What Mom Never Told You About Autoimmune Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia

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Autoimmune Diseases, Lupus, Fibromyalgia

…or maybe you’re Mom is really on her game when it comes to autoimmune diseases, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. & DID tell you about this stuff! But with these dis-eases on the rise…I think its time to discuss it here on my blog.

WebMD.com very generally sums up an autoimmune dis-ease like this:

general, lingering symptoms, means your immune system is attacking healthy tissue.

BORING DISCLAIMER: I think you already know that I’m not a doctor & am not giving medical advice. Crystals should be used as a compliment to & not as a replacement for regular medical care & consultations. Let me also warn you that this is a link-rich post. I have lots of good resources here to refer you to. ALL of the products that I recommend are products that I have personally used & HIGHLY recommend. Some of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a commission if you purchase through them, but you can certainly purchase through a different link. Just wanted you to know that I wouldn’t have them here if I didn’t totally believe in them. 🙂

OK, let’s get on with it.

Like I said, it seems that crystal-related questions about these auto-immune illnesses or dis-eases is on the up-tick for me. In fact…Dr. Mercola also notices the trend, stating:

Asthma, hay fever, eczema, food allergies, lupus, multiple sclerosis and other immune- mediated afflictions are all on the rise.

According to some estimates, allergies and diseases of the immune system have doubled, tripled or even quadrupled in the last few decades, with some studies indicating that more than half of the U.S. population has at least one clinically diagnosable allergy.

I have several theories on why that is. But I digress…

So let’s get to addressing these various issues.

Bare in mind that I don’t usually rely on crystal healing as a stand-alone treatment, but as a handy-dandy & quite effective compliment. I feel strongly that every aspect of our health can benefit from a multi-layered approach & not rely on 1 method alone. Just as with music, several harmonics (vibrational frequencies of varying kinds) all resonating together, is found to be very pleasing…on many different levels. 🙂

Here’s the common Q:

I have some clients or people I know with various autoimmune dis-eases or illnesses such as allergies, lupus, fibromyalgia &  Multiple Sclerosis. I’m wondering what crystals or treatments would be most beneficial?

*Before I give my answer here I, again, want to be very clear & drive a few points home regarding looking for the “Magic Pill” in a crystal-cure. So you can click on this here link or watch the intro to this video…OR BOTH!*

Here’s my A:

Crystals can really enhance an overall holistic approach to treating any auto-immune dis-ease, symptoms or illness. You can also easily merge them with other therapies. For instance:

  • Dr. Mercola recommends allowing yourself to get DIRTY! Quit all this germ-o-phobia. And I throw in Earthing along with this. Get connected back to nature, get some dirt under your finger & toenails & quit using Purell every other second. I use grounding crystals along with my Earthing techniques & this has been very beneficial to my students & clients. In fact, I’ve often referred to my friend & doctor, Dr. Koniver’s Free Earthing eBook to introduce peeps to this whole concept.

Doing some grounding work with my Grounding Crystals. 🙂

  • There is usually some inflammation going on along with these dis-eases. Inflammation can be decreased when working with larimar & blue chalcedony. You can mix some anti-inflammatory herbs in with this: boswellia & willow bark. How about a gem elixir tea? Both of these stones are non-toxic so safe to create a gem elixir tea with. 🙂
  • Regular use of a Biomat has been found to benefit the treatment of chronic pain & autoimmune conditions, including but not limited to neuropathy, fibromyalgia, back pain, Lyme disease & arthritis. Yes, these mats are expensive, but many times a professional Crystal Healer will have 1 on hand that you can book some time with, making it much more affordable. Ask around. You’ll so ENJOY your time on a mat!
  • Thyme, Eucalyptus & Bergamot are just a few essential oils that have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation. I find essential oils & crystals to be perfect partners! How about a mojo bag with 1-3 suggested crystals from this blog post, some boswellia herb & 5-10 drops of essential oil of choice to carry around, or keep in the car, at work & in your sleeping pillow? Or use these oil in an oil burner while conducting a crystal healing session for a client or if you’re the client, ask your Certified Crystal Healer to use these in your treatment.
  • And of course, sufficient sleep, stress reduction techniques, exercise & diet are all a MUST.

Specific Recommendations

Now, here are some stone prescriptions to use for specific illnesses.

