When are you ready to heal others?

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May I address something? This “something” has been poking at me for a little while so I just need to get it out.

Something that I’ve been hearing come up more frequently with my students?

Its this whole thing about some people feeling like this:

“OK, I’ve taken a class, completed a certification, received a certificate…I may even have several different types of healing modality certifications under my sparkly belt…but I’m still not ready nor prepared to heal others. Who am I to heal others?

and–by the way, I don’t feel certification is necessary at all, yeah even though I am the founder of an Academy that certifies peeps! I go over my views on that in this interview I gave a while back w/ a few other cool chicas.

crystal healing8Some people are born healers and may know it & they’ve got the confidence that goes along with it and…more power to you. I love that.

Some people feel like they can they can teach themselves & learn it all on their own & they become extraordinary healers!

What I’m saying is, I don’t feel certification is a necessity, nor that it’s for everyone-we’ve talked a little bit about that before.

So why bother with certifications & academies & the whole she-bang? That’s b/c a lot of us- and this is just human nature, Lima Bean- a lot of us like to have a foundation, a lot of us like to have steps to follow. We like some kind of–not that I deliver formulas at all, but some kind of a format.

And hey, I love it too! That’s why I love to teach & I love to build curricula & I just freakin’ love this sort of thing. I’ve been a teacher my whole life.

So this whole thing about:

‘Okay, I’ve got all these certifications, I still don’t feel like I’m ready to be a healer. I still don’t feel like I’ve mastered it. I still don’t feel like I’m ready. I still feel like there’s so much more to learn before I should be out there healing other people. I still feel like I have so much to heal within myself before I can go out there and heal others.’

rejectThat is just plain bullshiz! Yeah, I am calling bullshiz on that. Get over it. Get over it.

That’s what I say to that because, hey, guess what?

None of us are perfect.

Even the highest ascended masters & Source Energy itself have some imperfections, and if we’re going to wait around for all of us to become ascended masters, to get people out there healing & helping other people, then…Frick!…none of us are going to benefit from any of it.

And by the way, I don’t think being a healer-my students know this; they know this well- being a healer is not a one way street.

It’s most certainly a two way street.

crystal healing7

So, when we call ourselves ‘healer’, it’s really a misnomer. We just use that to give a label because, as humans, we also like to have labels so we can compartmentalize things & know what everyone is talking about. So that’s a good idea. But you are a healer as well as the ‘healee’-yeah, that’s a weird word-but when we are healing others we are also receiving healing in return.

It’s a 2 way conduit to source energy. We’re giving & we are receiving; and sure as heck we need it. We need that healing just as much as everybody else does. I know I do!
So please, please get over this notion, Sweet Pea. Do not wait until you feel that you are perfectly ready–

  • all your chakras are balanced
  • you are perfectly healed
  • you do everything wonderfully well
  • you don’t do anything wrong
  • you’re in heart center 100% of the time
  • and– oh, forget it!!

It’s unattainable.


So please, get out there, share your gifts, and heal other people…and be healed. :)


Crystal blessings!


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  2. Michele

    Well said. The best way to be/become a healer is to just be you. Do what feels right to you. You are unique, follow your gut. It will all fall into place. Work on yourself first and be happy with you as you are :)

  3. Stephanie

    You are SO right Hibiscus Moon! I think so many of us are waiting for permission or a bolt of lightening to become what we want to be, instead of just getting off our rear ends and working on it… like getting a certification is the moment when we will suddenly have this power. In truth, helping others is a lifelong process and a work in progress. A certification is a wonderful foundation and a way to guide your process but the getting out there and doing it and doing it and doing it is the only way to be ready!
    Much love! Your sparkly blessings always make me smile!

  4. tana

    Hibiscus Moon – thank you for addressing this! I hear this a lot too and it paralyzes people. The heart centered thing used to paralyze me. And ironically, as soon as I let up on myself, things started to flow a little more naturally. I was more open to learning and growing.

    I also appreciate what you say about the term or word “healer.” I use the word “facilitator” because I’m facilitating a time and space for healing to take place and you better bet your bottom dollar that I am experiencing a healing too during the facilitation. :)

    Awesome, awesome post.

