Why is there so much conflicting Crystal Info out there?

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Why is there so much conflicting Crystal Info out there_

I am constantly being asked:

Why do you say 1 thing about a crystal while a book or another teacher may say something completely different?

Even the books sometimes conflict in the info they’re giving out.

crystal book recommendations

The fact is that, YES…many crystal books tell us totally different things about the properties of crystals.

So how the heck do we know which ones to go by?

Sifting & Filtering

Chick Pea, please be prepared to sift through tons of random or conflicting info (or even completely bunk internet info with no credibility).

Remember to always consider your source!…the Internet is like the Wild West and ANYONE can say ANYTHING they want without any policing. It’s up to you to not just swallow everything thrown at you hook, line & sinker just b/c someone said it.

You need to do your own research, your own due diligence & then run it through your own intuitive filter.

Does this info resonate for you? Yeah, even the shizzle I’m teaching you…do the same. I don’t care WHO it is that you’re getting the info from.

Over the years, I have spent quite a bit of time & energy doing this for myself. I had to learn from trial & error (over many years) what was bunk info or just wasn’t going to work for me.


And bear in mind, that was eons ago when there was a lot less info out there than there is now. 😉

Crystal info was harder to come by on the Internet. I’m talkin’ about the days of AOL and then MySpace….heeee…remember that?

Also, be prepared to spend lots of time experimenting & researching on your own. You’ve got to be prepared to invest the resources to do this: time, energy & possibly funds too.

I did it.

Still do it…but that’s what I do.

And I’m happy to do it. Over the Moon actually!

I’m not going to sit here & tell you that this part is easy. It’s not.

It’s difficult for someone to:

  • sift through the crystal myths & facts 
  • then figure out what resonates for you; what rings true for your inner knowing
  • & then decide who to rely on for your sparkly info so you can move forward & apply it.

Bad news is; no one can do that part for you, Crystal Hottie. You have to do it for yourself. 

Short Cuts?

Good News!  Once you’ve invested the time in doing that, then you can rely on your chosen source for your info & there are some short cuts to be had (b/c your carefully chosen reliable source has already done some of the leg work for you). Then you can move along a bit faster with your crystal education…if you’d like to.

Please be prepared that you may possibly waste time on crystal healing teachings & methods that may or may not work for you. No way to know until you try them out for yourself.

It’s not to say that this information is incorrect or full on BS. That’s not what I’m saying at all.

You just need to proceed cautiously to learn what is correct for YOU.

I’ve found most of the free internet info is based on regurgitated book info. Not all…but most. And then it sort of becomes like a game of telephone; where by the time the message goes through a few reiterations it’s so damn distorted it’s nothing like the original message that was conveyed. Sheeesh!

As for crystal books, most of the book-info out there is based on either general properties that have been passed down from ancient info (that applies to MOST of the population) OR it was channeled by the author or received in a meditation or even by doing their own personal work with the crystal, thereby making that info personal to them.

Can you now see why I feel it’s so important to go with your own personal intuition for your own personal crystal use?

My Crystal Book Reco’s

BTW…I’ve read just about every crystal book out there!

I’ve taken the time, energy & money to curate your must-have list of the best most effective Creme de la creme books & resources with accurate scientific info.

PLEASE NOTE: Yes, there may be some VERY POPULAR crystal books that seem quite obviously absent from my list & there’s a very good reason for that. They simply didn’t meet my criteria. Either there was conflicting confusing information, inaccurate scientific data or it simply didn’t resonate with my inner knowing.

So please don’t ask me why I didn’t include so & so’s super popular book. Thanks! 😉

You don’t need to agree with my list, but I want to put this out there again b/c so many often ask for my recommendations. This is an older blog/video…my recommendations have not changed (like the highly evolved shark of the ocean, perfect in its design so no need to change).

Yes, I’m really confident recommending that list to you. 🙂

Have you read any of my book recommendations? Do you agree or disagree? Tell me in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings & Happy Researching!

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P.S. If what & the way I teach resonates with you, maybe you’d like to join me in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. If that sounds like something you may be interested in you can get on my Wait List here so you’ll get first notice of the next time I open the course.

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  1. IMHO, there is so much conflicting information out there because it is time for us to develop our discernment muscles. Sort of like when the student is ready the teacher appears, when the folks are ready, crystals and stones help them along. Love and peace.

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  2. Hello from England x
    Well as an intuitive I am quite used to my guides leading me to the Crystals I need at that present moment. Yes I have a house full of amazing crystals and many crystal books with some conflicting information. I agree you have to intuitively figure out what crystals work for you for what you need them for. One book told me Malachite was excellent for opening the heart chakra, I bought a Malachite pendant and felt repelled by it as soon as It came. I cleansed it then tried wearing it and oh my it made me feel unwell so I gave it away to my step daughter who loves it. I feel crystals choose me as much as I choose them and instinctively know what work task to put them to. Sending love and light to all x

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    2. Wow, I agree. I bought a very expensive John of God crystal pendant at a spiritual retreat where he had given healings and found that it made me sick every time I wore it. Like you, I gave mine away to someone who loves it. She was thrilled.

  3. Hi, I haven’t read this post yet, but wanted to comment on your newletter about finding your gems. Totally believe it and don’t think you are a loon. Love that Quantum Physics is finally catching up with magic. I’m new to your site, but not yet ready to take your course. I believe the reason that different authors and practitioners give different info is so that it forces one to explore how each works with our own vibrations. Looking forward to more while I explore your site. ~Lori

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  4. Your post about finding your favourite jewellery in a mysterious 2nd cigar box gave me the ‘feels’ !!! I am beyond happy for you.

    I completely understand your acceptance of objects popping in and out of time (especially minerals) It happened to me last year during a meeting 🙂 I was wearing a medicine bag around my neck which was adorned with a small clear quartz point sew to the front. As the meeting was wrapping up, the other participant and I heard something ‘ping’ to cement floor across the room. He went over to investigate, since it was his office space. He reaches down to pick up the object, and looked perplexed. When he walked over with the object, I realised he was holding the crystal that had been on my bag! Say what??! The bag was tucked beneath my shirt, secured into a sports bra (no slipping out of one of those! haha), and I had been sitting across a table and 8 feet from where he found the stone. When your Helping spirits want to let you know they’re there, they do.

    Enjoy reconnecting with your beauties!

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  5. Hi! I love all your information. I am a newbie to crystals. I got a few about a month ago. I decided to smudge my new collection. Each morning, I take one or more and listen to a 70 min Chakra singing bowl meditation. (YouTube). It has really become a great way to meet my new “friends”. I don’t feel that I need to program them, because they all have their own personality.

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    1. It is pretty intimidating when you are new to crystal and all I know is that there are a lot of “charlatans” out there, glad to have found you!

  6. I love this post! I have spent the past three years seriously studying and researching different crystal information. It is definitely not something you can learn in a couple of months. Intuition is key. I have been interested in crystals and rocks since I was a small child, but my interest was amped up three or four years ago for personal reasons. Ever since then I have been reading every book and information source I can get my hands on. I personally feel that if this kind of educational commitment doesn’t resonate with someone, perhaps they are not meant to have a crystal career so to speak, but they may be a crystal hobbyist and that’s OK too.

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