To Cleanse or Not Cleanse, That is the Question…

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Working with crystals I hear this topic quite frequently and even did a recent poll about it on my Facebook page and found some very interesting things out about what people think about this topic.

First off, if it works of you, keep on keeping on! I often hear that some believe there are a small group of crystals that need not EVER be cleansed. I hear this often of selenite, some kyanites but mostly, I hear this of citrine.

I feel that there are no crystals or stones that do not require any cleansing. At some point their frequencies will need to be readjusted, especially if they have been used for intense healing, just like any other crystal. Why would these specific crystals be any different? Citrine is quartz with some iron and heating. So is amethyst. What makes citrine so special that is would never need to be cleansed? Certain authors have written that some crystals never need to be cleansed, but to my knowledge this did not come from the ancient teachings. The crystals are just like a guitar that’s been played, after a while it needs to be re-tuned. There is nothing molecularly different about selenite or others that would not allow their energies to entrain with others at some point in time requiring their frequencies be slightly readjusted.

Some say the cleansing for these particular crystals can be skipped because they have the power to transmute negative energy. OK, that’s all well and good. BUT, its Black Tourmaline does quite a good job at transmuting energies (the best in my opinion) yet no one says it doesn’t ever need to be cleansed. So it’s one of those things that makes you go “Hmmmm.” This prompted me to do a vid on the topic. I love debates and looking at other points of view so if you have any thoughts on it, please comment below. 🙂

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  1. This is a great post!

    Even before I took your wonderful classes, I always felt that ALL crystals needed to be cleansed. It never made sense to me that certain crystals were "self-cleaning." I thought I was in the minority on this, but I guess I'm not 🙂

    Also, I clean my crystals when I first buy them, with sound and Reiki, then after that I rarely ever clean them.

    Here is why I don't: I had a smoky quartz that I worked with, I slept with it, I held it, I loved it….my energy was all over that thing! One day, I decided to clean it by rinsing it under water, and afterwards, it didn't feel the same! I must have cleaned all of my energy on it.

    I liken the scenario to a child's favorite blanket or toy, when you wash it, they go crazy…because you just washed away all of their energy that has built up on the item. For me, it's the same way with the crystals. That's why I rarely clean them. 🙂

    Just though I'd share….

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    2. I always cleanse all of my crystals, except my Amethyst Cathedral which stands 2″ high. I ask it to cleanse my other crystals and then give them Reiki and programme them and ask them to “Work With Me” for the best outcome for all.
      I also hold my crystals under a running tap and actually visualise all negative energies flowing from them down the drain and into mother earth and them give them Reiki and programme them.
      I have given a few young girls a crystal of their choice and have suggested the above means of cleansing as long as they are not water soluble crystals.
      But as most people that work with crystals know “Each to their own” what feels good and right for you will work for you.
      I also use my clear quartz pointer teacher crystal to send Reiki healing to the Universe and to send Distance Healing to other’s. I can feel when it needs cleansing.
      Go with what feels best for you and always ask that the outcome be best for all.

    3. Hi , a thought on clensing selinite, don’t use water. smudge or maybe sunsight. Water changes the look and feel of selinite. My friend found this out the hard way.
      thanks for all of your great information.

      1. Yes I can validate this also. I tried to cleanse my selenite wand in salt water and is dissolved away. I have read that Selenite is self cleansing and can also be used to charge other crystals. I wish I had known this before I ruined my lovely selenite wand.

        1. I have lightly cleansed my many selenite pieces under running water when I first get them and have not had a problem with that. I can understand that salt water would harm it and I never use salt water on my crystals with one exception. I have taken some to the beach and just held them in the water for a brief time.

    4. I feel the same as Kim about my crystals >>

      “I liken the scenario to a child’s favorite blanket or toy, when you wash it, they go crazy…because you just washed away all of their energy that has built up on the item. For me, it’s the same way with the crystals. That’s why I rarely clean them.”

      If I go through a rough patch in my life where my crystals are exposed to negative energy, then I cleanse them. but otherwise I do it less often.
      Thnks for the videos! Thanks to you I made my first crystal grid last night.

    5. I feel the same – I’d only clean them if I specifically used them to help with something very negative, not just as a matter of course. I think you can feel when it’s necessary.

