Learning about doTERRA is like learning a new language! Totally confusing sometimes!

I’m here to help.

So two of the most common acronyms you’ll come across are PV and LRP.

Let’s have a talk about them!

PV: Personal Volume

Every dollar you spend on doTERRA product, you get PV or Personal Volume. Each product is assigned a PV. The PV is usually the same as the dollar amount spent per product, although kits, diffusers and packages can be less. The total PV can be found on the order form or in the shopping cart under the column labeled PV or Volume.

PV is earned when you purchase is complete. You earn free product points by spending your earned PV. Those points are automatically put in your account by percentage. The longer you purchase from doTERRA, the bigger the percentage you earn back to use on free product.

Month’s 1-3: 10%

Month’s 4-6: 15%

Month’s 7-9: 20%

Month’s 10-12: 25%

Month’s 13+: 30%

  • You must order at least 50PV per month for your PV percentage to continue to grow.

LRP: Loyalty Rewards Program

This is a great program to help build & begin replacing products you buy at the grocery store & pharmacy each week. You can slowly replace all the things you buy at stores while reducing your toxic load in your home replacing with high quality, all natural healthy doTERRA products while also earning lots of FREE product. Many of your cleaning & health supplies will come out to pennies on the dollar! The Loyalty Rewards Program, or LRP, rewards you for buying product “automatically” each month. In a nutshell, it is an autoship program where you choose the date each month your order will ship, and you have until that date to change your LRP cart. You do not have to order this way; however, this is where you earn greater discounts.

When you sign up with doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate, you also set up your monthly LRP account. This order can be changed any time throughout the month up until your ‘ship date’. It is best to set your ship date by the 15th to ensure you earn the Product of the Month with a 125 order. (I explain the Product of the Month below.) Your LRP order can be as big or as little as you want, but you’ll want to keep it at or above 50PV to continue to grow your PV earnings and above 100PV to get paid as a biz builder.

Product points are also accrued based on what you spend and how long you’ve been participating in the LRP. For your first three months, you get 10% of your LRP PV back as product points, 15% for the next three months, and so on until after a full year you’re getting back 30% of your LRP PV in additional product.

If you have your LRP order ship before the 15th of the month, you can also earn the free product of the month, as long as you have an LRP order of at least 125PV. Remember that this is earned by the PV not the Dollar Amount on the order, so be sure to double-check before you check out. There is a kicker; you can’t spend any of your PV until you have been actively ordering for 60 days.

The more you spend on doTERRA products, the more they’ll give you back for additional product.

  • You must order at least 100PV in LRP if you want to earn commission as a biz builder
  • If you order at least 125PV that month you earn the free product of the month