see it vanish. It fell off of my table and hit my leg on the way to the floor, so I leaned down IMMEDIATLY to pick it up, and where did it go? I have no clue! Having a shaggy rug, and the Aegirine being a cluster, it couldn’t have gotten far (or so I thought)… but it was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t in the immediate area, not under the table, nor anywhere surrounding the area. This happened within the hour that I realised an entire pouch of crystals from my crystal collection was missing, and at that time, I had been wondering if someone stole it. I’m still not sure what happened with that pouch, but it brings some relief knowing that I may just not need those crystals anymore, especially if they are assisting someone else in need of them. Thank you for the information regarding why crystals sometimes disappear!

    1. You mention “someone else in need of them,” and I wondered if you could tell me more. I asked in a comment a few above yours, but no one has replied. I found one (all it did was fall out of a woman’s purse) and was told “it picked me.” I don’t understand what it thinks I “need.” What am I supposed to do to help it along? I have carried it in my pocket a few times, thinking if it wanted to leave, it could, but I still have it.

  84. I’ve been reading all these stories and I am still so confused about my own experience. It just happened today.
    I recently ordered a beautiful citrine handmade pendulum. As soon as it arrived, I cleansed and charged it, and have been keeping it either near me on my body as much as possible. Last night I had a reiki session and she was with me on my chest for the entire hour. Completely in tune with my energy. Today, took her out of her pouch and decided to hang her from my shirt collar, stone part inside my shirt and the top part of chain hanging off the outer. She’s not huge but she is colorful and big enough that if I were to drop her, no only would I feel it but I would see it. A few hours ago I realized I forgot she was still on me, and when I went to feel for her, she was GONE. Vanished. Now, I checked every possible spot. My apt is not big, and I have not moved off this couch in quite some time. From stripping off every bit of clothing to using a flashlight inside my couch, under it, the rug, even my garbage! She is nowhere. I am baffled because I have not even used her yet! Why would she just leave? I haven’t even been able to ask a question…I was still just getting used to her being with me. I am so so sad and I just want her to come back. That pendulum meant a lot to me. Any idea what to do? Or how to find her?

    1. the same thing happened to me on Friday the 10th of October 2019. i do crystal magic, ‘m 15, i just started, im a second generation blood wiccan, Im also interested in reiki, I am a natural born healer. I was in 5th period after lunch and realized I didnt have my little ‘medicine bag’ on my belt loop! So I searched the school, thinking I dropped it. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So then I thought maybe I didn’t leave the house with it. So I searched my room they were nowhere. I was very familiar with these crystals. They were Selenite, Angelite, a natural clear Citrine with one phantom, Clear Quartz, Apatite, Angel Aura Quartz, Celestite and Chevron Amethyst. They were kinda small. I loved these crystals and had worked very closely with them. I have a very good subconscious understanding of the energy fields of crystals and things in my surroundings, so crystals and I are buddies. Anyways I was freaking out and then a sudden wave of peace and understanding swept through my body. Then I realized they were done with me and they weren’t really mine in the first place. All things come from The Earth, so one way or another they return to The Earth. I’m cool with it now. Either they are gone from this plane for now or somebody else needed them. But I feel that they were done with me. I know you are probably way more experienced with crystals than I am but my advice to you is this: remember crystals aren’t truly yours, they belong to The Earth. And your Citrine necklace will probably turn back up. For now just roll with it, maybe get some new Citrine and make your own necklace, and accept it. Its ok to miss them and be sad. Feel your emotions and go with the flow. I hope this helped. My full story is towards the bottom of the page.

  85. No. In our particular case, this is very, very bad. Whoever find that stone is in more trouble than you’ll find in any published literature. I will have to clean up the mess.

  86. I had a Flourite crystal on my nightstand for several months and and it has suddenly gone missing. I’ve look everywhere, but it is gone. I loved that stone, but I don’t feel our work was complete. I have been suffering from severe depression and can barely make it out of bed some days. I hope it has gone to a dimension where I am happy and is waiting for me there. I’m quite sad it is gone. I already have abandonment issues and now even my beloved crystals are leaving me.

  87. I had a Flourite crystal on my nightstand for several months and and it has suddenly gone missing. I’ve looked everywhere, but it is gone. I loved that stone, but I don’t feel our work was complete. I have been suffering from severe depression and can barely make it out of bed some days. I hope it has gone to a dimension where I am happy and is waiting for me there. I’m quite sad it is gone. I already have abandonment issues and now even my beloved crystals are leaving me.

