Crystals Tips for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

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Time for another Crystal Q&A about Crystals for Empaths!

In this session, we talk about a question that comes up often on my Facebook Page.

A question about crystals for empaths…

And so, I’m thrilled that this question came in from Jody which prompted me to make this video for YOU, Crystal Hottie…b/c you may be wondering the same thing!

But first…let’s get into explaining a bit here…

In case you didn’t know, an “Empath” (as defined by Urban Dictionary…love that dictionary!) is:

A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.

The ability to pick up on & feel/experience the energy of another can be seen as a gift b/c that extra info can allow you to empathize with others or see things from another view-point.

Or it can be seen as a curse b/c it causes you to be bombarded by extra feelings & emotions you may not want to be dealing with at the moment.

So what can you do?

Steer clear of becoming overwhelmed.


  1. Be selective of the situations & environments you place yourself in
  2. Have tools & supports at the ready (like crystals & stones)…there are many other tools & supports but I’ll save that for a future blog post.

What are the best crystals for empaths & highly sensitive people?


Ok, Yes… we’ll dive into that in a minute…

Backing up just a little bit – in this video; Jody also mentioned that she is “new to crystals”. I love a newbie! (dropping into the crystal groove + all the glitter of new healing possibilities!)  Welcome to the world of crystal healing! 😉  I’ve got lots to share!  For starter’s here’s a blog post I’ve done on the 5 crystals that all beginners should have in their crystal kit 😉

So I’ve chosen 2 unexpected crystals to present to you in this week’s featured vid. The theme is going to be choosing crystals that are both grounding & protecting to assist empaths & highly sensitive peeps.

Watch this:



Purple Jade – this mama earth beauty is all about spiritual knowledge & associated with the crown chakra & 3rd eye chakra (as well as the Earth Star!!!) It’s a super stone for protecting empaths.


Another fab crystal for empaths is magnetite…HM.Magnetite2

Magnetite doesn’t always express itself in a crystalline form that we can see with the naked eye.  But when it does…whoa, Baby! It’s a metal & naturally magnetic, therefore, it helps to align, balance & ground energies.  Magnetite can  balance the polarities within our electromagnetic field while helping with psychic overload or taking on too much energy picked up by light workers & energy healers.

Sure hope you’ve enjoyed this Crystal Q&A!  If you are an empath or you know someone who can benefit from this information please share!  Tell me, as an empath, have these crystals, or others, worked to help you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Crystal Healing, Protection & Blessings,



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  1. Chris

    This post is so helpful, thank you! I don’t know if I’m an empath, I’ve always tried to lead a drama free life and generally avoid drama at all costs. My dear, long time friend is going through a bitter divorce and I find myself emotionally exhausted even texting her. It takes me days to gain back my emotional equilibruim! Pulling back isn’t an option, but I do feel a sense of hesitancy when I interact with her. And yes, I am ashamed to say that. I plan to try out these crystals and hope they help.

    I’m a newbie with no crystals at all, would you recommend a trusted place to purchase? Thank you!

    1. Angela

      Hi Chris,

      It’s great that you are there for your friend. I hope you find some crystals to help you.

      Does your friend have crystals herself? If not, maybe you can buy her one or two to help her through her journey? 🙂 I have found my crystals a huge help during my own journey this past year or so.

  2. Post
  3. Chris

    Thank you! Lovely website.

    Angela, my friend is not into crystals at all, but she will be getting her own place soon so I may get her a housewarming gift to help with the “decor.” ; )

  4. jani

    thank you for this video – BUT i have a question about each of the crystals you mentioned. first of all, a quick google search only came up with dyed purple jade… i will check further, but where would one find this? and second, the mangnetite sounds wonderful, but i am on an insulin pump and anything magnetic coming into contact with it will destroy it (a major expense…) yes, i can try to keep it away from the pump, but as spacey as i am, i find it safer to avoid magnetic stones.

    thanks soooo much! blessings,

  5. Cocomo

    I have always been surrounded by Obsidian. Unpolished chunks, arrow heads, orbs, and smaller polished pieces have found there way to me. I have a big piece just inside my front door to the house and just outside my bedroom door. They help, a lot. The Obsidian works well with all of the Selenite (and Utah Gypsum) in my home. Then the black, purple and white Charoite orb give comfort when really needed along with red Jasper and raw Malachite. These friends have been with me for over a dozen years helping filter, defuse, identify and resolve energies / issues as they arrive or manifest. Overall, the combination with Rose Quartz seems to be the dominant features in my Empath Arsenal. <3

  6. Angela

    I don’t have either Purple Jade or Magnetite, but I do consider myself an empath and HSP. I love Labradorite, definitely my favourite for protection and grounding – and it’s so beautiful! 🙂

  7. tanya

    My daughter Elizabeth I believe is an empath. She always knows what I’m thinking (mum) she knows when people have good and bad vibes, she loves the universe, god, being positive, does not like negativity around her at all and is very sensitive to situations.
    What are her crystals???

