I Have a Confession to Make

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I have a confession to make.

A few months ago, I was in a bad place…I’d missed a lot of energy healing sessions, meditations & even self crystal healing. My Energetic Hygiene was pretty bad at that time. Embarrassing really…I had the aura-equivilent of hairy-unshaven legs.

*Sigh* Yeah…the lady running a Crystal Healing Academy hadn’t made Energetic hygiene a priority. Doing the very thing I warn all my students about.


I was just off a long period of supreme self-care, inner work & tip-top energetic hygiene. But…I got busy & fell off the wagon. It started with my scheduled healing sessions getting cancelled for one reason or another, then many biz things taking over, then family relations with major health issues, lots of travel required, eating & exercise hadn’t been great either. I finally succumbed to a bad cold after not being sick for many years! That was the major wake up call.

Now, I won’t complain that I don’t have time to get the shiz done that I need to, because we all know that is a lame excuse. I know you need to MAKE TIME to do the things we know  are important. Time is all relative & it’s totally up to you.


What happened was that I made the lazy, yet very conscious decisions not to make consistent Energetic Hygiene a  priority.

But WHY? It’s not like this is exercise that I would be sort of dreading. This is pleasurable stuffs! Maybe I subconsciously felt guilty about “indulging” in myself? But I KNOW & teach the whole Oxygen-Mask Theory of Self-Care. I know I’m no good to anyone else if I don’t care of myself first. I’m always preaching that self-care is essential to living a healthy & well-balanced life.

I know this so very well.

And yet…

I still fell off the wagon.


Untitled design(5)

I’m telling you all this b/c I just want you to know that NONE of us are perfect. We’re all here on Mama Earth to learn & continue to strive to do our best. We fall down…and this is our test.

Will you get back up & press on, continuing to strive to THRIVE & always attempt to live at your Full Potential?

Or will you just say “ah, it’s too hard. I didn’t see enough of a change. I give up. I quit.” And then later wonder how it all got so turned around & grim?

Once I realized what I was doing I had a good pep-talk with myself & then I knew as soon as I felt well I’d be back at it FULL FORCE.

And guess what?

Despite being lazy about it for 2 months or so, I attended a sound energy healing/mediation session bringing along my own crystals & I was back at it with passion & conviction.

Crystals, yoga mate & back jack in tow. I was back!

Crystals, yoga mat & back jack (sprinkled with magical cat hair from Topaz) in tow. I was back!

In addition, I got so much out of this session, my energetic sheath felt stronger than ever!…despite thinking that I had totally lost it due to lack of momentum or something. Nope…not at all.

We’ve all been there: all gung-ho about it for a while, all excited to do this stuff…especially when it’s all new to us & then something happens, we get busy, life gets in the way or we get bored & our enthusiasm wanes.

I feel all our passions go through cycles like this. Like the Moon & the tides, our passions ebb & flow, but if we take control we can make sure we never lose those passions that we know are necessary & good for us. And then the passion returns again.

So here are words of motivation for you if you’ve fallen off the Energetic Hygiene Wagon:

  • Every meditation or energy session counts…even if its only 5 min. long. It all helps, adds up & is good for us.
  • If you can only stop & sit & do a mini- 5 min. session on yourself 1/week that’s better than nothing! DO IT. It will keep you in the game. 😉
  • If you can manage to book a session with a professional healer, having it in your calendar greatly helps to keep to it: whether it be a mediation class, a crystal healing session (With a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer if you really want something out of this world), a Reiki session, etc.
  • Schedule something bliss-filled on your phone’s calendar (set a reminder); like a crystal-healing bath. Even if it’s just 10 min. long. 
  • Use a Meditation App on your phone to remind you sit at a certain time & meditate for just 5 min.
  • Make healthier decisions in other areas of your life (sleep, exercise, diet, people you spend time with, bad habits) & this will keep the momentum going & will spill over into your Energetic Hygiene area.

And please don’t be hard on yourself for what you didn’t do or how you messed up. I’ve tried that & it helps no one. It just makes things worse. Its part of being human. Accept. Get up. Brush off. Keep on truckin’ w/ a smile on your face. It’s all part of this fun Mama Earth School.

What other ideas can you share in the comments below to help when 1 of us Crystal Hotties falls off the Energetic Hygiene wagon?

Super-Sized Crystal Blessings to you!


