What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginner’s Kit?

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I recently asked the Crystal Hotties on my Facebook Page:

“What are some popular crystal topics that you would like to know about?”

I promised I would take the TOP 2 & turn 1 into a video (working on that this weekend) & the other into a blog post. Here’s that blog post.

I won’t get into what shapes your crystals should be, whether natural, cut or polished here in this post since that’s really a whole other topic for another day. Since this is for a beginner’s kit, my advice is to select the 1 crystal shape or size that calls to you most & still fits within your budget. If that means just getting 1 tumbled stone of each then that will be PERFECT. Go for it!♥

So,  what 5 crystals you should have in your beginner’s kit?

Well, that really would vary by individual. But we can determine 5 Must-Haves.

Now, there are so many ways to go with this. But I wanted to keep the list simple using inexpensive & easy-to-obtain crystals. Didn’t want to send you hunting to the ends of the Earth looking for the most rare & expensive crystals I could think of…like this…

capture What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

This is papagoite…a NOTORIOUSLY expensive crystal due to its rarity & beauty….NOT part of my list. ;)

Drum roll please…

Your 5 Must Have Crystals

Clear Quartz

1. Clear quartz is a must. It’s so versatile & can be used for ANY purpose so you’ve got to have 1 of these babies.

It’s also a very powerful amplifier! Quartz amplifies any vibrational frequencies, including our own.

barnacle quartz5 1024x650 What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

Clear quartz

Why does quartz work so well with us? B/c clear crystal quartz’ chemical formula is SiO2 aka silica. Scientists have determined that our bodies are partially made of liquid silica crystals. Our cells each have their own EMF (electromagnetic frequency), just as our entire body does, just as Mother Earth does.

energy What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

Our cells’ EMF is actually maintained by silica! Nobel Prize winner Adolf Butenant, proved that life cannot exist without silica. The average human body holds about 7g of silica, way more than other important minerals such as iron. Yeah! I KNOW!! It’s vital to life.

So needless to say, quartz works with us very well. OK, so that’s my long answer on why quartz is important. Actually…I can go waaaaaaay longer, but I’ll let you off easy this time, Chick Pea.


2. Citrine, which is also quartz that’s been heated up in Mother Earth’s kitchen (actually usually starts out as usually amethyst or sometimes smokey quartz) to turn various shades of champagne, yellow & sometimes a very deep iced tea color known as Medeira.

BTW, I don’t feel that your citrine must be a natural 1. A tumbled citrine will work just fine. I have a 2 part video series on what the difference are & why I feel that way here: Part 1 + Part 2.

nat citrine 1024x868 What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

This is a natural Congo citrine, quite dark in color. Can you FEEL that sunny energy?

Citrine’s energy is happy & creative so if you’re feeling down or need to get out of a creative block, reach for this. It gives a great boost to anything to do with finances or prosperity & abundance. Its also a great manifestor with it’s sunny energy.

Rose Quartz

3. Rose quartz, also quartz. Scientists still argue on exactly what elements cause the pink color so we won’t get into that. It grows in masses so you will very rarely find it in a natural point.

It’s a really great stone to have around b/c its energy is very calming, gentle & compassionate….a stone of love; love of all sorts.  Whenever you feel the need to feel loved or you need or want to offer compassion, grab your rose quartz. That’s what I do!

capture1 647x1024 What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

A large cut & polished rose quartz point.

Green Aventurine

4. Green aventurine, again…another type of quartz (are we noticing a them here?) It also grows in masses so no points at all here. I say “green” aventurine b/c it does come in other colors, although more rare. Also, the greens can vary from very dark to much lighter.

aventurine5 What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

Luscious green aventurine tumblies.

This is a very important stone to get your hands on b/c its all about vitality…of anything; health, growth, finances, confidence, friends. Its a common healing stone so a go-to stone for any ailments.


5. Amethyst, yep, another quartz…with traces of iron & manganese giving it that lovely purple color.They come in natural points large & small, also often found in clusters within large geodes…known as druse.

amethyst point5 693x1024 What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

This amethyst point has been cut & polished.

Amethyst is a great stone of protection & purification. Its also known to enhance intuition & helps with the release of addictions…so a great 1 to have around.

So that’s my 5 crystals! Here’s a quick recap list:

  1. Clear quartz
  2. Citrine
  3. Rose quartz
  4. Green aventurine
  5. Amethyst

It’s not 100% comprehensive but…with those crystals in your tool box, you can cover a lot of ground, no? If you have others you’d like to add…like I said…there are so many ways we could go with this, please post them in the comments below! icon smile What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?

HUGE HUGS & BIG Spirit Blessings!

signature3 What 5 Crystals Should You Have in Your Beginners Kit?



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I actually already have all of these on a necklace I made along with red adventurine, blue adventurine, tigers eye and hematite. Then my earings are blue lace agate. ;-)


Hibiscus Moon

Jade, you’re good to go. Love your name. :)



Oh, yeah! But I was so shocked when I got to number 4 and didn’t see Amethyst yet!!! Cause Amethyst would be my first or second Must Have :) I think this choices are great!!! thanks a lot! <3


Hibiscus Moon

You know I had to get amethyst in there. ;)



I just realize I told a small fib. The citrine isn’t on my necklace. That is part of a geode in my car. :-)



Also, glad you like the name! :-)



I’d have to have amethyst, citrine and rose quartz but with the energy of three quartzes around (and I do like threes) I would seek out something different. Then it gets difficult as you said Crystals and I do like haematite and tigers eye. So jade and mookaite.



I loved your recommendations, but I would add black tourmaline. It is protective and very grounding/centering. I have found it to be a very powerful stone. I rarely take mine off and thank you for the advice in an earlier blog about programming it..it worked beautifully when I was under a lot. Of stress, blissings, amberspiral



Bloodstone is one of my must haves. Quartz of all kinds area awesome.



i have a quarry i carry with me of stones, crystals and oils….



Awesome list for beginners. The only thing I would add is a grounding stone of some sort.



thank you for sharing, I love gem stones and half of them I do not know there value, I have learned something new today. xxx



I have all these. I noticed someone mentioned that you had posted something on programing crystals but I can’t find it on your site. can you maybe send it to me in and email? love your site! learning lots! :) BB



These are exactly the crystals I chose before reading the whole article but I would have to use 6. Because I would have added black tourmaline also. If I had to trade one out for it, I would pick it over green aventurine. Selenite would be my next choice.




Is moldavite powerful. I have a necklace, but do not feel its properties. Also what
T helps to aid in easing arthritis? Thanks



thank you thank you thank you. very much appreciate yesterdays post about stone for week, then notice. todays quartz crystals. I think I am going to put them together outside in the sun this afternoon. I really appreciate the previous note about crystalaholics aghhhhhhhh I am one. but I love em all. thanks again I am so excited to read your posts right through. your generosity is so welcome at this time, thank you



I put amethyst,citrine,rose quart,clear quart in my water bottle and use this water every day. I even cook with this water and I get good energy :)



Red Jasper – I use it for any Root Chakra issues.



I also have the same group of crystals that you have suggested. I have been collecting them for years and have not been clear on why I continue to do so.
I have used certain ones during Tarot readings or to aid in focus while meditating.
I am curious about your article on programming my crystals. Will you please tell me where I can find the article you wrote on this subject.
Thank you very much, I enjoy reading your emails as well as your Facebook page.


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