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Saturday was spent mostly on me. I went to the salon to have my hair slightly restyled and highlighted. I went with thick bangs. I love it. 🙂

After that I went to the local new age shop and had my aura photo taken. Now I don’t buy into every little supernatural thingy that crosses my path and I am not a very gullible type. I’m a little skeptical about this reading. I DO believe that we all have an energy aura. I was under the impression that this photo would be an actual photo of me taken with some special photography that would allow one to see my aura. However, this is what I got:

After paying my $25, I sat down and put my thumb on a sensor and the gentleman running the laptop took a reading and the portable printer printed out the photo above. He did give me an interesting reading about my extreme green energy, noting I was an ancient healer with a lot of experience from past lives. He pointed out that my chakras are all in alignment and I have several spirits around my head and the bright orb near my belly is an angel or personal guide. I compared my photo with others and I had a lot more energy than they did. Some had blue and some had pink or orange, but just not as large or bright. Out of the 3 others that I compared with, no one else had those spirits about their head. All the bodies in the photos are the same so this is not an actual photo of me or even an image of me. Its a generic form used for everyone. Could the computer program just have various images that come out at random? Sure. What do you think? Reliable of bogus?

Despite that, I did enjoy it and I shopped for some items such as an oracle card deck; Magical Mermaids and Dolphins by Doreen Virtue…of COURSE! Its so pretty and I am very excited to begin working with it.

…and some lapis lazuli stones to use for some Spring Equinox crafts.

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  1. Sounds like a nice day. I don’t know anything about auras, but it’s fun anyway. Tell us more about the oracle deck after you play with it a while.

  2. Hey! Great post! I love pictures… Also I have to say I think your hair looks great! I’m glad you’re happy with it… Hair cuts can be so tricky

  3. Great haircut! I believe in a person’s energy field as well but like you, I’m not sure if that photo is quite what I’d expect. Kirlian (sp?) photography seems to be quite interesting though….

  4. What gorgeous hair you have! I love bangs. Good to spend a day on yourself. People need to do that and I think they forget. Hard to know about the aura stuff. Most curious. 🙂

  5. First, your hair looks great! Good job on that 🙂

    I once had an aura photo taken at a shop in Indianapolis. IIRC, it took an actual photo of me with a black background, and various colors and shapes showed up around me against that dark background. I can’t remember what the interpretation was, too long ago.

    I am currently seeking a card deck right now! So far I haven’t found one that jumps out and grabs me. I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own…maybe after a couple more art classes though, heh.

  6. I’ve had disappointing experiences with aura photography as well. My aura came out green and blue, etc., and I’ve always been told it’s gold. So I asked the gal about it and I told her my photograph was fading (bad ink) but she equated the fading photo to being a really bad omen about my HEALTH! {How arrogant is THAT?}

  7. I love your hair!!!!!!!
    I have a couple decks of D Virtue’s oracle cards (arch angels and fairies) I like working with them too:0)

    Hope you’re having a great day!!


  8. I’ve just discovered your blog and its a lovely read. ^^

    Well I’ve not heard of aura photo’s being done in that way before. I’ve had many family friends who have a photo taken with the special camera. And the results have been very interesting. I mean take it with a pinch of salt, but if it was at a reasonable price I’d be intriuged to see my photo.

    Yay! The long thick fringe suits you. ^^

    Oooh I’ve been tempted to get the mermaid and dolhphin cards. I have the Goddess and Fairy orcal ones and those are on the money every time. I get the best results and clarity I need from them. So let me know after you’ve worked with them for a while what you think.

    Blessings. x

  9. Thanks for all the compliments on the bangs!

    I think I will still keep my eyes open for a real aura-photo session and give that a go when it crosses my path.

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