Male and Female Crystals?

Male and Female crystals

male and female crystals

What the what?

Quartz Crystals can have a gender designation?

Indeed they can.

Firstly, let’s discuss how energy travels within a quartz crystal. It’s spiral directional energy that is quite obvious when we look at how a quartz crystal actually grows; its silicon-dioxide molecules arrange themselves in a screw-thread pattern. In other words, they spiral end to end up what we call the C-axis (as seen below).

spiral energy of a quartz crystal

The direction of that screw thread pattern and then the point, tip, or apex of the crystal directs the energy.  So, the energy of that crystal very easily flows in the direction of that spiral.

Oftentimes people will ask me, is it okay to use a quartz crystal point that’s cut and polished? Yeah, it’s okay. Totally okay. But if you want to get a bigger bang for your buck, you want to work with a natural point because a natural point will easily tell you where it’s directing its energy like a laser pointer; right out that natural apex.

Now the direction that the spiral flowed is also the … Read More

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Fouling up Afghanistan’s Lapis Lazuli Mines

lapis lazuli

Before we get into the whole of Afghanistan’s Lapis Lazuli Mines topic…

First, I will set some ground rules for myself and ask that you kindly keep to the same in any commenting (these are pretty much the rules I stick to for what I post about, in general, so I can discern if it’s within the realm of what our community is expecting to learn from me and also not contribute to any division or separation… certain topics have a way of doing that even if it’s not the original intention)

Ground Rules

  1. No political discussion – please put politics aside
  2. No religious discussion – please put religion aside
  3. No vaccine discussion – please put opinions aside (WTH does that have to do with this topic? I don’t know — but somehow, lately, it ends up sneaking into everything so I’m just putting it out there… stay off this topic here too.)
  4. No bringing up the general ethics of mining minerals (I’ve already written an opinion piece on that topic here, feel free to dive in deep and comment there on that… Read More
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The Most Powerful Techniques to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind (with Crystals) – Morning Routine

Reprogram the Mind with Crystals

Today, we’re discussing how I work with crystals to reprogram my subconscious mind with my morning routine.

Rather than leaving it all to chance,

or to the stars…

don’t get me wrong, those things are great (and I’ll touch a bit more on that in a bit) BUT

I like to Reprogram my Subconscious Mind

so I can orchestrate my life the way I want to — no matter what the stars may have in store for me… or Mercury retro. Is that a control issue?

I’m sharing what I do and what works for me so you can empower yourself; of course, tweak and adapt where you like.

By doing this, I get to enter this beautiful coherent field state of consciousness where just about anything is possible. It tends to change everything for the better in your life.

You get into that groove where everything just seems to be going right.

You feel great.

It tends to influence everything else because of its natural higher amplitude.

In physics, we call that a phase transition.

A small teeny tiny % (as low as 1%) of the … Read More

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Want to Meet Team HM? We’ve got some CCP’s and ACM’s

Today we’re going to talk about some of the members of Team HM. I’m like a proud mama duck over here!

As you may know, I started out flying solo and sharing videos on my YouTube Channel (you can read about my crystal journey right here and here), but once the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy started in 2010, it grew very quickly and it was crystal clear that I needed a solid team to make this all work. Now, the team has grown and HMCA has over 2000 Certified Crystal Practitioners™ around the globe, in 48 different countries. Pretty cool!

Team HM lovingly answers your support questions, assists with tech issues, plans the logistics of a new elective or class, works behind the scenes on my livestreams, takes care of our website, and assists our students in our FB groups. I admit it, I have the best team! They’re smart, organized Type-A team players who run things behind the scenes because even though we can get a little woo-woo around here, I’m … Read More

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