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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for being so open and honest.
    It’s great to know that even when you Know this stuff, you still need to be Aware of yourself 🙂

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  3. This is so interesting…coincidentally I’ve been going through the same things as you for awhile now. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Now that I see you are going through this break too- I don’t feel so bad.LOL! I’m sure it was not easy for you to speak up but I’m glad you did! Thanks so much for sharing.
    May the light be with you,

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      No, not easy but I knew I needed to…you would sense it anyway if I didn’t. Perhaps it’s the energies of the cosmos right now. Need to check in with Elizabeth Peru or the Moon Mother!

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing your personal struggle and how you learned from it. You are such an inspiration to everyone! I feel like I know you better and respect you even more for sharing. I was having some serious self doubt about my goals – finishing my massage therapy education and becoming a student of your program, among other things. I feel inspired to keep after my goals knowing that even the pros struggle.sometimes. Keep up the wonderful work!! Hugs! 🙂

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  5. Maybe Sometimes it might just be beneficial for the system to go into a wee bit of chaos before it regroups at a higher vibratory rate…helps with clarity and purification of the energy bodies…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Make sense?

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  6. Thank you for putting words to that! I’ve been doing the exact same thing but didn’t have words for it. I’ve been spending a lot of time cleaning out an overly cluttered house. I’ve found that the cleaner the house gets, the better the energy feels — exactly the way I’ve read it would work! I’ll definitely be working in energy and meditation sessions along the way!

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  7. As much as we hate to admit, we are still human.. Its fine to fall off the wagon, and as balance dictates we gotta pull up our big gal panties and go back to the grind! Don’t be so hard on yourself! It’s ok!

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  8. What I try to do when I am feeling like I am falling off the metaphysical wagon is;
    I put an oracle deck on the breakfast table. Bird Signs reminds me when I am getting into my car and driving to slow down to the beat of life and notice nature and look for the signs. (yesterday I asked for a sign and was wondering if my spirit guide forgot if I love turkey feathers. I found one along the dirt road me and my doggie walk up).
    Then I remember I don’t have to do it all. I can read about ONE crystal, and hold it.
    That brings me to, it’s time to cleanse the crystals on my crystal grid.
    Of course, it’s always best to try and watch at least 2 Hibiscus Moon video’s and TAKE NOTES so I can refer to them right before I sleep, or in the morning at breakfast.
    I try to remind myself to control what I can.

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  9. Maybe your body was just telling you to take a break, longer than just a week’s vacation. Sometimes we are going at it so strong and hard for so long we just need a long break. Also, sometimes we need to rest and regroup/integrate to move to the next level You did exactly what you needed and now you’re ready to get back to it. It’s all good, perfectly good!

  10. Its been one thing after another for this Earth-student and without hard times we would not be able to learn the valuable lessons that we came to Earth to learn. To grow, change, adjust, balance and operate in the Human-body is challenging. With all the outside factors that affect our being on so many levels + the universal consciousness. Its taken me a long time to find what is “mine” & what is not. Geez, some of the test are really hard ones. I’ve recently decided that I am going to stop seeking and just let all that is for my highest good find me. One Love, Cheers!! ~Kelli

  11. And when you back off and take care of yourself for a while, which is what I did when I serendipitously encountered Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, you never know what new paths will emerge for you.
    I had a client ask me today, “how do you back off when you have to pay the rent”, and my answer was “if you are staying engaged just so you can pay the rent you will burn out and how then will you pay the rent?”
    I think this subject may be a little (or a lot) about managing your time and energy just like you would your money, and I am sure Hibiscus Moon will cover that in the upcoming telesummit!!

  12. Hi

    Just to say well done for been able to admit you got a little lazy we all do at times but you shared your experience and back on form !!! I seem to be running around after my tail and I’m real tired . I listen to bedtime meditation to help me sleep which is great . But since I suffer with depression and experienced sleep paralsys the other night when your paralysed in your sleep awful experience and terrifying . Anyone any help??

