My Crystal Looks Different ~ What Does it Mean when your Crystal Changes Color or Gets Cloudy?

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A question I get quite often is one about a crystal changing color, or becoming cloudy, or showing a new inclusion that wasn’t there before.

Hi! I have a clear quartz pendant that I wear often and meditate with. I’ve noticed it’s started growing green chlorite phantoms & has gotten really cloudy in the past 6 months.
Is that normal?

Now, bear in mind that if you’re asking that question, please be certain that you know this crystal really, really well.


Because crystals have many things going on inside of them that we may not always notice right away.

Also, when you take a crystal out into the sunlight on a bright sunny day, you’re going to notice a lot more things than you’re going to notice in any other kind of light!

Holding my Black Amethyst pendulum out in the sun so I can see all its inner attributes really well.

Holding my Black Amethyst pendulum out in the sun so I can see all its inner attributes really well.

So make sure you’ve done your homework with this crystal first before deciding for yourself that you’ve noticed a change or something different. Because it may just be something that you haven’t noticed before. Like interior rainbows that are caused by interior fractures, or walls that have grown inside the crystal lattice. Those types of things go unnoticed lots of times.


Once you’re sure that you’ve gotten to know this crystal really, really well, you may find that maybe after working with it for some time or doing something specific with it, that suddenly the crystal has changed!

It’s changed color or it’s become cloudy or even developed some new inclusions or other attributes.

What I attribute that to is that a great energy exchange has taken place. It has interacted with you in some way that has caused its energy + your energy to intertwine (how beautiful!)…and that energy exchange has left a mark in the crystal lattice; has actually transcended from energy into matter.

Einstein has taught us that energy equals matter times the speed of light squared.


So this energy exchange I’m talking about…the one between you & the crystal…it was able to actually transcend from the energy realm, and become denser & denser, because that energy exchange was so flippin’ intense, and transformed into the matter that makes up the molecules of the crystal; actually changed & transformed it in some way that you can visibly see, or touch and actually feel. Maybe there’s a fracture there now that wasn’t there before.

It manifested itself in some physical way into your physical reality.

crystal change color


That is what has happened there.

There are many different reasons why that intense energy exchange may have taken place.

Only you can know what that is, because the situations that could have caused it are infinite! But I bet it will get you to thinking.

And this whole topic may really rattle your cage & challenge your philosophies, but hey…as my most respected Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist says…

“My view is that if your philosophy is not unsettled daily then you are blind to all the universe has to offer.”

Has this crystal-changing phenomenon happened to you? Please tell us the deets below!! Our Crystal Hottie community wants to hear about it.

Crystal Blessings,


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  2. I was doing a healing on a very very sick lady and brought along my rose quartz seemed to help her a lot so I gave it to her to help her during the nights when she had the most symptoms.within a month the rose quartz turned white with rust veins running through took the lady an entire year to get it to turn back to pink and then she gave it back to was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

      1. Why Rose Quartz Changes color or Water ,

        More then likely healing energy is Rose Pink I have had the opposite happen, I anointed a Rose Quartz with Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water on two different Quartz then done healing work with the water, one time I had put water in three vases with Yellow Roses ,my Roommates 80th Bday and his last i didn’t know, my aunt was dying and one for all all Angels , and Only the one vase above the Rose Quartz Turned Fuchsia Pink I still have the Bottle , then just Yesterday Jan 18, 2016 I went to do a healing with Archangel Mikael and I found my Orange Blossom Water that comes clear Had Turned Pink when I reflected on that I remembered last time I did use the bottle I used it for Love with the Angels and wet a huge Rose Quartz I have by the Doorway , My conclusion is the Unconditional love Chakra holds Pink Energy transferring it to what you touch in this case the lady took in the pink energy and there is always a Deva assigned to each quartz will work to replenish it’s natural state . In Reiki School they said you can’t see Reiki , yet in 2000 I gave Reiki to someone very with a lot of healing energy and spiritual and that one time I saw the energy flowing down my arms from my Higher Heart Chakra and Pink like a river stream of Pink , I sure love for everyone to trust in that power of Healing not only with Crystals but the very energy that Created you from ALL that is

      2. My selinite was normal. I buried it into the ground to charge it under the full moon. When I took it out, it now has white solid lines on the edges

    1. I’d love to know how she got her back to pink. Had a lovely pink rose quartz just today and it’s already half white.

    2. This is rather unsettling to me. I recently purchased a mala healing bracelet of rose quartz and ice blue amazonite. After only 3 weeks the whole bracelet turned an ugly grey. All of the pink was gone from the rose quartz and the frosted amazonite were grey. It was so disheartening for me as I thought they lost their colors due to being imitation. Now I am reading all of these comments wondering what energy would cause this discoloring and why? Is this a good thing?

    3. I was just experimenting with my pink rose quartz placing them on my pain spots from bursitis on my hips..didn’t notice last night but this morning they are both completely drained of pink and and are almost completely white

    4. This just happend to a stone I was holding ,thought I was going crazy til i read this, only my stone was all white now its a rust color with dark vein lookin things, what does it mean?

    5. Stones kept out in the open can change color if their MOHS hardness is lesser than that of Quartz (7). Due to its presence in the air, quartz can suck out the luster of healing crystals and fade its color.

    6. Stones kept out in the open can change color if their MOHS hardness is lesser than that of Quartz Due to its presence in the air, quartz can suck out the luster of healing crystals and fade its color. Yeah SCIENCE!

  3. I have had a beautiful “shaped” fluorite piece, which has pyrite on its bottom, for many years now. It is not a stone that I have worked with for healing purposes with clients; it’s one of my “buddies.”

    Recently (over the last year) it developed a smoky ribbon through its centre from side to side. I buried it in the earth for a month, brought it in and put it in the soil of a potted plant when it “called” to me that it didn’t want to be left outside.One thing I did notice is that its green shade had become brighter after being buried. The smoky ribbon is still there, though. It has a very intense feeling about it.

  4. This has ‘absolutely’ happened to me!!!, I’m fortunate enough to own a ‘Huge’ piece of Rose Quartz, wich was gifted to me following a bereavement, at the time I suffered a ‘nervous breakdown’ due to the loss, My crystal at that time was very very red in colour with a large hole in the middle, as the years have passed and I’ve progressed on my ‘spiritual path’ my crystal has lessened in colour it now has a white out line and the hole in the middle has almost gone, on a personal level I am a much happier person, I have come to learn that I am a Empath as well as a Mystic!, I accept myself for what and who I am I also know my place in this world and what my soul purpose is.!, with regard to my bereavement. I no longer see it as a loss I now understand that his soul has just moved on to a better place, I communicate with him daily and feel his prescence all the time, just because I can,t see him does’nt mean he isn’t there I now realise that,
    My crystal is positioned in my bedroom directly facing my pillow where I sleep and quite often especially in the early days I could feel its energy (a warmth touching the side of my head) its so comforting and reassuring knowing my crystal is there, I feel it is now part of me!. Its HEAVEN.!!!. Xxx

    1. That sounds lovely.
      I love all of my crystals, but hardly ever feel anything from them.
      Somebody said \I must be very grounded.
      I wear Moldavite round my neck and first of all it made me feel depressed.
      I took it of, but now can wear it constantly.
      I try to buy ‘high vibration’ crystals, and bought some Tugtupite… I think its working changes through me, I have lots under my pillow – they’re everywhere 😉

  5. Yes, it happened to me with two different crystals.

    I bought a gorgeous clear shiny Apophylite some years ago, with the usual tips all over it. One or two of them fell of as they do, but what I found strange was that a couple of edges started to turn pink or peachy – honestly! (I’ve also got a different Apophylite with peachy coloured tips). That was a couple of years ago, but now it’s hard to see the peachy bits, I have to look really hard, turning it over.

    Anyway, another gem that’s dramatically changed is an Amethyst, – is it called a Dragon’s Egg when its flat on the face and cave like on the back? It’s about 2 inches across, I’ve had it for over 10 years and about 8 years ago, looking inside it – I saw that it looked like it was changing inside. I could see orange growing, welll maybe Citrine?? On its back there seemed to be a little rough tiny rusty hole, so I put Blue Tack on it, to stop oxidisation, but then eventually took it of to let it free.
    It’s beautiful inside – like honey or something, I don’t have any idea how it changed, maybe its now Ametrine?.. When I put it in a certain light it scintillates and sparkles on its flat front face, and I can even see a sort of neon blue tiny speck of colour.
    I love it when you find rainbow inclusions in crystal delights!!

    1. I have an amethyst pendulum and I’ve noticed that after a couple of months it has developed smoky cracks and there is this one spot that is starting to turn a rusty orange color. How cool! It’s a very beautiful thing to see, I think.

      1. Amethyst is my birthstone, so over the years I have been gifted 3 different amethyst crystal points that I wore on a neck chain. Over a few months time, the first one developed fine lines, then fissure cracks, and then one day broke in half while i was wearing it. The other two I gifted to someone once I realized that it was cracking.
        When I wear a quartz crystal, it will clear over time.

      2. Lucy and Megan,

        If there is an orange color it’s most likely Ametrine (mixture of amethyst and citrine) and you never noticed the citrine until recently. I’ve had crystals for 30 years and will still notice new things about them. Just sayin’. 🙂

  6. I bought a huge cabochon shaped piece of Rainbow obsidian that normally looks teal green. in the sunlight you can see the bands of purples, blues and other colors and they are definitely bands. I bought this from Bob at Earth/Love and I had it with me during the 4 days I was in Denver taking the instructors class from Melody. Everyone in class saw this teal stone and loved it. We went to a dinner for our graduating class the night before I was to fly home. I only had 2 glasses of champagne but the next morning I had a horrible headache. as I packed I picked up the Obsidian and noticed the whole stone was deep purple. Kevin and my husband who had seen the stone a Teal color were amazed at the change. In the sun it still appeared solid Purple so I felt it was working on my headache and I kept it in my hand during the drive to the airport and on the plane. By the time we got home to Arkansas my headache was gone and the stone was once again teal green. It was the weirdest experience and there were witnesses!!!

  7. That happened just last week to a clear qtz I use over my third eye.
    A larger crystal I have had for maybe 30 years fractured on the inside one night, when I was having some intense anger.
    I watched it crack. Now the fracture is just a beautiful rainbow.

  8. You say, first I should know my stones very well…but my pink moonstone has been with me only a few weeks, and the change was so dramatic the first time I used it for meditation….
    My stone now looks like it’s been burnt from the inside out, with black smudgy insides and inclusions that were probably minor before are now looking like brown cracks.

    1. The change in your Moonstone is very interesting. My husband recently bought a very fine, creamy Blue Flash Moonstone. It was milky and free of any dark colorations. It’s been sitting on a display table, in a common use area, and has developed a large; noticeable black spot on a corner of the Moonstone. I would sure like to know what that means, and if I should be concerned?

      1. I’m now thinking out of instinct that I should find a place to put this moonstone in the actual moon, and maybe it will recover? I have an apartment building with no balcony, but a ledge…maybe in certain parts of the evening it can get some full moon energy recharge…

        1. I wire wrapped a rainbow moonstone for my little sister. She lives it & wears it 24-7. I noticed it has now a scar down the middle like her open heart surgery scar that the moonstone lays on.
          Why do you think it developed the scar?

