Who Are You to Be Healing Others?

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I know that’s a possible question running through your mind…. or some ballsy person has actually questioned you with that one.

It used to go through my mind and just about everyone else’s on this path too. I know. I totally get it. It’s only human to question yourself, but do it too much and it really starts to eat away at your confidence. 

Are you waiting until you’re perfectly “healed” before you feel you can start any healing on others?


I’ve been teaching classes in crystal healing since 2010 and founded the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy back in 2011. Over the years I’ve heard it all from our students and alumni:

“Yep, I graduated. I’ve got more than a few a certifications under my belt in a few different modalities. But my chakras aren’t all perfectly balanced yet. I still have issues to heal. Who am I to heal others?“

I’m calling bullshit on that. Get over it and get over yourself.

That’s what I say to that because, hey, guess what?

None of us are perfect & probably NEVER will be.

All those healers/teachers out there pretending to be so and never admitting to any vulnerabilities or faults… all smoke & mirrors, Glitter Bomb. That’s all it is.

Even the highest ascended masters & source energy itself have some imperfections. It’s true!

And being in balance is something that is never complete. It’s something we all need to continually work on. I feel we’re all here on planet to continue learning and working on ourselves. That’s what Mama Earth School is for. So, if we’re all planning on sitting and waiting for all of us to become perfectly balanced, awakened, enlightened or WHATEVER before we ever begin the very-much needed job of assisting others in healing… well then… Oh shit… we’re all in trouble. Right?

One of the most important tenants of what I teach in my course is that YOU are not THE healer. You are simply assisting and facilitating… we can all heal each other & that healing is a 2-way street… both the facilitator & the “heal-ee” exchange & receive healing energy. It’s a 2-way conduit to source energy. We’re giving & we’re receiving; and sure as heck we need it. Those of us who consider ourselves energy workers, light workers, crystal “healers’, therapists, etc…. we need that healing just as much as everybody else does. ♥ I know I do!

So please, get out there, share your gifts, and heal other people… or more accurately assist them in healing themselves… and be healed.


Also keep in mind, if you’re drawn to being a crystal healer or light worker, you also need to know that this is most likely something you volunteered to do; a sacred contract you agreed to fulfill in this life… before you were even born! ♥

Your “pull” towards doing this sort of work is most likely your gentle reminder of your life’s purpose to better our planet & facilitate healing in others.

Feel into that now. How does that feel? Do you feel like you’ve just been reminded of or remembered something? Does it feel familiar or is it even triggering an “a-ha!” moment for you? If it is, pay close attention to that. 😉

So, are you the All-Mighty Healer?

Now this is the ONE thing that is the BIGGEST obstacle that gets in the way because if you think that’s the way it works; that the crystal healer or energy worker is actually doing the healing… then yes, those are some HUGE shoes to fill and I would run the other way too.

You must understand that YOU will not be doing the actual healing or shifting of energy. Ego gets in the way & sabotages us here. Yes, I know this from my own experience!

Instead, you act as the conduit or the “hollow bone” for Source Energy to flow through and assist the client or heal-ee in healing themselves.

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but …you really need to get ova yourself.

Is HMCA right for you?


Having said all this… I also want to make sure that we attract the right kind of student here at the HMCA (Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy).

I love you all…but we’re not all cut out to do this work & some people have different expectations of my academy as we do of our students & graduates.

  • If you’re looking to be spoon-fed dogma & forced into “set in stone” beliefs & not do any of your own self-exploration & inner work to see what’s most in alignment with your own inner knowing, then my course is not the right one for you. I know there are some healer courses out there that force certain doctrines without offering any info on “how” or “why” & some prefer it that way. They just want to be told what to believe and not question it. But that ain’t how we roll over here. I prefer to empower our students.
  • Along the same lines, if you’re looking for a course that simply spews out crystal properties for you to memorize (“this crystal does this, this crystal does that”) then my course is not the course for you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. There are other courses out there for you if that’s what you want. But my method is more about qualifying you, allowing you to really get to know your crystals on a whole other level while boosting your confidence by learning the science behind how crystals work …and taking a more personal approach to that.

We require you to DO the work and EARN your certification.

We require you to:

  • ask critical thinking questions,
  • do some self assessment
  • do experiential exercises
  • do a comprehensive final assessment

Yep, offering a serious certification makes it much harder to run my sacred crystal biz, but due to my self-imposed level of integrity, I feel this is the only way to do it… even though it brings a whole other level of complexity & accountability to my biz.

For me, certification means we are responsible for the people certifying through us & making sure that my graduation process is one of integrity. That means we have lots of checks & balances in place along with a strict grading process & verification checks.If you’re looking for a “certification” that allows you to just pay for your certificate and never checks to see if you really integrated the curriculum, those courses are out there… but mine is not the course you’re looking for.

(COULD NOT resist the chance to throw in a Star Wars reference there.)

OK, now that I’ve covered who it’s for & who it’s not for… if you’re interested in getting certified as a Crystal Healer via my course, this is your only chance to register for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Course for 2017! We’re closing the doors soon and all payment plans will soon be gone. First day of class is September 5th.

I also want you to know that if you’ve determined you’re just not cut out for it or if my course isn’t the right one for you – I hope to still have the opportunity to serve you & have you be a part of our community, Crystal Hottie.

Are you ready to serve your life purpose and cut the strings that are holding you back?  Affirm your intentions & share in the comments below!  The world needs your healing love and light.  ❤

Many Crystal Blessings,

Hibiscus Moon


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  1. Right On Hibiscus!!!! Experiencing the conduit years ago is precisely what I enjoyed many years ago! For me it was the ultimate of being ‘in service’. ❤️

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  2. LOVE the term “hollow-bone” which I’ve used for years now! SO AGREE!!! Thank you for addressing questions that run thru my mind! Many Blessings!

