Crystal Treasures from the West Palm Beach Gem Show

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So here’s what I ended up purchasing at the West Palm Beach Gem Show. I picked up some cool stuff & talk about the general properties of each piece too. ♥

In this video I show you a few new specimens I acquired:
~stellar beam calcite
~Kingsman Mine turquoise
~staurolite pendant

I so enjoyed meeting up with you all at our 3rd annual Crystal Hottie Meetup at this show. Of course, some of us had to gather up in my trunk b/c that’s just what we do! ♥


This week’s featured video shows you what crystals I got at the show this year…but I’m really saving up for Tucson in Feb so this is just a little gemmy taste. 😉

Crystal Treasures from the West Palm Beach Gem Show

Have you made any cool new purchases from a gem show lately? Please tell me about them in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,




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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful crystals and knowledge! Learned something new about staurolite, that it can be used as a candida cleanser. Can you make a gem elixer with it and do you recommend any other stones for candida? Thank you crystal blessings 🙂 <3

    1. Post

      Pamela, since staurolite contains aluminum I don’t recoemmend making a gem elixir that you’d drink with it. You can pair it with black onyx like I mentioned & smokey quartz is a good detoxer as well. 🙂

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