Crystal Meanings | Are they Reliable?

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crystal meanings

crystal meanings


Do you find that your usual crystal meanings and usual go-to correspondences are dependable?

For example, has your go-to rose quartz or amethyst been as reliable as of late? I’m not necessarily asking if they’re “weaker,” but are they not working for you in the way that you’ve come to rely on?

Or maybe it’s that they’re working but they’re just “different”.

I’m asking because in all the years I’ve been working with and researching crystals, this is the first time I’ve noticed such a huge shift and many others (students, graduates and so many in our Crystal Family) have brought this to my attention too. 

In a recent poll I did; 82% said this is the case for them. Whoa! That’s a lot.

Crystals are millions of years old, some are even billions of years old. That’s just a drop in the bucket, in the grand scheme of a crystal’s life cycle. Right? So, perhaps this shift in energy many of us are experiencing is just part of a natural cycle. It could also be a change in certain crystals’ vibrational frequencies. I’ll get into the “why” of that in just a bit here. 

Crystal Meanings – Influenced By Energetic Shifts?

Citrine (The Baked Variety)

I’ve noticed lately that the baked variety of Citrine seems to have diminished with respect to its power. Now, the baked variety of citrine is the most widely available. It has more of that orange tint to it. You’d be hard-pressed to find a large geode that’s real-deal citrine.

Me? I prefer to stay away from man-made and man-altered as much as possible, Babe.


Congo and Brazil citrine, now here’s a different animal! Both completely natural and I love ’em. With these types ts of citrine, I’ve actually found their power to be amp’ed up. Brazil citrine is an excellent crystal to pick up, less expensive than Congo citrine, however, harder to identify it from the fake stuff for some. 

Rose Quartz

Now, this is an interesting one. I don’t personally find this to be true for myself, but many of our Crystal Family Members are saying that Rose Quartz is no longer helping with matters of the heart. Which, as you know, is something it’s widely believed to influence. Again, not my personal experience with this crystal at the mo’ but it’s clearly happening to others. So, noted!

Veracruz Amethyst

Veracruz Amethyst is traditionally a go-to for calming the mind; an excellent stone to work with when looking for assistance with meditation. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Is this true for you? This might not be true for everybody across the board, just something that I’ve noticed.




The way I use Selenite has changed as well. I’ve found that as of late, I enjoy meditating with selenite. Which is very odd because I used to use Veracruz amethyst to do that.

Reason is: selenite’s usual mega-impact higher frequency energy has seemed to have lowered its amplitude and calmed down quite a bit. I feel like this is a perfect example of how a crystal isn’t necessarily weaker but instead working extremely well in another capacity.


Moldavite is a crystal that’s traditionally considered to be super-high energy. However, lately, I and many others have found it to be lacking in this quality. Which I’m sure you would agree is quite strange for moldavite.

Other Crystals Experiencing a Possible Energy Shift

  • K2 Granite – aka K2 “jasper” has a gray and white modeled background with the beautiful blue azurite spots in it. Oddly enough it seems to have started to darken, which could indicate that there’s an intense energy exchange happening with it.
  • Herkimer Diamond – yet another one that seems to be suddenly lacking in regards to its energy; lackluster, dampened
  • Smokey Quartz – a crystal that used to be known for a gentler de-toxing energy. Today a lot of people are referring to it as their go-to crystal for lively energy and high focus; a new popular fav too, whereas in the past it was not as popular.

Cosmic Shifts

There’ve been some mega-energy shifts impacting not just Earth but our entire Solar System. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of people bring up the topic of climate change. However, climate change is not specific to Earth, ya know. It’s happening on a number of other planets as well. The energy changing our Solar System is obviously impacting (evolving) the energetics of our planet, Mama Earth. Which means that Earth’s crystal beds are being impacted as well.

What could be causing all these changes?

Well, scientists have recently discovered that gamma-ray levels reaching our planet, have increased tremendously.  These bursts of cosmic rays come from massive supernovae, quasars, all sorts of cosmic sources we’re surrounded by in space. 

3 Reasons Why our Exposure to Cosmic Rays is on the Rise

  1. We’re in the Modern Grand Solar Minimum

Meaning our Sun is in a state relative minimal activity (few sunspots, prominences, flares, etc). When our Sun is in a state of high activity it creates a very strong protective magnetic field.

2. Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting

Earth’s poles influence Earth’s magnetic field. So, when the poles start to shift, our highly protective magnetic shield becomes weaker.

3. Galactic Void 

Our solar system isn’t sitting still just floating in space.

Then, the Milky Way, as a whole, is spinning around the black hole at the center of the galaxy. Our Sun, too, travels in a spiral path through the Milky Way, bringing all of the planets that orbit it along for the ride. I LOVE how this video helps us visualize our Solar System’s vortex-voyage through the Milky Way galaxy:


As we vortex through the galaxy we’re now entering a new zone, what we refer to as the “Local Bubble”; a new area of the Milky Way where it’s a sort of void; there’s less cosmic gas and dust in this “bubble” that would normally act as an additional protective shield from those outside cosmic rays.