    6. I do not cleanse my crystals regularly. My own energy is so strong that other energy healers tell me that they know when I am near. They feel the energy drawing them from hundreds of meters away, then they see me and know why they were being “pulled” in that direction. I also regularly have streetlights go out just as I approach. Having said that, I am never without my black tourmaline or Herkimer diamond. I wired them in sterling silver and except in the shower, they never come close to a regular “cleansing or clearing”. I am a white light energy healer and while I do love my crystals do not generally include them in my healing. I have demonstrated to some how to use the frequency of a singing bowl to clear crystals. But I do stress, after working with higher end gemstone jewellery for years, that I would never, as I have seen in videos, lie the crystal in the bowl to do this. Crystals have cleavage points, fractures, and pockets that, upon intense vibration (when the crystal starts jumping around in the bowl) can cause the crystal to crack or shatter from the vibration. Who would want to chance losing a favorite crystal that way? I suggest, rather to get a good hum going, then simply dunk the stone into the bowl to allow the sound waves to wash away any ” negative” energy. Some stones don’t like water, some light, some salt, so I purchased a large flat amethyst bed and lie my crystals on that if I feel they need a tweaking. This is, as you said, what works for me. You have to trust instinct, or your guides or whatever source has worked for YOU and throw in a bit of science to keep your crystals safe from possible damage. Love them and they treat you right. Namaste

    7. Hello, yes I’ve encountered the same. When I cleanse mine I always reprogram them again as the cleansing wipes the program out as well as getting rid of any negative energies. I never cleanse selenite but use Marcel Vogels method of blowing on the crystal to do this. They also love the moonlight and sunlight as this cleanses and powers the all. Plus I always take my crystals to the beach or forests and let them sit on the sand or soil as this replenishes them too. Selenite is definitely not one or the pocket it thrives on natural light

  2. I've never worked with crystals myself, but what you're saying makes sense. Eventually everything needs a tune up in order to keep it running smoothly.

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  3. I always cleanse my crystals before I use them. It's just second nature. I wouldn't even think of using a crystal without cleansing it first. Very interesting topic!

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    2. I feel the same when I purchase a crystal think about it other people have handled this crystal with different vibes and energies its just like if you buy something new for your baby your going to wash it or sanitize it right before putting on your baby or giving it to chew on in his or her mouth. I feel the same take away anything that can harm you or change your vibes by cleansing it first. I have so many I don’t use some of them as often as some of the other crystals and I will also cleanse them before I use them again some by sunlight some by the moon light some by candle others washing.

  4. I definitely agree! I always cleanse my citrine, as I feel it does a more powerful job aiding in the job of cleansing other crystals, as well as boosting it’s own properties. Good to see someone else agrees!

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      1. greetings!
        I have a holistic healing practice in beautiful white rock b.c. Canada I am also a reiki master teacher I use a citrine pendulum on all of my clients as well as use crystals for bodywork/reiki and crystal healing therapy. I clean / clear all of my crystals including my citrine pendulum however I only clean the citrine once a week but I clear it after each client as the work is so powerful that I feel it does absorb negative energies as it works sooo hard I do reiki and smudge over it

        thanx for all of your info I am really enjoying your crystal information.

    2. I charge all of my crystals. I have leaf dish that I fill with salt or fresh soil, then I place a clear glass dish onto the ” earth” in the leaf. I then place my crystals in a single layer in the clear dish. I allow the set up to sit in my window to take in Sun/moon light depending.

      I use the clear dish as a separator because, as some have mentioned, some stones and crystals are damaged by salt and/or water. I feel the charge and program as needed. Most of mine are used in psychic working, divination, or meditative works. But I feel they all need a charge.

  5. i dunno i read that kyanite never needs it, but citrine i never heard it, only that it cleanses nearby crystals. and selenite is not to be cleansed in water, but it needs to be cleansed. but if you scan kyanite you can tell if needs cleansing. i just cleansed all my kyanite yesterday so i don’t know! not gonna say sources where i heard it!! 🙂

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  6. Thank you!
    I have a question – in your opinion, would there ever be a reason to stop using a crystal rather than cleansing it? If you felt it had soaked up some really heavy duty energy, for instance. Would there be a situation where a crystal couldn’t be cleansed? Thank you for your input!

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      Hi Lori-Lyn!! I have had rare instances where people have told me they’ve done the FULL ON Stone Vacation I teach about in my course & it still didn’t clear the energies. This may mean that the stone is either bringing up issues that person needs to deal with & stop avoiding or the stone needs to go back to Mother Earth or work with someone else. There are several possible variables involved & it would need to be looked at more closely to know for certain.

