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Hi Crystal Hottie!

I’ve got another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! 

And just in case you’re not familiar with what exactly is goin’ down here today…these Crystal Healer Interview blog posts are SPECIAL. Because these are the brave souls who are DOIN’ it! These are the Crystal Hottie Change Agents.

Allow me to introduce you to crystal healing from another perspective (other than my own). So we’ve got a few Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers & Advanced Crystal Masters who are so generously sharing their stories with us.

Well, I’m excited today to introduce you to Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer Wendy Becerra of Wholistic Blessings.

Wendy’s gorgeous message here is about our responsibility as Crystal Healers to share the knowledge & spread the crystal light.


She talks about her lifelong connection with crystals and how that has grown & blossomed into a budding career in energy work.

And Here’s Wendy …


What brought you to the world of crystal healing?

About 10 years ago, after much of life’s “craziness”, my hubby, son, kitty and I moved from Miami and a co-worker (in the pharmacy) gave me a pendant of larimar.


This larimar provided me with calm when I suffered from anxiety. Studying this crystal and others began to open the door more and more to this possibility of crystal healing.

While I lived in Miami’s fast pace and had an overflowing amount of family and family responsibility, I really had no time to study or do what I enjoyed.

Between collecting my crystal babies and going to the park I began to heal and feel more relaxed and better able to navigate thorough my new-found identify and life without everybody else’s stuff.

Wendy Becerra2

What crystal has had the biggest effect on you?

Oh this one’s kind of tough.

As with many healers, one of the first crystals I purchased was amethyst, citrine, carnelian and clear quartz.


I have a complete amethyst obsession! I can’t wait to have a Huge Amethyst Cathedral.


Moldavite has a special place in my heart because it really accelerated much spiritual and expanded awareness. The best part is I don’t feel overwhelmed by its energy. There have even been times I’ve even slept with it.


My double terminated smokey Tibetan quartz has shared so much information with me while I’ve meditated. I have seen our entire galaxy and have heard the message from the collective and “the bigger picture”. It’s an enhydro and that makes it even extra special to me.


What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this crystal-path?

The peace and serenity my family, friends, and I feel in our home. Everyone says they feel so cared for and relaxed when they’re in our home.

Also, when my son comes and asks for a “crystal massage” to help him relax…simply amazing!

When I realized there is a huge amount of healing power in crystals, I was drawn to crystal gridding before I even knew it was a “thing”. Then on December 2012, I was pulled to create crystal grid for the Collective’s healing every month on the full moon.


Once I became a Reiki practitioner 5 years ago, I discovered that I loved combining crystals and Reiki together!

I can’t tell you how satisfying and fulfilling it is to see the patient’s light come back or brighten in their eyes!!!

I live for seeing the lights come on and get brighter. It’s like they’ve been plugged in again.

The patients feel as thought they have “new life”. I believe that is what has made the BIGGEST difference in my life. I must add that after they’ve been plugged in, I get a sense of peace and feel “lifted” myself.

What’s your go-to Crystal for grounding?

My favorite would be a magnetite in each hand.

My other favorites are healer’s gold (pyrite with magnetite), black tourmaline and hematite.


I tend to be a bit “flighty” and I often forget to ground. So when I feel too “in the head” I re-calibrate and get “land legs” when I hold onto these. It feels as though I put on a pair of weighted boots.

What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’ve graduated as a CCH?

I want to build a successful, and loving Crystal Reiki practice preferably an office near my home or a space in my home especially for healing, which would enable me to be close to my son.

I see myself working and volunteering with 2 causes which are very important to me:

  • Clean water for everyone
  • Crystal healing with special needs children

My son has been diagnosed with high functioning autism and takes no medicine. So working with special needs and helping parents and caretakers know that there are alternative treatments and practices with a more natural and non-gmo diet can benefit their children greatly.

My BIGGEST DREAM is to travel in an RV so my son could experience travel in a comfortable way and be able to spread crystal healing knowledge while on our travels. I believe we are here to turn on each others flames and awareness to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

It really is up to us to unlock and open the door to these non-invasive healing modalities.