    1. Cerridwyn

      Amber will protect her from psychic attack while also balancing out the negativity from others. Most important it will calm her anxiety about other people and her emotions. In most cases the purple stones strengthen. The blackstones dispel negativity. BUT growing up a baby empath is horrid. Feeling teenage emotions is stressful. Give her Amber. It is fossilized tree sap. Protect her with its positivity. I’ve never responded to a tread before. As a empath myself I always fear I might have passed it on to my baby girl.

  8. tanya

    I am so glad I got to see your page thru my niece.
    Im an emotional person, don’t like negativity, love the universe even though I need to learn more on it, love god and his kingdom, love meditation but still trying to get a grip on it.
    What are my crystals
    Thankyou for your time

  9. Gretchen

    Thank you thank you thank you! I am an empath and Christian so most of the time I have to keep this to myself because I’m told a lot in my religion that this is from the Devil I do not agree, this is my gift from God. I have a very hard time handling the rush of emotions from all over, I have 2 children that also have this gift and others that do not need to be discussed at this time. Your information is so helpful as I am also a newbie to crystals thank you again with much love Gretchen

  10. Sandy


    My 13 yr old daughter is an empath. She will be going on her 8th grade trip to Washington DC with 50+kids and 12+adults. 7 Days of Cemeteries and large groups. I am looking for tips on how she can cope with all the energy she will be experiencing.
    She usually needs a day to recover from a overnight party with 8 – 10 girls. This trip will really tax her and she will not have any way to get “Quite time”.

    Thank you

  11. Rebecca whitehurst

    I’m an empath and I feel naked without my three fav crystals I have wired on a chain around my neck… A big beautiful amethyst, a lemurian point and a one inch long three sided glossy raw black tourmaline! I am a member of a busy paranormal investigation group now, and I need have protection from negative entities big time, or else i couldn’t help people with their paranormal issues which is a passion of mine.

  12. Sev P

    I got some magnetite, both a natural chunk, and a pendant with magnetite in pyrite. It has made a noticeable difference, thank you SO much! Any tips on how to cleanse magnetite, and how often, please?

  13. Shannah

    I’ve always been drawn to wearing hematite even years before someone mentioned it was good for empaths. It’s definitely helped and I’m never without my hematite ring. I really want to look into the purple jade though as I’ve never heard about it. I love your blogs and your page and can’t wait for your next crystal healing class to open!
    Light and Love.

  14. Heidi

    Smoky Quartz! I reach for it often at the end of a day I’ve run into unexpected situations. I will take it with me, or wear it in my jewelry if I know there will be crowd energy or lots of touching/bumping into people. I find it more comforting than Rose Quartz to be honest.

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  16. Katrina

    Hi there this is reading the comments, I am new to the crystals. My baby brother said that we where both empaths, I had to look it up and I do get drained off of others never really understood it, my mind is opened to lean more about Crystals and how I can use them to my benifit and to others, meditation is also interesting to me and my Chakras and opening them up not sure how to, I will be getting a spiritual cleans soon and hope that will help. Thank you for all of your knowledge.

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  20. Merike

    I trust my intuition and this lately guided me to choose 3 stones: magnesite, hematite and fuchsite. I wrote about these in my blog too. I am an empath and i feel that there are changes or challenges and i choose totally different crystals some days or the whole week to be besides me when i work. A huge clear crystal has always been my favourite. Somehow i didnt touch rose quartz for a long time. Maybe because my love is in the army and i cant call to him, so my heart is just waiting. What crystals are the best in case of cancer, i am open to advice. Thank you for the sharing. 🙂

  21. Sandi

    I cannot find natural purple Jade anywhere. In jewelry and it’s not natural. I can’t find Magnetite either. I did find a pendant at a gemstone show…it’s Magnetite and Pyrite together. Looks natural. Still would like to get all the stones you recommend for Empaths…because I am one. I know it’s supposed to be a gift but I have way to much sadness and grief. Shielding is difficult but I am trying to learn how to effectively do it. If you could drop me a hint where to find these stones…online from a reputable vendor, I would SO appreciate it! Thank You! And really appreciate your wanting to make a difference!!!

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