  7. I used to work in a crystal shop, and I was told Citrine didn’t need to be cleansed, but we always told clients that they could to help align it more with them, if they wanted to.
    I was also told to not cleanse stones with salt, or salt water, because salt is a mineral, and carried a vibration as well (yes I realize that salt can be very processed) so while it wasn’t wrong by any means, it wouldn’t cleanse the stone as much as say, sage also salt or salt water might damage softer stones. I agree that you should ultimately do what feels best or natural to you, but I just thought I’d add my two cents. I hope my two cents make sense…

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  8. Thank you for bringing this topic to light! I have also read of crystals that don’t require cleansing. It’s not only going around in books, I do believe I have seen the claims in many online articles as well. Looking past the information, I do wonder why these would be any different. Like you said, it is claimed that their vibrations must be the key. But I tend to agree with you that, especially after having done much work, all stones should receive some sort of ‘reset’ to clear the memory, if you will. Maybe it’s psychosomatic, but I personally feel better charging and working with my crystals after I know they have been released of the energies they were exposed to. And I think it provides a good opportunity to give gratitude for them.

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  9. Interesting timing as i have a member of my site who is just starting out with crystals. I have told her to do what FEELS right for her and that the crystal will tell her what to do, with everything. She has just bought the one, so at the moment it will be easy for her to become tuned with just that one. I have to totally agree with the first person in the cleansing part. I love my crystals, like actually spend time loving them, and connecting with them. I put them out on the windowsill for the full moon but that is it. The rest i do with my intentions and it doesn’t seem to have done me wrong yet, and i work with some of my crystals alot. But as with when my crystals tell me to wear and use them, etc, they haven’t told me anything different to what i’m doing as far as cleansing & charging them go 🙂 Thank you!! x

  10. Interesting thoughts. I personally cleanse all my stones and crystals when i first get them and also when i’m working with them. But going to the ideas brought up about citrine and black tourmaline: any of my stones that work with negative energy, i cleanse more often. this is just an intuition thing; not anything i’ve read or been told to do. but i like to keep negative energies as far away from my loved ones and my living spaces as possible

  11. Hi
    I was recently in Lourde and found a shop full of all kinds of stones and crystals, the owner said to by a big seashell and that will cleanse and purify the stones.
    Any thoughts on this?

  12. I feel that all crystals should be cleansed especially when purchased you never know what energies they could contain generally I like to use the 4 elements and a lunar or solar charge. Once I have done all that I feel them out to see if they are balanced if not I increase the duration of the cleansing. Sometimes if the crystal has had a trauma or been around extreme negativity I will bury the crystal for a week or so and let mother earth do the rest.

    1. Buried jewelry in dirt to help eliminate the negative, heavy energy in it. Amethyst vibration not syncing with my energy; not sure why. Little better with white lines in the amethyst. Copper becomes too much for me after couple hours.
      Earth, Moon, Sun… Water. Alllllll Good!

  13. I had also read somewhere that it wasn’t necessary to cleanse Carnelian (and like Selenite, it cleanses other stones – this being said, I’m with you. I feel all crystals are quite happy to be *refreshed* especially if they’ve worked hard for you, or been sourced from somewhere that has ‘heavy’ energies. Unfortunately, many of the shops around me, view crystals as a symbol of abundance/luck, rather than willing partners in healing. The majority of the stones I have access to locally are really stressed, so I need to cleanse or tune them.

    I know a master from India who felt if you could visualise and bring ‘fire’ to and them build it up in your third eye.. you could then channel this, and blow it out over the stones to cleanse them. According to him, if you can visualise it, then it’s effective!

  14. I cleanse all of my crystals when they tell me they need it. Some are more insistent that they are cleansed than others, and they seem to want it more with seasonal changes.

  15. Selenite is a stone I hear can not be placed in water to cleanse is this true? Are there any others? When I first bring crystals home I soak them in sea salt water then after that I use sound and Reiki.

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  16. I am a newborn to the healing energy of crystal. I am interested in any info that anyone can share. I carry a small rock and have a couple of quartzs I found also some corumdrun

  17. This is a very helpful thread. I tend not to use water of any kind to cleanse my crystals and I have several reasons. In my study of Five Element Theory I learned Fire creates Earth and Earth creates Metal. What are our crystals made from? Earth (rock) and metal (minerals) so i would cleanse by smudging (Fire) to restore more of their proper energy. Secondly, as Hibiscus Moon has said many crystals and stones should not be subjected to water for chemical reasons. It’s hard for beginners to know which is which and sometime for more experienced people when we find a newly discovered crystal. Thirdly I have studied water supply infrastructure as a contractor. I would never subject my crystals to most water from taps or plastic bottles. Get true filtered water to cleanse your crystals if you want to use water, they deserve better than the chlorine, fluoride, and other things you;d be surprised at in most water. i know everyone here loves their crystals, you can feel it.So watch out with water.

