Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

by Hibiscus Moon · 31 comments

Are there crystals that are just “too much” for us to work with? Perhaps some that we’re just not ready for? Like moldavite?

moldavite Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?


Yep, it’s known as a “high-ascension” stone.

moldavite Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

What does that mean?

High ascension stones are known for having powerful metaphysical properties & energy that are very easy for most to connect with…even for those of us who are usually dense to the energies. They are known to have a strong connection divine energies. Since these crystals & stones usually resonate with the higher chakras, working & meditating with them can be quite intense. So, that makes the idea of these stones very appealing.

But are you READY FOR IT?

I think you’re really gonna want to watch or listen to this video. It’s a sizzling-hot topic. icon wink Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful? You’ll see why I said that when you watch the vid!

I also give you some gentler crystal alternatives to start off with. icon smile Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

After watching, please join in on the convo in the comments below.

Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

Here’s that blog post I refer to in the video.

I can’t wait to see your comments! I would love to hear your story about how moldavite (or other powerful crystals) have affected you. Specifically, I’d love to know:

  • What’s your experience working with high ascension crystals?
  • Have you ever worked specifically with moldavite? What did you get from it?
  • What’s your FAVORITE high-energy crystal?

I also hope this post doesn’t scare you off of moldavite or other high ascension stones. Just take it slow & steady…work up to it & see how you do & what they can do for you.♥

Please also share this with your crystal-lovin’ friends so they don’t have to deal with the fiery chest-burn. That sucker was HOT, let me  tell you!

Crystal Blessings, Lima Bean!

signature3 Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?


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  • Gayle Lee says:

    Hi Hibiscus Moon, you mentioned a starter kit of crystals. Where will I find the information, please? I dabble with crystals a little. I have a Chakra set of rough stones, which I love and two large pieces of Rose Quartz in the Relationship corner of my bedroom, which work well as my husband even feels the energy, :), I love to wear my Tiger’s Eye necklace and Rose Quartz bracelet, when I remember to, lol. I enjoyed the above video, in fact I enjoy all your videos. Thank you so much. Sparkly rainbow blessings of love and light, Gayle

  • Interesting! Love it! Thanks for the post!

  • Lenas Spirit says:

    Interesting! Love it! Thanks for the post!

  • Lenas Spirit says:

    Interesting! Love it! Thanks for the post!

  • Lenas Spirit says:

    Interesting! Love it! Thanks for the post!

  • Lenas Spirit says:

    Interesting! Love it! Thanks for the post!

  • Rydia says:

    I don’t have any experience with moldavite, but now I’m SO curious!
    I’m not sure if it’s considered a ‘high ascension stone’ but I had a lot of difficulty working with fire agate. The energy was so strong, I couldn’t sleep for three days. I was (and still am) seriously considering giving them away.

    Thanks so much for the info!

  • sara says:

    i work with plenty of high energy crystals (tanzanite, lemurian, diamond, blue moonstone, apophylite etc), and i can’t stand moldavite’s energy. it’s just the wrong energy for me.

  • Holly Worton says:

    I have a tiny piece of moldavite that I love, and I’d love to get a larger piece. I feel a lot of warmth from it, but never burning. Thanks for this video!

  • Erika says:

