Tucson Giveaway & Celebration!

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The Winners are as follows:

Tucson package: wintergreenicebreaker  (US residency required)

Basics of Crystal Healing 3 class winners!!:

1. amydianneholmes

2. rmaurice

3. Maxinebowers2

I’ve been back from Tucson almost a month & have been waiting to do the Tucson Giveaway but the Universe has BIG PLANS for me Party Peeps & I’m just trying to keep up over here. I’m very happy with all of it & yes, I can confirm from my perspective….things are indeed SPEEDING UP!!

Tucson Gem Show

I’m also celebrating HUGE right now because of YOU & what all this crystal energy has conspired to bring my way. The Certified Crystal Healer Program is well under way.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: Currently accepting enrollments for the April 1 Course Start Date!!  Enrollment will close on that date & not be available again until our July 1 enrollment.  And you certainly don’t need to wait for the course to begin on April 1.  You can jump in now with 2 feet & get all the goodies for the Course immediately! Instant Access Baby!

So anywayz… so much has happened since I embarked on this crystal journey!!!…so many GORGEOUS, sparkly, miraculous things…..with so many GORGEOUS, sparkly, miraculous souls. I end up being damn thankful every day & wanting to celebrate all the time…you know of my LOVE for give-aways!!!! I do it b/c I LOVE what I do. I’m inspired all the time, I learn so much from all of you, I am deeply honored to teach so many lovely people in my Crystal Academy from all over Mother Earth & I LOVE communicating in crystal community with all of you! THANK  YOU!!!!


Here’s the Tucson Prize Pack for 1 lucky winner (US Residents Only for this one):

And 3 (yup 3!!) lucky winners will win a FREE Basics of Crystal Healing Online Class (immediate download)!! (you can be located any where on this lovely planet!) This is to win that 1 class only,not the entire Certification Course.

I’ve been very touched by all the excitement & emails from those of you wanting to take this very class, but not able to for various reasons, wanting to learn about all the wonders of crystal healing & how you can use it in your life…so here’s a way for you to get in on it!!


1. Be a subscriber on my email list. If you’re already subbed, then you’re already entered. If you’re not, then get on board! All subscribers get a FREE eKit on Creating Sacred Space using Crystals that has become super popular!! You can subscribe right here, Crystal Hottie:

2. If you’re already a subscriber, you can increase your chances of winning by telling me why you would want to take this class or the whole course…along with your commitment to do the assignments, to do the work if you win! Then get ready for 4 TOTAL WINNERS: 1 wins the Tucson Prize Pack & 3 win this AMAZING class that receives so many testimonials from happy Crystal Hotties!

Go ahead & leave your comment below….your chances of winning are pretty good here!! Yeeeeha!

To enter: Be sure, first, that you’re a subscriber to my mailing list & then UP your chances by commenting below telling me why you would like to take the Basics of Crystal Healing Class.

I’ll post all 4 winners here on this post on Tuesday @ 6PM EST!




Comments 34

  1. This is not an entry for the class b/c I have already taken it. I just wanted to give a shout out to Hibiscus for her amazing classes! I can’t wait to start my next one! Best of luck everyone! Have a sparkly day!

  2. My passion has always been for crystals, even as a little girl. I am always looking for more information on them to share with others, especially children. I am very interested in taking the entire course, including the certification. Being a stay-at-home mom funds are limited but I am looking for forward to the day that I can join the rest of the Crystal Cohorts. 🙂 My ultimate goal is to create a free website for children to teach them about crystal healing. My 7 year old and 12 year old, as well as their friends, have inspired me to teach the new generation the power of these amazing stones. They are the ones who are more in-tune to the spiritual changes and therefore I feel it is very important that they also have these crystal friends to walk along with them on their paths. Basically to sum it up, my interest in these classes is so that I can take my knowledge and share with children the power that Mother Earth has given to us. ♥

  3. I have just recently found your site and am so excited to dig in deeper!
    I have known crystals have healing properties but am new to using crystals myself and very eager to learn. I am at a point of change in my life, being open to learn more of what earth and the universe have to teach me. I was not open to that knowledge before. However, my soul has offered me new beginnings recently and I am now able to receive this energy and pretty darn happy with some changes that came my way! Crystal healing is what I am being lead to now so a chance to take your class would be amazing!

