Getting to Know Your Crystals

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Oh yes, we read the books & they’re great for telling us what this or that crystal is good for. But as I always teach my students, I find the BEST way to make that connection & know what crystal works BEST for YOU is to do your own researching & work with it.

Really get to know it.


  • Carrying it with you
  • Sleeping with it on your bedside or under your pillow
  • Spending some time for a few days in a row meditating with it…seeing what messages you get from it.

These messages wcrystal meditationill be personal to you. Very specific.

What About Books?

I feel the books tell us what properties & vibrational frequencies that crystal or stone carries for 85% of the population but since each of us is slightly different there will be slight variations in this & that’s why some of use react very differently with a stone than another person. Remember, we (as well as the crystals) are all amazing conductors, receivers & transmitters of energy, each with its own unique energetic blueprint & personal life force.

Some may shy away from this b/c it takes some time & energy. They’d prefer to just look it up in a book. That’s fine but I also feel that without putting in some time & effort with that stone you won’t be building an energetic bond with it. And let me tell you…the crystals work SO MUCH BETTER when you’ve strengthened that energetic bond.

Yep, yep, yep. Have you tried it? Well, try it. You’ll see.

Benefits of Doing the Work

After working with a stone, you’ll get to know not only its unique physical characteristics (I know my 1 little favorite carnelian tumblie so well that I can pick it out of a bowl of dozens easily) but you’ll also have a better understanding of the specific vibrational frequencies it resonates best with in you.


No, my baby carnelian isn’t in this bowl. 😉

I have about a 1/2 dozen stones that I work with most often & that I’ve enjoyed getting to “know” their energy & they’ve gotten to “know” mine in a resonant electromagnetic field kind of way. Its really cool stuffs!

More Perks!

By doing this work, you also get some great side benefits. If you haven’t been doing so already, you’ll get to hone your meditation skills  & creating a regular meditation practice. You know…that thing your Dr.’s been telling you to do.

Yeah, yeah…you’ve heard it before, but let me tell you again b/c enough people aren’t doing it:

Practicing regular mediation greatly impacts your health.

They say “they can’t”. Peeee-shaaaaa! You just need practice, the right guidance & a crystal, My Sweets!

I’m sure you already know that the health benefits of meditation are endless.  But 1 of the most important benefits  is how it releases stress. It will free you up from anxiety, worry + stress. Who doesn’t want to be more happy, calm & relaxed? Adding the crystals into this practice totally amplifies this effect, especially if you use crystals more aligned with calming: rose quartz, blue lace agate, lepidolite, etc. Additionally, crystals make focused meditation easier by giving you a tangible focus object to center you & keep you in the moment.

So, how you do you get to know your crystals? Have you done a similar practice? Have you not done this at all? Want to declare that you will? Please share it all below in the comments, Sweet Pea! Other Crystal Hotties want to know.

Run with Glitter in Your Hands (not scissors!),



P.S. Would you like a tool to help make this process so much easier & guide you step by step…& 1 that pretty much costs just chump change? Have you checked out my “Get to Know Your Crystals” eKit yet? It may be just what you need! Click here.

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  1. I inadvertently created an energetic bond with a black tourmaline about a year and half ago. There have been times where I’ve put it aside for quite a while, then I feel drawn to it again. I have several other black tourmalines, but this one is special. I know exactly what you’re talking about here. I feel the same with citrine, but not like i do with this special stone.

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