  9. My husband was carrying a piece of Rose Quartz, during a difficult time. It developed a red streak, and half of the stone began to lose it’s pinky color. My personal experience with a crystal change, was when I was carrying a piece of Carnelian for protection. It fractured into quarters, when I was interacting with the very personalities that I was trying to buffer myself against. I released both stones into a running water source, as I feel they needed to be cleansed and reclaimed by natural processes.

    1. ****Update****
      I took my husband’s Blue Flash Moonstone, and set it out under the full moon. It has dispersed some of the black patch, that it had previously developed. I’m going to moon-bathe it again, and see if it clears anymore of the discoloration.

  10. I’ve noticed that after doing any cleansing to someone else or chakra balancing, my crystals become cloudy. The worse their situation, the cloudier my crystals get.

  11. I have a small piece of amytrine. It has beautiful color. About a few hours before my father passed I placed it on his forhead and said a prayer and told him it was okay that he leave. He passed a few hours later. When I looked at the crystal it had turned completely white. It took the crystal 6 months before it got it’s color back. I think my Dad used all the energy from the crystal to make his crossing over a smooth one.

  12. Yes. I’d a clear quartz point that I wore daily when I started a new job. involving a long commute so I was getting very tired. I had it in a pendant holder on a necklace with the point upwards, for me, to guide whatever energy I needed from Mother Earth to help me. Felt a huge increase in energy on the days I wore it. After a month though the crystal became very cloudy so I stopped wearing it. Tried cleansing it. Left it out in couple of full moons but it has stayed cloudy and couldn’t understand why.
    After reading that I am going to keep it with me again and hopefully tune back in. Thank you x

  13. I have a clear quartz point that was as clear as glass when I got it ,after meditating with it, it got some cloudy streaks in it. Since when I sit with it it has cracks inside lots more cloudiness.I suffered childhood abuse and I believe it is taking my pain and clearing me.

    1. Has anyone ever had a crystal burn you? I normally like to have a crystal touching my body not just my hands when working with them. I placed a blue cats eye in my bra and it burned the underside of my breast. I have worked with many different stones over 30 years but this is the first time I have ever had one burn me.

      1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I also work with crystals and have for more than 30 years (hmm, ?, maybe something to that?) and just last fall (again hmm?) I was talking with a woman whom had just purchased some crystals from a crystal shop nearby and I asked to see them. She brought out a beautiful cactus amethyst cluster and laid it in my palm and it burned my hand instantly, like holding a red hot burner. Freakin’ wild. Out of curiosity I went to the crystal shop and held the other cactus amethyst they had there, and… nothing!
        Then a few weeks later a young man came into my shop with crystals he had purchased from that same shop and I asked to see them (I always love to see the crystal treasures people find there), and when I went to grasp his red jasper wand with the tips of my fingers, it felt like it was searing my middle finger. Same hot like a red hot poker. I have never experienced that sensation before these two instances. I’ve had crystals get very warm, but not like a hot burner! Hasn’t happened again since. Anyone have any thoughts on the why of this? I handle crystals pretty much daily.

      2. Hello,
        I had started carrying a black obsidian and carnelian in my bra and was burned also. When i asked the lady at the shop I purchased it from about it she replied that it was protecting me from something. The black obsidian is for protection from negative energy.

      3. I carry a piece of elite shungite in my pants pocket whenever I go out. When I first started doing this I noticed a redish almost cancerous looking mark that formed on my thigh close to where the stone rested. This was deeply concerning to me not to mention my first month of interacting with shungite was insane to say the least. I quit carrying the stone for a few days concerned that it was the stone causing the mark even though it did not physically burn; mainly because I couldn’t recall any recent trauma in that area. I was very worried that the stone was either absorbing electricity or possibly microwaves (EMF) as shungite is conductive. Quickly I noticed that I seemed to feel worse when I went out without the stone so I went back to carrying it, placing it in my opposite pocket. The mark disappeared after about 2 weeks and has since never reappeared. The wound never did swell up, feel like a lump and never burned; It was always “just a mark”. Since then I have never seen anything else appear that resembled the mark and still carry shungite (sometimes with tourmaline) with me daily. Additionally, I have held blue kyanite to my head and ear for a bit and felt my head heat up, but can’t say it burned. I have read stories resembling yours too.

    2. I also have a clear quartz that I make sure is pointing at me every nite while I sleep. I have just had a release of sadness that I carried for almost 50 years. Today I just noticed that the a lot of cracks and and more milky white color within in. Have to believe it was helping me heal my pain

  14. YES YES YES!!!! AND THANK YOU * THANK YOU * THANK YOU!! I had purchased a clear quartz point pendant awhile back because it really resonated with me. After I purchased it, I kind of worried that it wasn’t real (natural) quartz b/c of how perfect it was. (Think Arkansas quartz clear) but I had studied that crystal & started wearing it daily b/c of its energy to me. Well, not sure of any specific time but over several weeks, there were phantoms growing inside the quartz that absolutely were NOT there when I purchased it. SO AWESOME!! Thanks so much for the first informative info I’ve read on this!!!

    1. this exact thing has happened with mine! I bought a totally clear point quartz crystal that has 6 sides. completely clear! Pretty easy to notice any type of imperfections here. i worked with it within a couple weeks to help a friend and left it outside overnight, and the next morning it completely transformed. It now had MANY layers of phantom crystals; green specs; rainbow specs, and cloudy formations that to me resemble a flying angel or flying bird…definitely something with wings. OH AND It also has a triangle at the bottom base of it now with a slight rusty pink color inside. SO MANY CHANGES! im in awe. I asked the store where i bought it and they said they have never seen that happen EVER! Glad i am not the only one here. Feeling pretty special though 🙂

  15. BLACK SPECKS!! I have gone through some pretty heavy and hard changes in my life recently and I have dropped to my knees a few times just pouring out my anger and frustration to God while grasping at one time my clear apopholite crystal point and another time my small amethyst cluster with one perfect pyramid point. The next day when I looked at the crystals there were tiny black specks inside them that were not there before. I tried cleansing them, scrubbing them, etc. but the specks are imbedded inside the crystal. I have often wondered what happened and if I was going a bit looney because I am positively sure the black specks were not there before my little breakdowns. ENERGY BECOMING MATTER makes perfect sense. I would love to delve deeper into this and really analyze what exactly is going on, SCIENTIFICALLY speaking. I’m a believer of our crystal friends helping us and working with us for the highest good. I had faith before that crystals were helping, now I have material evidence of it (not that I needed any, I would still have my faith). Thank you, Crystals, for graciously taking all my emotional junk and trapping it inside you and keeping it away from me. Blessings to you all 🙂

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  17. I notice when I shop for crystals and stones that when I pick some of them up to feel the energy, cracks or inclusions will form. This has happened with fluorite, labradorite to name a couple. I even had some of the softer stones actually bend. At first, I thought I was just imagining it, but I have been collecting crystals for several years, and there are some stones that actual alter their shape and or crack when I touch them. It can be immediate depending on how soft the stone is, or it can take several minutes, even when I take it home. At least now I have an idea of why this happens.

  18. I have noticed changes in every single one of my crystals, even only after a couple of days with them. The colours become more vibrant and visible e.x – i purchased a dumortierite sphere that was literally black on the initial days, and now it is the most silky smooth bluey-grey silver tone. My bloodstone worry stone started surfacing some yellow inclusions along with a stripe of Quartz. My power stones (clear quartz and tourmaline quartz) became much more clear and the matrix inside of both seems to change on a weekly basis depending on my intent or my mood. Carnelian pyramid was just a dull-ish red all over and now has a sarcophagus on the bottom which is orange in the middle and greyish surround it (around 5 definable cases) the outline has gone very pale – almost translucent, while around 2mm in i can see the density of the crystal and concentration of the colours. And ofcourse all of them are now expressing rainbows and pools of gold all over them!!! :”D Namibian malachite (before i knew i had it) was a sickly grey colour and now has the most deep forest green with quartz inclusions mysteriously risen too the top!!!
    Now if i could get feedback, I have a small piece of raw rose quartz, which was gifted to me by my first mentor, which has now started to loose its ability to retain energy and its lovely pinkish glow. Next to my green calcite it is fine, but i can feel the density and coldness around it as soon as i remove it from its vicinity. Ive tried at least 10 different ways of cleansing and charging it to no avail. Help!!

    1. Find/feel out an especially energetic place outdoors. Burry it in the ground for a few days. Choose the location intuitively, take the stone with you while you while you search. Mark the spot well. While it is in the ground meditate and send love and light to the earth. Then feel when it is time to dig it up.
      I have done this with rose qtz and it works for me.
      Once 22 years ago I buried a pyramid…and lost it.

  19. Yes yes yes!! I’ve had this happen with two stones that I work with. One is a large piece of polished carnelian I’ve had for over five years. When it first came to me, it was a very opaque reddish-orange colour all over. 6 months ago, I was cleansing it after a session for a client, and I noticed a small lighter golden brown spot was starting to develop. Because it looked like the eye or a lizard (or other reptile) I held it up to the light to examine it further – and HOLY COW… it’s developing an entire vein system inside! I was flabbergasted and called in another practitioner! Her response was: “oh, my, you’re giving birth!” It continues to evolve, and I’m feeling quite blessed and intrigued to see what happens next. The other stone I have (which I also use during healing sessions) is a med. raw amethyst chunk with a natural point. Also, around the same time, I noticed it has the impression (like if you pressed something into clay) of a portion of a ‘wing’ on the face of one of the points. it’s really interesting.

  20. Hi! Thank you for this article… 2012 I set up a healing grid for my nephew who was diagnosed with leukemia. On top of a photo of him I placed a pure purple flourite stone. This grid remained in place until after he was delcared in remission 6 months later.
    When I cleared all the energy tools that were part of this healing grid I noticed this stone had a large white “vein” through it that was not there before. I was so grateful! My question is, Is this stone for him or me since its work was for him? I feel like I still cannot use it for anything else, though it is in my healing room after much time outside and on the earth. I love this stone, obviously! And yes, my nephew is completely healthy now! 🙂
    Namaste 🙂

  21. Hello
    I wear a month since a thick Bornite on my skin she was bright shining with all colors of the Rainbow, now after wearing all green and blue color are gone, and she is still only pink yellow orange, got her cleaned with white Sage and dragon blood incense. the full moon touched her empty so I have removed her quickly, I understand nothing of it I still wear her but she is clearly less powerful, what can I do?

    Kind regards karen

  22. I have an amethyst cluster. Which I placed under my Grandmothers chair while she was quite sick and getting ready to transition. I forgot it was there until she needed a hospital bed. I think I put it under the bed, but if I didn’t it remained in the room with her. It was never a deep purple, but now after she passed it is so pale that it is almost clear in many places. It was never in direct sunlight for any length of time. Grandma has been gone about 4 years now. The crystal is still very, very pale. I am guessing that grandma drew the energy from the crystal as she needed it and that drained the color. Grateful for the crystals help in her care.