  4. Re: Drawing for winner! Me! Me! Me! I want to win!
    I am a continuing student of herbalism, and since I turned 40, several years ago, after a long soul search, I found my true path. Not the Catholic upbringing I hated…but the path of the Green Witch. I could have shouted from the mountain tops I was so happy. I finally found a spiritual home. I am a proud mother of five beautiful babes who accompany me and my husband on our unschooling adventures through life. I love divination, tarot and pendulums being my most favorite and dear to my heart. I have always loved and collected stones and crystals but never really went beyond. Now, after stumbling on Ye Old Kitchen Witch’s blog and her experiences with crystal grids I have found you, Hibiscus Moon. I can’t get enough of your information. I have watched your videos and poured over your freebies. I would be the BEST student EVER because I love homework, especially when it is something that I love. That is the great thing about unschooling. What an example I set for my children to follow what thrills and excites you. So, I will keep my fingers crossed as I patiently await the results. Thanks for the opportunity to continue furthering my crystal relationships with such a wonderful mentor.

  5. I feel so fortunate to have connected with you, via this blog , your video’s and Facebook. There are quite a few Crystal classes out there, but I must say the energy I feel from seeing you in your video’s convinced me, this is the course for me. I have such a passion to learn and an eagerness to share and I thank you for the opportunity to win such a fabulous gift. Namaste, Sandy

  6. After 33 years and finding my true path I have been looking into your class for about 3 months now. I am a massage therapist and amateur aromatherapist, and level 1 Reiki student. What better class to add to my knowledge? I have always kept stones around me, my pretty marbles my daughter calls them. They make me smile to look at, it was only in the last few years I found out they can be so much more. I bought your book on crystal grids, and they have made so much difference in our lives already. My husband got a raise after being turned down just 3 months ago! My ex started to corporate with me in regards to our 3 children. I have been looking at this class for some time, I was sad to see it start so early, I didn’t have enough time to save. I would be delighted to be in the class earlier than anticipated. It is something I truly think more people should have knowledge about and access to, and I plan on being someone that brings it to them.

  7. I want to take your corse because I’ve always loved stones and crystals of all types and whom better should I learn from than a person I’ve counted as a friend for years.
    Brightest Blessings…

  8. O hay grrrl! 🙂 I’m SO glad that you go to AZ every year… I was raised in Tucson and am very fond of it 😉 I used to go to the gem and mineral show every year with my dad, and had my own little collection from a very young age! I think that’s why I’ve always been drawn to crystals 🙂 And of course I’ve been subscribed to you for years now, I always look forward to new videos and posts from you! 🙂 I would love to be able to learn more about crystals! I’ve gotten many crystals from your shop and know a little about all of them, but I would love to have more in-depth knowledge! Plus I’m not working now and have plenty of time to dedicate to learning 😉 Either way I will definitely be taking your class, it’s just a matter of when! 🙂 Thank you for all that you do, hugs & love! xo

  9. Here in lil old Tas I can’t find anyone to teach me this clever, earth changing, life wonderfulling stuff. By being a winner I will spread the love even more Down Under. We regional Aussies are keen !

  10. I always was drawn to crystals as a kid and with my spiritual practices I need a better understanding then just some books telling me what I can do, I feel this need lately to understanding healing in various forms.

  11. since I became a reiki practioner last year, I became interested in crystals to help me expand my knowledge with different kinds of healing. To win your class would be an honor. I have watched your youtube videos and love the information you give out. I’m starting to get more into crystals. Even if I don’t win, I just want to thank you for this opportunity. Best of Luck to everyone.

  12. Ha! synchronicity strikes again……a week ago I was trying to talk my man into squeezing your crystal course into our budget ( of course that price was no easy squeeze) and we decided it couldn’t be done…….. today I went to the local gem and mineral show ( that happens once a year) and then came home to your youtube announcement in my inbox. I just learned today about bentoite being my state’s gem and came home to a video of you refering to it in your video………… but all synchronicities aside .I love stones and rocks and gems. I always have, they speak to me in so many ways………I marvel at how certain people will walk into my home and gravitate towards certain stones and the way mother nature has created so many varieties of these little miracles. I would love to take your class and learn some more reasons to marvel………=)

  13. I know i’m australian so i can’t win your giveaway package but i’d love to be considered for the class that your giving away.
    I have only recently become more involved with crystals and i think it would help and be awesome to do a class of yours to gain more knowledge.
    thanks a lot and many crystal blessings

