10 Must-Have Crystals

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must-have crystals


Today I’m going to share my top 10 must-have crystals.

Whether you’re a beginner or you’re intermediate or advanced, just check in and see if you have these in your collection.  Maybe you are missing one or two?  It’s not the end-all-be-all for everyone, this is my opinion, so I’d love to hear what your top 10 must-have crystals are; please share in the comments below this post.

10 Must-Have Crystals

These might not necessarily be the easiest crystals to get because I don’t always feel like the easiest crystals to get are going to be the most effective for what we’re trying to achieve in our must-have crystal collection. Maybe it’s time to evolve your collection or upgrade your collection a little bit. Most of them are relatively easy to find, but a slight departure from the usual beginners list.

By the way, I want to say these crystals that I’m going over, I’m not talking about little-tumbled stones. Tumbled stones are wonderful (and I show you vesuvianite in the video). Great to have, but when I’m talking about 10 must-have crystals, I’m talking about something a little bit chunkier, a little bit more size to them because yes, when it comes to the energy force around a crystal, the energy around it is based on size, the mass in the crystal, all these factors. We’re going with a larger size. Not super large though we are staying practical here.

I’m not talking about huge, mongo crystals because what are you going to do with it? They’re great to have in your environment, yes, but sometimes we need them for practical purposes, so something a little larger than the norm, but not mongo.  If at all possible, in its natural state, but sometimes it’s not possible.

1.  Clear Quartz Crystal:   In my vid I show you a clear quartz, natural point. It’s got really good clarity. It’s almost water clear. Clear quartz is your general, all around great crystal to have on hand. It’s a clarifier. It’s an amplifier, as well. It can make any other crystal work that you’re doing even more effective by amplifying the energy. It can also help you gain clarity like if you need to meditate on something, you need clarity around a certain subject. Clear quartz is a great one to have.  You can do just about anything with clear quartz.

If I was going to have only one crystal on this list, it would be clear quartz.  Not milky quartz. You want to try to get it as clear as you possibly can. It’s okay to have some veils in it. The clear quartz crystal I show you in my video is just about as clear as they come. It’s from Arkansas, I believe, and what’s cool is it’s starting to self-heal on the bottom. It broke off at some point obviously, but it’s not very sharp. It’s kind of rounded and a lot of these have grown into points. You can see that hexagonal structure all along its faces, really cool.

2.  Rose Quartz:  It’s a light pink. You usually don’t see them in points like the one in the video. That one was cut and polished, cut on the bottom so it could stand. It’s rough all around the shaft, but the top is cut and polished into a point. The reason I went for the cut polished one is that I needed it in a crystal grid and I wanted a center antenna to send out, transmit the energies of my crystal grid, so I went for a point. Usually, my rose quartz is natural and I just use this during this because it’s larger and you can see it better, I have a big, mongo-sized rose quartz by my front door.

Rose quartz is your crystal of love and compassion. It can become your close buddy crystal that you make a really close bond with (like I have). I have one by my bedside. I talk about it all the time. It’s my buddy quartz. It’s my best buddy. I use it for a lot of different things, any kind of love, and we know there are different kinds of love in the English language. We should probably have different vocabulary words for the different kinds of love, but there’s friendship love. There’s family love. There’s personal relationship love. There’s self-love. There’s compassion for the world and for all the beings that live on the planet. Kindness and compassion is also the energy that rose quartz invites in. All of these different types of love obviously are very, very important, so rose quartz is one that you definitely want to have in your top 10 collections, in my opinion.

3.  Flourite:   Fluorite comes in many different colors, purple, clear, green, every color in the rainbow just about. Yellow is not as common, but it does come in yellow. Rainbow Flourite usually grows in masses or in the octahedron.  It grows naturally as an octahedron expressing its sacred geometry.  It’s part of the cubic crystal system, so octahedrons are inherent in the cubic crystal system.

Why do I like fluorite? Well, fluorite is great for decision making, for clarifying decisions when you’re just not sure which path to take. Fluorite is the one to work with on that.