    1. I was wondering if I should continue working with it now? Is it safe to continue using? Should I cleanse it?

  23. It is very magical how crystals interact with us humans and change (physical as well as vibration). I buy a lot of amethyst clusters from a guy at the local markets. He has the amethyst out in the sun all the time so they are almost pure white when I get them. With a little love, regular smudging and other cleansing, speaking to them and handling them within around 3-5 months they return their true colors a vibrant beautiful deep amethyst.
    I also have many other crystals that have grown and have small growths occur on them.
    The most dramatic though is my wife and I gave a friend a piece of black tourmaline for protection against psychic attack from a colleague at work. About four days after we gave it to her she had a very bad day at work with this person, and later when she went to remove the stone from her pocket there was only thousands of tiny chips of it left. It had absorbed so much negative energy in the process of protecting our friend that the crystal had literally sacrificed itself in the process. Go figure, but then thats why I love crystals sooo…. much, as they are really ALIVE…..

  24. Do you think ‘torsion fields’ which is mostly deemed pseudoscience by some, might cause an exchange of vibrations (electromagnetic energy) between the person, environment and the crystal thus altering its base matrix in some way ???
    I have just a foggy idea of torsion physics.
    Maybe someone knows some more about this……

    I just had another thought… crystals under extreme pressure….When we are extremely stressed, ill, worried, fearful and even joyful – do we produce or emit ‘pressure/stress’ on our crystals? (like geological stress that formed them)

  25. I did a Reiki Master training in Glastonbury, England and the attunement was held within the stone circle at Stonehenge. There were 25 of us and we all brought our crystals and put them on a blanket on the ground inside our circle. They were there for about an hour. After the attunement we collected our crystals and most of us noticed a marked change. I had an amythyst and a citrine that were bleached white on the ends and a clear crystal skull that had many more occlusions than before. In fact, all of my quartz crystals were changed.

  26. I have had my favorite clear quartz crystal for almost a year. It was smooth and a little mix of male and female (clear & cloudy) at first. I’ve have held it in great times of need, asked it to help with protection and guidance and has traveled with me. I feel very connected to it. Recently I’ve noticed it turning a pale shade of yellow and has roughened up quite a bit. I’m not sure why. Reading this has made me feel much better about it’s appearance. I do sage & bathe it in the full and new moon light and always sincerely thank it for it’s power. Should I be doing something else to it?

    1. My clear quartz crystals LOVE the sun, you might try bathing them in some sunlight for a day every week or so.

  27. When I started making jewelry I noticed a windowpane cut strand of amethyst that just screamed at me, really beautiful difference in coloration between the two textures. I made a necklace out of some of them and when I wore it, all the stones turned so dark purple you couldn’t even see the texture anymore. I was so mad! But I didn’t know anything yet about crystals and now I love that it absorbs my excess energy! And it’s back to the original color now, it only a couple hours to charge it, but weeks to discharge it!

  28. I am fairly new at working with stones. I have learned invaluable information and insight from Hibiscus Moon’s website and some books I liked. But on the topic of crystals changing or transforming into something different from what they were, I have two stones that I work with on a regular basis. Very regular. Like daily. I will preface my comment (and question) by saying that I am in intense therapy for some childhood/adolescent issues that left some very big emotional and physical scars on my psyche and my body, and I use two stones that were recommended to me by my therapist. One is Rhodonite. (The other is Sodalite – more on that one later.) I have a few raw Rhodonite crystals and a few tumbled crystals (one very special little tiny natural egg shaped one I got at a holistic healing center in a goody bag when we all went on a day they donated to clients of our local Rape Crisis Center bc it is supposed to be the best crystal for that type of work) I also have a Rhodonite worry stone that I picked out and I carry it (almost) daily over my heart inside my bra. (And just as a side note: I found it stays put really well bc the small indent part – that is the ‘worry’ part of the worry stone – suctions itself to my skin

    1. Um, Kelly here. Does the comment get cut off after a certain number of characters? Or is there a way to see the rest of it? I see others’ comments and I cannot find a way to read the ‘rest’ of them either? (And I did not see a place where it said the characters were restricted….) thanks

  29. Hello, I love this topic! I am new to learning about Crystals but have been collecting stones and ocean tossed gems since childhood. I was given a blue kyanite a year or so ago. When I received it, it was a pale blue and within a few moments of holding it and admiring it turn and has stayed almost a sapphire blue! I love this stone and usually have a small piece with me or where I can admire it! Has this happened to anyone else with this amazing Crystal? I want to learn about Crystal so much but time is just not afforded for me right now so my path is slow but so exciting!! I love the knowledge shared here…everyone here (pun intended) rocks and sparkles

  30. Some of my crystal have rainbow slowly appear inside after I use it to meditation or crystal healing with my 7 chakra, now I believe that it is my energy that created it, thanks.

  31. I have a clean cut amethyst pendant that i’ve had for a good 5 months now. It was a gift at first, which initially I was sceptical about as I didn’t choose my crystal but as soon as I held it I fell in love with it. It was a clear and pale purple at the top and graduated into a deep purple at the bottom. I wore it everyday and if I didn’t wear it, I would feel off like a piece of me was missing. Then about a month and a half ago the chain for my necklace snapped and it took a while for me to get hold of another one, so I wasn’t able to wear it for a couple of weeks. As soon as I began to wear it again, I felt more attached to it then ever. It was almost as if it had missed me, and over the past 2 weeks It has started to rapidly turn misty as if someone has breathed smoke inside it, and has started to turn a light grey/white. I love amethyst and always have done ever since I was very little but I have never had a crystal like this one, It’s magical!

  32. A very short time ago, my mother gave me a late Xmas present. It’s a beautiful bracelet of silver with an antique feel to it and 12 rainbow moonstones In between the links.. I love it so much that I haven’t taken it off since she gave it to me. It’s always had the colors blue red and green as the dominant colors. Soon I’m moving down to where my mom is so I can help take care of her. I’ve been through some turbulent emotions and experiences within the short time I’ve worn this bracelet. Now when I look at it, the blue is almost nonexistent, the stones are more clear, and the green then red are the dominant colors now. A long time ago I was told that a moonstone can change in color based on its wearer. Is this true and what could it mean? I haven’t been meditating or trying to find myself spiritually, but I have been filled with tremendous love and fear lately.


  33. A girl i met a few weeks ago, who is a dear friend to me now, gave me a smoky quartz.
    The night I found the quartz in the book i was reading, as she just kept it there without informing me, i instantly liked it it was clear and a bit smoky in colour
    I have never used crystal and I don’t know much about them.
    The next morning I found it turned darker almost black. I was surprised and shocked. I showed her the crystal a week ago just to make sure it wasn’t like that before she gave me and she was very surprised too.

    What does it indicates?
    Would love to hear what everyone thinks

  34. My neighbor had a native American wrapped crystal pendant and I admired it one day, I noticed looking at it was very foggy (couldn’t see thru it) and about a week later. She came to me and said this belongs to you, and handed it to me. I hugged her and thanked her. about a week later she was out side and I went to talk to her and while wearing the pendant she looked at it and said oh my you cleared the crystal, she said I told you it belonged to you. I received a few more crystals as gifts and i too can clear them as well. Can you tell me why this happened? please thanks for reading many blessings

  35. I used to wear my amethyst crystal everyday around my neck for about a year and really connected with it and fell in love with it and I recently have it to my boyfriend who now wears it everyday. I realized the tip of it turning cloudy and was kind of skeptical about it till I did some research on it. This crystal has helped him open up to me more and just make us so much more connected since we’ve both connected with this crystal!:-)

  36. I have a green fluorite and it was a bit cloudy and one point had a bit of dark blue to it.. I had a dream that it had become super clear and the next day I meditated with it and poof!! most of the cloudy was gone.. The green is lighter and the blue is more violet. I took a photo right after to compare it to a photo I took of it when I first go it and sure enough it was not as cloudy and in all the photos the violet point was glowing!! I used no flash and only had the light from my lamp on.. It was an amazing thing.. Felt really good too. Then I lost it in my car for a few days and the next time I picked it up I made my head hurt automatically.. I cleansed it as soon as I got home and now all is well again. However I am a bit sad. It was in my pocket with some other crystals and got a little chip on it.. So now it rides alone when I take it anywhere with me.

  37. I have had crystals get cloudy or dark specks when working through grief, change, or deep seeded issues, but what happens most of the time is that rainbows grow in them…I was wondering if anyone knew what this means? Any quartz, citrine, amethyst, Smokey quartz, or clear crystal will come to me with little or no rainbows and within a few weeks has numerous rainbows within it. It has happened to over 10 crystals I own and over time the rainbows are all of it. I love this and it makes me smile when I look at them…just wondering if there is any significance with the rainbow?

  38. I just recently had this happen to me! As I have been working on owning my power and living my dreams, I have been connecting with an amazonite egg to help me assert myself, have courage, and create healthy boundaries in my life. I looked down at my little egg the other day, and noticed that she now has a little round, deep midnight blue spot on her tip… One that was DEFINITELY not there before as I have been meditating with her and constantly keeping her around me for several weeks! I wondered what that was, and now I think I know! Thank you for the awesome article, Hibiscus!!

  39. I have a Clear Quartz Crystal wand, that is part of a permanent grid, to attract Abundance & Love for the people who’s names are underneath my main Healing Quartz, (rather like your Big Bertha, HM! Except she has a ‘twin’ (smaller) growing on her side & a rough cluster on the bottom side of the twin) This was a very clear stone, The thought also crossed MY mind that it might be glass, as it was so perfect. As I was re-energising the Grid a couple of weeks ago, cleansing the individual stones, I noticed that it has several (about a dozen or so) dark spots about half an inch from the base, they too are embedded in the stone. She is about 4 & a half inches long….should I remove her from the grid & maybe bury her in Mother Earth? How long for?
    If so, I don’t have another one like her to replace her in the Grid….they are mainly clear Quartz points (4 in all) similar in size, , and other green and yellow stones, & I re-energise using a stubby clear quartz point about 2 inches tall….I use incense & rose scented candles whilst re-energising….plus a prayer & affirmations….
    What do you think, please? I haven’t worked closely with this individual stone, just used her in the Grid……maybe this proves the Grid is working….!!
    Thank you, Peace & Love to all you Sparkly people….

  40. I was with my mother when this twin smokey with aegerine inclusions came to me. I cried. It was everything I needed, of course. I sat with it often, used it to send and recieve Reiki, often for myself. When my mother (a reiki master, who had attuned me) severely sprained her ankle , I used it to send her Reiki hundreds of miles away. Soon after she healed, I was away for the weekend when my kitty (who LOVES crystals) got up on my shelf and knocked her over. Both points were broken clean off. I used one as my first wire wrap, a gift for my mom. The tips started growing back! Inclusions and all! This was a CLEAN break. Every “expert” claimed it virtually impossible. See for yourselves (Recent Facebook photo comment)… Pic taken now, A year or two later…

  41. I recieved a small tumbled quartz as a gift in New Orleans to carry with me about two weeks ago. It was clear just a little cloudy, but yesterday to noticed it had turned a pink hue. Is this possible? If so what does it mean?