  14. I LOVE crystals and gemstones, a passion that I share with my husband. I would love to have a more in depth knowledge of them. I think it would be fun to share with my husband and others the things I’ve learned! =)

  15. I am so grateful for the the opportunity to take classes from Hibiscus Moon Academy! I am a crystal healer in the Midwest and would love to expand my knowledge of crystals and stones in order to share the joy with others. I have been a crystal junkie my whole life and I so appreciate your ethics, professionalism and knowledge with crystal healing. Your academy brings validation and science to crystal healing in a unique, fun style. The videos, blogs, etc. are fascinating and I have learned so much already. Please consider me as a lifetime student willing to learn and grow with the academy. Thank you!

  16. What a fortunate day to join your website!!! I have been following you on youtube for a while, but I was inspired by Kimi to investigate your website this morning! How awesome!!! I am officially on the email list and so pumped about all of the info and awesome-ness you offer right here on your site. Thank you for everything you do! WooHooo!! I am a nursing student, thus healing is my passion. After I get my BSN I plan to become a Master Herbalist and a Crystal Healer (hopefully with you!) because I believe in comprehensive care. Care of a physical being is great, but without care of a soul it is likely that physical ailments will manifest continually. So, as a total science nerd, (hello biology) I am stoked about your site, and hopefully working with you to understand and identify the science behind why I know in my heart of hearts that healing is more than modern medicine, it is crystals, meditation, herbs, earth, self-love, peace and a soul awakening! Yay for healers in every form!!!!!! 🙂 Love and thanks to you!

  17. I would very much love to win one of these spectacular prizes!
    I have always loved crystals and rocks. Growing up I literally had buckets of river rocks and stones I would find all over the place. Years ago a friend rekindled my love for these wonderful helpers when she gave me a rose quartz during a hard time in my life and I know in my soul that little stone helped me through a very difficult time! Since then I have been hooked on learning as much as possible about these magnificent little beings! Right now I am working as a veterinary technician as I LOVE ANIMALS! If I would win a spot in your course I would use my expanded knowledge and skills to help animals that need my healing skills. Not only that but I am a mother of two beautiful furry cats myself. One has anxiety issues and both have feline leukemia and it is my goal in life to support them and heal them in any way that I can and I know that crystals, with their gentle healing energies, are very beneficial for them! My collection of stones and crystals is growing and growing and I yearn to learn the absolute best way to help all my furry friends!
    Even if I don’t win I just want to say your site is amazing and I get very excited about the grids that you show. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful knowledge! Namasté!

  18. I would like to win your crystal healing class because I think it can really help me in my daily life. Crystals were the door to my recent introduction to the metaphysical world. I feel that for this reason I have a special connection to crystals and that with some trainining I will be able to use them in the best way to benefit myself and others. I hope that I can learn how to heal with crystals so that I can heal even a tiny portion of the people and animals who are suffering today. I also hope to pass what I have learned on to others so that they to can relieve suffering. If I win this class I will work hard to reach the goals I have mentioned.

  19. I would love to be blessed with the gift of free tuition to your basic course, and would, of course, show my gratitude for such a gift with appropriate dedication to the material and lessons. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher who trained under William Rand. By my own choice, I have devoted the majority of my efforts with Reiki free of charge to Hospice patients, caregivers and volunteers as opposed to earning an income from it. I got involved with Hospice 3 years ago when they cared for my wife and mother as they were both passing at the same time, and I could not have survived or taken care of my daughters without their help, so as soon as I was strong enough, I became a volunteer for them as a karmic way of giving back. I give free Reiki sessions to patients and their caregivers, and twice a year or so, I give Level I & II classes to Hospice volunteers free of charge. I have also joined their training team and would love to incorporate crystal healing into the module I teach on complementary therapies. So why crystals? Because I love all healing arts and have been fumbling through incorporating crystals into my Reiki work. I also make healing grids with slices of wood from various downed limbs in my yard, onto which I burn an antakaranah symbol to amplify the energy and attach various gemstones – generally a chakra colored set – around the grid. I give these grids to Hospice caregivers so they can find the strength to get through these difficult times in their lives. I would love to be more informed and educated on the best ways to use crystals in my healing work and I really wanted to sign up for your full course but just could not swing the tuition right now…I am saving for it though! Well…I’ve rambled on long enough…I am passionate about learning healing arts and it would be a real blessing to learn from a gifted teacher like you. Please consider me! Thank you and blessings! Bob

  20. I would love to receive the course as part of a giveaway. I would be totally committed to it. I would have signed up for the course but can’t right now for financial reasons. I own a lot of crystals and really need a course like this to focus my study. This has been a time of physical and emotional ups and downs. This course would be just at the right time for me.

