Tucson Crystal Memoirs of 2012

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In February, my Sweet Hub & I make an annual trek to Tucson, Arizona to shop for the most exquisite crystals in the world for all my GORGEOUS SPARKLY Crystal Hotties. I have to tell you, this is a pretty Sweet Gig!! Mucho fun!!

crystl heling

…this year we took a road trip over to Sedona

chakra cleanse

I brought my quartz pendant & we used it to cleanse our chakras while we meditated at the vortexes!!!


Hiking up to Bell Rock to find some Sedona red rocks to take home.

With Kim Carlsberg on our way to meditate at the vortexes.


After our UFO Sky Tour in Sedona with Kim (complete with night vision goggles) we had to hit this diner!! *yes, we did see UFO’s!*

Readying for our Pink Jeep tour.

I am so grateful to the Universe for being able to live out these AMAZING experiences while here in Mother Earth School!

Have you been to Arizona for the Tucson Gem Show or nay other reason? How did you like it? Any favorite spots, tips, etc.? Please share with the group. We’d love to know!

Sparkly Blessings!

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