It’s also good for anything to do with thinking, the mind, meta, studying. That’s another good type of energy that fluorite invites in. If you need to focus on something, concentrate on something, make a decision, fluorite is your go-to for that and any color fluorite ill do. It doesn’t matter what color fluorite you choose for that.

4.  Green Jade:  Green jade I really like for healing, also bringing about good fortune. I have a nice big green jade Hotei (I found out).  Everyone calls it Buddha, but I was told no, that’s Hotei, so if I’m incorrect, it’s a good luck symbol. The fact that it’s carved in green jade exponentiates that energy even more, so looking for good fortune and good vitality, health, good health, healing, boosting health, boosting the immune system; green jade, you want to have that on hand.

5.  Amethyst:  While I’ve got several, I love my amethyst heart my husband got for me one year in Tucson. It’s an Uruguayan amethyst. I really like the energy of the Uruguayan amethyst. It’s got this really deep, deep, dark, purple, vibrant color. The energy is so much more effective from these deeply colored Uruguayan amethysts. The heart is carved from a geode and polished on the back.

Why did I choose amethyst?  Amethyst is spiritually enhancing while also being spiritually protective. If you want to be spiritually protective or psychically protected for various reasons (that’s a different topic for a different day :)) or you just want to go into a healing session or a meditation session and just be spiritually protected while you’re doing that, then work with amethyst.

Amethyst also enhances the third eye, which helps you connect to your spiritual self, better connect to your own higher self, and have that stronger connection to your spiritual side; it enhances and invites that energy in. I like that it invites that energy in of being more spiritual, while also being very protective at the same time. It’s got the added benefit of also being very calming, so great to work with while meditating.

Amethyst helps you to focus more on your meditations if you have that monkey mind while meditating (I think we all do sometimes  … who doesn’t?  Except some of us who are very, very zen).

When I meditate with amethyst, the amethyst actually helps me to focus more on one thing while I’m meditating, whether I’m contemplating something specific or I just want to focus on my breath or sometimes I hold the amethyst and I just consider inhale, focus on the breath going in through the nostril, inhale, inhale, inhale, and then exhale, exhale, exhale. My brain just stays right there, doesn’t think about all the other to-dos and things that you got to do and oh, so and so is coming over. I’ve got to clean the house and wash the dishes and blah. All that stuff that happens during meditation, it just kind of floats away and allows your brain to accept the benefits of not thinking of all those things.  Amethyst entrains with your energy so that you become calmer and become more of that frequency. You become a vibrational match to that frequency. That happens with any of the crystals that we’re working with. That’s the whole point in working with the crystals.

6.  Black Tourmaline: The next one on my list is black tourmaline.   These are not in order of importance or anything like that (except the first one, clear quartz, if I could only have one crystal, it would be that one, but the rest are not in any kind of specific order). In the video, I show you an especially nice, good quality piece of black tourmaline. It doesn’t need to be that kind of quality which is very difficult to find anymore. A lot of the black tourmaline mines have been closed. The specific mine that came out of in China has closed, so they no longer have it in the same quality. You would have to purchase from estate sales and it can be really pricey.  The regular kind that you’re seeing out there these days is more spindly now. They’re more splintery and friable, meaning they’re more brittle, but they work just as effectively.

Black Tourmaline has lots of physics properties as a crystal goes. It’s pyroelectric. It’s piezoelectric, which means that it can polarize electricity and energy within it. I dove deep into that over on this blog post.  It’s one of the reasons why I find it to be so effective.

It’s very good for transmuting energy, so if energy has a specific charge to it and it has a negative feel to it, black tourmaline is your go-to transmuter. It’s excellent for bringing that energy back to neutral.  For that reason, it’s always in front of me between me and my laptop. I’m transmuting that electromagnetic radiation coming off of the laptop. I’ve tested other crystals and things and when I tested black tourmaline and I showed this in a YouTube video, I get good results. It’s not the best thing. It’s not going to completely mitigate that energy, but it’s one thing I can do to help mitigate it.