  42. Went on a dig in Arkansas, brought back several beautiful quartz crystals. When I began cleaning them little black specks began showing up on the counter, in the sink, on everything near. The specks grow over time, days or weeks. The have transferred from me to my vehicle, they are also in my work office now. I’m considering giving them away since they have become such a terrible problem in the house, I can’t get rid of them. They are on my clothes in my bed, on my dog etc….. they can jump, they can even embed themselves into my kitchen countertops!!! They don’t bite or sting, they just multiply and adhere to whatever they are contacting. I’m so stressed, I feel they will eventually destroy my house!!! Please help, I can’t take much more!!!!!

  43. When my Roxy died, I broke. She may have been just a dog to others but she was my best friend and my life line. I picked out a beautiful Lodalite landscape quartz resembling a Japanese garden on her behalf, and put the crystal on top of her ashes, next to her paw print. It was months before I could even say her name. On occasion I would pick up the stone and hold it, but set it right back down. Finally after months of grieving, I picked up the crystal and began carrying it with me,sleeping with it, it was my connection to Roxy and my worry stone. I encountered daily struggles, my second baby Chewy was torn with grief and began getting ill. I noticed my crystal no longer had the Chlorite/Lodalite inclusions. None. Some golden plates had developed, which eventually turned silver and then a metallic rainbow color. The quartz itself took on a citrine – golden hue, but most importantly, the termination of the point began turning pink. One face at a time, the termination resembled more and more the thick pinkish color of a lithium quartz. Today, only one face remains clear, and anyone looking at the crystal would call it a lithium quartz. To tell them when I brought it home it was a very included landscape quartz, no one would believe me but that I photo all my crystal friends regularly, study them, look deep inside of them with my loupe. The woman who sold it to me originally says I’m a crystal -changer, but I know Roxy and the crystal worked together to give me what I needed to get through my grief. Recently the crystal has begun changing again, and I know they are taking care of me.

  44. My 11yr old appreciates this post. His amethyst pendant got darker after he wore it for a while. Now he knows why. Thanks!

  45. Wow, yes indeed! I have a beautiful, shaped piece of fluorite with a pyrite base which has “grown” interesting inclusions in the past couple of years. I know this piece extremely well, as I managed the shop where I purchased it and used to take it outside in the sun to look through its light green transparency in admiration. Whatever is “growing” inside (something smokey in appearance) has started etching the outside of the fluorite with its shape which runs across the crystal. Also, there are more visible rainbows and crystalline shapes taking form within it.

    I was told by a very long-time crystal worker that I needed to bury it because it had “done its work.” I did bury it outside for awhile, then in a houseplant, but it indicated that I still need to keep it close to me (I now sleep with it on an altar beside my bed). It grows more interesting and stunning.

    Yes, I was truly “unsettled” by this (I’ve had this crystal now for at least 25 years), and I’m awed by this phenomenon (I once saw my friend’s sheen obsidian egg lose its sheen only to be replaced by a scattering of brown inclusions. We had obtained our eggs at the same time in 1991, from the same supplier who came to our store. Mine retains its sheen.)

  46. My husband and I went hunting for quartz crystals in Arkansas and we found a whole bunch of them. After cleaning the crystals and choosing the ones I wanted yo tumble, I stored them in the tumbler container where they remained for probably 6 months to a year. I was thinking about them so I went and took them out to make sure I hadnt placed any jewelry worthy ones in there. To my amazement they seem to have changed in that they had a blue hue only on certain parts of the crystal, sort of like sapphire, which was not the case when we first found them. I know exactly where they came from because I dug them out myself, cleaned and stored them.. so there’s no doubt in my mind about that. Maybe it was some chemical reaction that might have occured while being stored in the dark, for long periods of time… these are genuine quartz crystals, so why do you suppose this happened?

  47. My last comment wad tp the lady who placed the crystal on her father’s head as he passed and it changed to clear or white for months after.

  48. I had the craziest thing happen. I was given a blue lace agate with matrix a few months ago. As I’m working on finding my voice. I lost it and then out of the blue it shows up in my son’s room but it’s now Hematite. My son is also non verbal. And given all the Personal Development I’ve been through I’m dying to know if it’s possible to turn a crystal into Hematite?

    1. I was looking up the same thing. I had an amethyst crystal that I used in a prayer for protection against negative energies. I tied the crystal in cloth and placed it on my altar and left it there for probably about a month.
      When I finally opened it back up again, the stone was no longer amethyst but hematite. I just about fainted.
      I can’t say why or how it happened, but I share your wonder and curiosity. They are connected stones with their meanings but it just seems like such a significant change that it makes me curious and a bit anxious.

  49. This happened to me recently. I bought a rose quarto crystal that was supposed to be intuitively chosen online a while back. I wore it ever day, trying to embrace it’s properties and absorb to loving energy. Then one day I noticed that it began to fade slowly more and more ( I almost always wore it under my shirt, so sunlight cannot be the reason). Then I cleansed and recharged it, but alas! My crystal has turned an entirely smoky white color right after I charged it (there was still a tiny bit of pink left). I wonder what this means? I am still new to working with crystals and would love to hear feedback 🙂

  50. new into crystal metaphysical ideas and concepts, I start to believe the magical properties of crystals and quartz. Recently Ive made new discoveries on the crystals in my hone that it has grown bigger in size or grow new baby crystals onto it! this blew my mind because I knew clearly that how the crystals apperance is in terms of sizes and no new baby crystals attached to it when I first got it and it enters to my life. Ive worked with the crystals closely on daily basis and got to realised how they have grown even after bring digged out from mother earth!

    these amazing crystals that have grown after entering my life
    1) the spirit quartz with me has grown bigger in size by 10% after a few months with me.
    2) clear crystal quartz cluster form new baby points at area that didnt existed in the cluster before
    3) Tibetan quartz growing baby crystal on it.

    this is really blowing my mind and there is little info about crystal quartz continue to grow after digged oyt of earth. hope to have more info and sharing on what going on in ith oyr crystal friends

  51. I had an experience about 5 years ago but only thought to google it today. I had a very intense dream that my husband and I were standing in a circle of friends (My highly intuitive and healing arts neighbor was there) . We were in the clouds and we were arguing. In the dream I was thinking “It’s all his fault. Everything is his fault” (it was a very rough time in our lives and our marriage). Anyways, when I opened my mouth in the dream all of this terrible, negative, really powerfully hurtful stuff came “pouring out.” I woke from the dream and, I kid you not, a voice in my head told me “Rose Quartz”. I found the three small rose quartz stones we had. The voice told me to hold them. I did. Within three or four minutes they turned completely grey. It was like there were clouds inside, moving. The voice told me to put them outside. I put them on the front porch. Got back in bed. The voice (I know, this sounds totally insane) told me farther. I moved them to the earth.

    The next morning I showed them to my husband so I have a witness : ) Then my neighbor told me to bury them. I’ve since moved away but I’ll always be grateful for whatever those stones did for me. Because I know it was something big. Days after I’d hoped this experience had helped me awaken some intuitive part of me, gained some vision. I kept waiting for “more signs”. Maybe I’d opened up a part of me that was more in touch with the universe! But alas, nothing like this has ever happened to me since and when I tell the story I barely believe it myself!

  52. I have a clear quartz wand and I had been practicing Reiki with it for about 2 months. All of a sudden today I saw rainbow incisions in it! It looks beautiful!

  53. I have a pink tourmaline raw stone that I wear as a necklace. I also use it to communicate with my guardians and angels. It use to turn Orange-ish pink or peach color. Now I noticed that it’s turning clear…?

  54. I hung tourmaline from my rear view mirror for protection and alertness during driving. I thought the deep aqua tip turned pale due to sunrays, without considering it might have become weary from such a burdensome task.
    I’ll keep a closer look to see if any other are showing stress and if this one has regenerated after several years.

  55. I have a quartz mood ring. It changed colours for a few days after I first started wearing it, but now it never changes and has remained the same colour, a pinkish red. Not sure what this means or why my mood never seems to change anyomore…as I’m sure my mood does change. Any suggestions?

  56. I received a silver dragon wrapped around a crystal ball made of Amethyst, for Christmas this year. when I took it out of the box the stone was a pale lavender color. I have worn it at all times since and have studied the stone. I know I have not had it long but I do know what the color was and showed it to everyone. It has since turned almost black in color with what appears to be a shattered pattern inside. Can anyone explain why this has happened?

  57. I found a small crystal that had a rust color to it. I put it in my pocket and when iI went to retrieve it I found it had started to turn white with the crystal itself turning clear. Any idea as to what could cause this

  58. I have a question, but first I’ll explain my situation. I am a combat veteran with multiple deployments to Iraq, starting in 2003 with the invasion. I developed sever PTSD, to the point I was medically retired and deemed 100 percent disabled. I can’t work, I barely leave my house. I suffer from horrible nightmares. I met a new friend that witnessed one of my nightmare episodes, and she gave me a Amethyst Crystal to put under my pillow. She told me it would help with my nightmares. I was skeptical at first, but decided to try it, as none of the medication my Doctors have given me helped with the bad dreams. Some only made it so I couldn’t wake up and forced me to stay in the nightmare over and over. I placed the Amethyst under my pillow, and nightly take it out, hold it, and do my grounding techniques before replacing it under my pillow. I’ve experienced a dramatic decrease in the frequency and intensity of my nightmares. Two nights ago I noticed that the Amethyst has changed color, from a light Lavender color to a dark violet, almost black, it is still clear and not cloudy. I’m assuming that the Amethyst is absorbing my energy, possibly the negative energy associated with my nightmares. My question is, if it is negative energy, will it eventually get to a point where it becomes ineffective, or full? Of so, how can I cleanse the Amethyst of that energy? I have been sleeping better than I have in years, and the only thing I changed was placing that Amethyst under my pillow, and holding it as I ground myself before bed. The thought of the nightmares returning to what they used to be gives me extreme anxiety. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, are there any other crystals or stones that could possibly help my other symptoms? I have extreme anxiety, anger, hypervigilance, depression, suicidal thoughts, and have developed personality disorder traits. Thank you for any help and advice you can give me.

  59. Well I noticed that my pink kunzite crystal has changed color. Also, my friend whom I bought it from has noticed. It was a pale pinkish color and now although it remains pink it is far lighter than when I got it. I work nights so I not out in the sun much. After reading this I certainly am intruiged.

    1. Mine did this as well!

      I am out in the sun frequently, but usually it would go clear (according to what I’ve read) and it has gone a lilac purple from a med/light pink.

      Would love to know what that means – it comes everywhere with me so who knows!

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  61. I had an aquamarine ring that turned cloudy while I was pregnant with my first child.

    The crystal lady told me it absorbed bad energy from something and I should just buried it.

