A question I get quite often is one about a crystal changing color, or becoming cloudy, or showing a new inclusion that wasn’t there before.

Hi! I have a clear quartz pendant that I wear often and meditate with. I’ve noticed it’s started growing green chlorite phantoms & has gotten really cloudy in the past 6 months.
Is that normal?

Now, bear in mind that if you’re asking that question, please be certain that you know this crystal really, really well.

Because crystals have many things going on inside of them that we may not always notice right away.

Also, when you take a crystal out into the sunlight on a bright sunny day, you’re going to notice a lot more things than you’re going to notice in any other kind of light!

crystal change color

Holding my Black Amethyst pendulum out in the sun so I can see all its inner attributes really well.

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So make sure you’ve done your homework with this crystal first before deciding for yourself that you’ve noticed a change or something different. Because it may just be something that you haven’t noticed before. Like interior rainbows that are caused by interior fractures, or walls that have grown inside the crystal lattice. Those types of things go unnoticed lots of times.


Did your Crystal Change Color?

Once you’re sure that you’ve gotten to know this crystal really, really well, you may find that maybe after working with it for some time or doing something specific with it, that suddenly the crystal has changed!

It’s changed color or it’s become cloudy or even developed some new inclusions or other attributes.

What I attribute that to is that a great energy exchange has taken place. It has interacted with you in some way that has caused its energy + your energy to intertwine (how beautiful!)…and that energy exchange has left a mark in the crystal lattice; has actually transcended from energy into matter.

Einstein has taught us that energy equals matter times the speed of light squared.

crystal change color

So this energy exchange I’m talking about…the one between you & the crystal…it was able to actually transcend from the energy realm, and become denser & denser, because that energy exchange was so flippin’ intense, and transformed into the matter that makes up the molecules of the crystal; actually changed & transformed it in some way that you can visibly see, or touch and actually feel. Maybe there’s a fracture there now that wasn’t there before.

It manifested itself in some physical way into your physical reality.

crystal change color

That is what has happened there.

There are many different reasons why that intense energy exchange may have taken place.

Only you can know what that is because the situations that could have caused it are infinite! But I bet it will get you to thinking.

And this whole topic may really rattle your cage & challenge your philosophies, but hey…as my most respected Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist says…

“My view is that if your philosophy is not unsettled daily then you are blind to all the universe has to offer.”

Has this crystal-changing phenomenon happened to you? Please tell us the deets below!! Our Crystal community wants to hear about it.

Crystal Blessings,