    1. I love this comment Angela, thank you for bringing this concept about the elemental relationships to my attention, so interesting, I’m going to do some research! I’m new to crystals and I’ve been wondering about the link to fire in cleansing 🙂

  18. I prefer smudging for all my crystals. For crystals which I have bought either on line or from a crystal shop I bring them home and rinse them in RO water before use. Then I smudge. If I have crystals at home which get a bit dusty I have a special horsehair brush which I clean them with, chanelling Reiki as I dust. The tumbled stones get a polish using a special dust-attracting cloth, also while directing light energy into the stone. When not in use I often sprinkle some sage leaves on my clusters. I dont have an explanation for this, it just feels right. Same with flower petals. I will place them all over my crystals. It feels cleansing.

  19. Hi, in regards to the cleansing of crystals subject…I feel if u simply stand b4 ur crystals and tune into their nrg which in my case takes a split second, you should immediately be able to see a certain stagnant “fog” type aura nrg coming frm those that need to be consecrated or cleansed and activated or reprogrammed. Particularly if crystals are set into grids for specific purpose, I will swirl incense or smoke through my crystal grids and use affirmation every other day to activate and empower my crystal grids. They speak for themselves and will show you their nrg, is my personal experience! Fluorite is defineately a crystal that should b cleansed in water every other day as it shows cracks within it, if not regularly run through water. Personal experience!

  20. Iwant know that we should clean crystal regularly,I mean when we are using it from 6 month to one year,crystal need cleaning after sometime use?

  21. Hi I’m so intrigued by this topic, because I recently bought about 2 pounds of Citrine tumbled stones. I was so excited to get them and to begin working with them. That was about 2 months ago. They are still in there bag. I had the same info that everyone else has read that Citrine doesn’t need to be cleansed. Every time I get them and think about using them I can’t bare the thought of putting them with my other cleansed stones. I still feel like I need to cleanse them thoroughly before I use them. Maybe they are talking to me or this is my intuition telling me, no silly they still need a bath.

  22. Every crystal in my collection is cleansed once a month. Depending on the stone, it is either in direct sunlight or sea salt. As far as I am concerned there are no stones that do not need to be cleansed.
    Blessings to you and yours always.

  23. Personally, I like to cleanse any stone or crystal before I use it for my personal use; therefore, when I first get them. Then again, as I feel the need; and more often with stones that help deal with negative energy (citrine / tourmaline / etc.) to help keep negative energies as far away from my family & friends. What she states in the video about tuning a guitar. I thought that was a very good comparison.

  24. I have always sensed that all crystals need to be cleansed periodically. It would make sense to me that a crystal can fill to capacity and become ineffective. Might be pretty to look at still but not very helpful, it is like pouring water into an already filled glass. Energy is fluid. Moving the energy out of a space allows room for new and stronger energies to enter. To me, that is why all crystals should be cleansed.

  25. Crystal Blessings little gems!
    I’ve always used my stones and cleansed them when I felt they needed it. Kinda like a wee voice in the back of my head telling me they need a wee paddle

  26. This is exactly what I needed! Yesterday I decided to cleanse my crystals and for a moment almost did not put the citrine with the ones I was cleansing because I’d heard and read in several places that it need not ever be cleansed. I went with my intuition and put it to be cleansed anyway. It really did not make any sort of sense to me how there could be certain crystals that needn’t be cleansed ever. If everything is energy then shouldn’t anything be able to pick up negative energy and vibrations after a while? Anyway, thank you and great videos!

  27. hi i clearn my crystals over night and i put them in the right place in my flat and the other crystals i put them in my boxs with there names on them and also i use the crystals when im doing treatments on people then i wash them over night again and i put themback into my boxs thats what i do with my crystals.

  28. Thank you Hibiscus Moon I love your video and your Wisdom
    I know I been told that to about especially on the citrime but I always cleanse it anyway I wanted to give them the same treatment as the others no one is left out than I know they are more harmonize

  29. Great information. Lots of great ideas! Thank you all for sharing. Thus far I am self taught about crystals, stones, minerals. I am very attracted to them; have been intrigued by all that I read, hear and learn.

    I am learning more and more every day. Something I have tried once was cleansing a few of my crystals in the rain water. I left them in the outside in the rain for 3 days and allowed them to charge in the sun after; the crystals were outside for 7 days. Today I have three of the crystals with me today on my person. I can strongly feel their energies. The ones on my person today are, amethyst, turquoise and labradorite. Such a strong flow of energy.