  62. Hi I was wondering if you or someone could help me I have a beautiful Angel aura Crystal I bought it several month’s ago I absolutely love it.when I first got it there was no markings on the inside of the Crystal it shines a beautiful rainbow glow in the sun.Then a few weeks ago I went to cleanse an charge it I noticed this odd mark inside it was tiny at first an now it has got bigger I now have several inclusions in the middle of the Crystal an the more I hold it I get another mark or inclusion.I am relatively new to Crystal healing so any help or information would be grateful,many blessings Michelle

  63. I have had a medium sized natural ameythst crystal cluster since I was 5. I have long since admired it’s nooks, crannies, edges and vibrant purple energy. She’s been with me over 37 years now. Anyway, I have finally taken the leap into learning about and using crystals for their metaphysical qualities. It is no wonder why I was drawn to my purple beauty years ago. She was meant for me and boy did I need her quiet, loving, protective calm this last year. I spent a lot of time meditating with her. Just today I have noticed she’s changing. She’s turning golden brown in places and now has black dots in her. She keeps my Himilian salt crystal company when I’m not sleeping w her at my bedside or meditating. What is happening to my beauty?How do I stop it? HELP! : ) : (

  64. My amethyst suddenly turned black (it was a beautiful purple, white and clear). Any ideas about what would cause this?

  65. I recently got a white agate pendant, as it is known as the ultimate pregnancy stone (i am currently 3 months) i haven worn it for about two weeks, it was almost PURE white with maybe one or two marks of grey in it. Now it is completely speckled with light grey and dark grey spots. At first i thought it was just spots i had missed, but in the past few days i have noticed even more! after reading this article I’m so much more intrigued by whats happening. Any ideas?

  66. This is very interesting since I recently noticed a change in my Himalayan smoky quartz bracelet, the beads has gotten darker while most of them were rather clear and bright before. After reading this, I’m sure it has to do with my feelings of stress and lack of sleep lately, which causes me to feel ungrounded.

  67. my husband gave me my first clear quartz to carry i keep it in my pocket all the time,it was clear with a small,about the size of a pin head,spot of cloudyness in the center when he gave it to me,i stayed clear for like a year ,then one day after work i pulled it out of my pocket and the whole thing was cloudy,he took it back and a few days later he gave it back clear again,the cloudy spot was once again just spot within a week it was fully cloudy again,i got it to clear up once but it didnt stay clear,i have gotten it to clear about halfway but it usaly stays fully cloudy now 15 years later and i still carry it everyday,

  68. My mom has a crystal idk wat kind, jux a natural crystal. She has had it for a year. And over time it got darker and darker in the inside, she finally put it up because to creep her out. Today we found it laying on the counter really dark covered in oil. She wiped it off on her shirt and I jux looked at the shirt and there is nothing on it. Should I be worried for my mom, wat should I do??

  69. Have had large quartz bookends for a year (surrounded by banded agate matrix). White quartz has largely turned golden/dark. They both also have a small dark hole in middle of quartz. Quite pretty, but does not look like the same quartz pieces.

    Had a lot of stress for previous year which has gone away last couple months. Am wondering if quartz absorbed it and any other negative energies in my house? There definitely has been a huge energy shift in my life.

  70. I, too, purchased a clear crystal point that was like window glass and has Chakra stones in a bar on the front. After wearing it for a couple months, I began to see cloudiness forming inside like fog. I’ve never seen stones change like this but my friends at the shop it came from assured me it’s interacting with me. Most of the growth is on the left side. Another piece I have is beginning to show rainbow color inside

  71. Pretty much all of my crystals have changed over time, my lithium quartz has been growing orange in it, peacock ore has gotten way more golden and colorful over time; it’s even developed blue in it which it didn’t have when I bought it 🙂 My amethyst wand use to be lilac purple and now it’s white and dark purple stripes! My blue cracked quartz use to just be clear with a few lines of pale blue in, and now it has a bright intense vivid blue through out it, I put it next to my turquoise crystal and it developed the same intense blue color of the turquoise when it was next to it, is it possible that the turquoise turned it blue considering it was always pale until it sat next to the turquoise? My kyanite use to be dark blue and now it’s light blue and sapphire.. and my tree lace agate use to be almost all green with slight white showing and now only half is green and half is white and the greens turned really lacy! Other crystals of mine have changed color, greens to blues, and my pyrite I swear it’s changed shape and growing more golden bits on it! My emerald use to have only one green side now it has 2 almost 3.. and my dragon blood jasper has developed more red spots and seems to be getting thicker and my agates seem to grow spots and bigger patterns in them! My crystals seem to change more when I’m under the influence of Amanita muscaria and meditating with them… especially when I place them on my third eye

  72. Mine happened about a week ago. Ive got a piece of amathyst, for emotional support and creativity. I attached it to a chain and wear it almost everywhere. I’ve had this for several months now (I’m still relatively new in terms of crystals) and have spent many hours looking at and holding. It was usually a pretty solid color, a bit smokey in some places, pretty opaque when in the sun, occasionally seeming darker at times, but then I had an anxiety attack. Now the tip, which points up towards me, is pretty much clear, while the bottom is almost stormy looking, a dark purple almost black with cracks of grey. There’s another dark spot near the center. I know it’s probably because of my heightened emotions during my attack, but it had me worried.

  73. Have you ever thought about creating an e-book or
    guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based upon on the
    same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would value your work.
    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an email.

  74. The best explanation I have ever read for this. I have turned my crystals and other minerals red-orange-yellow resulting in a peachy color for years. The color change is from the inside out. I had one intuitive tell me that she thought I was hurting the stones, but that didn’t feel right. I am an Empath and I feel their energy. I believe my crystals are happy because others enjoy feeling or handling them, too. They leave feeling better.

    Anyways a great big thank you for providing the answer I have prayered for serveral times throughout the years.

    Have a great day! Michelle

  75. Sooo… I bought a clear single point amethyst. It was fully see through except it was its color. I decided to use it for healing (I use my own energy as well as reiki energy to heal people) I used it for one session of one hour and it completely changed. not it is half violet half clear. It is full of cloudy energy and it looks like there is many many walls inside of it. on one side it even looks like it got scratched on the inside, like a claw mark. Could anyone tell me something about his??

  76. My angle light has changed into a darker blue I keep it on me all day in my pocket along with some protection crystals, does any one have an answer for me not sure what to think I’ve had this particular stone for 3 years now

  77. There’s a certain quartz crystal pendant I bought many Moons ago that has acted as the poster child for magick=science in my life sphere by undergoing huge changes. When I first got it, for a blessed bargain, many people said it was too clear so must be glass, and I’d shown it to many because it was amazing the vendor let me have it for pocket change. Within a few months though it became obvious that it wasn’t glass when thin gold strands seemed to begin growing inside! By 6 months time there was a 4 armed star shape made of golden rutile in the center of the stone. The change was so noticeable that even my own mother couldn’t deny it; though she tried to remain skeptic she became a believer that stones do grow! My favorite question to pose then was, “How did it get there?” SOMETHING somehow initiated a change. The crystal either had those things inside it already that it needed to create the rutile or it gathered them from elsewhere, but either way… SOMETHING initiated an undeniable change. That then can lead to discussing the science of how crystals work within a wrist watch, which then can open the mind to the possibility that “magick” is simply a natural transfer of energy guided with purpose like electricity passing through wires. My (Catholic) Mom eventually became a supporter of my use of magick, meditation, and atypical spiritual endeavors because time and time again I could show her experiments where she could see changes to stones with her own eyes, and though her support wasn’t vital to my efforts it did mean the world to me! That crystal pendant, after all these years, still shifts its appearance. There are 5 arms of gold now, sometimes nearly filling the stone, and if I go without wearing it for a length of time the center shifts to a shiny black which fades after just a few months of togetherness. Science, magick, Nature… it’s all the same thing, and it IS amazing!

  78. My pink moonstone has turned from a a pearly pink to an almost clear grey with the rainbow facets barely visable. I feel like I drain the poor thing, she’ll be gifted to a friend soon enough but it’s the most dramatic effect I’ve had on a stone.

  79. My rhodonite bracelet the stones were a pale pink … With wearing them they’ve turned darker pink… Which is beautiful. My amozonite bracelet the greenish blue colour is disappearing … Leaving them cream coloured

  80. I had a dream that three women were working on me during a healing. They had a tumbled ruby fuchite in water and wanted me to drink the water after soaking the stone. Of course I didn’t. I did come across, a day later, the Ruby fuchite ring I had given my mom for healing. I always joked that she could put color into any stone, as she did with this one. It was almost entirely green when I got it back. (she put last year) Anyway, after a week I finally put it on, as I felt nagged to wear it. Daily this stone is changing. The red is coming out as is a lot of gold. It is changing so rapidly. I wish I knew exactly what this all meant…I guess I’m not listening..

  81. I’ve been working with a Citrine point for healing a blockage. After a few days I discovered 7 small pieces had broken off within the pouch I keep the Citrine point in.
    All 7 pieces are different in colour and match each of the 7 chakras. I wonder if this is a gift from this wonderful crystal which has found it’s way into my life.
    Has anyone ever had this happen?

  82. i got a heikimer diamond neckless from a shop downtown… It slowlt gained black spots i cleansed it nothing helped. Then i went to the cemetery here which ia vale cemetery schenectady nu you can look up on google and youtube its very haunted but only best place in my city to get balls for pokemon go it has 44 stops in there. Well after 4 trips or so it turned pitch black on a piece of it and i kept wishing it would chip off then in a matter of days it did. This is not the first crystal thays changed on me. I also had one with a spot in it and ot begin to look like a little girl with a dress it was a quartz crystal. I then latdr got a picture of a shadow girl same exact shape while weird things were occurring with objects. Needless to say i had to get a chest xray and ended up loosing it now i never told my middle child what i seen in crystal and one day when i said i missed my neckless i wish i didnt loose it he said and there was a girl in there mommy? I tend to be sensitive and my sister father tend to be too… My kids have proven and said weird things they never would know. Whats the best way to cleansr a heirikmer diamond crystal? Send answers to

  83. I have a clear quartz crystal I bought in Hot Spring Arkansas at Diamond Mountain. It has a rainbow crystal inside of it. Now, what changed after 5 years of me having it, the pyramids that were on two of the faces of my crystal have disappeared . The faces now appear streaked like something has oiled over the faces and melted the pyramids (record keepers). What happened? I have stroked the pyramids in the past hoping for something to happen or reveal to me. I felt nothing, I didn’t know what I was doing Maybe. But, something happened. In the last 5 years I have met great turmoil in my life.

  84. My moonstone has always cloudy ever since i’ve started wearing it, but today I noticed it’s very shiny like the first time I got it. Note I didn’t do anything to make it shiny and clean-looking. I just finished my period today, and the moon is a waxing crescent. It is a Monday.

  85. I really enjoyed reading all of the responseshades! I am really new to working with crystal metaphysically, but I have been making jewelry for about 6 years. Immediately I was drawn to labradorite, moonstone and garnet. I finally bought myself some stones just because I thought they were pretty about 8 months to a year ago. I also discovered that I am an empath almost 2 yrs ago. Anyway, about a week ago I mentioned to my kids that I was holding a labradorite cabochon to help me sleep. I noticed that suddenly it felt like it was moving and pulsating in my hand, with some vibrating. She is a pretty stone that was golden with black stripes but had some purple, purple is rare in labs I have noticed over the years so when I saw her online I had to have her. She was clear with no cracks, very shiny and smooth. My kids were excited to see if she vibrated or reacted to them, so they went back and forth holding her, and they all felt her energy. My oldest I believe has extra electricity in her body because lights always flicker around her. My youngest held her so tight and was really concentrating while holding her. All 3 of my children are empaths we are discovering About 15 mins went on of them going back and forth holding her. The next night I had the urge to hold my stone and place it on my forehead for a headache and before I did I looked and noticed that she now had a large crack in the side, was noticeably cloudy, her colors were dim and not as flashy and she seemed to be less smooth. I was shocked! I beleive that the combination of my kids focusing on feeling her energy, them all being empaths, high electricity and my son holding her so tight with such intense intent changed her forever. I read to them about their energy manifesting into solid reality and they were all in amazement. Now when i tell them about what i experience they believe me. They are learning to trust their intuitions on what stone to work with for their needs, just as I am. Very exciting stuff! By the way, I cleansed her and recharged her on a bar of soap sized selenite and she has regained some of her coloring. She is still cloudy… but i am still drawn to her and appreciate who she has become, and choose not to see any of her changes as flaws.

