Crystal Cleansing with Energy, Baby!

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I was inspired to do this video on re-tuning our crystals using sound acoustic energy by frequent questions I get about this. If you’re involved in crystal healing then you do need to “cleanse” or re-tune your crystals from time to time.

However, re-tuning or “cleansing” your crystals doesn’t have to be difficult, inconvenient or some long drawn out affair, Jelly Bean!

This method is good no matter how soft or water soluble  your crystal is. Its quick + easy too. And if you’re a professional crystal healer, this is a great way to do a quick re-tune between clients!

It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

CAUTION: Geek-Speak ahead.

Crystal Cleansing with Energy

So, what do you think? Please let me know your opinions in the comments below. 🙂

Mwaaah! Oceans of of sparkles showering down upon you,

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  1. Love this! So easey peasey…. Love my tingshas and singing bowl so I’m well prepared…!

    Ooooh btw your Enhydro is phenomenal … I’ve two but mine are diddy diddy in comparison, but love them just the same! Ha!

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  3. As a follow-up to you recent newsletter:
    I’ve recently head about “sound cleansing” some months ago after buying my first selenite last summer (I’ve even bought myself Tibetan cymbals for this ^w^ ).
    Although, I still have this nagging feeling from my conscious telling me that all of the previous stones which I’ve cleansed in tap water and salt water(!!!) are now ruined and unusable *sigh*
    Can sound cleansing be enough to return these crystals to their original healing powers?
    I’m still ponder in uncertainty if I should buy new stones instead to replace them. It’s a weird conundrum; I do wonder if someone else had the same problem as I am… :/

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  5. I’ve been using windchimes to retune my crystals & it seems to be working well! Someday I shall get a beautiful Crystal singing bowl, but for now my good old windchimes seem to be doing the trick… Just have to bang on them good to crank up the volume!

  6. Love your Style, and I LOVE the science (actual knowledge ) you present and teach behind the love and connection I feel towards Crystals and the healing I do ( I’m also certified Pranic healer ) and have I just about finished your Crystal Hesjer Course ( I’m up to class 8) So Happy and proud that I took this Course.

    Your course and videos have been like the final peice of the puzzle that was missing for me in my Healing’s
    You have linked it all together for me with, my intuition and emotions with the knowledge and science ☺️
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

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  7. Hibiscus Moon, thank you very much for the really great advice. I am looking so forward to getting out my singing bowl and creating some high energy vibrations to retune my beloved crystals.
    Namaste xx

  8. Hey just watched your video on retuning crystals 🙂 do the crystals need to be placed in the singing bowl for this to work ? Love and light xx

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  10. Hi there, I have been in an emotionally exhausting relationship for 9 months. Now we are doing it long distance, but have had a lot of trust issues.
    Last night whilst going to sleep, my rose quartz crystal cut my ring finger, causing it to bleed.
    It does have a small sharp point on it – but I didn’t think it would cut me.
    Is there any symbolic meaning of this to happen?
    At the time it hurt.

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  13. Thank you for the wonderful video. very informative.

    Two questions:
    Were do we place the crystals to be tuned wen using a singing bowl?
    And how do we know for sure that the crystals are re-tuned?

    Thank you

  14. Hi there! I am new to crystal healing and have been very drawn to it for a long time, but never ventured to deeply until now. I have a couple of questions. First as a new crystal purchaser, I want to buy from a reputable crystal dealer, can please give me some recommendations? Secondly, how long do we tune a crystal for? Is it just as you’ve shown in your video a few seconds? Is there a specific amount of time we should tune the crystal and can we tune multiple crystals at once or one at a time? Thank you ! 😄 Jenni

  15. Hi all, I would presume that the re-tuning will take however long or short it needs to be because intuition (and i guess the raise in energy felt?) should tell you when they are done. Sorry if i spke out of turn, Hibiscus. I guess intuition told me to say it lol . Much love and good vibes!!

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