Graphic of The Local Bubble by NASA; modified from original version by User:Geni – (originally uploaded to en.wikipedia here), Public Domain,

Links to the Proof

Told ya I’d bring the receipts! 😉

Cosmic Energy Shifting and How it Affects Us + Crystals

Can cosmic rays impact DNA? Yes. And it’s happened multiple times in the past. 

But, these rays can impact more than just DNA; they can spark volcanoes, earthquakes, and other tectonic activity.

Here’s the important bit that directly impacts the crystals: scientists believe the reason cosmic rays impact tectonic activity is that cosmic ray particles thin out the silica-rich magma layer.

As the temperature increases, the energy also increases. Meaning the silica-rich magma layer becomes thinner. So, there’s been a change in the energy present at an atomic and molecular level!

So, basically, the shift we’re all feeling, the crystals are feeling as well.

The word “silica” refers to silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is what quartz is made of. (Amethyst is just silicon dioxide with the additional inclusion of iron.) Also, I should mention that silicates are minerals that have silica in it. Meaning it’s not just silicon dioxide; it could be any mineral that has silica in it like black tourmaline. Silicates make up many of our crystals and scientists are giving us the data that the cosmic rays are directly impacting, thinning out the silica-rich magma and the silicates… all pointing to the possibility of the silicates being the crystals most affected by all of this.

Light = Information

I feel these cosmic rays (light angles or “Angels” of Light) carry within their light-encoded frequencies, information; such as new programs and transformative overtones presenting themselves as DNA upgrades and crystal atomic remodeling. Meaning, some crystals will be downloading amazing intel!

Cosmic rays UPGRADE and change all matter, including crystals AND our DNA.

Also, let me address the last part of that statement regarding DNA: I’m sure some people might be a bit concerned by the thought of a change in our DNA. I don’t feel this is necessarily damaging to our DNA… or our crystals.

High-frequency cosmic rays are completely different from other man-made forms of high-frequency radiation that can damage our DNA. 

What I’m sayin’ is there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between man-created and Source-created high-frequency rays. So, you won’t find most scientists backing up that statement but this comes from a deep inner knowing:  

Cosmic rays are Source-created, and therefore flawless, organized information.

If Our Crystals Change…

The final point I want to leave you with is this…

If our crystals are changing we may need to re-learn how to interact with them moving forward; spend some time getting to know them all over again. (And I very much look forward to that experience.)

That’s really all it comes down to, and that’s exactly why I don’t teach my students to memorize crystal meanings or correspondences in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

I’d love to know, have you noticed that some of the crystals you work with have had an energetic shift, seem different, more powerful or simply no longer work for you? Let me know in the comments down below! The more input we get from each other, the more we can collectively learn and grow.

Crystal Blessings,

P.S. If you’re interested in enrolling in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, you can find out more + get on my Wait List here. There are some exciting things are happening RIGHT NOW that you probably don’t want to miss out on! 

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  1. Since I’m very new to crystals, I obviously haven’t noticed any changes. I’ve read a few books on crystals, and their meanings. Some have resonated with me while others have not. I’ve always been highly intuitive, so I trust myself more than books already. Some have made my BS meter go off the charts!!

    Here’s what I’ve noticed:
    I have a large chunk of rose quartz I can’t keep by my bed because I can’t sleep with it there. Selenite has always calmed me, especially desert rose. Chevron amethyst really speaks to me, and when I did my chakra balancing this is what I used for my throat chakra. I will hands down choose it over regular amethyst any day, for some reason amethyst doesn’t resonate with me. Now my spirit amethyst does. Oh and Jaspers. Jaspers are my jam right now.

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  2. I have yet to pick up on anything from my crystals (with one possible exception), but I did search out a lot of sites when I first got interested, and (wish I could remember who) mentioned his higher-being guides told him how to convert quartz to a new type of crystal, and told him that eventually the entire quartz family would morph into this new crystal.

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    2. awesome! i think us humans are really children on the evolutionary scale and like petulant toddlers or self-absorbed adolescents, refuse to accept assistance from sources with more experience? knowledge? (eventually we will)

  3. Black Tourmaline has become my go-to stone for cleansing and balancing. I have never felt as drawn to it, or felt its power and efficency to this extent before. I have felt so foggy and sluggish as we have made our way through eclipse portals and mondo-retrogrades. It’s become the only stone that truly helps me. I use one on each chakra and in each hand while I meditate. When I am finished, I feel like I’ve been on a week’s work of spa days.

