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Oh my! I just have to say that this competition was fierce.

We had so many great videos & the final 7 in the Final Round were all such inspirational stories from graduates of our Certified Crystal Healing Program. We had over 500 votes in the final round alone (plus over 350 in the 1st round) helping to choose the winners! Crazy, right??!

But everyone who entered is a total Mac-Daddy Winner in my eyes – b/c it takes a winner to be brave enough to put yourself out there on video & take serious action to work towards your dream, impacting in your own life & the lives of others!

In round 1 I posted our 20 entries, then we moved onto the final 7 in our Final Round. Boatloads of comments between the 2 rounds~!

So, let me introduce to our Grand Prize winner below along with our two runner-ups:

~GRAND PRIZE: Marie Claude Frasier (prize: scholarship to our Advanced Crystal Master Course)

~RUNNER-UP: Kim Grandal (prize: 8″ Clear Crystal Singing Bowl in her choice of Chakra Tone)

~RUNNER-UP: Elisa Kitt (prize: 8″ Clear Crystal Singing Bowl in her choice of Chakra Tone)

♥Congratulations to our winners!♥ Please contact us at so we can get you all set up with your prizes.

But wait!!…there’s a little twist

I’d also like to present a 1st prize scholarship to our Advanced Crystal Master Course to Rev. Brian J. Glenn because he did something behind the scenes that was beyond generous & he certainly deserves it.

I want to thank everyone who left a comment, helping me with the voting. Picking the winners wasn’t easy.

And once again, I want to thank everyone who entered a video in the contest – you Crystal Hotties are all winners for putting yourself out there! You’ve sent a very clear message to the Universe. Now go make it happen!!

And, finally thank you to all my HMCA students & graduates (the Crystalline Cohorts)– you motivate & inspire me to keep making our courses better & better.

Sparkles & Glitter!


Comments 24

  1. OMG! Hibiscus Moon, you are SOOOO amazing! I literally yelled and clapped out loud (here in my office for all to hear and to ponder why) when I read about your generous gift to Rev. Brian. All the prizes are wonderful and the contestants were amazing, but this was so unexpected and brought tears to my eyes.

    You attract such wonderful, gifted and powerful people in your classes and I feel SO blessed to be a part of it. Thank you so much for – just being, Hibiscus Moon. 🙂 <3

  2. Hey Carol Do not Forget your one of those Gifted and Powerful People as well. Steph i do not know what to say i dont have words and that is rare. i am in utter denial….LOL what all will i need for the classes as i know it is going to take me some time to get everything I need. Also When is the Earliest/ Latest i can Pay for the Acm classes as I do have a Classmate i am Dragging into this with me…She is not allowed to escape muwa ha ha ha haaaaa. again i do not know what to say or how to go about thanking you.

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      1. Hey Hibiscus only Q i have would be one that you would be able to answer and that is are you still doing Special Orders. with Tucson coming up I thought i’d ask if you could look into a Lemurian Quartz as I dont have any and I know you would find the right one

  3. Stephanie, thank you so much!!! I’m so excited I can’t stop jumping up and down!!! I am eternally grateful for the gift you are giving me and I thank you for the bottom of my heart. You are such an angel <3 Thank you to everyone who voted for me, you guys are amazing… Namasté <3

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  4. Congratulations to all the winners. I hadn’t for Rev Glenn but was touched by his commitment, and I remember thinking I wish you would offer him a scholarship due to his circumstances, and saw your announcement and I’m jumping for joy! That was a kind, thoughtful, positive and generous thing to do, and my esteem of you has officially shot thru the roof! What a wonderful community this crystal tribe is.

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  5. Congrats to all the winners.=) Also, Very cool you offered a scholarship to the Rev! =) He brings an uplifting and joyful energy to the whole group! In light and love to you all….

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  6. Congratulations to the finalists! How wonderful it is to see such happiness. But I have to ask, what did Rev. Brian Glenn do ‘behind’ the scenes that was so generous? With all due respect, how does that qualify him as per the contest rules? Because aren’t we all equally deserving of such a gift? And playing by the rules is what makes contests valuable and fair for everyone, not favoritism.

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      Point taken. 😉 The 3 winners were chosen according to the rules, so no worries there. And ultimately, this is my business and I can even break my own rules if I so wish…but that’s not what I did here. I simply gave more than what I had promised, which I sometimes do with my scholarships & giveaways. Generosity is a good way to go in my book. And as far as sharing what someone else did in confidence is not my call. You’d have to ask him if you know him & see if he feels like sharing. 🙂 Namaste.