  86. I normally don’t write to ask questions about crystals, but I’m concerned about something that is currently happening with two of my crystal pendants that used to have rainbows, that have somehow faded or more over – completely disappeared after I cleansed them and then wore them. I have two very cherished crystals that were both seemingly abundant with rainbows when I bought them online and received them. One crystal is a golden “tantric twin healer” with a bridge crystal connecting them, that I love to pair, wearing with a rhodochrosite cabochon. The other (I’m wearing it around my neck right now) is a large, two inch “manifestation” quartz crystal that I have recently purchased from a seller in Australia. Both pendants really “hum” or “buzz” when I hold them! They seem highly energized, or maybe that’s just my imagination. Is that good?

    When I received both of them (a year or so apart), I had always read that the most efficient way to cleanse a crystal was to leave it sitting in sea salt (or in water, with sea salt in it) overnight/or over the course of a few days. So I did this, then washed them off in the sink, and sat with them and programmed them (with love and good intentions for each respective crystal’s inherent powers), and I began wearing them. It wasn’t too long before I noticed that the rainbows that were once inherent in both pendants had completely vanished without a trace. I can’t be sure if the sea salt/salt water removed the rainbows, or (*cringing*) – was it me?? Why did this happen? I’d be so grateful to know if there is some way to restore the rainbows in both of these pendants. I have also just purchased two 15” x 15” large selenite slabs. Maybe I should use these from now, on to clear and energize my crystals? Would love to know what you think? 

    I’m also wondering if I should not have worn them in the shower? Maybe moisture got in and faded the rainbows?

    I can’t leave these in the sun or moonlight, because I unfortunately don’t get much sunlight, as my current home is at the base of a large mountain. I also can’t bury them in the ground, as I’m worried that any extreme cold earth temperature or moisture might damage the crystal or possibly rust the setting.

    I’d be so sad to think that this is permanent, because I dearly love rainbows inside a crystal. Other crystals in my home that have rainbows aren’t affected, and still have their rainbows. I wonder what’s causing the ones that I wear to fade? Is this bad?

    I guess the real burning question is – can rainbows be restored in a worn crystal? What is the best method of doing this? Many thanks!

  87. I was on here because my kyanite is turning brown. But after reading all the posts, I looked at the quartz tip I’ve carried in my pocket for years.
    Now, I cleanse this often, but I hadn’t looked closely for some time.
    A few years ago, this clear quartz tip developed a red phantom that looked a bit like blood. Quite disconcerting, but it felt like it was purposeful, so I kept on with carrying it.
    Now it is suddenly clear again! I’ve even gotten out my secondary crystals.. thinking I’ve gotten forgetful.. but nope! Same crystal.
    Now a few days after that, most of my debilitating stiffness and pain in my knees and feet has vanished. I feel limber and mostly pain free.
    Glad! Grateful!
    But I wish I understood!
    Thanks for listening.

  88. I have hung a piece of Solidite on the rear-view mirror of my car for years. I recently crashed my car and when I pulled the Solidite from car the rock has turned black, which is distinctively different from the blue color solidite usually has. My question is the crystal just washed out from years in the sun? or I suppose it holds the memory of the crash (not a major crash, no one was hurt), would that turn it black? More importantly, how to I get it healthy again? should I put it w some other rocks? leave it in the sun? An suggestions would be appreciated!

  89. I know this thread is kind of old, but I wanted to leave my comments in case others were looking for validation of their own experiences.

    I have had a beautiful blue kyanite, orange calcite, and very green aquamarine piece all fade significantly. At first I thought it was my imagination or the lighting, but when I place them side by side to other kyanites, calcites, or aquamarines that I bought at the same time, the difference is definitely there.

    What further supports this article is that each of these pieces played a significant role in a breakthrough for me. Either mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical. I clung to each piece during a time when I needed the strength it offered, for weeks or even a month. As days went by, I felt I needed the crystal less. I would set each aside and come back months later and that is when I noticed how much the crystals had faded. I believe the energy it gave me is what has resulted in it’s color loss.

    I tried recharging with Reiki, moonlight and sage and neither seemed to work. Next I’m going to try burying in the earth for awhile, I believe that will help.

  90. I had 6 white coloured moon stones that i use to keep along with my fairy wish jar. And 3 stones have changed their colors and turned purple with a little hint of white in it … why did this happen? Can you help me understand if its good or bad?

  91. I’ve had this experience with two different stones. The first one was a blue moonstone, I received it as a gift from a friend and it was perfectly blue, after two weeks the core began to change into a golden hue. In a few days I was left with a mostly yellow/golden stone with hues of blue in the outline.
    Next was an amethyst bracelet I bought. It was entirely dark purple, after 3 days I noticed the stones starting to have white lines on them and one of them was almost fully white with a few small golden cracks on it. Is this normal? I find it a bit weird when both of my stones have such an abrupt change

  92. I have clear quartz placed in all of my window sills and over every door to serve as a protecting shield. I was told recently to make sure they were being charged and not worn out, so I took them all down an placed them in salt water and direct sunlight for a day. After a day I went to take them out of the water and noticed one of my crystals now has a jet black streak running through it. I thought the salt water and sun would clear and charge them… not sure what happened here!

  93. I have a green heart shaped fluorite crystal that I’ve had in my room for three years. In the past few months it has grown like darker green ferns in it and a bit cloudy. Is this normal? Is it from lack of sun? It’s like a little garden in the middle of it.

  94. I have a smoky quartz ring that I used to wear all the time. I was completely dark smokey brown when I first got it. Then slowly it started to change and now it is lighter except for one dark stripe down the middle. My local stone guru said she figured the stone was helping me to deal with some sort of issue in my life. I had just gone through a break up, so I figure it had something to do with healing from that. I am working through some relationship issues again now and have found myself wearing it more again. I love the way it looks now so I don’t want it to change more.

  95. My friend has a shaman blessed clear quartz time keeper crystal. Over a month it has been turning to a yellow-brown color. I actually held his crystal for approximately 15 minutes, and noticed I was turning it clear again. Pretty amazing. Mind blown. Next time I shall get documented pictures.

  96. Hibiscus Mooooooooon.

    I wanna know something?
    What does it mean if i can have stone, i can have it in my hand and just talk to someone, i can have it on the table with me or take it everywhere with me and i can change it colour.
    I have a stone of which my partner has given me that i have sitting on my desk constantly and it has never moved. I’ve had it for 2 weeks, its slowly gone its course just like any other stone. I picked it up tonight to show my partner as this is purely her interest. Now, i held the stone in my hand and told her…by the time she’d done a certain task that i’d actually change more of the stone if not entirely to another colour. She doesnt find the things i can do believable when i explain them to her either but alas she listened…now this task was just random and it literally only gave me time to hold the stone in my hand.

    Unveiling the stone, i place it in her hand and asked her not to look…close the stone insde of hers and then open her eyes and look i have successfully pushed the entire half of a stone over and is able to be looked through (not clearly but you get my idea).

    I just tell her im evil…but i know im not, haha. Whats this all mean?
    Any stone, anytime…anywhich or whatever.

  97. Okay, here go’s another few days of fun.

    I have two black Tourmaline with me now, as the first stone as above was black tourmaline.
    I have had these both for however many days as from the last post to this. Literally minutes after placing them in two distict places.

    On both, cracks have filled white. Not taking away the crack but making them white.
    Anyhow, im just crazy or this means something 🙂

  98. I have been wearing my crystal quartz around my neck for almost two days now and I’ve noticed that it has become more cloudy than when I first get it. Also I’ve been having some pretty intense dreams since I started wearing it. Any help would be appreciated!!! Thank you

  99. Hi. Have been having bad neck problems causing dizziness, fatigue & an really unwell feeling for some time . Well from a recommendation of a friend I went and got a 3 different stones, one of these was Amazonite. Well after a 8 hrs in my pocket it has turned from a normal green colour to now an almost white with a very dull green fade. It also has a yellow vein that now rings the rock.
    Could you please tell me what this means. Do I need a new stone. 🙂

  100. I have a clear quartz pendant that I wear around my neck every day. I always find myself holding the pointed end of the pendant. The part of the pendant that I frequently hold has turned slightly pink. I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me, until someone asked me about the tip of it being pink! As an empath I experience a lot of energy. Now question is, does the color have any significance? I know pink has often been tied with the heart chakra. Thoughts anyone?

  101. Hi. I would appreciate if someone would answer me here since I can´t find an answers with just googling. My crystal didn´t change color, but what concerns me is that it looks a little different. Rhodochrosite should be pink or red, often with white stripes and can have a little yellow or brown. Mine has all that mushed together, it´s very light and has lots of grey. That grey would be just parts of rock. It´s not fake, but I think this crystal is just not in it´s pure state, low quality if that makes sense. Is that the case or is it normal? Also, can I still use it and will it have all it´s properties?

  102. I was rereading this post because it happened to me recently. A man I have a very good connection with gifted me a clear quartz mass. He knew I worked with crystals and gave a whole spiel on why he was gifting it to me that was very sweet. I took it out recently and it changed from crystal clear (which was part of why he bought it) to the sweetest pink hue.

  103. Hello. I bought a pink mangano calcite crystal which I put around my neck. It was darker pink on one side and lighter pink on the other side. It has a line crease on this lighter side. I wore it when I was dancing with a man who I know to be a soul connection a day. I feel a vibe and strong energy between us that I have felt with no other. But feelings have never been verbally disclosed to eachother as there is a professional aspect to our relationship. After being with him my stone was warm and had changed colour in places. Along the crease a brown colour formed. I feel the love , high energy and rush I feel when I am with him transformed it. I would be curious to know though, if the change in it was a result of just my energy or a transfer of energy to eachother?

  104. My aventurine just changed today. I hadn’t worn it for about a week or so and took it today in hopes for a little luck in getting into a course I really need. Well I did not get in. Driving home I broke down because now I have to re-think my whole path I had set for myself. I also realized that everything is for a reason and my chosen path may not be my destined path. Once I got home I realized my aventurine stones have changed. It’s a bracelet and while some stones are now cloudy to nearly white, others are murky and speckled with darker green with specks of gold that never stood out before.
    I cannot help but wonder if it strained itself in attempt to help me get in or in preventing me from getting in so that i may find a new path.