I don’t like using silicates on my desk for that purpose. I hear people say, “Oh, put a piece of fluorite, put a piece of selenite, put a piece of citrine in front of your laptop.” That’s a silicate and silicates amplify that energy. We use silicon chips in our electronics to make them work better, so I don’t want to amplify that energy. Anyway, let me get off my soapbox 😉 I go into that in my course, but we’re not talking about that right now, we’re talking about why black tourmaline is on my list.

I also like it for transmuting negative energy that people might bring into a space. When I used to work in a classroom, which I left in 2012 … I used to be a science teacher for those of you that don’t know. I was a science department head. Some people would come into the room and they were just a sheer joy and some people would come into the room and they’d suck the energy out of the space. Talk about energy vampires. There weren’t too many of those thankfully, but the black tourmaline was wonderful. I had them conspicuously placed throughout my space. Heck, I could get away with putting any rock in my room that I wanted to. I taught geology as part of my curriculum, so I could put anything I wanted and no one would question a thing. Black tourmaline was wonderful for that.

You can also make mojo kits and you can make room sprays with black tourmaline and all kinds of great stuff, so it’s on my top 10 list.

7.  Smokey Quartz:  I love the coffee hue to smokey quartz. Check out the one in my video, it’s not irradiated. It doesn’t have that black-gray hue that irradiated smoky quartz has. It’s from Namibia in Africa and it’s just a gorgeous specimen.

Smokey quartz is wonderful for detoxing, so detoxing of any sort. Maybe you did get affected by an energy vampire and you got home from wherever you were and you just feel it and you’re like “oh, my god…what just happened to me? I got energetically beat up”.  Smokey quartz is your one to work with for those times because it’s going to detox you, detox that energy.  It’s also a good one to put in water gem elixirs for bringing that detoxifying energy to your water.

8.  Blue Calcite:  Next one is blue calcite. If you just want a soft, gentle energy, blue calcite is wonderful to work with. If you want to bring peace and calm to a space, blue calcite. It’s a light blue. You can see the blue right there. It’s a very gentle energy and you if want to bring a spa-like atmosphere to a space go for a larger piece of blue calcite.

Blue calcite is relatively inexpensive, but it’s not one that you often find. If you go to your local crystal shop, you might need to request that they special order some blue calcite. If you go to a gem show, you might not necessarily find it because it’s not a top seller. People really don’t seek it out, but I think people are really missing out on a great energy.

Blue calcite is also wonderful for balancing anything in the body, balancing hormones, balancing energy in general. It’s also a great throat chakra stone for balancing the throat chakra. You want to bring that peace, calming energy.

Also, if you’re looking to create a connection during your meditations to the angels, blue calcite is your stone for that. I tried to pick stones that are good for several different things or for really important things that come up frequently in most of our lives. Like I said, this is not the end-all-be-all list for every single one of us. Again, you can tell me in the comments if you think I’ve missed or you have others you would include on this list.

9.  Hematite:  You’ll often see polished hematite. And sometimes you can see the natural red of the hematite coming through, but when you polish it, it looks like a dark gray mirror. We learned how to determine if your hematite is natural in my Crystal Savvy class, those of you that took that class. You need to be careful out there, guys. There’s a lot of fake hematite floating around, a lot of it. Make sure you’re purchasing from someone who’s very knowledgeable, who has a great reputation, and even though some of them out there that have good online reputations are selling fakes we’ve discovered in my Crystal Savvy class, unfortunately, so get good recommendations. That’s all I’m saying.

Make sure that they are knowledgeable. Ask the seller how do you know it’s real hematite? See if they know how to test. If they know how to test, chances are they have tested or they’re going to know because you asked them and they’re going to find out if their hematite is real or not. Ask the questions. Put their feet to the fire and make them tell you how they are finding out if these crystals are real or not. I’m just saying that for this hematite because so much of the hematite out there is fake. If it’s magnetic, it’s fake.

Hematite is good for grounding and a lot of us right now, especially if we’re dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, need the grounding, so we really need to focus on getting ourselves grounded, grounded to Mama Earth. Hematite is great for that.