Again, keep in mind, this is in conjunction with a sound holistic health plan. You can use these stones in a body layout during a crystal healing session. (You can find a practitioner near you & request that they use these stones in your treatment.) *Hey! The stress relief that you’ll experience from a session alone will start you on a positive path of healing*. You can also choose to meditate with these stones, create a mojo bag to carry with you, create a crystal grid…I could go on & on here but let me try to keep it somewhat simple for the sake of this post:

  • Multiple Sclerosis – I like to recommend working with natrolite, eudialyte, astrophyllite & green jade. A combo of 3 of those would be great.
  • Lupus – My strong recommendations are: honey calcite, titanium quartz & silver. Now the silver can be in jewelry mineral form (not many of us are carrying chunks or bars around) or you can actually ingest it as colloidal silver (please do your own research on this, but even Dr. Oz is on board, dude!)
This is the kind we use in our household. Please consult with your own doctor on when & how much to take.

This is the kind we use in our household. Please consult with your own doctor on when & how much to take.

  • Fibromyalgia – friend & highly respected fellow crystal author, Phillip Permutt suggests this combo: abalone shell, amethyst, selenite & rutilated quartz & again, my students & clients have found it to be very effective. I also find that honey calcite is very effective. Choose a combo of 3 for best results.

A Few Words From Those Who Know the Power of  Crystals



If you know someone who is suffering from some sort of auto-immune dis-ease, how about making them a little mojo bag of crystals or make them up a tea blend & include 1 tumbled stone mentioned here or share this blog post with them, I know they will appreciate it! And if you have some remedies of your own, please do share them below!

Healthy Crystal Blessings!



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  2. Let me start by saying I love your newsletter, and I look forward all the info you provide. My question to you is about rheumatoid arthritis, I was just wondering what would be your top 3 recommended crystals for this, for either a mojo bag or to have pendants made and be able to wear them daily?? Thank you and blessings

    1. Post

      TY Lorraine! Since RA is still an autoimmune dis-ease I would go with the general recommendations I gave above. And yes, you can wear the crystals daily. Healing Blessings!

    1. Post
    2. “If you know someone who is suffering from some sort of auto-immune dis-ease, how about making them a little mojo bag of crystals or make them up a tea blend & include 1 tumbled stone mentioned here or share this blog post with them, I know they will appreciate it! ”

      Believe me: We don’t.
      In fact, we publish entire articles, blog posts, memes, etc., to express exactly how little we appreciate such invasions from those who understand so little about what is actually going on in our bodies.
      Mind your own body!

  3. When I first was given a lepidolite wand, I didn’t know that much about the stone. I started sleeping with it and quickly discovered it was very calming to me. I have severe psoriasis flare ups at times and often had trouble falling asleep feeling itchy and hyper. Not anymore. Within about two minutes of putting the wand next to my skin, my skin calms down and so do I and now sleep well through the night. I love it when a stone shows me what it does before I even read anything about it. I am so grateful to my niece for a gift that keeps on giving. I keep it on a charging plate and wash it with salt water every once in a while. I have had it for 2 years and it has been a gift to me each and every night.

    1. I can agree with you ten times over with regard to Lepidolite. It has been my saviour
      regarding panic attacks.. I bought it the same time as Kambaba Jasper and felt right away that these 2 were partners. I sleep with them under my pillow or hold them close and they are definitely two of my favourites. Crystals are the best.

  4. and don’t forget to cleanse them energetically! constant usage can get them “gunked up.” I have great success placing my crystals on a bed of sea salt when not in use, changing the salt every full moon (or few). And of course, selenite is self-cleansing and can even cleanse crystals to which it is placed in close proximity, so it is a fairly awesome all-purpose crystal. Man, I love selenite. 😀

  5. Removing all fake versions of sugar is a huge part in feeling better too. Something that a lot of people don’t even really think about. Go back to pure, unadulterated cane sugar if you need some sweetness. Or, better yet, locally grown organic honey. I suffered for several years before getting a diagnosis of adult onset autoimmune arthritis. But within just a few short weeks of changing my diet to remove any form of fake sugar, I felt back to my original youthful self. No more inflammation, no more pain.

  6. I just want to say that I too suffer with multiple health problems. Fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis, etc. and I survived stage 3 cervical cancer. I have done 2 Reiki courses but struggle with healing myself. I am now on a mission to help heal myself so that I can help others. So thank you Hibiscus Moon and everyone else who shares their stories and journeys into healing with natural means. You all are awesome.
    Feeling the love. Love and light.