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  3. Yeh this is great. Im just starting a light working business as a Life Coach and I get that feeling too, its scary when you step up!!! Good but scary!!! x

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  4. My problem comes, not from those I might want to heal, but from all the comments from crystal workers who can communicate in all sorts of ways with their crystals and can immediately get strong intuitions etc. as soon as they pick up a stone. I’ve been into crystals for 30 years and am about as intuitive as a brick wall! I just love them and have them all around me, I make grids, meditate and all the rest, but they don’t speak back to me……

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  5. Right en pointe! It is the energy that heals. You’re serving as a tool for the universe to deliver that energy where it is needed. What a huge honor!

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  6. Every time this opens I’m short on the funds. I do want to take the course because it is part of my calling but right now, facing homelessness, working 4 jobs and catching up on bills seems to be the norm. Especially when phone an internet is off *sigh*

    Maybe next year

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  7. Sometimes we are so busy looking for what everyone else has/does, we ignore our own way of communicating. Your stones Do communicate with you, or you wouldn’t be drawn to them. 🙂
    There are so many types of sentience that it would take too much space to go into, but, suffice it to say that you ARE sensing your beautiful crystals, just in a different way than your colleagues.
    A simple way of learning how you communicate with your crystals would be to discover how you sense the more subtle energies around you.
    For example, one person may Feel someone’s presence while another person will Know that they are not alone.
    Do you automatically reach for a crystal when you’ve needed uplifting or support? If so, you communicate through Knowing.
    Ignore what others think/do/say and focus on your own special form of intuition. You are a unique person with unique abilities; embrace them and most of all, Love your crystals because they Chose you! 💖

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  8. I believe that your telling it like it is …is absolutely so refreshing. I’m a straight shooter and I don’t hold back when I do speak so I love that your that kinda girl! I heard someone once say,”What other people think of me is none of my business.” and I have been stepping out everyday on that! And WoW! The time not wasted thinking of what others think gives me so much more time in my day to give room to hearing my heart and other productive things. I appreciate the time you give to explain what your looking for in a student and what you strive for Thank You.

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  9. I appreciated your blog. It’s difficult to understand why people demand perfection from healers, especially holistic healers. If the world’s greatest heart surgeon smoked cigarettes on their off time would would a person refuse to let them operate on their heart because the surgeon was not in perfect health?
    As the holistic healer deals not only with the body, but the soul as well, I think people assume that working with the sacred or divine equals someone completely transcending the limits of the physical world.  It is not to say some people who are healers may not have other spiritual gifts but at the end of the day they are still people with aches, pains, flaws, and issues who also want to help others. Part of the issue is something you mentioned in the article about being a conduit and not the cause of the healing – I don’t think that concept is clear to the average person not interested in various modes of non-alliopathic healing.
    Another issue contributing to misunderstanding is the narrow parameters society puts on the concept of healing in general. Healing is relegated to cures and symptomatic relief brought about by medical procedures, various therapies and pharmaceuticals – but a kind word can be healing, a hug can be healing, healing is much more broad and accessible to and by people than society realizes. Some people will be called to specialized types of healing but the capacity to heal self and others is accessible to everyone in large and small ways.
    I think it is important for those called to heal in specific ways to recognize their boundaries, biases and limits in order to help/protect themselves and to be able to work effectively with those who have come to them for help.
    In the end I would encourage people called to healing others in specific ways or disciplines to not be discouraged by the opinions of others and to follow their calling with grace, understanding, and humility.
    Thank you again for bringing this difficult topic up in your blog post, it is important to address all aspects of the healing profession, even the less pleasant ones.

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      “Another issue contributing to misunderstanding is the narrow parameters society puts on the concept of healing in general.” Oooo, you hit on a good one there! Great points, Serafina!

  10. Looking forward to starting your course in September. I will be at the doTERRA convention in Utah the week your course starts so not sure if I will be able to start till I get home. Glad it is recorded. I have known for 2 years now that my purpose is to help people heal their emotional baggage with essential oils, and now crystals. Crystal skulls started talking to me and I would buy them. I had no idea what to do with them. I bought a crystal reference book and started reading about the different stones I had. It was so surprising that each stone skull was a stone that helped with whatever I was fixing within myself at the time I found them. I am hooked!!! I started researching different programs and two friends recommended your course. So here I am.

  11. I really hope to take your classes someday😃 In fact I know I will. When the time is right. I so enjoy being part of your sparkle community ✨💛✨ 🤗❤️🦋🌈❤️✨✨✨

  12. As a graduate of your course over 3 years ago and a massage therapist for 11 years, I can honestly and subjectively say that I am a vessel for the healing energy or what I call Divine Universal Healing Energy. The most important aspect of any healing session is that the recipient of the work and energy is open to it. If they are not, then in most cases, the desired outcome will not be achieved, however, I always benefit from simply allowing the energy to come through me as I am working. Sometimes, however, a non-receptive client will become receptive and a believer in the work because the healing energy is more powerful than their resistance. It is a beautiful and glorious thing moment when a non-believe, after a session, asks “How did you do that?!” and I get to respond by saying, “With your help channeling the healing energy.” It is amazing how it works on its own. I know man former nay-sayers who are now believers because the crystals and energy are so powerful and intelligent on their own they can do what needs to be done even through obstacles!
    Keep up the great and necessary work! Sparkle on!

  13. Sept. 5…..whooo hoooo!!!!! Can’t wait. Been wanting to do this for years, Going to Tuscon in Jan and Feb for the Big Show too!! Hope to see some cohorts there. 🙂

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