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I need your help in deciding what to stock up my Etsy store with next. I go crazy when I go to my crystal/stone connection. I start running around everywhere saying “oooo, I like this” “oh this is calling to me” ” oooo,sparkly” like a chicken w/ my head cut off. LOL. Don’t get me wrong. Its tons of fun. I love it! That’s why I deal with rocks, crustals and stones. I am a born rock hound, through and through. As a science department chair I have a special lab that I get to select and purchase from so I know I was meant to do this.

So , I need some focus and direction here. If you were going to buy 2 stones, crystals or related items what woudl they be and why? Not to worry…this is not a hint or promise to purchase anything! I just need your honest openion and feedback to help me make my next purchase for my shop.

Would you like larger clusters? What kind? Hwo about spheres? These are black amethyst, BTW.

Those seem real popular right now. How about a stone pendent? What type of stone or crystal? More points? Fluorite seems very popular right now too? Selenite? Hmmmmmmm? What?

Thank you so much for your input. It is greatly appreciated. If interested in viewing my Etsy store, you can click through on the Etsy banner ad on the right. 🙂

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  1. I like tumbled quartz, it feels nice in the hand and still looks like quartz. And I am partial to quartz. The stones I like best I can hold easily in my hand, not tiny and not huge. Like the size of a quarter or around there. Those black amethyst spheres are stunning, I can see what you of these and one of those and six of those. lol
    I have looked at your store and you have some very nice things there.

  2. how do i buy stuff from your store? is there a buy button im just not seeing? I feel kinda dumb lol i have never used etsy before

  3. I love both smaller stones I can put in my pocket and larger clusters for around the house and office.

    I have about 50 small tumbled stones of different kinds. I use them daily for whatever energy I want to take with me, and in spell work.

    The larger clusters are great for raising the energy in a space, or clearing it, as in the case of my smoky quartz cluster at work (I find that it has greatly reduced the amount of stress I feel when at my desk!)

    I only have two stones that are "shaped." One flourite point and one quartz pyramid. I do like the shapes – I just haven't purchased many as I find them quite a bit more expensive than a cluster or small stone. I wouldn't mind a nice crystal skull though…

  4. I go through diffrent moods. And collect what I feel I need at the time. Last month was my need month. I bought beads and a couple amulets. I bought a handful of HERKIMER DIAMONDS. and a assortment of small stones. In the past I could go in person and a stone would call to me. I love moon stone. It is my birthstone too.
    Last month was my only time of buying on line because my need was so great and had no place to go in person.

  5. For ghost hunting, I generally like to have some quartz wands, but I love hematite and anything that has a power to it. If you make a necklace and call it "perky" and use a couple stones that create energy, that would be a neat thing I'd love to have. One called "love" could enhance love finding or holding abilities. Wire twisted around these stones to make them linked together is a cool concept and a little paper that comes with it that says what each stone's powers are. They could be spell necklaces or something like that, each one for a different emotion or protection or health concern like "back aches". As someone who studies how geology affects hauntings and human energy, I'm totally in for that idea!

  6. Thank you for all your advice and suggestions. I will be taking all of this into account on my next inventory trip.

  7. Having just finish working in a wharehouse of crystals I know that moldivite is very popular at the moment.
    Even I got a large pendant to wear!

  8. I am partial to amethyst and tend to have more of that then anything else. but I also am an impulse buyer and just get what appeals to me at the time. I do find that I perfer stones that are not polished, the natural pieces that I have are my favorites.

  9. I suggest popular picks such as quartz, amethyst, smokey quartz, tiger's eye, jasper, rose quartz, moonstone, onyx, alongside some others such as labradorite, lapis lazuli…try and get some unique pieces. Every crystal is different, and some have really interesting traits! Once you get a good base, I'd start incorporating other stones that aren't as common.

    BB )O(

    Michael Keitos

  10. Those black amethysts on your post are Beautiful! I love regulare amethysts because of the color. One of my fav's is Tigers Eye. I had a nice one that I gave my daughter when she was just getting her drivers license – now I don't feel right taking it back – it stays in her car with her. I also love onyx – and moon stone. I will check out your site on Etsy.

  11. Had to laugh at your ooo sparkly! comment – my daughter-in law posted a sparkly button on facebook – "I'm ADOS" . . . Attention Defecit – Oooah, sparkly!!!' so true 🙂 I love things like charolite, larimer, & ruby zoizite . . .

  12. I love your citrine druze spheres…so lovely! They are certainly on my wish list and I hope you still have them when I get around to buying one. You have a beautiful shop!

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