Hematite is partly made of iron. That’s where the red in the hematite comes from. Iron is closely related to Mama Earth. We even have an iron-nickel core at the center, we think. Scientists speculate it’s probably in the shape of a dodecahedron and if you want to throw some sacred geometry into it and it makes that connection to the core of our planet. That’s why it’s so helpful at grounding us. It’s also great for balancing the root chakra at the base of our spine, so that’s the chakra you want to focus on when you’re looking to get grounded. Hematite is great for that grounding.

10.  Congo Citrine:  The last one on my list of top 10 is natural Congo citrine. Not any old citrine, natural Congo citrine.

Most of the citrine, (like I just said about the hematite) out on the market is fake. It’s baked. It’s baked amethyst. I used to say oh, don’t worry about it. It’s fine, but in the times that we’re in now and how our energy has changed and is changing on the planet, things have stepped up. We’re getting more cosmic energy to our planet than we have in any of our lifetimes.  We know now the energy has stepped up.

We have UVC now. You know about that, UVC rays? We’ve always known about A and B, but now we have UVC rays. If you go out with a UV meter like I have and you go out and check the UV radiation we’re getting now, it’s higher than ever before. The reason for this is the corona around the Sun has shrunk because of the area we’re flying through in the Milky Way Galaxy. I know I’m going off tangent here, but I feel like I need to say this, so therefore, we are not getting as much protection from our Sun in our solar system. A lot more cosmic particles are getting past the Sun and hitting our planet, so a lot of things are happening.

The Sun is in a solar minimum right now. A lot of things are happening. A lot more energy is coming up to us, so, therefore, all that is to say I feel like we need to step up some of the crystals that we’re using, so therefore, no more fake citrine for me. When I’m going to work with citrine, it’s going to be the natural. I like the Congo energy because it has more of that citrine-specific vibrational frequency.

You’ll notice the color is a little bit more on the orange-yellow side than the citrine you find in Brazil, which is very yellow. It has more energy to it in the way that it was baked in Mama Earth. The Congo citrines are sometimes called cathedral libraries or they might be called abundance crystals because they have all these little babies along the base growing parallel to the parent crystal in the center. They are not easy to find.  That’s why I said this list is a little bit more on the advanced side. These are not easy to find.

You definitely aren’t going to find them in tumbled stones. If someone’s telling you that they have natural Congo citrine tumbled stones, just whoop, turn and walk the other way because if you had real natural Congo citrine, which is quite expensive, why would you tumble it? You wouldn’t. These, even in a very beat up state, all beat up and messed up and they’ve been tossed down the mountain, people will still sell them in their natural state because they are worth a lot.

Supply and demand are how economics works. The supply is very low. The area in the Congo where we used to get these from they’ve closed it off. The demand is very high. Therefore, the price is high. You’re not going to take it and tumble it. I’ve seen people selling tumbled Congo citrine. I’m going to say it…Bullshit. Please get your antennas up about that.

Natural Congo citrine, if you don’t have one in your collection, I suggest start looking for one. Just have it on your radar. You don’t need to get one today. When you go to gem shows when you’re shopping online ask the sellers. Ask around, see who has one.

The reason why we want citrine in our collection is it’s wonderful for bringing in positive, good vibe energy, so if you’re feeling depression or seasonal affective disorder from too much winter.  Citrine is great for giving you that sunny disposition, so if you’re missing some of that, you need some amplification of that energy, citrine is wonderful for that. Citrine is also known as the merchant stone because it’s wonderful for bringing in that prosperity energy. If you need to do better in business if you’re looking to do a crystal grid to increase your revenue or your paycheck or you’re looking for a new job or you’re looking to sell a house, anything to do with prosperity, citrine.

Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear from you did I miss any? Do you have these? Are there any that I should’ve swapped out, any that you’re missing?

Crystal Blessings,

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    1. ebay. that’s where i got my four cute and beautiful congo citrine babies two or three years ago. i would not be without them, now.

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      Sandy, I’m not going to tell you it’s easy to find. It’s not. Start putting the word out to your local crystal shop or search for them on eBay with a seller who has many excellent reviews.