  7. I do all of these things and I am having great results. I have a Migun Bed but a bio at will be my next purchase. I use one at my Naturopath’s office. Love it. I have an Earthing mat and patches. I spend a lot of time barefoot in the grass and I use Thermamend pain cream. Amazing stuff. I love my crystals. I have a family of small crystal skulls that I always use with my other crystals. They are very special. I love,love,love my crystals and rocks and I am so happy I found you. We are very alike and you bring me so much joy!

  8. I have had a flare up of my psoriatic arthritis since January. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and had a lumpectomy in April. My radiation treatment ended last week, July 2. I am now resuming the Humira shots but they just aren’t cutting thru this flare up. My joints, esp. Knees, are in constant pain. Soon, I will have to go on Arimadex, a hormone therapy for 5 years. I’m told one of the side effects is intense joint pain. I can not imagine being in any more pain that I am right now…

    So yes, please, suggest some crystals that will help this body release some of its inflammation and hopefully start to heal.

    Forever grateful

  9. I am so very grateful to find this post. I just received my crystal healer certification and my first potential client has MS and would like a healing to try and alleviate his symptoms. I asked that he let me do a little research and I would love to help him. Thank you once again Hibiscus Moon for your guidance!

  10. Meadow sweet (herb), lions main mushroom, cordyceps and one more Chinese mushroom powder I can’t put my finger on right now…… All for inflammation

    Then you have turmeric milk with honey, recipes online, also help with inflammation.

  11. Crystals have helped me immensely with several difficult health issues, both physical and mental, i.e fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and PTSD. I love honey calcite, azurite/malachite combo and rose quartz with hematite for the painful fibro days. Sharing in hopes it may help someone else. Love and light. Rock on!

  12. I have mild alopecia areata. Which crystal would you recommend for me. I am arleady on medications and Yoga. Just something to help calm my innerself.


  14. Turmeric and ginger have helped me a lot with inflammation and pain. So much that after 24 years of anti inflammatories, I rarely take one. I will take them with me when traveling because traveling can cause a flare but I can usually manage without them if I can get plenty of rest while traveling. I have all those crystals above as well. They are in a pouch in my bed. I hold one in each hand as I sleep. My main is Selenite. And lately Auralite 23. I have yet to find a raw or tumbled blue chalcedony but bought a pendant back in March. I also diffuse oil and wear oils on a piece of raw wood with a gemstone of choice. I make these necklaces myself. Love wearing the oils like this and the aromatherapy benefits. Natural remedies are the answer in so many of the dis-ease that we as a society have almost gone viral. Many factors involved. Western medicine has its place and emergencies do happen but for the longevity…it’s Nature for me!

  15. I’m a LMT and would like to incorporate gems in my sessions. I know of someone who has Lupus and it’s killing me to see her suffer especially with the visible butterfly rash on her face. She really is a gorgeous girl full of positive energy. What stones would be most effective? I’m just trying to help her any way I can.

  16. I actually first turned to crystals to help get relief from my Lupus and Fibro. I’ve always been drawn to crystals and did not know why. I thought they were ‘just pretty’ and then a whole new world of crystals, essential oils and reiki (to name a few) opened up to me and I am so grateful for it! I love wearing amber and any sort of quartz

  17. From personal experience I have found Amethyst, Selenite and lepidolite to be my trio of choice for fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. They have been huge helpers.

  18. This is so fascinating. I’m very new to crystals, and over the past month of working with them, I’ve been approaching it in the way I learn best — by touching, experiencing, and listening/watching. (Books go right through me.)

    I have fibromyalgia and in my travels through various crystal shops I’ve managed to blindly pick up and begin working with four of the five items you listed above. Selenite and honey calcite have been amazing for me.

  19. I’m so sorry to read how many people are in pain… I’ve sought out crystals and natural remedies on my own journey! HibiscusMoon you are my crystal gal to go to and books by Anthony William Medical Medium have the best foods to heal by! Just love to your info!!

  20. Thank you for all the wonderful information you put out into the world. I would love to take your crystal healer course at some point. I have always loved and been drawn to many types of stones. Lately I’ve been looking into the science behind why stones do what they do and I’m fascinated! I have something called Ehlers-Danlos hyper-mobility version (not autoimmune related) and many of those who have eds also have Fibro. I’m so glad you’ve written a post on this. I look forward to trying this out!

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