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  4. I have worked with crystals for over 30 years. Yes they have changed. The ones just mined are also different than the older ones that have been tucked away in collections. Very different energy between them. My older Moldavite has a different energy than the new. Part of it is a shift in the vibrations around us but also a shift in the depth of the new mines. I think it is a combo of many things – we have changed, the crystals have changed, we are discovering new properties about the crystals and our world around us. I believe the new locations of amethyst and citrine just to name a few are more of a match for the new times, new vibrations. Everything is always in motion and this is just a new spiral.

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  5. I am unaware of change however, when I began collecting crystals for the preparation of products I compile I was selecting them for specific reasons and being told they were the wrong ones I should use others. I did not and went as spirit requested so perhaps I have been working with the differing energies all along. As for the affect of the cosmic energies I definitely believe they influence everything including ourselves. Has anyone considered that they themselves has shifted and that is why the crystals seem different to them, working with them on a whole new level.

  6. wow! this is terrific!
    so glad to hear that my experiences with certain crystals aren’t unusual.
    Never have been able to connect with rose quartz … ever.
    Amethyst, occasionally… I think it’s more to do with the association with the colour that draws me on rare occasions.

    Now… selenite.. seriously this thing does my head in! Tried sleeping with it and some celestite by my bed… did not get a wink of sleep… My head was racing and the dreams were “hard work”. I would get out of bed exhausted… so out of the bedroom they went.:)

    Usually never drawn to clear quartz… but lately, after sitting with it for a while, I feel completely renewed 🙂 There’s an extra purity to clear quartz for me at the moment. Again, it could simply be that I have found a piece that resonates with me?

    I am with Stephanie above…. love love love the Jaspers (especially our beautiful red earthy ones here “Down Under”). Can’t get anything better than a jasper to recollect and reground!
    And last but not least… I have always been a Fluorite fan.. but the energy from some of my newer pieces have been much stronger..
    Thank you Universe for making life interesting 🙂

  7. so much YES in this thread!
    watching that video brings the message home that we are infinitesimal within the cosmos, not less than, just not as self important as homo sapiens thinks. the universe has not stopped moving, changing, evolving just because we are here. 😉
    we are, all is one.

  8. OMG! I noticed Rose Quartz in my water made me angry at my poor husband for no reason. I thought it was PMS or something. Watching the Livestream was an “aha!” moment! I kept my Rose Quartz for the moment.

  9. Even if you spend 3 months plus asking for information on her crystal classes and you make sure to catch all her posts all her live feed videos…you make sure youre getting her emails and you read every one of them ….you spend large amounts of time reading everything on her website and anything you can find in connection to what she says the classes are….the time wont matter….do recognize the time you put in to reading everything and trying to keep up is 100% on you and that’s where it should stay….it still comes down to asking multiple times …repeated attempts time and again for 3 months easily….thats not on you.

    Just a fair word of advice ….she wonr get back to you unless you know her personally or there is something you csn2 do for her to advance her business….or socially to help garner more attention…true any business needs people….but if you have nothing and you are nothing yoh get nothing …..seriously meesed up.

  10. It really depends on what I’m doing. For instance, I feel that someone needs help with feeling loved. Normally I would go to rose quartz but have learned that not everyone connects with rose quartz so I allow them to choose a crystal that resonates with them. If I’m doing a healing I will allow the person’s energy to help choose a crystal to works best for them. If I don’t get anything from their energy then I will choose what works best with my energy. Sometimes it’s rose quartz… sometimes kunzite… it truly depends on what I feel and the energies I am dealing with.
    Great question!!
    Love & Light

  11. I would also offer that WE are also changing. Our frequency. Our denseness as embodied beings in becoming en-lightened (made lighter). Everything around us from the macro to the micro is changing. Earth’s own frequency is changing (check out the Schumann resonance). Often, it’s easier to perceive those changes when we connect to something outside of our own field and being – such as crystals. When I notice a difference or something unusual, I first ask if it’s me or the tool. And regarding changing our DNA – much of our DNA is not in use. What a blessing to have our DNA cosmically mutated, perhaps enlivening long-forgotten gifts such as deepening connections with our crystal partners.

  12. This is for Hibiscus Moon. I’ve been wondering and asking, but nobody really has a good answer. Do you think it’s hood for us to be ripping these crystals from mama Earth? I believe they are here, not for us to play with, but to protect our planet and in helping our planet, it helps us. Mother Earth is what’s at stake. And, if the crystals are not working could it be because they are not where they’re supposed to be. Please reply to me. I am very concerned and I respect your opinion on this matter.
    P.S. in answer to your question Citrine Ws one of the first crystals we got as a couple because my husband is very financed oriented. I have some Kundalini Quartz which I think is what you call Congo Citrine. I also have tiny very light colored towers and some tumble stones. I love Citrine and clear or Smokey Quartz.
    Thank you.

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