Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon

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Did you see this recent video I did where I answered some common moon-crystal related questions about charging crystals under the full moon?

In it I cover:

  • Why I feel a monthly Moon “Cleanse” is not necessary
  • Can you put your crystals out when its cloudy?
  • Can you put your crystals out when there are freezing temps?
  • Will crystals still receive Moon-Benefits through a window?

Watch the vid & find out! 🙂

Charging Crystals in the Full Moon?

Many Sparkly Moon Blessings to you,




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Comments 21

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the video about the full moon crystal charging thing! I have a question about having to put the crystals outside at all. If the energy from the moon can be felt through glass when placing your crystals on a window sill, then is it possible that your crystals receive the moon energy every full moon no matter where they are? Then maybe a night outside under the full moon is just like a trip to a day spa for them!



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  2. Hi there,
    I love the kits I have purchased from you, there are really helpful and educational as well as loads of fun ! Your list of the toxic crystals is great and I was wondering if you had a similar list about crystal who fade under the sun ? I found conflicting info on this and I am not sure. Also, is it true that when crystal fade they lose some of their properties ? I would think yes because of the color vibration they emit, but of course I am not sure 🙂
    Sending you loads of sparkles,

  3. I was looking where to see all your crystals display can’t find it. I’m new in these website. Do you have any display like other web? I want to purchase crystals but where is the samples or display?

  4. Hello:

    Ok, so I have always been attracted to stones, crystals and have somewhat dabbled in it superficially, but now I want to kick it up a notch and start really learning and harness their gifts. As a ‘newbie’ where to begin? The subject is SO overwhelming and there are as many different ways (and opinions) of doing things as there are people to ask? It is by no ‘chance’ that our paths have crossed (when the student is ready, the teacher will appear)!!! I was drawn to your joyous, youthful spirit which resonates with me as I, too, love coloring outside of the lines, if you know what I mean.

    I plan on purchasing your book and a couple ebooks, but need a little more insight.

    With much gratitude.

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  6. If i charge my crystals outside on the night of a full moon does the fact its cloudy and the moon cannot be seen with the naked eye change this process??

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  7. thanksi for the quick video. i totally missed the wolf moon bag deal and the Q & A for it working sucks! Anyway anywhere i can go and catch it or was it a one trick pony? Really wanted the ritual:)

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  9. Wondering if infact with my grandson Cody having many crystals, if he knows not about chsrging them ,nor the energy they possez…could these thst i have given, besides the ones he dig up & found..could hold negative energy?? Things went aefully bad soon there after he dug up qjite alot of crystals.?

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  11. Learnt so much from this one thanx …..I do have a question because you come from the scientific side as well …..what is the difference between ‘Lead Crystal ‘ and normal Crystal ??? sorry if the answer is obvious but I also want to know the spiritual meaning of ‘Lead Crystal’ too …..even though we have most of what we need instrumentally I am loving the resurgence of interest for me in the intricate side of crystals and I like how you approach it

  12. I dont wanna sound cheaky or anything. A lot of the windows these days are thicker than old ones. Like shatter proof, UV Protection blah blah. Can the moon energies still go thru that? Thanks so much.

  13. So this will also work if you just open te window a litle and put the crystals beside it, even though you can’t see the moon, because of for example a buildning?

  14. With this super moon when I put one of my larger unknown crystals outside over night When I brought it in the energy was too over whelming… Did I leave it out too long ?

  15. Using a UV flashlight have the same benefits as natural moonlight. Some of my crystals are very expensive, and I get nervy leaving them outside all night where an animal, or person can just walk away with it.

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