    3. I was advised to use shungite to help prevent electromagnetic radiation from my phone and computer. Is this ok?

      1. Hi Dawn, I have heard the same about shungite. I have recently bought a pendant for my son and it appears to be doing him well with removing his negativity. I am yet to try it with the EMF situation.

  1. Just for the record, we do have natural citrine in Brazil too. They have a beautiful champagne-like hue and tend to be very clear. It’s just more rare and thus more expensive, and most people don’t want to spend more money buying a better crystal unless they are really into it… so the bright yellow ‘baked amethyst’ ends up more popular. But no, not all citrine that comes from Brazil is fake.

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  2. Great blog post. My three go to crystals are Fluorite, Labradorite and Black Tourmaline. I love Labradorite. Would love to have to have a bigger piece.

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  3. Happy New Moon! I love the top picks, don’t have blue calcite or Congo citrine out of the whole list. The very first stone I bonded with was my purple fluorite & I adore having it near me as I sleep. I have tumbled citrine prices that have a goldfish hue to them. As always I love your articles, I won’t be seeing you on Facebook because I gotten fed up with it. Chrystal blessings xxxx

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  4. Labradorite, black tourmaline, and QUARTZ. personally, I really like Brazil quartz and other silicates (amethyst, smoky amethyst, lemurian clear quartz, natural citrine… etc.) Rather than Arkansas quartz. Tbh i have yet to see Arkansas specimens that’s really called to be, but I got tons of Brazil quartz!

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  5. Great list! I recently have upgraded many of my crystals and am loving the energy I feel from them. Most recently I got my first rainbow fluorite point and am in love with it!

    Now off to check if my hematite is real.

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      1. Hello Hibiscus! Just wondering if you clear this up for me. I have hematite chips. Made a jewelry piece, of course when I finished I realised it was magnetic 🥺 I did some more research and there are claims that some hematite can be magnetic to common magnets. It went on to say that if you scratch the stone on a porcelain surface and it makes a grey scratch, it’s fake. But if it scratches a red brown colour it’s real. The magnetic “hematite” scratched a red drown colour so now i am completely confused lol. Are you able to shed any light on this?
        Crystal Blessings!

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      Rebecca, I can highly recommend http://bit.ly/earthegy and use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off For most of the crystals. As for Congo Citrine, I’m not going to tell you it’s easy to find. It’s not. Start putting the word out to your local crystal shop or search for them on eBay with a seller who has many excellent reviews.

      1. Thanks for the online recommendation for crystals. I have always had crystals around me. Their beauty and energy bring me pleasure. I once intuitively set crystals at each entrance and in all 4 directions for protection of my whole house. People who entered reacted differently. Some noticed the energy as calming. Others were nervous. Now that I discovered your site and a decent place online for crystals I will explore more possibilities. Many blessings.🙏

  6. I want to say that my experience with blue calcite has been nothing short of fantastic. My Reiki healer suggested to me almost a year ago that I sleep with a blue calcite stone she gave to me, under my pillow to ease my anxious dreams and allow me a better night’s sleep. From the first night a year ago to now, the various blue calcite stones I have used under my pillow every night have allowed me to sleep soooooo much better than I was before I started using them. I have had a total of 3 bad dreams in a year of sleep when the dreams were almost nightly before that!

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  7. Thank you so much for the information you pass forward. I love my crystals. It is hard for me to pick out any one piece as I love them all. I have truly some beautiful clear quartz – some have been given to me – just beautiful amethyst, oh and I have a smokey quartz that I have loved for a very long time now, rainbow fluorite – the shapes are awesome, hurray for labradorite – from Canada, black tourmaline, citrine – oh I’m in love, my rose quartz are to live for, awesome hematite – a while back I had a raw hematite – a rainbow I can see it in my minds eye – someone decided they wanted it and took it – so I let it go easily and now live with the memory, have some green jade which I really enjoy. No blue calcite as yet and will be on the look out for it. Thank you again so much for sharing and letting me share with you also.

