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The synchro-mystic signs last week were so numerous there was no way to ignore their message. It all started when I drew the Volcano: volatility card from my  deck. I had an uneasy feeling seeing this card, besides the fact that it says “volatility” on it, there’s the artwork of a gorgeous Mother Earth mount, blowing her stack, yet amid the pyroclastic flow in the atmosphere…barely there…is the most gorgeous Goddess face looking like she’s in ecstasy. So I knew this meant “change”, but would lead to ecstatically good things!

Next, came the most lovely lunch with an online friend I’ve been wanting to meet up, chat up, hang out with for a long time, my Flora.

Firstly, she is such an amazing soul & reminds me of a bright beautiful pixie but I felt like I had always known her & just hadn’t seen her for a really long time.

Yepsies, that’s it! But at the end of our lunch at a scrumptious outdoor cafe, I pick up my Buick-of-a-purse from my lap & beneath it was this caterpillar!

Oh yeah, he’s adorable yet he can cause quite the allergic reaction, especially if he happens to bite you. But he didn’t & I just left him be on the table. So, a wee bit of Caterpillar Medicine: Transformation/Metamorphosis medicine. Hmmm, what could be changing so drastically?

After that the messages came flooding in all week>> Butterflies everywhere, a snake in my dream & in the grass as hubby (HBL) & I puttered round the yard.

All of these messages shouting “TRANSFORMATION”!!

Yes, I did speak of many changes taking place here in my biz; was this a reference to that? What about the volatility aspect? That’s a little scary

Was it referencing to the shifting energies? 11/11/11? I certainly was creating up a CRYSTAL STORM on that day!! I made gem elixirs, essences, oils, you name it, I made it. The Sun’s pranic energies were perfectly intense on that day for making such powerful stuffs.

I also got a Mac & I’m this close to throwing in the towel; trying to learn but I know its the right move for the future of my sacred crystal biz,

so I’m pulling up my big girl panties up to my armpits & sticking it out.

I’m still contemplating what the deeper meaning of this transformation is all about & will be meditating on it…&, of course, getting a little help from my crystals on this: moldavite & clear quartz Baby!

So, my Crystal Hotties, tell me I’m not alone in this…have you been having any Transformational Growing Pains as well? Please tell me all about it.

Crystal Blessings!

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  1. Tranformation – yes indeed – I was in a meditation and what came to me was on Owl and the stone Pietersite. The Owl medicine gives “New vision opening up to you”. The Pietersite is great for “self-transformation”. Hmmm seeing things in a different way will definitely transform you …

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      Whoa!! Pietersite is all about heavy SELF-TRANSFORMATION! What an insight Sue. I’m seeing clear messages that many of us are going through this right now. So exciting!! Create a new reality!!

  2. I am so incredibly blessed to have come across this website. The universe is alligning SO INCREDIBLY FAST for those of us awake and aware of her beautiful changes. Blessed be during your transformations ! ! !

    PS I was told for a year to shed my material belongings. I didn’t know why. I do now. I’m currently on the road traveling, meeting beautifully-AWAKE, loving souls. I’d say change has hit a lot of us with PERFECT timing. Here’s to manifesting in love. 😉

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      Oh Miranda, TY so much for your blessings. Where are you traveling? Traveling is so sacred. Yes, perfect timing indeedy!!!!!

  3. Oh yeah… transformation (and transitions) going on big-time for me right now. I loved reading about all the signs of this you’ve been coming across in your life recently – and it’s so great that you and Flora had a chance to meet and visit! (And along those lines of transformation… I’m actually starting a 12-week coaching program with Flora this week to help me with the transformations/transitions happening with me right now.)

    I hope all goes well with your Mac! I’ve gone back and forth about getting a Mac but… it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. A big part of me would *love* one, though!

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      OK, firsty….look at you Gin…all hooked up Techy Mama-style! How do you get your twitter link & adorable avatar in here? I can’t figure it out! I’m having enough of a hard time w/ my Mac. LOL!

      Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one feeling these shifts & getting the signs.

      You’ll love your coaching with Flora. She is so enlightened & inspiring. She’s truly a beautiful soul. Inside & out.

      1. One reason I hesitate about getting a Mac is that I worry I’d never be able to figure it out!

        For my twitter, I entered it into the blue area beneath the “post comment” box. My avatar started showing up (at least on some blogs) when I registered at Gravatar ( and uploaded a photo there. I think it’s tied to the email addy I enter when posting a comment.

        Your words about Flora made me smile – I’m excited about taking part in her coaching program! I went through her intuition mentoring program and it was a wonderful experience.

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  4. Hi Stephanie-

    I’m so happy to read about all your wonderful changes and transformative messages. For me it’s been the Goddess Hecate making her appearance very loud and clear with me. Transformation and the shedding of *old* things in order for me to move forward. I love your new site and I look for to taking more of your classes!

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  5. I am SO glad you posted this! I have been so uneasy the last few days and I’ve been feeling that “something” is going to happen! When I feel this way, something does happen. I guess I usually associate with something bad and negative, but after reading what you had to say, it came to my mind, “hey, this just may be what’s going on here and I should not feel something terrible is happening, but perhaps just change and I should be embracing that! Not fearing it! (I am pregnant and due in 3 weeks! Is that my change?????) HMMMM…
    Thank you for opening up my eyes a little bit more:)

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      Amanda, I’m so glad I posted it too! I’ve been getting so many messages about this. So many of us are feeling this. YES, its definitely something good. The changes might feel uncomfortable & uneasy for us now, but change is always that way. I am grateful for all of you letting us know that its normal & we’re in it TOGETHER! ((HUGS))

  6. There definitely seems to be transformation in the air! For me, it’s been building over the past few months with all kinds of changes happening in my focus and goals and the various balances in my life. It’s exciting, but it’s also exhausting, and today I think part of me’s at the stage where I’d really like to spin myself a little chrysalis, climb inside it and hibernate for a month or two, in the hope that the change will happen without me having to consciously do anything! I suspect it won’t work like that, alas… but at least I can maybe give myself a bit of extra rest this week

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      Well don’t ignore the signal to get some rest Sweet Tanja. Listen to your body’s & intuition’s “sweet nothings”. They’re meaningful! I’m learning to do that more & more myself.

  7. YES, it is happening to me, too!! Partly because of some pretty intense healing ritual work I have been doing but maybe also because of magical change in the air? Hope so! Glad to have the company! 🙂

  8. Lots of changes going on for me, though I haven’t noticed any particular signs for it. I’m about to move out of town on my own and in with my partner, looking for new job, I’ve been working on changing my eating habits for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Though I have to say, elephants seem to be really catching my attention lately; I’m not sure what that means.

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