Today, I figured I’d blog about what I’ve been up to business-wise…off the crystal-beaten path for a bit.

In some recent videos on my Crystal Channel, I mentioned that I wanted to do more professional looking videos, needed to soup up my camera & make better quality crystal videos, being that crystals are such a visual thing. I really felt I wasn’t doing them justice.

So that entails better lighting & a really good camera…using a tripod to get away from all the shaky, jerky movements. I also needed better sound quality so microphones were on the list too. I figured I’d get a few different options, try them out & then return what I wouldn’t be using.

Here’s my latest video explaining how that went…with bloopers @ the end.

Whining vlog & not a thing about crystals

[youtube g2Yomu-b2c4 nolink]

BTW, I have NOT aborted the mission!

It takes a lot more than some fancy-schmancy techy junk to scare me away! It might be scary, but I will face it. 

I will be persistent. I just need to find the right set up for me. Right now, I’m trying out video taping directly from my iphone5 with the lapel microphone & a tripod. I do still need to find a good, yet smaller lighting solution. I’ll keep you all posted & let you know how it goes! And if you have any tips for me…I’m all ears. 🙂

Crystal Blessings, Lima Beans!



P.S. Have you heard? My popular Certified Crystal Healer Course has opened up for enrollment again! Will you be joining us in 2013?