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  8. I absolutely love this ❣I have a lot of crystals, some I know what they are and some I don’t because I inherited them from my momma when she passed… Thank You for all of you awesome information ❣ In Love & Light Always ~Susan ~

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      TY so much Susan. Did you get a chance to take my Crystal Savvy class? It can help you with id’ing some of your collection. If not, I’ll be re-releasing it soon. Stay tuned to my newsletter. 🙂

  9. Hello. I just read here that hematite is not real if it’s magnetic. I also read the hematite has iron in it. Iron is ferromagnetic. I was wondering how all these statements could be true.?

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      Hi Jamie! Not all iron is magnetic. Yes, each iron atom is like a little magnet but not all iron objects have a magnetic field. The reason that most objects that have iron in them are not magnetic is that the atoms are not aligned as organized magnetic domains. I talk more about how to figure out if your hematite is real or not in my Crystal Savvy Class Elective. If you didn’t get a chance to register for that, I’ll be re-releasing it soon. Stay tuned to my newsletter for that. 🙂

  10. What about shungite instead of black tourmaline. It has electrical charge also. And Celestite (sp?) instead of blue calcite. I just got one like a little egg the most beautiful smoky pale blue clear. Same thing with the angels etc.

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  11. The 3 that would be most helpful would be black tourmaline, blue calcite and citrine. I am working on surrendering and letting go as well as having a consistent positive outlook and these stones, I feel, would help facilitate my studies and practices.

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  12. My picks would be my clear quartz, amethyst and jade (for serious health issues), but have special bond with citrine.

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  13. I am very blessed as I seem to have 9 of the 10 recommended crystals on your list. I have Citrine as well, but not sure from whence it comes … Our company is currently in the process of shutting it’s doors and we are all being retrenched, however I wear my Amethyst ring and a Black Tourmaline every day – I find them comforting. I also have a number of Clear Quartz points in my bedroom that speak to me every day. It is wonderful to be surrounded by all this beauty and I thank you so much for the priceless list and sharing your wisdom with us. I will be filling in a different email address as currently your messages are shared on my work address. This way we will be in touch going forward.

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  14. i have most of the crystals you suggest. i have no idea where all the citrine i have originated, and now feel most of it may be amethyst. hmm, maybe i will use my pendulum and ask…
    i have calcite in several colours, but not blue! need to add that to my collection. many days i will just hold my hand over the crystals to see which i am drawn to for today as i am running out the door; then check “the book” when i get home and find out ‘that’ stone was perfect.
    i have bought many items from chrissie at earthegy! love her site, her blogs, and her products.

  15. Black tourmaline is my go to along with amethyst and rose quartz. I’m also having wonderful results with my new stone which is charoite. I’ve just placed an order for rainbow fluorite. I agree that citrine can be tricky. Especially when you can’t pick it up and feel it before buying.

  16. I Have everything except a blue calcite! I just recently purchased a raw natural Smokey citrine from the Congo! I was so excited to get it! The only problem was it was a lot smaller than what I thought it would be! But it is gorgeous! I just received yesterday a raw natural Smokey citrine that the miner got in Nevada! It is bigger than I thought it would be but also is gorgeous! I only have some if the tumbled stones as I perfer the raw natural stones in all!
    Thank you so very much for all the info you give so freely! I do want to take your class and maybe if the stars shine on me I will be able to!
    I also love that the oils and crystals go together so well! They each enhance the other!!!
    Can’t explain how much they both have done to enhance my life! They have given me the peace and tranquility I didn’t think I would ever find! Thank you!
    Crystal Blessings to all!

  17. Thank you talking about Green Jade. I am trying to get over a terrible cold and I could use a little help. Any other crystals out there that can help?

  18. I got my Congo Citrine night of June 12. It’s Smokey Citrine. I have most of the crystals except for Fluorite and Hematite. For some reason, I have never been into Hematite. I love my Black Tourmaline, it’s smaller than yours but I’ve bonded with it so much. It goes with me everywhere. I had it in my pocket the day we met in Tucson where we got into an accident that morning in Phoenix.