    I love moldavite, I’ve been working with it and other synergy 12 stones, but I seem to have a deep connection to moldavite!
    My son has suffered from severe ADHD for years, even on meds he was 2 years behind in school because the meds wore off so quickly while he was at school half his day was a waste! He metabolizes everything so quickly it’s impossible to keep any meds working in him for long. Then the meds started giving him hallucinations! I was searching everywhere for help, he hated himself for not being able to control his, as he called them, “crazy legs, crazy arms and crazy head” he was so angry at himself for not being able to stop his body from its constant motion and said he hated his mind and body! He felt he was bad and nobody liked him because he was so different. I spent years trying different things to help him but nothing helped….when I bought my 1st price of moldavite I was in a devastated place, wondering what was wrong and how I was going to help my son!
    I meditated with it once, I had the phrases “intestines, enzyme issues, food allergies” they kept running through my mind, I realized this had something to do with my son….I abruptly stop meditating and got on my computer and started to look up every symptom he had and how it could relate to this!
    My grandma and brother both had major enzyme issues, we are Cherokee Indian, my brother had severe kidney stone issues, lost one kidney and the other is extremely weak, my grandma died from calcium deposits around her heart, my dad has had 2 quadruple bypasses from calcium deposits around his heart.
    I searched for what is been told was our issues, super hyper calcium absorbers, but nothing fit with my sons issues.
    I kept looking and eventually realized one thing kept coming back up with everyone of his symptoms, gluten! I started researching what gluten was and how it worked….found out it destroys our bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals so they build up in inappropriate places and create toxicity as our bodies slowly become malnourished , which creates…..mental issues!
    After the first few days my son was off gluten he needed only half the meds he usually needed, his sweet personality started to return! He’s done a complete turn around, hes on the path to being totally off meds soon! The doctors can’t believe the changes! I’ve adopted the diet after I started to realize I had many symptoms myself….I’ve never felt better in my life! I’ve had weekly, sometimes daily migraines for years I was losing hair, regular bloody noses, I bruised so easily and constantly felt hungry but couldn’t gain weight…plus depression and ADD!
    All gone now!
    My mom and brother have adopted this diet and turned their issues around, my dad doesn’t think he can give up the foods with gluten…..but maybe someday he will!
    We have found celiac disease has affected many people in our family, we don’t have a super calcium absorption issues we have an enzyme issue created from an allergy or sensitivity to the gluten found in many foods!
    Thank you, moldavite!

    • Caitlin says:

      Thank you, Erika! I just looked up enzyme issues, and I have never seen all my symptoms sprawled out in front of me like that before. As I was reading your response I got tingles all through my body, so decided to look it up. I’m on an elimination diet, but this is so going to help me really pay attention to the refinements associated with enzymes (like water with meals, cooking veggies, etc.)

      What an amazing experience that moldavite helped show you this.

  • Erika says:

    I love the strong vibration stones…I’m slowly collecting the synergy 12 stones, but moldavite still seems to be the one that just flows effortlessly with me! I feel like it’s saved our lives, I’m realizing I was on the same path as my grandmother, at my age she had many of the same symptoms I had! I even started having arthritis issues in my 20’s like her! She seemed to lose weight and grow frail at a very young age, but that’s what’s happens when a toxic poison is eating away at your intestines and preventing you from absorbing the minerals that keep you healthy and alive!
    I’ve just recently bought Phenacite and Azeztulite, but haven’t received them yet so I’ll post more once I get them!

    I can’t sleep with any of these stones near me because they are so strong they keep me up all night! I wish I could find a way to lessen that so I could have dreams that incorporate the stones energy, I hear others discussing this and it sounds nice!

  • Andrea says:

