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Today I wanted to tackle a few common questions I get frequently asked about Working with Crystal Grids…and “Thank You” to AnnMarie for submitting these great ones:

  • How long should you leave a crystal grid up for?

  • Is OK to move a crystal grid?

  • What would happen if you DID move a crystal grid?

Now, if you’re a total NEWB to all this Crystal Grid stuff, you may want to hop over here & read my blog post article here first…then be sure to hop on back here. 😉

Reason is that, in this video I discuss some aspects of working with a crystal grid that you may want some background info on.

So, do we have to have a grid up for a certain amount of time?

And does it always need to stay in the same place, un-touched?

Go ahead & watch the featured video & you’ll get those answers, Lima Bean!

Working with Crystal Grids

And, as I stated in the video, hey…I just so happened to have written a book on this subject:

If you have any tips to add here OR if you’re actively working on any kind of crystal grid, please tell us about it below. The Crystal Hottie Community wants to know!

And if you found value in this Crystal Grid video, please share it with your sparkly friends — that would make my day almost as much as re-watching Breaking Bad all over again as if I had never heard of Mr. White & Jesse ever before…but that’s just a pipe dream…so what I’m trying to say is that leaving me a comment is really really cool in my book! 😉

Cosmic Crystals to you today!!!


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  1. I would make a grid to bring peace and happiness into my home. Actually, I would probably do more than one . . . . the second one would be to assist in finding some direction and purpose to focus my energies on. Recently widowed, so need to re-assess and re-evaluate everything . . . . . . and I agree, this is really, really hard, but worth it. Change is a scary prospect, but being stalled in life is even scarier . . . . . namaste <3

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  2. My hobby is making hemp jewelry with all kinds of gem beads and chips. And if the chips are teeny tiny I fill a small corked glass bottle with them and macrame a protective/decorative encasement. I saw your post on sound ‘cleaning’ (thank you) but still wonder about the energy effectiveness of beads ands especially chips. I ‘feel’ them but it seems sporadic, sometimes intense, and sometimes very weak/mild. Ignorance is not bliss. Thanks! Jean

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  3. hey hibiscus you are on my face book feed! loved the video and am wanting to buy the boik to suport your crystal vision and find out more about making my own grid because i have sooo many rocks and gems all over the place lol, i lost my book on the meanings and uses of the individual stones, and remember only the ones i used to need i was wondering if the grid book covers the basics of which stones have which meanings or if i should also buy a comorehensive lots of love xoxo

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  4. Thank you Hibiscus Moon for this video. I have been wondering the same thing and with my eyes playing up, I find it hard to read at present.
    Sparkly rainbow blessings of love and light

  5. i have just a suggestion regarding grids. I am using a bedside tray with sides and place my design and crystals then put a piece of tempered glass on top with bands to keep the glass from moving.
    I do this because of my new kitty Jinx, she likes to take out the crystals and hide them or play with them on the stairs, she drops them down the stairs and then chases them to get them and then runs up the stairs to start all over again.
    thanks for letting me give the idea

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  6. Hi there!!! I have a small quetion about grids, well i live in a small town and it’s really hard (and expensive) to find crystal to use for grids * D: *, the thing is, I just purchase the grid template package <3 sooo im very interested in making one for my small business :3 and i read somewhere tha pictures of crystal have the same effect and energy as a real one, is this true????

    Hope U can Answer!!!!

    Blessing!!! <3

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  7. Hi, I made a grid recently and placed it on top of a cabinet – about head-height. My family and I can feel heat coming from the grid. This has never happened before. My husband is not usually sensitive to crystals and he feels “tingly” after walking past. I have made many grids (all about 30cm around), but this is a first that is emitting this kind of energy. Any ideas?

    1. I made a grid a few days ago and I noticed the same thing. When I put my hand over the top of the center crystal, I feel heat. It is really awesome.

  8. Hi Hibiscus,
    Love your blog and thank you for all the info you post. This is just what I was looking for because I like both the scientific and the metaphysical explanations. I am a rookie at this and I love it so one question I have about grids is – can you use a quartz crystal with a jagged bottom for a terminal or center crystal by leveling it in sand or another stone? Does it need to be flat on the bottom. Right now that is all I have and it’s a nice clear quartz.
    Much Light,

  9. I need a crystal grid for finalizing a business loan I’ve been working on to restart my business after fighting cancer for 4 years. I just happen to be a jeweler and get to play with gemstones and crystals everyday, but did not know the metaphysical aspect until recently. The other grid is for healing my relationship and making it stronger and to help us finally move forward. I’m not sure exactly what stones to use in each and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!

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