It’s Crystal Q&A time!

Today we’ve got a sparkly one for ya, with a call in question from Tess looking for guidance on a very special crystal.

She asks:

“How can I use & get the most out of a Quartz Crystal that I recently purchased?”

Watch this vid for my answer:

To be crystal clear (hee heee), there is no incorrect way of working with your crystal. 

When you’re already strongly guided to purchase a certain crystal, use your intuition, Baby. Any personal guidance that you receive or inherently know, will be correct. Go with it. 🙂

Manifestor Quartz:

  • If you have a manifestor quartz crystal, as Tess describes in the video, then this type of crystal is REALLY GOOD for MANIFESTING!
    • You can work with this crystal in meditations to birth new ideas
    • Perfect for Crystal Grids & giving and extra boost to your grid intention
    • Can help boost your creative flow
    • Or anything else that you’d like to grow more of in your life!


Phantom Crystal

Next, we talked about a “mirroring crystal inside the quartz”, which is possibly a Phantom Crystal.   This is a ghost image of a crystal growing inside the larger crystal. These images are imprinted in the crystal as it’s growing!  So cool!  I talk about Phantom Crystals in more detail in this video here


Rainbow Crystals: 

Then there’s the sparkly Rainbow Crystals which are really well suited for relieving depression.  Here’s the video I made  on that subject here.



Hope you enjoyed this Crystal Q&A and learned something new about crystal characteristics.

Do you have any crystals that you work with that have these special characteristics? or others? Let me know in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings!