Today I’ve got the Top 5 Crystal Blog Posts of 2019 for you! I’ve listed out and linked to the most popular blogs right here to end the year with a bang!   Maybe you’ve read some of these… but then again maybe you’ve missed a few and want to check them out!

Come on, let’s dive in.

Top 5 Crystal Blog Posts of 2019


1.  Manifest Money, Prosperity and Abundance Effectively with Crystals

crystal blog 2019I’m always talking about action around here. We don’t want just to collect info and then to do nothing with it right?  Because — how effective is that? Completely ineffective without action.

Find out my top crystal picks and practices for attracting wealth and prosperity.

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2.  Black Tourmaline Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings

crystal blog 2019One stone that’s always on the top of my list is Black Tourmaline.

I love this stone for transmuting energy, so if energy has a specific charge to it and it has a negative feel to it, black tourmaline is my go-to transmuter.

This article is all about the lo-down on this stone.

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3. Top Five Simple Ways to Use Your Crystals Every Day

crystal blog 2019Ancient peoples truly appreciated and put to good use the extraordinary healing properties of crystals. We can learn so much from them and apply their wisdom to our modern lives to inspire us to work with crystals every day.

The good news is that recently we’ve experienced quite the Rock Revival. Am I right? A total resurgence and re-interest in the energetic healing powers of crystals and stones.

Here we go over my top five ways to work with your crystals in a very practical way… every day.

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4.  Citrine Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings

crystal blog 2019We’re talking about citrine healing properties, correspondences and meanings so you can learn how to efficiently and effectively work with this popular and powerful crystal.

Find out all about one of the most popular gemstones, how to work with it effectively and… how to tell the FAKES from the real-deal!

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5. What’s a Jade Roller? | Benefits and How to Use It

crystal blog 2019Ready for some jade roller fun today?

In this supremely popular article, I show my favorite jade (and rose quartz) roller tools – along with a step-by-step tutorial.

AND… the serums and oils I like to use with them – for a luxurious, relaxing and highly effective Crystal Facial. 


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I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this year-in-review of my top crystal blog posts of 2019.

Have you read them all? Which one is your absolute favorite?  Tell me in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,