Underrated Crystals + Stones

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This week a Crystal Hottie asks:

What are some of the most underrated crystals? What stones do you think deserve more recognition?

I really had to think about that one. I mean really…that’s a TUFF (geo-geeks, get it?) question!! When you have over 4,000 minerals to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming. But this was fun to think about none the less!

And when I thought of my answer I decided to give you 2 options that were really practical & easy to obtain.

So take a look & see which 2 I chose:

Underrated Crystals + Stones

Here’s that other video I mentioned on calcite.

If you’d like to submit your own question voice-mail, where I pick out a few good questions to use on air during a future video response please do so! I’d love to hear from you!

Now, I would love to hear from you! What are you choices for underrated crystals? Please tell me in the comments below.

Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!



Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!

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  2. Dear Hibiscus Moon
    I thank you for telling us about the Basalt rock! I have Calcites that I work with and I love them for everything. The Basalt though will helo with the earthing that I am sometimes unable to get outside to do! You Rock!! 😉 ♡

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    2. I feel the same way, Rebecca. I have no real outdoor space and I can’t get to the park enough, so these basalt rocks are a GREAT thing to know about. Thank you, Hibiscus Moon!!

    3. I just bought a few of these basalt rocks and they are REALLY making a difference! I just got an idea of having “earthing stations” around my apartment with some of these stones that are almost 6″ in length. I will also sleep with one in my bed at my feet and since it is so large, I pretty much can always find it. Wonderful information here!!!!! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing this! My fave underrated rocks are apatite and apophyllite. Apophyllite is in nearly every room in my house, and I love giving this lovely one to friends as well. As for apatite, I am not drawn to it as much, but all my non-crystal obsessing friends are ALWAYS drawn to it–particularly green and golden apatite. I also think that obsidian gets overlooked quite a bit.

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      1. I agree with apophyllite … I just love it! I also found aegerine and fell in love with it <3 it is attatched to a smoky quartz and the energies blend so well… Ground and clear! Boom! I would also say chrysoprase. Heart and throat, boom! 😀

  4. I love calcite! The blue and green one were one of the first stones I started placing in my room to help relax my massage clients. I have an optical calcite that I haven’t worked with you yet. One of my favorite stones is Prehnite. I keep gravitating towards them every time I go to a gem and mineral show.

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  5. I love calcite!!! reminds me of cream cycles and when i was a kid! The colors and the kind and gentle energy of calcite is always sweet to hang out with. My fave is still Lemuria Quartz, i have them everywhere and can’t quit buying them it seems!
    Thanks for these video’s and the input, love them!

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  7. I love Jaspers. They come in so many variations and their energy is so soothing. I think they are underrated because people think of all crystals as being sparkly.

    1. I agree, Lee-Ann, I am finding myself really drawn to the jaspers and now the agates, as well, these days. Super inexpensive and easy to find as well. 🙂

  8. Calcite Has A Very Low Mos Hardness correct? around 2 so they are a stone to be taken care of. Sound and Smudging would be the best bet to Cleanse

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  9. i have a crystal`s not sure what its called and i don`t know what to do with it it a like a hollow rock crystal`s in side we went with a friend to top of ill in a small town got in a creek and dug them out sat down n cut in half with a pipe cutter.. it so pretty but thats all i know to do so i want to see your vidoes but my sound on the vidoes is not working tho my volume is turned up and i can play music and i cant fix it sorry .. but love the stones

  10. Hi, I wonder what your thoughts are about the coral calcite we find here in FL? I have some amazing clusters, one rather large, which were unearthed here in our garden outside Fort Lauderale. They are a clear golden color, almost like cirtine. The crystal shape is different, could it be stellar beam? They are on stone coral matrix, a real treat!

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  11. Love calcites! I have a huge blue one…bigger than my fist. It is a favorite of my kids at school. They want to hold that one all the time! 🙂 Never thought of basalt in that way, so now I need to dig mine out. Collected a bunch on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Thanks!!!

  12. Hey Steph (long time sweetie)

    I’m so glad you mentioned Basalt. I’ve a small bag with these rocks purchased from a bookstore no less as they were in the health section! Ha! Cheap as chips and yes they are very earthing… I love the feel of them and they’re also great to calm one when meditating too! Rolling between ones fingers as you find your clear calm space…

    As for the calcites, well everyone I’ve met on my crystal journey seems to love them, how can one not! I love optical calcite aka Iceland Spar… have many, and still have the one I wrote you many moons ago that had what looked like scratches all over it (so wasn’t clear at all) but I love it’s gentle energy, so it’s stayed forefront in my calcite collection!

    Keep up the great videos… Love ’em all even if I don’t always comment, I’m still a-watching! Love u loads x x x

  13. Oh I could not agree more with Calcite!!!! It is my absolute favorite crystal family. Calcite almost always has this very creamy moisturizing, soothing fortifying vibe to it. I just love their sweetness. Once again, a fantastic video spreading crystal love!

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