  13. Wow, that was truly inspirational, Hibiscus Moon! I even got teary-eyed, haha. I’ll try to do the things you suggested, and hopefully I’d be in shape to help other people. Thank you! 😀

  14. Thank u 4sharing this info cos i fort it woz me loosin my way in myself n life in general n i always feel beta wen iv read ur info n life stories so i thank u so much xx

  15. I am in a similar boat…we received orders and moved across the world in a very short period of time, and for intensive purposes we still are moving. With that, exercise slowed, stopped and is slowly starting again. Any kind of self healing time has been tossed out the window and of course not so great food choices. I am slowly getting my feet under me and remembering to take care of me since I have others to take care of…but it isn’t easy! Oxygen Mask Theory…I like it!!! Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  16. Hello, I appreciate your insight and all you do to be of service. I am walking the path of Psychic Medium, Reiki and Crystal Healer. I KNOW I am to help in the world and had a guidance it would include the above ways.
    I love my crystals and stones and they call to me and I have a fabulous growing collection of family. I make jewerly out of them and wear them often. I have given then as energized gifts and they have been received with such precious high regard.
    My question: I purchased a chakra colored agate pendulum with a crystal point at the end…it worked better than any I had prior. One evening I was sitting with my gems , holding and getting to know them, holding them to my heart and telling them I appreciate them and how beautiful they were. I set the pendulum on the bed…had to hollar at the dog..:(…and when I got up…it rolled off and broke…I only had it a few weeks. I thought about gluing it…or return it to the earth? Not sure what to do? I felt so sad…I almost cried. I had asked it if was being guided by my Joy Guide Iris, and it said yes…why did it leave me so soon?
    The next thing happened a few days ago…I made a beautiful necklace out of some pretty exotic stones and crystals that I planned and purchased over time. Nuumite, Larimar, Apatite, Labadorite, Amythest, Moonstone, Amythest Heart surrounded by graduated Amythest spikes, Phantom Quartz beads, Charolite, Sugilite and Clear Quartz and some I’m sure I’m missing. I made the necklace with the intent it will help me zone in on my psychic medium abilities and I will able to help people with that service. Well…was doing a chore in the kitchen, when all of the sudden…my necklace broke…all my precious beads scattered across the floor. Most stayed on the string…and thankfully by Amythest heart didn’t break. I was thinking thank God it happened here where I can scoop them up and restring or remake my necklace…if it had happened while I was out…may have lost them.
    My question: Why did it break? Am I not supposed to be asking them to do what I asked of them? Am I wearing too many of them together? Do my guides want me to rely more and them and myself more than putting that energy into the stones?
    I was so discouraged and wore that necklace all the time…it was one of my prized possesions. Am I pushing myself too hard? I am currently unemployed and want to get my life going….want to contribute to the household that my daughter so graciously lets me live with her. I want to live my life of divine purpose.
    I appreciate your guidance here…God’s continued blessings to you.

  17. Thank you so much for bringing up this subject. I was wondering how or what I should be including in my weekly routine. I mean I fill my free time with making crystal grids or learning and researching crystals. Meditation only once a week sometimes. I was kind of wondering should I be using Sage to clear my Aura twice a week or why not everyday. At least I know I’m on the right track. I just began to convert my diet to only Fish and vegetables. At the moment I like seafood to much living here in the south where its so plentiful and fresh.

  18. Thanks for shating. It makes others of us who also know the oxygen mask concept and fall into the habit of helping others before ourselves even when we know… I am taking the time and determination to get back on bandwagon. It means so much to know I am not alone. I also need to not beat myself up. I know I too am a crystal hot tie and it is time to get my sparkle back…….thank ya darlin

  19. Hi ‘biscus…you are SOOOOO right! I am so in sync with what you’ve just put forth. My belief is that once we get rolling in a good way…the ego steps in and tries to sabotage. BUT we can just wink at it and get up and get moving again. I’ve done this so many times. Will probably do it many more times. Gotta accept myself…but know that I have the power to change. Thanks!

  20. So true…if we don’t dip down every once in a while and visit the mundane, we can’t see the sparkly realms as easily. Bright blessings to all the peeps here! ??❤️

  21. Hello! So I have been catching up on your blog since I am new here. And I came across this article. It really resonate with what I am going thru. I am a Reiki Master, Reflexologist also. I have worked with crystals in both practices which last at least a year each! At first I thought my practices did not take off because of the lack of interest in my small county in Maryland. But, as I have learned through the past few years that I believe my energies are totally out of balance and or wigging out ! Because of this I feel that my body has manifested one of the worst diseases any woman could! Because of this I feel that my body has manifested one of the worst diseases any woman would have to face. In April of 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I have found that holistic modalities along with conventional medicine has made me a survivor. Now that I am in he road to a full recovery, I have embraced the arts I have learned incorporating them in yo own healing. Which is why I have decided to join you next year as a student. I have the tools , I just need to get them out of the box sitting next to my dresser.

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