Can you prepare foods &/or medicines using crystals & stones?

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Some of us get soooo into our crystals that we want to use them in absolutely everything we do! Am I right? Ya feel me?

First! A Warning & Disclaimer:

You must be very careful & do your own research yourself on which stones are safe to place in anything you will be ingesting!! There are some stones that can be  toxic. Some may contain copper, aluminum, lead, etc. I know a fellow crystal healer who fell ill from accidentally ingesting highly toxic stibnite due it containing lead and antimony. So due your own due diligence & be careful. You may want to consult my Toxic Stones Page here. Since there are over 4500 minerals there is no way to list them all but that page is a good start.

Let’s get to it!

So the short answer to the above page title is YES! We absolutely can use crystals and stones to prepare foods & medicines of all sorts.

smoothieYou can create crystal water or as I like to call it: gem elixirs & then, anything that you cook using water can be made with gem elixir water! That’s right. Infuse that water p with whatever stone property will do what you intend. For instance, if I was making an energy-boosting morning smoothie I would put in some energy-boosting carnelian gem elixir water into it…as I often do!

Along with quartz & many other crystals, water is a powerful energy transmitter &  conductor. Dr. Emoto showed us that with his fascinating water experiments. If you’d loved to simply be blown away by what he’s discovered you may like to check out his books on the topic. Here’s my fav:


One of the foundational concepts I teach in my courses is that quartz crystals are programmable under certain circumstances…as is water. And so are we, human beings!

Soooo, what we can do is combine the 3 together to complete a circuit, like a supreme energy conductor! Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy!

You made one of these Lemon Electrical Circuits in science class before, right? What? No? Well, click here & go have some fun for a bit after reading this blog post, for goodness sake!

You made one of these Lemon Electrical Circuits in science class before, right? What? No? Well, click here & go have some fun for a bit after reading this blog post, for goodness sake!

Anywayz, I explain a bit about this circuitry thing in my crystal bath video that I did a long while ago:

Crystal Therapy – A Crystal Bath

To make things really easy & practical you can just plop a crystal into your drinking water. I do this daily. If you’ll be taking it along with you just be sure to use a glass container (or BPA-free steel container) as I did here for my amethyst water:



Good Mood & Energy Boosting Morning Smoothie

I have a new Good Mood & Energy Boosting Morning Smoothie that I whipped up the other day. We go deep into this stuffs in my Advanced Crystal Masters Course. Just throw it all into a blender & go (of course, take the stone out of your water before throwing into blender. LOL!!) Here’s the recipe:

  • 1/2 Tbsp cacao nibs
  • 1/2 c. frozen organic raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp silica gel (yes…this is the stuffs that quartz crystal is made of & helps your hair, skin & nails grow better plus so much more!)
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  •  1 tsp raw organic honey
  • 1-1/2 c (to your preference) carnelian gem elixir water


Sometimes I’ll make a tea if I’m not feeling well. I can make a blue lace agate gem elixir tea adding in organic licorice root & mullein herb for my lungs if I’m feeling a touch of asthma. I also have this tea infuhealth tea infuser2ser that has a crystal on the end or you can place the crystal in your tea-cup too to boost up that specific vibrational frequency that you’re tapping into.

Oils & Medicines

You can amplify the healing frequencies of just about anything with crystals & stones. I really can go on & on here…place a crystal or stone in your lotions, ointments, oils of sorts (how about a chakra anointing oil or an herbal cooking oil?) make a room spray, a  meditation spray or gem/flower essence.

You can even use a stone as a physical tool like using a rose quartz sphere to mix your food or homemade beauty products, as a pestle just as I’ve seen my friend Jacqueline DuBois, The Moon Mother do. I saw her doing that in a video and said “that’s great!”

As you can see you can use your creativity & imagination & take this so much farther.

I’d love to hear your ideas on what you’ve done before or what you plan to do in the comments below!…as would our whole community of Crystal Hotties. 🙂

Bright Sparkles to Everyone,




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  2. Good day from Cape Town, South Africa,
    My question is this:
    I wish to place zoisite (with ruby) and rhodonite into water….. I currently have rose quartz in my drinking water bottle…. but wish to change now….. Are those two stones safe to put into water and then drink it……Many thanks in advance…
    much love and light

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  3. Hello! I have been using rose quartz in my family’s drinking water for a month now. I’ve read that the water should be energized by the crystal at least overnight before drinking it. I’m just wondering, since our glass container is about a liter size, and we definitely consume more than a liter in a day, will it work if I just keep adding water to what’s left of the energized water in the liter glass container even if I don’t let it sit overnight anymore, since the already energized water can transmit its energy to the water which will still be added to it?
    Thanks for your help! 🙂

    1. Post

      Maya, you can do the overnight thing or get really ceremonial about it if you prefer that. More often than not, I just plop the stone into my water & go. Works really well for me. 🙂

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