Here’s another great crystal healing question I received a little while back regarding the fact that many crystal books tell us different things about the properties of crystals. How do  we know which ones to go by? So here’s the Q & A for you to get in on:

Q: I have a question about the healing properties that have been attributed to the various crystals. I have quite a few books that provide “definitions” and each one is different.

Some of the definitions are consistent for the common crystals, but others are widely different on others. And when I compare the healing property uses for humans -vs- animals, they are different.

Can you let me know how these various definitions came to be (did these people channel the information?) and why there is a different healing property when the same crystal is used with a person -vs- an animal? Thanks!

A: Most of the book info out there is based on either general properties that have been passed down from ancient info that applies to MOST of the population


it was channeled by the author or received in a meditation or by doing their own personal work with the crystal, thereby making that info personal to them. Having said that, I don’t know that the authors usually state that anywhere in their books *can’t remember anyone writing that, can you?*

So, that’s why I feel its so important to go with your own personal intuition for your own personal use. When it comes to treating others, go with the general properties, but if you feel that it’s not quite “hitting the spot” with them, then try to feel intuitively what will be best for the situation.

And these are my tried & true crystal healing book recommendations:

What are your opinions on this subject? I’d love to hear it in the comments below please!

Many Crystal Blessings,