  19. My three go to crystals are rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz but all 10 on your list are in my collection. Feeling called to add a smoky quartz generator next. Only presently have small tumbled pieces and chips for grids. Planning on doing some shadow work in the fall and the pull of smoky quartz is getting stronger.

  20. I alternate between labradorite, lepidolite is great for calming (it has lithium), blue lacy agate for throat chakra & communication, selenite (clears neg. energies), bl. tourmaline, lately I like to ground with bronzite because it also absorbs & repels negative energies, larimar is chill, laid back, kyanite, clear or rutilated quartz, carnelian, rose quartz or silverleaf jasper has nice gentle energy. I try to make a type of gemstone cocktail everyday. Asking guides for guidance and using my intuition for what energies will benefit me the most for the day.

  21. I love all of the stones on your list! And indeed fall in love with all stones I find or buy. Which ones are my favorites can change over time, and then I can come back again to the originals. It’s interesting that many (but not all) pure quartz specimens often seem too intense for me–especially if they are points. Gradual approaches give me a better result though. I wonder why I feel great compatibility with some exceptionally high frequency stones but not always with clear quartz points. Hmmm. Maybe it’s because they are points. In fact, it’s been only recently that I’ve felt led to get out a set of crystal clear points again that I had put away for a few decades. A few of my personal favorites: Smoky Elestial Quartz, Blood Stone, Scolecite, Satyaloka Azeztulite, Pink Nirvana Quartz, and Moldavite. Thank you for all you do and share. I love your posts and learn so much!

  22. Hie Beth, I found this video very informative and I love it when you go off on your tangents because that gives me extra information anout them. I am only missing the congo citrine but i do have raw citrine that was bought a lot of years ago. I have been working with crystals for about twenty years now. I just love them.

  23. I have a beautiful large black turmaline from Brazil
    They are very common and not expensive in certain states in Brazil
    I will post the picture on my Instagram
    About a must have stone/crystal I would mention the Agatha I have a special love for those
    Thank you for your posts
    Gratitude Love

  24. Hi Ms. Moon! I have almost all of your list. I need to examine what I have that are supposed to be Black Tourmaline. I see you have a blog post about that. #8 Blue Calcite. I don’t have that one, but I have had good success with a piece of Blue Lace Agate. Thoughts? I liked what you said about the Smokey Quartz and Amethyst. I have some beautiful specimens of both! I have a piece of Smokey Quartz that I use in meditation, it communicated to me to lie down and place it on the Third Eye! It’s AMAZING!! Oh, I would like to hear your thoughts on the current planetary configuration that is so “lop-sided”! Thanks much. You’re Awesome. Divine Love & Light

  25. Hi. I was wondering if you could recommend a website that sells real Hematite. Thank you so much. I found your video very enlightening. Thank you!

  26. If you really want to chase away that “monkey mind” during meditation, try Transcendental Meditation. You don’t meditate on things. You meditate to find the river of love and compassion which resides in all of us. Don’t have to worry about chasing away unwanted thoughts. The idea is, let what comes, come and let what goes, go.

    My current favorite is obsidian. I need the extra help fending off negative energy and it’s the only one I have. I dont know much at all about crystals and am just beginning the learning process.

    1. Holly,it’s an honor to read your thoughts,it’s/23/2019.today Friday you made me happy with your knowledge,I am retired army medic long time ago,I still desire to help homeless like today.I am novice with crystals and stones,I been giving them and received a love stone from georgouse female cigar hostess friend.Hubbicus Moon I found you today and love you…cownoy_ out in Colorado.

  27. What’s ur feelings on rainbow hematite? Just as effective? Never knew about using a magnet to test if it’s fake. Thanks for tip!!

  28. I need blue calcite and hematite. Always loved the way blue calcite looked especially in a sphere. Seems so soothing like the ocean

  29. Hi, I just love watching your video, its very interesting, I also have a collection of crystals, my favorite is rose quartz n Amethyst. I have a rose quartz elephant that I always keep near me.
    I also have a few questions, what is moon quartz good for? I have a heamatite bracelet, how long can you wear it for?
    How often should you cleanse your crystals, I have all mine sitting on rock salt, is that good.

