Today I wanted to tackle a few common questions I get frequently asked about Working with Crystal Grids…and “Thank You” to AnnMarie for submitting these great ones:

  • How long should you leave a crystal grid up for?

  • Is OK to move a crystal grid?

  • What would happen if you DID move a crystal grid?

Now, if you’re a total NEWB to all this Crystal Grid stuff, you may want to hop over here & read my blog post article here first…then be sure to hop on back here. 😉

Reason is that, in this video I discuss some aspects of working with a crystal grid that you may want some background info on.

So, do we have to have a grid up for a certain amount of time?

And does it always need to stay in the same place, un-touched?

Go ahead & watch the featured video & you’ll get those answers, Lima Bean!

Working with Crystal Grids

And, as I stated in the video, hey…I just so happened to have written a book on this subject:

If you have any tips to add here OR if you’re actively working on any kind of crystal grid, please tell us about it below. The Crystal Hottie Community wants to know!

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Cosmic Crystals to you today!!!