  88. I have a chip of a blue jadeite that I keep on my desk near a few shoes and it was in the light, then I went to go get something then when I came back it was hidden underneath a shoe- it’s like it wanted some shade from the light.

  89. I was at my son’s 25th birthday party with witnesses that seen
    Someone handed me a bag of freshly charged quartz crystals from the full moon the night before
    I took it
    Reached my hand in the bag
    And lake of words as to what I felt run out of the bag
    Bonced on my leg 3 times …upon landing on the third bounce – when it touched my skin on my leg
    Vanished into me….becoming part of me
    If I would not have witnesses I would say it was a dream

    Many things beyond this reality opened up to me
    Everyone blows this off …but their is no proof of this on record ever happening to anyone else

    Google it and you will see
    There is nothing on this subject …because there is absolutely no info…no record…and no nothing to find anywhere.
    Google can not pull up anything whatsoever on it

    What I see now and have experianced are laughed at
    Few listen to what has happen to me
    But wisdom has been unlocked

    Had an angel that talked to me non stop till I figured out his name
    He only shut up when I acknowledged him by name

    metatron is his name …look it up of who he is

    When me and him talk now
    My dog steady barks until our convos are done

    Just crazy my story?

    Whats crazy is the few that listen
    When something that has never happen to anyone happens to me

    You think man in all his wisdom would think this is something amazing

    Man does not know what I have seen seen

    He also wont listen for the warnings I was given
    To give man of what’s coming

  90. I was at my son’s 25th birthday party with witnesses that seen
    Someone handed me a bag of freshly charged quartz crystals from the full moon the night before
    I took it
    Reached my hand in the bag
    And lake of words as to what I felt run out of the bag
    Bounced on my leg 3 times …upon landing on the third bounce – when it touched my skin on my leg
    Vanished into me….becoming part of me
    If I would not have witnesses I would say it was a dream

    Many things beyond this reality opened up to me
    Everyone blows this off …but there is no proof of this on record ever happening to anyone else

    Google it and you will see
    There is nothing on this subject …because there is absolutely no info…no record…and no nothing to find anywhere.
    Google can not pull up anything whatsoever on it

    What I see now and have experianced are laughed at
    Few listen to what has happen to me
    But wisdom has been unlocked

    Had an angel that talked to me non stop till I figured out his name
    He only shut up when I acknowledged him by name

    metatron is his name …look it up of who he is

    When me and him talk now
    My dog steady barks until our convos are done

    Just crazy my story?

    Whats crazy is the few that listen
    When something that has never happen to anyone happens to me

    You think man in all his wisdom would think this is something amazing

    Man does not know what I have seen

    He also wont listen for the warnings I was given
    To give man of what’s coming

  91. I just started to dabble in crystal magic. I am 15 years old and a second generation blood wiccan. I’m a healer so work very closely with crystals and helping my friends and family. My favorite crystals disappeared very recently. I carried Apatite, Celestite, Angelite, Selenite, Angel Aura Quartz, Clear Quartz, Chevron Amethyst, Rutilated Quartz and natural Citrine with one phantom in a little bag that I tied to my belt loop everyday. Now that I think of it, I was subconsciously making a medicine bag! I loved these crystals and was very familiar with their energies. I loved working with them. That was my favorite combination of crystals. I would switch them up. One day I was in 5th period after lunch and I realized I didn’t have my medicine bag! I searched the school. But I couldn’t even remember if I left the house with them or not. So I was freaking out then all of the sudden I just felt peaceful and somehow knew I didn’t need them anymore. I figured someone who needed them found them. Those crystals worked great for me and I felt a whole lot better. So I guess they are done with me. I understand now that nothing (especially crystals) are ever truly yours, but we are human and we forget that. All objects are derived form The Earth, so eventually to The Earth they must return. I feel more wise and over all enlightened. There were some highest vibration crystals in there! I guess that’s what I miss. They really helped with my Astral Travel during sleep. I’m kind of afraid I won’t get the same results without them, but at the same time I feel like their influence will last. I feel like they are done for good and I’m accepting it. They were never really mine anyways. I guess they are helping someone else find their higher good or they are just GONE. its kind of funny actually. 😉

  92. I’ve experienced crystals disappearing before, and I’ve had crystals that found me too… but does anyone know what it means when a tigers eye finds you??

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