    I have cleansed some with water and mild soap. Then smudged them. After I have programmed them by holding them, or writing the purpose on a paper and placing it underneath the crystal or stone.

    Thus far, I have been good. I use the crystals for myself and my family at this point. I have enrolled for the Healing Crystal Certificate Course. I am looking forward to expanding my existing knowledge and skill set.

    1. Hi CherylAnn
      I think I’m safe in saying that leaving Amethyst in the sunlight tends to eventually fade it. Therefore I usually only put my Amethyst out in the moonlight. Blessings for your Crystal Healing Course. 🙂

    1. Cindy you could try smudging it with sage. I cleanse my crystals using only sage and the full moon. Another way I read about to cleanse them is to bury them in rice (white/brown) overnight. Not tried it myself though. Wondering if anybody here has tried that particular method?

  30. Ii have several different crystals including citrine & Selenite. I cleanse all my crystals and stone one of three ways I use Sage (pass through smoke), I put them on my windowsill in the sun and on a full moon they either are in the window or outside depending on the weather.

  31. I’m just learning about crystals, there is so much information it’s confusing. I have several crystals I purchased recently, I have not used them. I don’t know if I should cleanse them before I use them, or not? How to cleanse them, so much information. I enjoy learning, thank you everyone for all the good information. I guess I have to sort this out for myself and work on using my crystals. What are some of the daily things you use crystals for?

    1. I always cleans my crystals when they are new to me. Think of all the people who have handled your crystal and transmuted some of their energy to the crystal before it made its way to you. Cleansing your crystals when you buy them is like making them a clean slate. I also give my stones a gentle washing with water to wash away any residue. Some say you cannot get Selenite wet, by I have found that a little bit of washing from time to time does not hurt them at all. Also, some stones will fade if you put them in the sun to long. For those stone I use sage. It may seem there is a lot to learn about gemstones and crystals, but if its something you were called to do, its totally labor of love. They have transformed my life. Have an amazing journey!

  32. Thank you for this post! The only crystal, that I have always heard does not require cleaning is Carnelian. It can be used to clean other crystals, so I’ve heard. I still give all my stones and crystals some clearing/cleansing.

  33. Hi I am new to the crystal hottie community and already elated to receive this info. I had been in the same dilemma regarding a few crystals that I have. I recently got a black tourmaline rutilated quartz and was clueless as whether to cleanse it or not. As it is a clear quartz and contains strands of black tourmaline. But your words helped me a lot. So thank you for sharing this. The timing was super perfect.

    I read some of the comments above where there was a mention of using a big seashell for the cleansing. I haven’t tried that but in Hindu tradition conch shells are a religiously blown during certain festivals n rituals to produce a unique and powerful resonating sound. So may be that would work same way as the singing bowls n tuning forks. But it is comparatively harder to use.

    Coming back on the cleansing of my little BT rutilated Quartz I gave it a cleansing anyway as it was new and I also charged it with Reiki with intentions to enhance its natural healing vibrations for the highest good of all concerned. I am already feeling the positive energy around me. 🙂

  34. I think EVERYTHING needs to be cleansed, realigned or reprogramed. I’m a musician as well and like the example you gave about the guitar. Very true. I like the idea of cleansing with water when they are physically dirty. I like thinking of energizing the crystals with the moon or sun and I like to think of breathing on them right before I work with them or give them to someone. I read that crystals are categorized by geometrical structure not so much the color because you can have different colored crystals with the same geometrical shape and the geometrical shape probably has to do with giving of its own vibration or frequency. I was especially interested in the citrine because just this week I decided to use citrine to help my boyfriend and friend. Before I let them use these stones I breathed on them with thoughts of good intent so that it may help them the best way possible but had the feeling that I shouldn’t let them leave without the breathing on them. I also read that crystals can pick up or record what’s around them. If I’ve been negative lately or a certain gemstone hasn’t been worked with for a while I think there’s nothing wrong with freshening them up. Kind of saying “Hello friend, haven’t seen you in a while, it’s time to get to work let’s refresh, realign and readjust before getting started.” I can’t imagine intimately taking care of some and not the others 🙂

  35. Hi Hibiscous Moon.

    Fab video, thank you for putting it up.
    I am a healer here in UK and use a few very special crystals, I too also read only the other day that Selenite does not need cleansing – it is meant to self cleanse…..well in my opinion every crystal needs cleaning, cleansing and recharging!!
    I use Obsidian to absorb negativity but I always cleanse after each healing along side all others I use. I too have many and even if not used I wash cleanse and recharge on a regular basis. I feel crystals do their job and and do it very well too and if I don’t put my love into them then they will feel unloved and not work at their Potential.
    The only ones I do not cleanse by smudging and only lightly wash is ones I use for me. But they are all recharged in my large crystal singing bowl and placed in a charging grid, which includes my Selenite, citrine, obsidian and tourmaline.
    I would not go around dirty so my beautiful crystals will not either.
    Great debate Hibiscous Moon.
    Namaste x

  36. I too cleanse and charge all of my crystal friends. When I receive new (to me) crystals, they all are welcomed into their new home with a smudge or a water bath and then sit with my singing bowls for several days. Seems only polite and I am so glad to have them with me 🙂

  37. Thank you for the video. I wear Black Tourmaline every day and my crystal dealer has told me to cleanse it every night to get rid of the negative energy that it has absorbed. I would never not cleanse it, it would not feel right to me.

    Another thought to ponder

  38. Thanx for this insight! I have to say that I’ve also heard almost everyone I know who works with crsystals say the same thing about not cleansing selenite, kyanite and citrine because they’re self-cleansing. I learned that from the very beginning, although I still sit them in the sun/moonlight and physically clean the citrine under water from time to time. Thanx for opening my mind up a bit about this. 😀

  39. Thanx for the vid!

    I put my stones in a jar of rock salt before I go to bed about twice a month with the stones I work with every day (lepidolite, amethyst + jet). I also like to dig a hole in the ground and burry them there for a couple of days from time to time. Let them rest there. If I quickly want to restore the stones I hold them under runny water and let my intention do the work, it takes 3-5 sec.

    The crystals I wouldn’t bother cleansing that often is herkimer diamond + selenite and some clusters that are more or less self cleansing.

    I’m trained by the Danish stone + crystal author Jette Holm. She’s the author of 5 stone books I reckon and have attended the yearly stone exhibition in my town for 28 years now 🙂


  40. Good day to you ALL, I have many cristals, some huge smoked quartz, clear ones, amethist , etc and I leave 24h in water with sea salt and than on the sun with my intentions and greatfull for their healing properties. Namaste

  41. They all need cleaning sooner or later. People who say otherwise probably can’t feel them because they do tell you what they need.

  42. I have a large chunk of obsidian found on a hilltop in Yosemite, near where I live. I’ve been contemplating cleansing it. I have it in my altar right now and it seems to be doing its “magic” in its natural earthly state.

    I was having a run of things breaking daily. Large ticket items. This went on for about 3 months. I was really wondering what was going on as it was so abnormal. When I found the obsidian I immediately put it on my altar thinking it would probably help absorb the negative energy going on. So far I have finally reached a place where things aren’t breaking left and right.

    I don’t know much about the healing qualities of obsidian and any additional insights would be welcomed.

    I’m sensing, for me, that if a gemstone is found in its natural state, the energies are already potent and thus may not need cleansing per se, short of cleaning it up if needed. We have a ton of crystals here in the gold country of California.

    If commercially processed, cut, tumbled, or processed, then perhaps a cleansing or refresh on its energy would feel helpful.

  43. I like to smudge my collection with sage smoke. I have used this method and it works well if your short on time and have a large collection.

  44. From my experience, water is a natural cleanser of many energies. Because our energy changes everyday we are constantly transferring energies. So to many answers, yes I believe that when a crystal is cleansed it removes and neutralizes the crystal as it does ourselves.
    However, if you feel the need not to do this and you like what you feel with your crystals then continue using it as is. But if you use it for healing purposes for others its important to cleanse it before using it again for yourself.
    I enjoyed your tutorial and look forward to more:)

  45. I just started you CCH course and in it you said that we could tune our crystals with loud music. So I turned the music up to full blast and after 6 – 10 minutes I felt the crystals joy wash over me. I continued to play the music for another 15 minutes to make sure all of my crystals were happy. I plan to continue using choir music whenever I feel my crystals need it. Thank you, I am enjoying your classes immensely.

  46. ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. …We and everyone around us knows when we need an attitude adjustment..Each person has their own frequency just like crystals and stones. I feel if you are in tune with your crystals..they know when and if and you will know when and if they need cleansing and reprogramming. Use your very own intuition. 🙂

  47. I have a Quartz pendulum I rarely take off. I cleanse it in the shower when I bathe. I like to connect to the light in the shower as all those magical ions are floating about recharging me, so I cleanse/recharge my Quartz when I connect.

    I do find it works sluggishly as a pendulum when not cleansed first! A quick rinse under running water, and I’m good to go.

    I also have a tray of sea salt I use to cleanse also, especially if I’ve been dealing with negative energies (pain, negativity, etc.), as the negative energy is absorbed and dissipated by the sea salt. I just place a bunch in the tray for a few hours and then remove them.

    Cleansing in any of the four elements (or combination thereof) seems to work for me!

    Thanks for the awesome article!!! ❤️☀️

  48. Great topic! I have been told many times when shopping for crystals that some don’t need to be cleanse. It seems to be a ‘matter of fact’ for a lot of people that some crystal don’t need any type of cleansing. I have always cleanse my crystals. Now, it’s true (for me) that some crystals don’t need it as much as others but ‘NEVER is a very strong term that I don’t like to use… so yes, I cleanse all my crystal, some more than others. ( BTW…love your videos!! )

  49. I have heard Selenite, Citrine and maybe Carnelian. I think it is because they are cleansing but also some use them to cleanse other stones. So I think that may be where the idea came from, that they must cleanse themselves.

    I agree with you. I personally feel all crystals need cleansing/rebalancing at some point. I cleanse all my crystals regardless of what they are.

  50. I personally feel ALL crystals need to be cleansed due to the vibrations they may pick up from being used for various things. Of course I have been told I go over board on cleaning my crystals as I take the crystals that have been used and bury them in a small pit/hole then cover them up and let them say for a couple days so any vibrations be they good, bad or somewhere in between can be absorbed by mother earth, I feel she is the best for cleansing as they came from her to begin with. When I remove them from the earth they get a quick rinse in sea water to get off the excess dust/dirt then air dried. I live close to sea water which is also a natural along with air drying. So I am using 3 of the natural elements to have my crystals get what I call a reset with a small jump from the use of the 3 elements.
    That is what works best for me so I figure why fix it if it isn’t broken. I have been told not to use salt water on some crystals but after all these years they have not degraded or anything of the sort so I will stick with what works best for me.
    Namaste & kindest of blessings to you & yours.

    1. Hey, I also live by the ocean but I am kind of curious as to which stones you absolutely DO NOT cleanse with sea water? I have this beautiful selenite triangle stone plate that is new to my collection and I so far did a reiki cleanse with it but I feel like I want to cleanse it a bit more and do some other kind of cleansing connection with it. (I personally don’t like smudging so I don’t steer to that direction) I’m looking for something involving mother earth as to which you also do.. I’ve been thinking about burying it but I’m not certain as to how I should go about it just yet. I would love to hear more about your process.
      Love and LIGHT.

  51. I always cleanse my stones/crystals when I receive them. If I feel the need to cleanse them, I put them in Tibetan rock salt over night or smudge. Sometimes I use the full moon in combination with the salt. It has been interesting to read how everyone feels, makes one think. To each his or her own, it is nice to have a choice and be able to state my opinion.

  52. Great informative article for cleansing crystals. Other options for cleaning crystal, especially the ones that can’t be cleanse with water is using sage or combination of sage and lavender. I cleanse every crystal i buy or received as gifts by smudging and recharging it under a full moon. But do what feels right for you and your crystals.

  53. Hi and thanks for the forum – woohoo! I’ve been a rockhound for-ever but Just awakening to the beauty & power of crystals….omg, positively THRILLING! I generally soak them in a sea salt bath or just rub them down using a pretty pink Himalayan sea salt. Sometimes I use Reiki to clear and charge them too, whatever comes to me at the time! ;D It’s rare for a full moon to come around and my crystals aren’t all lined up ready to soak in the moonlight and catch that lunar energy. Thanks again for all the positive infor – Big Hugs!

  54. Hi,

    I am new to crystals. I would like some consultation what to get for certain conditions that I deal with.

    Can u please help?

    Thank you


  55. I clean my crystals all the time l run water over them and put them out so they recharge with the full moon and l let the beautiful sun rays onto them leave for 24 hrs when l collect them from outside they are radiant with the clean sparkle and super shiny l watch for when the full moon is to come it really works l feel so much energy plus l do feng shui to reap the abundance .l feel so alive and love life.carolyn:)♡♡♡♡

    1. Love to stand outside and gaze upon the moon; Crystals like it too. Cats are very healing, should I cleans the cat once a week or once a month? Ha Ha…

  56. I never had the feeling to cleanse my crystals. But to adjust the vibrations. I remembered i saw a video on YouTube where someone explain to play music or something else i don’t remember exactly. But it was something about vibrations. When I think about it, I asked myself how Atlantean did to clean all the crystals in temples after doing crystal healing ? I think it’s weird lol. But it’s only my opinion. If someone can ask to our guides. I am happy to hear it.

  57. I’ve cleansed the crystal that were used in grids for various reasons. On occasion, I take all of them and place them outside on a full moon night, especially the special ones, like the blue moon, the ruby moon, harvest moon, etc.
    I have a quartz crystal mala personally placed over my head by Sri Swami Kaleshwar at his ashram in Penukonda, India. It has been charged with his energy to be used for healing and charging mantras. I would never cleanse this precious item and lose all of that divine energy.
    I agree with Kim and Hibiscus – it depends on what the crystals are being or have been used for which should determine if they should be cleansed and re-charged.

  58. Have your thoughts about cleansing shifted? In your recent podcast with Jess Lively you mentioned that crystals are stable at doing their thing (I’m paraphrasing) and that we don’t need to worry so much about cleansing, programming etc. Would love to hear more from you on this!

  59. Hello! I am glad you brought this up. I have never heard that for any of tgos accept Black Tourmaline abd Selebite. I could be wrong, but U belueve I heard it from you. If not we’ll whpops… Anyway U five rgus to be true with Tourmaline, but thinking about it there are quite a few reasons why this ya a possibility.
    1. Depends on the environment and the person. Where are these authors located? The presence of Hunudity, must, pressure, pollution are all possibilities that could change a crystal’s reaction. I wish Zi knew more science behind this.
    Sone people have difference frequencies and maybe sine align with the crystal a bit better.
    2. Black Tourmaline has a very earthy ebergy. Selenite has a celestial feel to it. My guess would be that their frequencies are set and in sync more with the Earth and Geaveb realms/sky. These might be just more likely to do well in toxic environments. Maybe they have sort of a hidden ally.
    3. I tend to go to metaphysics, so pardon me. I find sibetines my guides will cleanse a room. Ypu could look at this as just things beyond our control, environmental factors. I will leave my room and cone back, smelling different smells, feeling a burst if rifferent energy. Most of the time my crystals are away and my room ya closed up. The crystals tgenaelves can be guides, so maybe from a Shamanuc perspective it depends on the crystal, individual.
    The heart of what that theory could have neant was that these crystals are more likely to be durable and do well in difficult toxic environments or in the presence of.
    I find Vlack Tourmaline needs a vacation in dirt once and a while. I find sine if my crystals are telling me “hey! I’m fine! I fon’t Need anything,” And au am reminded to ask them before cleansing. So for the most part I agree, just wanted to bring these factors I was thinking about in mind. Thoughts effect even water, so why can’t elements effect the crystals. They are after all made by all elements. Done with one emphasized.
    Ok I go On tangents too, so I’m gonna stop here. Interested to see what you think. Thanks for the blog post! Blessings 💙

  60. I agree with you! It makes no sense why one crystal would need cleanse and another one would not. And yes, none of the ancient teachings that came down to us ever say that. Thank you for actually breaking it down on the scientific level as well, because I feel like lots of people do not understand how it all works and need some extra info. Lots of people cannot even feel the energy of the stones or energy in general, yet they are stuck in a believe, because some John Do told them so.

  61. Hello Hibiscusmoon,
    I am fairly new to this but I have also seen a lot of different/misleading information about which crystals are “safe” to cleanse with water and which are not. I live on Kauai and I recently bought a few new stones that I tried cleansing in different ways. Non to which I felt like really cleansed my stones…. One method tho that has been calling me was to cleanse my stones via salt water. Since I live on a island, I believe it would be best to just go to my favorite beach and cleanse my new stones ashore. I cleansed all my stones except my selenite because I just felt like it was too precious to cleanse. I also didn’t cleanse my lapis lazuli, and labradorite. My labradorite is my favorite baby and I cling to it everyday. I feel like i would know when it would be right to cleanse it but when that time comes, its perfectly fine. (just may need some charging here and there) but as for my lapis lazuli, I cleansed it once under water and I felt like that really took away its magic.
    If I had really just stuck to what I read on the internet, and not cleansed the stones I wanted to then I don’t think I would be happy. The feeling I got while cleansing my stones at the beach felt so right and powerful. If I had brought my three babies I for a fact know that I wouldn’t have a connection after… It really is all about listening to your gut. I mean thats why we connect to these stones right?

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