      1. YOU GO GIRL!!! Very well said!!!, i hope that put “änonymous” back in her sparkly place…lol love your generosity and i have NO doubt Rev Brian is deserving or you would not have included him.
        Blessings to you Hibiscus and all your sparkly academy crystal hotties 🙂
        Catrina x x x x

    2. To Be fair and Honest and according to the rules i just did what i was taught to do and to share with others as i felt they deserved. aside from my husband crashing and totaling our car and losing his job right after i got a place to live. and about the same time frame i graduated I offed what i May or may not have won to another student i heart felt deserved more than my self i came to this course to help others. not my self. I also spent a long time on the waiting list and saving and doing all i could just to get into the CCH program. Hibiscus Completely took my by surprise with what she has done. I am also going to be putting the same student in the classes with me reguardles if either of us won any thing. i am being my self and not hiding my name and being rude to the one person who is doing her best to share Crystal healing and other such stuff with others. Now i suggest you go back over you class materials and read between the lines and try to be more positive and caring to others. i did not share all of the problems going on in my life until the vid and I still have stuff that I wont say. all that matters that with a good deed another came about with that Hibiscus has my Utmost respect and love. and isnt that what this is all about love?

      1. yes Rev, that is what it all comes down to, “LOVE”! The basis of it all, the most ultimate of all emotions! What Stephanie did was purely out of love as what you did was out of that same love. to share joy, friendship, generosity and yes, love, it doesn’t get any better than that!
        Stephanie, thank you for your love and generosity. What you do is making the world a better place.

      2. a HUGE Amen to that Rev. Brian!!! bless you for paying it forward and sharing part of your story, even though you didn’t have to. I find it very interesting that the person who questioned this and started your explanation is hiding behind an “änonymous” label. If you are going to have a whinge about not winning then have the guts to put your name to it!! Love and light to you… but SHEEZ…really????
        Catrina x x x x x x

  7. There’s always one person who has to go “WAHHH” I didn’t win- why has he got more than me. If you think like that you need to take a huge look at yourself as that is not the spiritual way to be. We are all about fixing our energy and vibrations yet you have a tantrum like a five year old because Hibiscus Moon decided to “pay it forward” because she knew this Rev ( sorry I don’t know you but hi 🙂 ) did something good. She could have done it behind the scenes but she wanted to share the positive energy and set examples. Life isn’t all about holding grudges and moaning about what you have and haven’t got and he’s got more than me, it’s about sharing and kindness and helping each other out. Not being greedy. Ever heard the saying “all good comes to those who wait”.

    I never saw any entry’s or voted as I’ve been quite poorly the last few weeks and only really just back in the real world but you get to think a lot and I realised that , in my opion, the reason that so many many people suffer from depression is because people are too busy being envious of others or being judgmental to stop and think if maybe that person needs a hand or a friend or maybe they need a hug because at the end of the day noone knows what another persons private battle is and noone knows what demons that person has to fight every day and no one ever has the right to judge others or complain about someone getting something more than they did because you’re likely to receive the same treatment if you shut the trap and just clap 🙂

    Well done Rev. Not for getting the enrolment but for paying something forward. Sorry to hear of your troubles. If you need a friend who’s a very good listener I think Hibiscus can see my email so ask her and she has my permission to give it. Take care of yourself as your no good to anyone of your not giving yourself some care too.

    Hibiscus – sorry for the rant. I just wanted to make sure the negative energy was swallowed up by some straight talking positive energy! 🙂 love and light Lou x

    1. Well Hello to you as well! Thank you for your kind words they mean alot! Are you on facebook? we could network there

  8. Hi,
    I am a young female student. I had an awakening in my life spiritually and realized the people around me were toxic relationships. I was drawn to alternative healing and crystals and decided to leave to pursue my dreams in art and natural health. I have negative energy that has brought me to a very depressed state and fogged mind. I am lacking love which is the worst effect. I came to your page from a love/healing crystal grid and I think it could extremely help me. I cannot afford it at the moment because I am completely on my own in the city, no support and actually destructive energy from family. but I really need to attract love. I don’t know if you’ve ever done or donation or if there is some way you could lend me a set until things are consoled. I would appreciate it more than life as I don’t think I can continue living in this pain and succeed. I’m not sure what else to do but reach out to a stranger.

    Or if anyone can donate me a set of crystals that could help.

    Anyway you can help is appreciated.

    Thank you, ana

  9. Yay for Marie! I’m excited for her and her art sculptures, being an artist myself, it’s so awesome! Also congrats to Kim and Elisa and Rev! And of course even to those who didn’t ‘win’ they still had guts to enter this contest and it is all good! Everything happens the way it does for a reason and I think sharing is one of the best ways to pay it forward. I’m sure, we can all understand that even the one’s who express strong, maybe not so courteous opinions, are still entitled to an opinion and it’s nothing to take offense to or get defensive about. We all are human and feel emotions, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and we as lightworkers should try a little harder to embrace even the one’s who express the ‘bad’ emotions, for they are the one’s who may need genuine love the most.

    Ana, sweetie, know that you are divinely held and supported as you make your transition. You can message me on my art page on FB here: and I’d be happy to send you a little Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline to help support you on your path. 🙂 Much love everyone <3

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