How I Make a High Vibe Margarita (with Crystals!)

High Vibe Margarita

This was an Instagram Story that I posted a while back (you are following me over there, right? @HibiscusMoon) on how to make a high vibe margarita!

I wasn’t going to post this here on my blog or use it as content —

but you DEMANDED the recipe… with links! I mean, I get it… who wouldn’t be into a glass of hi-vibrational zesty, citrusy, salty, and delicious crystal-infused goodness in the middle of summer?

High Vibe Margarita Recipe Comin’ Right Up!

So, wherever possible, here in this blog post, I’ve linked to the EXACT brand of whatever that I use:

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Now, I try to make everything I ingest as high vibrational as possible by:

  1. somehow infusing crystal energy into it — one way or another
  2. going organic whenever possible
  3. and trying to make it even healthier by bio-hacking … Read More
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Crystals: How They Work — the full + FINAL break down! PART 2

Crystals - How They Work how do crystals work

If you didn’t already watch part 1 of this mini-series, go do that right now — so you’re all caught up!

In this part, 2 we’re gonna cover:

  • How are the healing properties of a crystal determined?
  • Why are we influenced by the energy of crystals?
  • What about the programming of a crystal?

How are the healing properties of a crystal determined? How do Crystals work?

Well, part of it is determined by what elements is it made out of? In the video above, I used a little amethyst right as an example. In it, we have silicon dioxide; silicon and oxygen (aka quartz). There’s a little bit of iron thrown in too. That’s where you get its beautiful color. (I dive deeper into crystal color here.)

Then we have its crystal system, which happens to be tetrahedral in its geometry; how its molecules are arranged. Again, we have the specific light frequency that you’re seeing; which is the violet light frequency.

All of these things plus the … Read More

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What Crystal Gets Rid of Negative Energy?

Negative Energy

Have you ever come home – or entered a room and all of sudden you feel tired, irritable, funky, tired, drained of energy? Next thing you know you’re in energetic “yuck n’ stuck”. It’s like quicksand. And that led you here, looking for that negative energy crystal…

We’re Electrical Beings

See, we are made of energy (not just a physical body) but energy within and even subtle energy without (Electromagnetic Frequencies/EMF).

Our bodies run on energy: we are electrical beings; we have an electrically-generated cardiovascular system.

Think about it from a strictly biological point of view; our hearts, our muscles, our brains – electrical. There’s a measurable electrical charge on the surface of every healthy cell in our body!

And then we, as energy, interface with all sorts of other energy: other being’s energy… and then we have all the unnatural EMF’s we’re surrounded by:

  • cell phone towers
  • wi-fi
  • 5G
  • baby monitors
  • of course, our devices

OK, so besides trying to minimize your exposure:

What can you do when you’re stuck in a situation that you’re perceiving as negative, and you want to transmute that feeling, neutralize … Read More

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7 Places to Use Crystals in Your Home – where to place crystals

The energy of your home is critical. But do you often wonder: WHERE to place crystals to maximize their power and potential?

where to place crystals 

The environment we surround ourselves in is extremely important and crystals can really help us out with this.

About ten years ago, Yale conducted a study where it was proven that if you simply held a warm and comforting cup of coffee rather than a cold one, it caused the test subjects to treat people in a more generous caring manner. So essentially, if we don’t take control of our environment, it takes control of us!

I’m going to take that Yale study’s concept a bit further (because I’ve experienced it for myself and have witnessed it for so many others!) and say that crystals can and DO influence our environment and, therefore, our behavior and well-being in a beneficial way; whether you’re holding, wearing them or keeping your space infused with their energy.

If you simply enjoy just gazing at crystals — then crystals are allowing you to thrive. Of course, many of us know that much more … Read More

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