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  5. Darlene

    I love this blog! I suspect sometimes we DO (unknowingly) get caught up in the mind-set that ‘we need to know MORE’… or to be a shining example of what we do/teach. I’ll always remember hearing the words of a ‘teacher’ that I greatly respect… during one of her weekend conferences (HUGE turnout) the audience was asking questions, when one person had asked something about how she applied these teachings to her life… her response was “Hell, I don’t live this stuff… I just KNOW it, and I know how to TEACH it”. For me, it was ‘lesson learned’!

  6. Kara Daly

    I agree. Knowing when to get started can be daunting, but all it takes is trust in yourself and in the healing process. It helped me to realize that I was only facilitating healing, and that it was up to the recipient to play an active role in their healing too. This took a lot of pressure off of me and I was able to trust trust trust. I think that as long as you can work in the context of love, then you are ready. Thanks for this post; much needed!

  7. Ericka

    This article definitely speaks to me! Its taken some time for me to realize that helping others to heal has nothing to do with having the perfect massage table or a “Martha Stewart life.” Like you said, it is a two way street through which my client and I both will grow and heal. Intention is everything! Thank you so much for sharing this <3

  8. Rokeya

    This is Perfect! I have MS yet I STILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO HEAL OTHERS AND MYSELF!!! It is a 2 way street in healing, as it raises my vibration level and the other person too. Win win. Healer is a loaded word. I cannot think of a better term but it’s one that the collective can recognize. I have been healing people for years and myself. I decided to take this class to broaden my horizons and people like seeing that you’re “certified”. I have NO IDEA where or how I am going to “set up shop” or anything. I have book of notes and ideas but I am relaxing into it. I am in the middle of this class and loving it. You have to keep trying if it is in your heart. I have run into to so many obstacles but you just keep jumping!! Make your PATH, eventually all will BE. <3

    1. Monique

      I have healed people all my life. Call it instinctual. I don’t know. It just comes to me.
      I have never taken any classes on it, and I never feel the need to heal myself first.
      I might be able to learn things from a class, but, if someone is hurting physically or emotionally, I just seem to know what to do.

  9. Trisha

    My Mother was a healer, and she instilled in me, the idea that we are all healers it is just some of us are not aware, or have other interests that overpower your urge to heal. She taught me so very much and I know that I can heal others, I have done so many times and I do have a certificate that says I am a Reiki Master, but so what. The course taught me that I already knew what to do, because my Mom had shown me how to approach it. I believe that the Healing Guides, once asked to assist, will show you, where to place your hands, for how long, and to what degree. Your hands will heat up when you are in the right spot, and that is another cue that you are healing. We all can do this, and should, as there is so much need. I never charge money for my healing, but in order to show that I do respect what I am doing for someone, I will allow them to give me some small token or gift if they feel the need. Sometimes even a hug and thank you is enough. After all, it all comes from God thru the healer, Without God, there would be no healing, we are merely a conduit. So ya, get over the nerves, just do it, you will love it and the more you do the better you will be. Good luck and God Bless You Too.

  10. Harinder Singh

    The hesitation to start healing is a common fear among many people. The fact is that “real learning” starts when you start to heal. An ounce of practice is worth much more than a tonne of theory. The Sun lights up the world, but it cannot reach the inner chambers of the heart. A poet can “touch” the inner chambers of the heart. But, experience teaches from the soul, where the words of a poet cannot penetrate so easily. So, experience is supreme. Experience makes us healers. Experience strengthens our connection to the source. Experience can only be gained by DOING. Nothing can teach better than the self. All teachers outside are a reflection of the self. The outer teacher is the entry door to our learning. The inner teacher then takes over. Allow for this to happen. True progress will surely follow.

  11. Paulette

    Wow! I thought it was just me who felt this way! You hit every insecurity i have about my Teiki right on the head. So wonderful to know this is a normal feeling for other healers too. This helps me enormously. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  12. Judith

    We don’t heal any body, unless you are a doctor or a specialist.
    We help people to Heal Themselves.
    When I did my Reiki, Crystal, Colour, sound, plus other modalities, it was instilled in us, we do not heal anyone, we help people to heal themselves, we are not God.

  13. Gianluca

    Thanks for this, I always think to myself if I’m ready to start helping my family and I now think I am. It’s a learning process

    Crystal blessings x

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