4 Crystals for “Protection”

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4 Crystals for “Protection”

I often get some version of the following question in emails, PM’s, etc. Since I don’t have the time to individually answer these emails, I thought my blog was a great way to get the info out there. So here’s the basic question:

“I’m completely new to crystals. Which crystals would be good for protection, warding off negative energies, etc.”

OK. Firstly, I don’t buy into the whole “negative energies” thing…most of the time. I feel energy is neutral. It’s our perception of the energy that gives it a positive or negative feeling or meaning to us. Meaning, there may be  negative feelings within you that are resonating with the frequencies of the energy that you’re experiencing & therefore, it makes that experience feel “bad” to you. If your feelings are high amplitude enough (meaning lots of energy) then it may even attract those frequencies that feel yucky & AMPLIFY them. That will feel bad!

We are beings of energy & we’re affected by energy.

We’re made of trillions of cells transmitting & receiving energy all the time. Its so COOL to think of this!!!! Dr. Bruce Lipton actually says that our very cell membranes are liquid crystal semiconductors (silica…QUARTZ, BABY!!) with gates & channels that open & close, letting some stuffs in & keeping some stuffs out. He says that our DNA actually  scans our environment for relevant frequencies & then reshapes itself accordingly. (We can see this happening under the microscope). Seeing where I’m going with this, My Sweets?

The right crystal will adjust your cell’s perception filters & transmute energy for you! Waaaahooo!

So we have total control over this & can use crystals as a tool to help us along. You can also do this without crystals but, if you’d like the support, there are a  couple that I like to use.  Certain crystals can neutralize & transmute the energetic frequencies so they don’t carry specific frequencies that may resonate with those bad feelings. Here are a few of my fav’s:

1. Black tourmaline is known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” energy:

black tourmaline2. Smokey quartz is also THE BOMB for this:

smokey quartz
3. OR my favorite combo for this black tourmaline & smokey quartz:

smokey quartz black tourmaline4. And then there’s GORGEOUS amethyst:

amethyst cluster

One thing you can do is meditate with any of these crystals. This will help transmute energy entering your EMF.
You can also create “protective” transmuting  “shield” around your home, placing crystals in specific locations; 1 near front door, 1 near back door, etc.
Or you place crystals at corners of house or property creating an outdoor grid for your home:

In this video I detail how to do a Protective Home Grid:

So I hope that answers  few questions & empowers you to just switch that energy up!

Crystal Sparkles to you!!



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  1. Sarah

    I completely agree with you when it comes to “negative” energy. I’m an air sign and find myself bogged down with too much energy, which makes me feel negative and snippy. I love using amethyst and smoked quartz for that. Great post!

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  2. galahad

    Synchronous combination of crystals! And serendipitous post on topics and such, I hope you do, I mean I’m sure you dig synchronicity, and my journal is chockful of random entries some dated some not of musings, and interests in moon astrology. And have you read Jan Spiller’s awesome keen and solid astrology books including on moon astrology and Astrology for the Soul? Do crystals make friends or do some need to be separated when stored? i like to think the former. Oh previous post!

  3. jadia diamond

    Hi, I just wanted to add another semi-precious stone to the list of protective crystals/stones, and that is ” Labradorite”. Time and time again, this crystal has helped to protect me, physically and especially spiritually from detrimental external influences, it can block other people’s projections and even removes energies that mess with one’s aura. It also protects against psychic drain (or the psychic vampire, so to speak,people who, oftentimes, themselves unaware of the effect they have on you) – it also has helped me with intuition, and perception. Sometimes it can even help you deal with suppressed issues, in a gentle way. Some forms of this stone are called”Bytownite”, which is yellowish, “Violet Hypersthene” which is violet hued of course, and of course the blue/green/brown variety called “Spectrolite”, my favorite. Each of these forms are protective, bytownite also helps withexpanding consciousness, becoming a strong, independent person, and with this kind of stone, you are able to access the highest levels of consciousness. Hypersthene is good for transmuting emotional toxicity within, and facing your worst fears with confidence, Spectrolite protects the soul no matter where it journeys. All three varieties of labradorite are all around highly protective and uplifting, I think it’s qualities are often overlooked, but definitely work well. It’s worth checking them out to see if you are drawn to them.

    1. HELEN

      hi hope this reaches you. firstly thank you I was learning about protection you have helped me so much I received a beautiful rose quartz also today it was beautiful my crystals are cheap but ther mine I also received a book on crystals ive needed help for yrs anyway back to you I see your destiny , congrats as I received your e kitdestiny driving lessons for independence ps love your recipies crystal hottie.

  4. Les

    Love the info and website. I was hoping to ask a question.
    Which crystals are best to open the third eye and the sacral chakras?
    Thanks Les

  5. Alicia

    So I was wondering, how about dropping my amethyst in my diffuser water along w some sage oil? would that work well? That way no smokey smell to annoy my clients. :)

  6. Baldev singh Chandpuri

    Please put me on our mailing list ,also I would like to get a pack of four crstals that can remove negative energy .Thanks Bill

  7. Victoria

    Thanks so much! I think the only thing that would make the post better is a little description under every crystal about it’s specific properties and uses. I mean, I can totally google it – but just some friendly advice!

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