  105. My father had a small grade of cancer a while back, and he had to operate to remove it. Since it wasn’t sure that the cancer was totally gone and it could also come back, I bought him a blue opal tumble stone. It wasn’t a fancy opal with color play and such, just a plain light blue opal (prob a very low grade, but I know the dealer, and they sell genuine stones). Anyways, he liked it very much, and kept wearing it in his pocket a lot. He didn’t care to cleanse it though (I’m not sure if he believes in this cleansing stuff, but I think he believes in the “luck” part with stones :)), but occasionally when I came to visit it got a little cleanse while I was there. Anyways…. He has had the rock for maybe 1,5 – 2 years now, and it’s colors are totally different. It used to be a nice light blue color as I said earlier, but now it has a yellow tint almost everywhere, and therefor looks very green and yellow some places. I think it has been in the washing machine 1 time though, but the color change came over time, and not necessary right after that incident. He has no cancer now, never got it back, and seem to be totally healthy after the operation. Could it be the stone that helped him? I read that opal helps “cure” cancer. Maybe that’s why it has turned yellowish?? Because it has been working so hard healing him and protecting him from getting cancer again? I’ve never experiences color change in my crystal myself thou. Really mysterious.

  106. I have just recently bought crackled quartz and hand knotted it into a necklace. The beads were stunning in their luster and were gorgeous in the sun reflecting it’s light with every crack inside of them. However, after just a couple of days of wearing them I have noticed that the cracks are going away, “healing” so to speak, turning my beads to just a clear solid state. I can’t seem to find any information if that is a normal fenomenon. Not sure what is going on…

  107. I had a rose quartz and meditated with it the same day it arrived, it actually reacted when I put it near a small selenite stone and small amythest. After I meditated with it it turned almost completely white, and as I was watching it was sorta rippling and the cuts(it is pyramid shaped) on it started changing to differentiate locations. As I was staring at it it started getting this rust color near the cracks. Also I see and feel energy coming from My fingers tips, when I ran my hand trough my other hand it it felt really feminine and hadn’t a really ticklish feeling nearly the whole day

  108. I work in a crystal shop and just picked up a piece of white moonstone, it turned grey instantly, I smugged it with sage and it’s lightened a little.

  109. I had a strange experience where I put my serpentine palm stone in my navel and wore it there for 3 hours . I could feel physically this stone drawing something out . When I pulled it out the end tucked in my belly button developed blood stains so real I thought maybe I had bled. Trying to understand y and what it drew out.

  110. I have had grey yellow stones turning bright orange/red, one grey/dark navy almost black lighten. Some clear ones turn yellow, one green one turn to a pretty blue green, and an opal go from grey to a more pure whitish! Some blue lace agate go black then suck the black into a line that is now dark dark blue almost black! :). Lots of change …

  111. I have a pink agate and i noticed that recently it is stained blue covering a total of about half of it. It usually sits in my purse so I assumed it was probably just something from in there such as a leaking pen or something. But then i read that crystals changing color can mean things. Could this have any meaning? peace & love, Kales.

  112. I have a pink agate and i noticed that recently it is stained blue in like blobs on it. It usually sits in my purse so I assumed it was probably just something from in there such as a leaking pen or something. But then i read that crystals changing color can mean things. Could this have any meaning? peace & love, Kales.

  113. My obsidian Black bracelates has started changing colors from black to gray and silver; some spheres are changing and some staying the same black ones, but then again they switch.
    It’s very I️ retesting. It was given to me by a very dear one🙏🏼💛

  114. I’m more of a new collector to the beauty held in every stone. I had gotten a rose quartz/ hematite paracord bracelet from a place in Nashville. I wear this bracelet every day and have only taken it off to charge/ cleanse under the full moon this week; along with my stones and rainbow flourite pendent necklace. My rose quartz has turned nearly pure clear! My hubby even said that its a clear quartz, not realizing how pink it was (not hot or dark pink) before. how come this happened and how can i get it to return to it prior color?

  115. Wow! I’ve just purchased a rainbow obsidian heart which looked black, then purple when I picked it up. Over the days its turned green, brown, then black again. I feel it has it’s own emotions, and I’m falling in love with my first crystal, and the Rose Quartz my mom gifted me. I’m not sure, is this normal?

  116. I was recently gifted some golden rutilated quartz pieces (four), I put one in my pocket for a day and it changed color distinctly from the remaining three and you can see it is visibly darker and smokier in tone than it’s mates. Really seems to amplify my latent Fauna and Flora empathy as I am regularly receiving thought comms from the animal and stone people I interact with. Quite remarkable and coming straight from Creator. Credit where credit is due after all 🙂

  117. Hi! I have an amthyst ring I’ve had for YEARS. Suddenly she started turning dark brown, with light specks of lavender. I also have a fire opal ring that has hanged drastically in color. She went from clear, iridescent, rainbow to a dull yellow almost brown and black. Wondering if you can help? Thank you so much! Serena

  118. I was given a large cloudy white quartz crystal that weighed several pounds as a temporary gift from my empathic friend (I am an empath as well) that she’s owned for quite some time now and after keeping it in my room for about a week I thought I noticed it was a little clearer than before but didn’t pay it any mind. Give it a couple of months and it became completely see through almost as clear as glass, the only reason it wasn’t completely clear was because of the natural ripples in it’s crystallized texture. I showed the owner (my friend) when I gave it back to her and she was dumbfounded saying she’s never seen that happen before. She believes me to be a very strong/in-tune empath and I have recognized certain gifts I carry so I wonder if that part of me played into the manifestation of that crystals change? I don’t know I’m just curious what other people think, I’d find your inputs fascinating 😊.

  119. ….well… I don’t know if I’m just stupid or something, but for some reason, I can’t feel any energy from my crystals at all… I put them in the moonlight regularly, if it rains, I collect the rain and cleanse them with rain water.. Tried caurse salt… Etc.. Yet, I’ve never ever felt any energy out of any of my crystals at all… They all feel dead to me… And those that can feel energy, who inspected my crystals, also told me that they can’t feel any energy from my crystals either… I’ve only seen my Rose Quartz turn white, and the same with my Amethyst.. But that’s it… I can’t even feel energy from other people’s crystals… Not even those in store or those I newly bought. Is there something wrong with me or something?

  120. I’ve always wanted to love God. I see God as every single thing in the multiverse. At the point when I was trying to forgive and love a man who had abused my ex for years I had a very strong experience. The battle of my past feelings and my present hopes was causing me to have a cognitive dissonance that was overwhelming and beautiful. At the point when I was at a climax of emotion I instinctively put a 4 sided pyramid quartz to my third eye and it felt like a pull of energy. The single fracture that was there before turned into a smattering of fractures within. One side of the pyramid was pockmarked with seemingly random odd engravings. The quartz was a set of three, the other 2 I’d given to my brothers. I don’t have the crystal anymore. I was afraid of it so I broke it. I don’t regret doing so and it felt like a release of something bad. I can very quickly forgive the person now. I’m very happy I’d had this whole experience. Thank you for listening.

  121. my teal chalcedony that i bought in germany while having a really tough time with anxiety and other things on the trip has since changed colors from teal to green. the stone was all teal and since i held the stone in my hand for the past few days for comfort and to ease my mind it has changed colors to be mostly green now!! i truly believe it absorbed my bad emotions and thoughts and negative energies and has become green to show the change :))

  122. I have many smokey quartz crystals that normally within a few days of having them turn clear almost like glass, is this a bad thing?

  123. I had purchased online a small and dark Cacoxenite drilled pencil point in which I made into a necklace with a leather cord soon after purchasing..I wore it daily and after a few weeks, it lightened up to where I could see veins throughout it!!..I don’t think anyone would’ve believed it had I not shown my sister it the second I received it in the mail..Even she was shocked that it was same crystal if purchased!!..She said it looked like a completely different crystal!…I did some research and discovered that crystals can darken from absorbing all kinds of energies (while at the shop, being handled by many ppl, etc) but will lighten up if it’s cleansed (I place all my crystals on Selenite for cleansing and charging) or if there’s positive energy exchange..:-)

  124. I had a bracelet made with rose quartz, quartz, and amethyst…within a few weeks my rose quartz was almost identical in color as my quartz. I contacted the lady that made my bracelet and she was just as perplexed as I was, as she had never had that happen. She made me a new bracelet and sent it out. Upon receiving my new bracelet you could definitely tell the difference between the quartz and rose quartz. Now after wearing my new bracelet for almost a week my rose quartz has faded again…the beads are just slightly pink. Any thoughts on why the stone is losing its color?

  125. Wow! Thank you Hibiscus Moon for sharing this information with us! I have 3 crystals this has happened with but the opposite has happened for me. Gifted to me was a Herkimer and a Seer Stone, the Seer changed from Clear Quartz to Citrine and the Herkimer from clear to smokey. I have had that Herkimer for about 7 years and it was clear as a bell when I pulled it out of its sleeve last week and I have handled it many times before.
    The third stone a few weeks ago was on my friends table at the Flea Market. A lovely clear quartz point pendant it’s tip dipped in silver I ask permission from the stone to handle it, it was such a lovely stone. When I returned to the stone 5 minutes later to see if it would like to come home with me, it had turned smokey. I am blown away.
    I will look more closely at my collection as I handle it.

  126. I was thinking about my bloodstone with it in my hand and how everything is made of matter and that I should be able to bend it straight if I believe I can and I did. I had to balance my energy in a meditative state and it took a lot of focus but its completely flat now and the red specks are now yellow. I’ve only recently allowed myself to believe in spirituality and this is the first experience I’ve ever had. I’m freaked out but also relieved in some way?

  127. I chose a crystal that I don’t even know what type it is but it felt right at the time to sleep with.
    All night I was restless didn’t sleep more than a hour or two.
    The next day I found out my baby inside me had passed on no heartbeat was found.
    I collected my crystal from my bed head to change it and it was completely different looking.
    So strange but I feel that the energy from either my pain and discomfort that night or my babys passing had changed the stone.
    What should I do with the stone?
    Feels strange just placing it back with the others.
    Any advice??


    1. From time to time stones need to be put into water, just like in nature to cool off and then you can use them again. They charge from heat, cold and warm energy, so

  128. I bought a bold yellow Stone that I wear around my neck on a short gold chain. I never take it has changed to a pale yellow and seems to become clearer than before.

  129. The first time I changed a crystal, it was a dark amethyst, and given to me by someone that said it would block the negative voices and energy I was feeling. Within one month the crystal was clear, absolutely no color. Recently I have been wearing a chakra necklace that a friend gave me, the amethyst is now light pink, the green is blue, and the yellow and orange are clear. I am not sure what kind of interactions would drain the colors but I do see and speak with other energies on a frequent basis (meaning constantly). I’ve been asking my grandmother (other side) for direction and advice but she just laughs like she always does and tells me I’m on to something. What pathway or direction am i missing? I feel like I just watched the big red truck go by and now I’m asking which way it went because it didn’t pay attention. Anyway, if someone has some advice, I would appreciate it.

  130. Just this morning July 6th, 2018 I was awakened by the last few fireworks enthusiasts. It was about maybe 4:33am. As I lay there trying to go back to sleep I began to grumble and gripe about how tired I was going to be later on.