    Moldavite is amazing! My first interaction with the stone, I immediately felt tingling in my hand, that progressed throughout my body. Within a few minutes, I was getting light headed and was given a grounding stone to balance. I purchased the piece :) Within just a couple of days, I was in tune with in. The most miraculous aspect of this stone is it’s healing ability. Keep in mind, this is my personal experience only that I speak of. I have discoid lupus. I set my stone in a crystal glass filled with water and put it outside during the full moon. I use the charged water on a cotton ball, on my skin. I also drink 1 oz in the morning and evening. The results have been amazing! I have not been on my meds now for 2 months and no flare ups and skin is healing wonderfully! Joint pain, fatigue have been almost non existent. Again, this is my personal experience with Moldavite. I have it with me when I sleep and travel during my dreams. Things that do not serve purpose in my life have become unimportant and I have a wonderful outlook of what is to come :) My intuition has spiked, along with my empathic gift. To sum it up, I feel as though I am shedding and an enlightened, high vibration self is emerging! Using it in conjunction with a Herkimer Diamond is extraordinary and intense!! My recommendation to those who find themselves very sensitive to the stone in the beginning … have a grounding stone nearby :) Blessings!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I think it just depends on how sensitive you are to crystal energy. It also depends on each person. Sometimes you are just naturally drawn to particular stones. I am personally very much drawn to moldavite. It’s very powerful, and it takes the body a couple of weeks to get used to that kind of high energy. However, after carrying moldavite in my pocket for about 6 months now, I almost feel out of sorts if I don’t have it. It definitely works quickly. It’s not something to be taken lightly. If you are ready for positive life changes, try it out. But if there is something in your life that needs to go, it will. A relationship that isn’t in your best interest; job that isn’t serving your higher purpose, etc. Moldavite will come in and wipe it out. But nothing but good/better things will replace them. I know I’ve never been happier at this point.

    • Tracy says:

      Amen to that, sister/friend. All has been good, better – amazing since it wiped out a third of our town with a tornado in 2011. Major transformation and i feel so blessed!

  • Tia says:

    I havent had any experience with moldavite. I just havent come across any. I can say I have major issues with hematite though. Every time I even hold it for a couple of moments I get really lethargic and feel weighed down. Ironically people love to give it to me. I have so many jewelry pieces with it and rose quartz (which I get along with beautifully) and I cant ever wear them.
    I have noticed that with crystals that there are times when I can work with a certain crystal and other times they can make me queasy, so I do believe there are times we need certain crystals and times when our reactions say to stay away.

  • criselda says:

    So just this week I started wearing a piece I made. It has both Moldivite and Herkimer. It is gorgeous and don’t take it off. I started wearing it because I don’t dream or at least I don’t remember. I am dreaming now but am so tired in the morning, lol! I really love moldivite!
    What are these 12 synergy stones you speak of?

  • Tracy says:

    Yes, moldavite. I got one and kept it on my person everywhere i went. In may of 2011 a tornado hit joplin missouri taking my house with it. I still had the moldavite and decided that was enough transformation for a while and gave it away with a firm warning. I have since aquired another piece of which i wear every day. So far no catastrophies!

  • Tatjana says:

    Greetings Hibiscus Moon,
    I love your video on Moldavite! I have been working with it for more than five years now and I have had many interesting experiences. I love using it with clear quartz for meditation.
    Both my husband and I use moldavite when we do chakra layouts with stones on each other.
    It does wonders.
    Though I know that some people need time to acclimate to it, and some deal with different symptoms of what is known as moldavite flush, what most don’t realize is that moldavite is working on their whole system when they experience this.
    Moldavite has been known to clear chakras, meridians as well as reconstruct one’s dna.
    It is also known as the stone of transformation. This I know to be true as my life has been transformed once I started to work with it.
    Once a person is acclimated to moldavite, it helps one to see what no longer serves their highest good and helps one to release those things.
    There is so much to Moldavite, I highly recomend it, but caution that people should take it slow when first starting with it. I also recommend one does their research and really get to know about it as well.
    Love, light and many blessings

  • Tammy says:

    I recently purchased a small pendant with moldavite. Since wearing it, all the time, I have an incredible case of the blues. No energy. No motivation. Feeling quite lost. Is this a normal response? And is it a sign that I should not be working with it? I appreciate any suggestions.

  • jennifer says:

    I was given a Mondovite pendant and earrings by a friend who said they made her very dizzy. I don’t feel anything out of the ordinary when I wear them. Does this mean that I’m not sensitive enough? I feel like I feel the vibrations of some crystals just nothing out of the ordinary with this kind.

