Worm Moon

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I know many of my blogger friends have been posting about the various names of tonight’s Full Moon, but I haven’t heard this one yet; The Worm Moon.

Thus named because it signals the coming of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing along with it a thawing of the soil and…the first stirrings, squirmings and awakening of earthworms in winter-dormant gardens. Despite its name, it will be pretty.

I don’t have much planned for tonight other than charging my stones and crystals again. DH is home. ♥

What is everyone else doing this evening?

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  1. I hope you have a clear sky and a view of the moon.
    ‘Worm Moon’ is better than ‘Chaste Moon’ which is on my calendar.

  2. I like that , it fits. Its been really clear and lovely here, hope you get some times alone with her . Blessings.

  3. Tonight I’ll be charging my stones. I didn’t have the chance to plan any kind of ritual for tonight but I’m hoping that I will next time.

    Great Post !


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