    Then, I realized that I had been doing this for a while now. Grumbling, complaining, huffing and puffing. Just not being mindful of my energy or grateful for anything. I needed that to change immediately. I found my oval selenite dusk and placed it directly over my heart. I began to focus on positive energy entering my body and negative energy leaving.

    Needless to say I eventually fell asleep again and later on the evening I looked at my selenite disk and where it once was clear they were now a few dark brown spots inside. I just noticed it so I’ll be getting back to give you an update.

  131. I had a raw piece of bloodstone that I often held, and it began to develop white spots. One day, the stone simply vanished, and I have not found it even after several years. Now, I have a bloodstone worry stone that is rather brownish but still has some red spots. It is developing white spots in the same fashion as my old, lost piece! I have had fibromyalgia for decades and wonder if that has anything to do with it… Perhaps I will get another bloodstone and see what happens.

  132. I bought a new Piece of citrine Weigh around 10+ Carats made a ring and wore in ring finger after few month i noticed a small inclusion/crack inside and after a year i had to bear a heavy lost in business and i noticed the small crack expands itself unto another corner and i removed the ring and kept a side in safe place i dont know what it is. my gemologist says its nothing just an inclusion developed inside you can wear it if you want. but i have noticed it is not giving benefits as earlier.
    what to do with it I am still in lost and no business at all (out of luck)

  133. I found this site simply by typing in “how can clear crystal or glass turn to blue?”. This was one of the only sites that turned up so I will tell my story and maybe get some answers. I am a “new age/Catholic” and sometimes pray with rosary beads. They are not that special. I bought them 23 years ago while buying first communion gifts at the cheesy catholic gift shop. I can’t remember the packaging but they are probably just a clear glass giving off a luminous crystal bead sparkle in the sun. Anyway, 11 years ago I had a year of little miracles. I prayed the rosary for my daughters health and it unfolded miraculously (can provide details later). I smelled roses when none were around I got cancer but after a prayer session with the glove of padre Pia, links on the rosary chain turned from silver to gold (just the links touching the beads). I was skeptical thinking my fingers rubbing over the chain could be rubbing off to an under gold, but other have described seeing it happen the them immediately right before their eyes. I didn’t see mine happen, but when I grabbed them once I noticed the brilliant gold. OK so then I didn’t pray too much for 11 years and I started thinking about the beads and how I may have misplaced them. I felt guilty for having been unimpressed and prayed to find them. A couple days later while looking for loose change in my purse I felt them in a deep pocket. Yeah! When I pulled them out, the beads were the most beautiful shade of sky blue!!! The links were still gold in color as well. I am not a holy roller and haven’t been that prayerful lately. I have even fighting depression. What is happening here???????

  134. Hellii last year I went through the toughest transitions as well as my deepest deppression that showed me light shines in the darkest of place. Though ijn the darkest places it shones from within and then eminates on the outside. This led me to keep in alignment sith my highest path. Also I have a black obsidian that I would keep with me. At first it had some goldish green stripes running through it but when the experiances I went through with the darkness weere turning to the light so was the obsidian piece. By the end of that transition the obsidian was gold and green. And I did cleanse it often as well. Intuitively I already feel the meaning, has anyone has this same experiance with the color change of obsidian?

  135. My carnelian was originally very orange. It is normally on my nightstand table. I haven’t really paid attention to it for a while. When I looked at it yesterday, it had become very light orange with lots of white streaks all over. It scared me because it looked totally nothing like the how it did before. It looks kind of pale and sickly. I wonder if there’s a way to “rehab” back the color.

  136. I’ve only recently gotten into crystals, and bought my first — an obsidian sphere — about a month or so ago. I’ve used it a lot and it’s definitely my favorite. I’ve studied it carefully in sunlight and under my bedroom light, and it’s always been a pure, solid black. Last night I was looking at it under my bedside lamp, and it suddenly had a golden-rainbowy sheen to it that I know wasn’t there before. I’m still pretty blown away by it.

  137. I wore my ear rings that were made out of Amethyst stones. The stones we’re pretty and had a light purple hue to them but when I took them off tonight the color is all gone and there are now black specks in it stone. What happened?

  138. I’ve been using my Shamanic Dream Quartz under my pillow when I sleep and not too long into using it, part of it got cloudy green! I couldn’t understand why! I had been having some really vivid dreams (even in the middle of the day) and I’ve been writing them down. Only problem is that I don’t know which one it was before the cloudiness happened. It’s still a beautiful stone and I still use it. I believe I may have to cleanse it soon. This is really amazing! I’m glad I found this info.

  139. Hello There. I am a dzi beads collector, and there are many legends about dzi beads. One of the pieces I acquird was dark brown, translucent but with no patters. first time I ever saw one like these, after wearing it for a day, two eye pattern dzi emerged, with white strip beoming visible. how strange I thought, maybe body temperature? heat?
    when I took it off, the white stripes would go away and it would turn dark brown again, except for a few traces of white stripes left/Over the years, the stripes have become more visible and persisten, now they dont go away anymore on one side but are very faint on the other side. Yesterday I took out of my collection one purely transparent dzi, crystal like, with barely visible stripes on the surface, and noticed that i had turned milky white inside, I cannot see the crystal structure inside because it is no longer transparent. the other piece which looked very similar, is still transparent and I must take some pics before it changes into milky and I have no evidence of such transformation. Exciting !~~ The only think we should be cautions about: some crystals are dyed. if a crystal – say a rose quartz – is dyed it si likely to lose its color when in contact with skin and sweat. the rest of the phenomena need some new science to be understood. I could never expect such changes in minerals to occur so quicly, in a matter of hours or days. Kerry are you the kerry in D’sala?

  140. Hello There. I am a Dzi beads collector, and there are many legends about Dzi beads. One of the pieces I acquired was dark brown, translucent but with no patters. first time I ever saw one like these, after wearing it for a day, two eye pattern Dzi emerged, with white strip becoming visible. how strange I thought, maybe body temperature? heat?
    when I took it off, the white stripes would go away and it would turn dark brown again, except for a few traces of white stripes left/Over the years, the stripes have become more visible and persistent, now they don”t go away anymore on one side but are very faint on the other side.

    Yesterday I took out of my collection one purely transparent Dzi, crystal like, with barely visible stripes on the surface, and noticed that i had turned milky white inside, I cannot see the crystal structure inside anymore because it is no longer transparent. Another piece which looked very similar type of bead is still almost completely transparent and I must take some pics before it changes into milky and I have no evidence of such transformation.
    Exciting !~~
    The only thing we should be cautious about: some crystals are dyed. if a crystal – say a rose quartz – is dyed it is likely to lose its color when in contact with skin and sweat.
    The rest of the phenomena need some new science to be understood. I could never expect such changes in minerals to occur so quickly, in a matter of hours or days. Kerry are you the kerry in D’sala?

  141. I recently purchased a purple amethyst which I wear on my person for healing within a day it had become completely grey and Smokey on one side and looks like there are fractures inside it is there anyway for me to fix the cloudy ness??? I have tried Smuging as well as water but nothing is helping

  142. My children brought me a brown moonstone in a necklace when on their honeymoon 18 years ago in Hawaii. I have always worn it and have received many compliments. The gold around the stone makes it look like a pineapple. Yesterday the necklace just fell off. The clasp nor the chain was broken it just fell off. I noticed that the stone has a lighter stripe right across the middle of the stone. Can you explain what is happening to my moonstone?

  143. I think my most strange and obvious crystal change was a lovely green/purple fluorite wand, which developed a band of BLUE at one end, and a clear band, after I’d worked with it in meditation. I felt drawn to fluorite particularly at the time, but this wand developed such a striking change over a few weeks there was no mistaking it. The blue was (still is) 1cm deep, previously purple. It sits in a north-facing room that doesn’t get direct sunlight.
    Also had an amethyst tumble-stone develop a pale, cloudy band after meditating with it. Someone on a forum suggested it had ‘taken a hit for me’ when I needed purple ray healing perhaps.

  144. My aquamarine ring is now darker, it used to be a really light bluish colour. Now it’s getting a more intense dark blue color. Also I have real jade that almost turns a darker green over time which my parents gave to me over 30 years ago.

  145. I am a licensed massage therapist and reiki master practitioner, and I work for a hospice provider. I don’t normally use my crystals for work but I recently put a small clear crystal quartz in my pocket a couple of times when I went to visit new patients. I did this to both boost my own energy and to help me better serve my patient. After the second time I did this, when I removed the crystal at the end of the day I noticed the drastic change in the crystal–it had gone from crystal clear to yellow and the slight inclusions that were in the crystal before were now a deep rust/burgundy in color. I attribute this to the crystal absorbing some of the emotional and physical pain of the patient. I intend to re-energize my crystals outside under the next full moon as I try to do at least once a year or whenever we have an eclipse or super moon.

  146. My mom had a ruptured colon and bowel and was almost dead when 911 call got her to the hospital. After surgery, she was in a coma and developed metabolic something or other where her body was not even trying to heal itself. She got icu psychosis and she was ready to let go but we, wouldnt let her. We begged, pleaded, cajoled, cried. She didnt want to stay here anymore. She wanted to go on to the next phase of her “life” wherever that took her. She was tired of the pain, and tired of trying so hard only to have so many setbacks. (she didnt have an easy life before this happened) So for a year and a half, I was able to help her with my crystals. I laid the biggest raw rough crystals on her that I had (bunches) and I was constantly reading my crystal bibles to see what else I could try. Eventually, right after the year and a half mark, she was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell cancer. She wasn’t strong enough for the chemo so she made her own decision and chose hospice care. A beautiful rainbow appeared at her hospital window the day hospice was en route to pick her up and the same rainbow was at her hospice window when she was moved in there. She didnt make it a week and she was gone but she had no more pain there. I had 4 large chunks of rough rose quartz (her favorite) and rotated them out the whole time. The one that was on her chest when she passed had turned very dark. Maybe dark grey? No pink left, but the other 3 recovered well with cleaning and cleansing and intention. I even use them sometimes when Im thinking of her. But the one? Never did change again. And the energy felt wrong. I was never able to touch it again without feeling dark myself. So I wrapped it 100% cloth and buried it. Every now and then, I check on it, but I feel this crystal has done it’s lifetime job and maybe should be returned to mother earth permanently? Just my feeling.

    1. I am so very sorry for your loss and wow that is an amazing story. I am new to crystals, I had no idea they were so powerful and sensitive. I really appreciate you sharing. Thank you. Many blessing to you.

  147. Hi I bought a amethyst bracelet in May? June? I used to fall asleep with it on. I would wear it everyday just about. Then I started to notice white patterns? in some of the beads. I orginally though oh maybe I just didn’t notice. However the white started to show up more and more in some of the beads. It was so strange to me and some of the patterns are really cool looking but it did have me staring at my bracelet perplexed why this was happening. I was so curious that had to google it and found this site which is awesome.

  148. My white/clear quartz has discoloured to yellow and has been cracking. It’s not a polished gem so I didn’t think much of it at first. Then I realized that it kept getting a darker yellow whenever I was emotionally burdened or very stressed. It’s occurring to me that my quartz may be taking on my negative emotions. How would I go about cleansing it and returning it to it’s clear colour?

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