  • Judith Mendoza says:

    19 years ago I had a small business and bought a few pieces of Moldavite. I made them into pendants. My daughter saw one and wanted it for herself. She started wearing it immediately and would not take it off even at night. About a month later we found out she was pregnant. I thought about the stone but decided she needed it for the baby. She wore it until the day she went into labor when the moldavite crumbled into pieces. My grand daughter is incredible. Her whole outlook on life is and has been so far advanced. She is a loving caring person who is constantly sought after for her advise and counseling. She has never gone through the things a typical teenager does. It is amazing. I received the information when she was still in the womb that she needed the stones energy to be able to adapt to earth’s energy. I am so happy we had the stone available so she could come here and help make earth a better place. I am always amazed to see what she is going to do next. Hope this helps others with their use of this wonderful stone.

  • Andrea says:

    Moldavite has totally crashed my computer.

    My favorite high energy crystals as an alternative are: rutilated quartz, selenite, and citrine. They’ll get the energy pumping but aren’t all crazy like moldavite.

  • lucy says:

    I am so happy with the Moldavite I have ! I have a good feeling whenever I am wearing though I never experienced of what others feel, hot flush, nausea etc.
    I enjoy wearing it with other crystals I have. The only thing I could feel is so comfortable on my wrist, sometimes I feel as if the Moldavite talking to me saying that happy too being with me….hmmmm.

  • P Fumero says:

    Hello. I usually tolerate and am very used to very high frequency crystals. In fact I seek them out. I do not feel that moldevite rush but I do feel the energy there. I can feel the energy of herkimer diamonds, rhodozite and azestulite faster but not in a dramatic way. But these usually resonate on the cold side instead of heat. I make very powerful selenite based tuned resonators (wands) that can move large amounts of energy as emiters and receivers and it feels like heat. I bought 3 pieces of moldevite, two are on selenite wards as part of the energy filters. Only one is for sale at my etsy store and I call it the electric blue arc. The newest one is beautiful and small (0.75 inches) as are all real modevite. I know that it will be pairing with a herkimer diamond which I still need to find. Namaste

  • Kimberly says:

    I absolutely love Moldavite!
    After reading through a crystal guide book I instantly became attracted to Moldavite and just had to have a piece for myself. When I first slept on my purchased piece It was very intense. I was instantly taken out of my body as soon as I laid down on my pillow! The pulsing energy it gave off was like nothing I had ever felt. For the first couple of weeks I couldn’t wear it for too long as it was obviously working quickly on my chakras and I’d feel a deep thud in my chest (the re-alignment of my heart chakra). It took a while for me to adjust to Moldavite’s energy but now I wear it throughout the day and find that my outlook on life has changed for the better since doing so.

  • LunarMoon says:

    I actually purchased a piece of moldavite after reading about them. It was a rather small piece and I didn’t seem to feel too much from it. A few months later while I was at a gem show, I found that one of my favorite venders had a few moldavite pendants. I purchased one that was 3 or 4 times larger than the first one that I had bought. I immediately felt light headed when I touched it. I wore it very close to my neck and it actually was so strong that it gave me a very bad sore throat for 24 hours. After that, my body seemed to adapt to it pretty quick. I actually love the feeling that I get from the moldavite because I can really FEEL it working! It seems strange but every once in awhile it will completely disappear and I can’t find it for the life of me. It will suddenly reappear out of no where like it knows that I am needing it. Strange.

  • Frantisek says:

    my favorite crystal is moldavite. I’m a moldavite collector. That is great feeleing to be close to my collection.
    Thank you for the post.

  • Dev says:

    I’ve had a challenging time recently and few of my usual crystals had been able to do much.I bought a tiny piece of moldavite today, it was still in its case but I felt more positive with it in my pocket. When I got home, I placed it on my chest and began to feel energy flowing over my head and through my face. I think there are stomach meridians that flow through the face. I’ve had a problem with gluten intolerance for a while now and I believe the Moldavite was cleansing these meridians. I also had a moment of insight with it, just came out of nowhere.

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