  30. John Casey, so called NASA connected expert and proponent of the Grand Solar Minimum,is falsifying his backround. I have a friend who is a real scientist and he checked his credentials and they are not real. The publishing company that published his books is ultimately owned by billionaire big oil who have discredited global warming. The companies that want to continue to use fossil fuel and continue to pollute the world with business practices that dump tons of pollution into our precious world and galaxy.

    Hibiscus Moon, please check the backround on people you put up as experts on your site. I want to like you but I feel disillusioned when you promote someone like this nutcase John Casey. My friend found some very wierd stuff about this guy. Thank you

  31. Thank you for this video. Very enjoyable and informative. Glad I found your channel. I am more into Feng Shui which uses many objects as well as crystal jewelry in their teachings. Much of my jewelry is made of the gems on your list.
    Would love to start a collection of bigger raw pieces like yours too .


  32. This is a great post! I am new to your site but I love it already! You’re so knowledgeable! I have a question— I am just getting into the world of crystals, and what drew me to it was looking for EMF protection. But I also have a TON of stress (for real, way too much, all the time) and it is very hard for me to get rid of it. It’s like it’s ingrained in my ways, I sometimes don’t even know when I’m stressing out. So I wanted to get some crystals to wear for EMF protection, as well as the crystals you mentioned above, to help with stress and blocking negative energy, and spiritual healing. I was thinking of getting a custom necklace made with all of the stones for these purposes, but I read how you said some of them actually enhance/conduct th EMF, so I am assuming it’s not a good idea to get one necklace with ALL of the stones you mention. I would be so appreciative if you could give me some advice as to what to do…. Thank you so much!

  33. I’m very new to crystals and I feel like I’m being drawn to learn more and use them in my everyday routine. Sometimes the feeling is so overwhelming and I can’t shake it off. Almost like I’m obsessed. I know, that sounds crazy. Where do I get them? Obviously I can’t jump on a plane or train to find different ones, and I don’t want to get fake ones. I live in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

  34. I am new to this and am getting ready to establish an alter. Are these good crystals for the grid? I have most of these crystals. But I am always trying to learn more about the many crystals that are out there. This session has really given me a lot of insight into buying these beautiful stones. THANK YOU.

  35. I have to ask about the stones you chose to put in your drinking glass. You mentioned you had a water purification system at home? Please explain as I am new to crystals. The office I work at has weird metallic taste so I wondered if stones would change it.

  36. I just adore Shungite!! What are your thoughts on it, Hibiscus? For me it has the potential to be my all stone, with the exception of Lemurians. I carry an orb at all times and treat my water with tumbled stones. When I first met it, the energy was so strong. The interesting thing was that the energy approached me from the exterior, I usually connect to crystal energy from inside myself. Thats where i feel it first. But not Shungite. I adore it!

  37. I just love crystals & Gems& doing Tarot, the crystals really relax my anxiety & depression that I suffer from everyday, it gives me a sense of calmness & peace! It’s Awesome! I really need to get some herbs and Sage, at least I would like to, but there is no place around here to get that stuff… I will probably just order it offline! I know u don’t have to have it for magic I would just like to have it & work with it! Well nice to meet you & my witch name is ~GypsyMoon~ !

  38. I just love Crystals they r so Awesome to me! They help my anxiety & depression & they calm me & put me at peace! I also work with stones also! And I love doing Tarot & I love astrology & numerology anything that has to do with my zodiac sign! I also love the angels divinely, they r awesome! I like everything actually that has to do with magick, the good stuff! I’m a very kind person & would never hurt anyone so I guess u would call me a Divine Witch!

  39. Thank you very much for this post. I just learned my citrine clusters are actually the bismuth – heated amethyst druzy. Your example is exactly my two pieces. Now I know not to trust that site.

  40. Just finished reading your book (or should I say devoured it), Crystal Grids How and Why They Work. Absolutely terrific!

    My go to crystals are everything on your list, except for Congo citrine. This one I don’t have. I also like working with Carnelian, Angelite and Tumbled Bloodstone. And most recently Rhodochrosite.

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