Wendy’s Bio: After 21 years of working as a certified pharmacy tech and my son’s autism diagnosis, I went in the opposite direction for natural and alternative healing. As a facilitator and conduit of healing, I’m utterly passionate about empowering others (and myself) to be healthy, strong, in peace;  the very best version of themselves (and myself) as possible. You can find Wendy at  WholisticBlessings.Etsy.com


Hibiscus again here…

Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your personal sparkly journey with us, for being a progressive human, for using crystal healing to do good in the world & for sharing your wonderful crystal insights.

If you resonate with anything Wendy has shared with us here please leave a comment below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Wendy, Thank you so much for sharing, you just connected to my desire to be a Reiki-Crystal Healer. Your story is so motivating for me and I know for many who have read it. I just signed up for the class CCH that starts next week and look forward to joining my Crystal Cohorts in the healing community. Blessing to you all. Namaste”

    1. Hello there Veronica, Thank you for your kinds sentiments. Awesome for you in beginning this crystal healing / learning journey! We are all in beautiful company. Blessings to you and all. <3 Namaste

  2. It is with a Deep Bow of Gratitude and a Heart FULL of LOVE I wish you all the Brightest of Blessings. Thank you for featuring our interview. Blessings to you and Blessings to All the Students and Teachers of this beautiful healing modality.
    May our journey fulfill our hearts and continue to assist and empower others to pursue crystal healing so we can all “Be the change we wish to see in the world.”
    Namaste <3

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  4. Wendy, may you experience your beautiful dreams and continue your learning/living/loving journey to heartfelt expansion and expression in all you create. You’re an inspiration to all of us newbies and a guiding light to everyone fortunate to cross your path. Thank you for sharing your sparkly story.

  5. I loved Wendy’s blog post. I think that her work with non-invasive healing is so important in today’s world. She has a selfless attitude and am so happy she is working her crystal magic with special needs kids. My son has always had a learning disability and I believe crystals can help these kids.
    Great article and I wish you nothing but success! I definitely will look into becoming a Reiki practitioner! I also want to become a CCH- just couldn’t do it this fall.

  6. Oh Wendy! What an inspiration! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your personal example! It brought me the opportunity to remember how important is keep dreaming and having high hopes! Thank you!

    ~ Love and crystal blessings ~

  7. I think I resonate with everything Wendy said! Her story and her work are amazing. She’s a real keeper.

    I particularly like that she tells us she does not feel overwhelmed by the energy of Moldavite. From the moment I first heard of it I was drawn to it, myself, and actually purchased a Moldavite Ring. My first real jewelry purchase in early 90s. A Moldavite vibe that seems to come through to me is “I’ve been here before”. It may be heavy, but it feels like a long ago home . . . a good place to come back to visit.
    Of course after falling in love with geology as my second academic love around about that same time (history having been my first with a BIG dose of Egypt – still) and working towards a geology degree, already having recognized I am of a Taoist persuasion regarding energy, it was impossible NOT to start being drawn to minerals. It maybe be that I love them all!

    I eventually hope to make the time to become more coherently organized about crystals – which draws me to your Hibiscus Moon e-mails and Video. Have been collecting minerals, rocks, crystals I’m drawn to since I was a child. One of my latest is a big chunk of Greenstone from South Africa. One of these days I’m going to gather all these treasures altogether and arrange them in a way that feels right, then work at figuring out why that is with help from Hibiscus Moon resources.

    Am particularly, and perhaps peculiarly, attracted to ultramafics which can feel heavy, but also firmly grounding (like in Wendy’s “weighted boot” analogy!), in a way that enables feet on the ground head in the stars without getting lost in the stars too long without a way back.

  8. Thank you for sharing you story Wendy , it has allowed me to open myself up and follow my crystal path and thank you too Crystal .

  9. Wendy, Your message is truly inspiring!! I have always loved ‘Rocks’ but only within the last few years have I come to understand that they are not Just Rocks. Life begins again …. something new to learn, use and teach for a more natural way of living!! Thank you for being a shining light and spreading rays for all to see!!

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