  21. I so wanted to be able to take the Crystal Healing Certification course, it simply wasn’t in my finances to take it at this time. I’ve always been drawn to rocks and crystals and have collected them since I was a child, there was always something very intriguing about them for me. It makes sense to me that because they are part of the earth, they would carry the different elements of the earth that allow for healing and connection.
    I am currently building a new Massage/Reiki practice in the Nashville, TN area and would love to be able to offer this modality to my clients as well, being able to add it to my skills to assist them with a total wellness plan. I have a true passion and desire to help people and I believe crystals would allow me to help even more people.
    I enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge and am able to dedicate several times during the week to study and complete assignments. Being self employed, without a lot of other demands on my time allows me the opportuniy to set my own schedule so I would be able to do the work required to complete the course and assignments.
    Thank you for all the informative videos and blogs you post. I look forward to exploring and learning more about the world of crystals.
    Love, Light and Happiness!

  22. Oh my goodness, this would be such a dream!!! mI’m desperately trying to find a crystal healing course to attend in New Zealand but I’m just not having any luck 🙁 So frustrating, although maybe that is the plan for me?!I’ve been so drawn to crystals since my 2nd baby was born. He has opened everything up for me and b rought me into a wonderful new world 🙂

  23. Learning about crystals has been a passion of mine for years and not matter how many books I read, there is always something new to learn, work on, try and experience! I work with crystal every day and would be excited to do the assignments! The comments that people leave about you and your classes are filled with praise,gratitude and appreciation, which shows how much you give as a teacher. This is why I would love it if I won!!! <3

  24. I have spent most of my life watching the ground around my feet as I walk looking for treasures. Walks would return me home with pocketful of rocks many with special shapes or sparkly pieces. Several years ago someone gave me a crystal pendant for my new dog. I was entranced and eventually took it for my own. That began my crystal education. I have tons of books and loads of beautiful crystals now. I read and read but i want a teacher.. someone I can talk to about something I hold dear. I recently became a reiki practioner and want to add crystal healing to that avenue, but i am not sure I really get it yet and I really really want to understand, and practice crystal healing. I will take your entire class but am not in the position to do so right now.

  25. I would love to win this course so that I would have a better understanding of how to heal others and myself using crystals. Crystals are amazing tools and I would love to learn more about them.

  26. I would also use the knowledge I gained through the class to help others find Hibiscus Moon Academy. As I enjoy writing detailed reviews I would be glad to offer a first hand look into the class by writing a detailed review and featuring it on my website Review Time ~ http://reviewtime365.blogspot.com/

  27. I just found you while google-ing for more information on healing with Azurite-malachite. I just picked up beautiful one from my local metaphysical shop. I would LOVE to win the Crystal Healing course as I have been very drawn to crystals over the past year. I’ve been collecting and researching each but I know I need a more structured way to learn. I am a Reiki master and would love to add crystals to my healings one day.

  28. i’d like to win your crystal course cuz i like your style and cuz i want to learn more. two good reasons, if your ask me 🙂

  29. Hi Hibiscus I would love to be able to take this course. I absolutely have loved my crystals since I started on this journey. I love to learn and to teach also and I have been looking for something different to learn. I am an avid reader and I love to share the wealth. Thank you so much for considering me to be able to learn with you. You really know your stuff and it’s nice to see that someone loves crystals as much as I do. Truly appreciated for this chance.

  30. As a nurse, I am interested in pursuing healing utilizing crystals and becoming a practitioner. I am passionate about healing the whole patient, and have not been able to afford the course as a single mom. I am dedicated to completing the course expediently so as to be able to put into practice as soon as possible. Blessings!

  31. Crystals have always spoken to me from a very young age, I have many crystals but was never taught how to activate them or charge. I have watched a lot of your videos and your method of teaching speaks right toe. Thank you and blessed be

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