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I’ve blogged on this topic once before but in this video we take the topic of traveling with your crystals to a whole other level (or I should say altitude…har har!)

Thanks to Christine for submitting this great question:

“Is it safe to travel with your crystals through an airport x-ray scan?”

What started out as what felt like a lite-and-easy-question to me…turned out to having me include some really important info that I think everyone should be aware of! So in this week’s video I will answer Christine’s question plus:

  • What are x-rays?
  • Is it dangerous to our stones?
  • Is it dangerous to us?
  • What kind of radiation can be dangerous?
  • Crystals we can take with us on a flight to help ensure safe travel free of anxiety, air sickness, jet lag, etc.

Crystals & Travel

Here’s a close up of that travel mojo kit I talked about….I never leave home without it:

crystals travel

I also want to let you know that x-rays will not damage or molecularly change your stones…you, on the other hand…that’s another story.

Here’s a link to that info I referred to regarding irradiated stones, granite & gems (scroll to the bottom of the page to Radioactivity Concerns).

Blissful Travel Gem Elixir

Here’s something else to help with travel…a Hematite Gem Elixir. Take a washed & tumbled non-manmade hemetite stone & drop it into a pitcher of water to be kept in the refrigerator overnight. Drink half a glass of this the morning of your trip. Make some more up once you get where you are going to help with jet lag. Hematite gem elixir is a gentle & easy way to support & calm you while you travel.


Although I barely touch on the topic of the amount of radiation we’re subjected to when flying in the video, it’s something that you should be very cautious & informed about (yet you won’t hear much about it).

We can  be exposed to even more doses of radiation during solar storms, so during periods of increased solar activity…like now, this is something to pay attention to. NASA has a computer model aimed at informing the public about this hazard. You can find out more about that here.

I know some of you enjoy these scientific rabbit holes as much as I do sooooo…if you feel like geekin’ out for a sec here’s a NASA video explaining more on that radiation air travel danger. KNOWLEDGE = POWER (the ability to protect yourself & do something about it):

TSA + Crystals

It’s totally OK to go through  TSA with your crystals in a bag that’s being scanned, but please note: they may stop you to search the bag b/c they won’t be able to tell what they are on their scanners.

If you don’t want to be delayed, it may be better to keep them easy to access & visible for easy viewing.

Crystals to Help Lower Your Radiation Risk

These crystals certainly won’t eliminate risk but they will help.

Kernite or Colemanite crystals can help to absorb low-dose radiation. These crystals are Boron-based, thereby accepting & ionizing radiation:

crystals travel


Colemanite Photo by Rob Lavinsky of

So…no…the human body was not meant to be exposed to the level of radiation we’re exposed to in a plane. Stones can handle it a lot better than we can. Stay informed & protected.

Do you have some fav. stones for traveling? Some crystals you won’t leave home without? Please share them with the rest of our Crystal Hottie Community in the comment below.

And please be informed & do your own research. Then help spread the word. Together we can change the world.♥

Please share this post & spread the word. I’m counting on you. OK?

Safe Sparkly Blessings!



P.S. After you watch the featured video, please share this with someone you love, this is how we stay sparkly, safe & informed together.

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  1. I travelled to South Africa from the UK in Oct 2013 and carried (in my handbag) my Teacher Quartz Crystal and my Natural Citrine.I also wore my Orgonite (Copper filing’s and a copper spiral covering a Pointed quartz crystal) Pendant
    My Teacher Quartz and Citrine are both very close to me and are programmed to protect me and either give me energy (when needed) or take excess energy from me.
    Through each of the three Airports I travelled my crystals had to be separated from me for the short time of my handbag having to go through the X-ray machine but my Orgonite Pendant stayed on my body and set the X-ray alarm off on each ocassion.
    At no time during my flights (24 hours from home to home) did I feel unbalanced, yucky, tired or even jet lagged.
    I do feel that not only the type of crystal you use but the intention you have set for that crystal is very important.

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  5. I also travel with yellow jasper because of it’s protective properties. In addition, I use chrysocolla for it’s calming effects. If you are going across time zones, you can help reset your body clock quicker by abstaining from high-protein foods for 24-48 hours before travelling. Happy Travels!

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