Everyone Loves Larimar

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Yes, everyone loves larimar.

They just do. C’mon…who doesn’t?

So, today I’m coming to you with the Dolphin Stone; Larimar.

Ooooohhh Larimar.

Iarimar pendent

My larimar pendent handcrafted by an artist in Maui. I met the artist there & fell in love with the energy of this specific piece while surrounded by dolphin energy ♥

I love this stone.

Known as the Dolphin Stone, some people even call it the Mermaid Stone or the Stone of Atlantis. As I show you in the vid, it’s a sky blue stone, although it does vary a bit in it’s intensity & hue.


Larimar is a type of pectolite, which is a sodium calcium silicate that forms in cavities of balastic lava & found in only 1 place on the planet: the Barahona region mines in the Dominican Republic:

Larimar measures 4.5 to 5.0 on the Mohs hardness scale so not too soft. You can certainly make jewelry from it. There’s some white in there, and lots of watery blue. Sometimes it even goes into a green hue.

Larimar always shows up in masses. You are never going to see crystals of Larimar. It’s always a mass, but a gorgeous one!


In the pendant I have, there’s a little bit of red in it, due to some hematite inclusions…so a wee bit of grounding with my water energy here.


With it’s blue color, it’s obviously a Throat Chakra Stone:

  • very calming & soothing
  • allows you to communicate effectively
  • taps into ocean & dolphin energy
  • carries divine feminine energy
  • also really great for tapping into goddess energy

It is a really wonderful stone to have in your collection. I absolutely love it.

When you’re just looking for something to be very calming + gentle, Larimar is your stone.

When working with this stone, I feel such a close connection to the ocean. I really, really love this.

In fact, I got mine in a place that also gives me that great connection to the ocean,  Atlantis & Mermaid Energy. It was nowhere near Dominican Republic, but rather in Maui, Hawaii.

In fact, I am going to show you a picture  of this gigantic necklace that I saw in Maui made of Larimar. They’re just nuts about Larimar on Hawaii in general. I can see why…larimar energy & Hawaii energy resonate so well.

Look at this piece! It is huge.


I mean, I don’t think this piece was actually meant for anybody to wear b/c you’d be stooped over like a hunchback with a cane if you did. Your chiropractor would absolutely love you though.

But what a great conversation piece ~ It certainly got me talking! ♥

So, do have a heavenly piece of Larimar that you wear or work with in crystal healing or meditation?  We’d ll love to hear about it.  Tell us about it in the comments below! 

Crystal Blessings,

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    1. Hi everyone! I have a question about larimar… I LOVE larimar! I began collecting it several years ago, mostly as jewelry pieces. Unfortunately it turns out that I got a lot of hemimorphite instead as a faux version of the stone. (This seems to be a major problem to watch out for on the internet these days when buying)… Anyway, I just acquired several large, freshly cut slabs of genuine Dominican larimar and I am SO thrilled with this stone! Firstly it is just an incredible beauty to behold, however the calming and healing energies that accompany it are just as outstanding! I have a question though… This stone is so often referred to as, “the dolphin stone,” and it carries a lot of ocean energy. I have been noticing more and more lately though as I come across articles that it is also heavily equated with the unicorns. Usually these references are really brief though and there aren’t any links, resources or history on how this stone came to be, “the unicorn stone,” as well. (Maybe because it’s got such pure white inclusions and a sense of purity and gentleness to it)? Even Doreen Virtue likens it to unicorns in her book, Crystal Therapy. On page 135, it reads as follows, “Larimar’s gentle, innocent energy recalls that of the unicorn, and it aids in releasing depression with its calming spirit.” Does anyone know anything about this? If so, please post a reply, or you can email me at crystalline.dream@hotmail.com Thanks ahead in advance to anyone that knows anything about this subject! <3

      1. Merlina, I’m pretty sure there is nothing to read into about larimar being equated with unicorns. They are similar energetically, that’s all. They are both gentle and calming in nature. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe I read somewhere that this stone wasn’t even discovered until fairly recently. So it’s not like it has some ancient connection to unicorns. What we can all agree on is that it is gorgeous, very special and that we feel gently empowered in its presence.

        1. Ildi, although I agree with you about the connection between larimar and unicorns, the ancient Tainos who inhabited the island already knew of Larimar, although they seem to have favored amber. It was rediscovered about a century ago by Miguel Domingo Fuerte Loren who mined it but abandoned interest until it was discovered again in 1974.

  1. Good to see you !!! I LOVE LARIMAR!!!! It is a calming stone , you are 100% right Hibiscus ! The color is amazing . I don’t know that I could be happy without it . 🙂

  2. I am completely in love with my Larimar 🙂 3 years ago I was in a cruise ship in the Caribbeand and they were having a diamond/jewelry introductory class, which would be something very unlikely for me to attend, but I had to go. And there was one raffle and I won this amazing Larimar pendant, which is absolutely gorgeous. I am a scuba diver, and I love Dolphins, so I was amazed at how this stone had found me, when I had never heard of it before! Now I wear it almost all the time, except for the last 3 weeks I have felt called to have my labradorite pendant instead. I love the sheer beauty of Larimar and I was really excited when I read later about its connection with Atlantis, Archangel Zadkiel and Compassion 🙂 All very fitting!

  3. I was at a gem show a couple of years ago and simply could not take my eyes off a beautiful blue-stone ring…it was Larimar and although I hadn’t heard much about, I bought it. One month later (Christmas), my husband gave me a Larimar & blue Topaz pendant, which he had purchased for me the day BEFORE the gem show! I guess we both intuitively knew what I was needing at the time. I love all 3, the ring, pendant and hubby! 🙂

  4. A few years back I was physically attacked at work. Left me with P.T.S.D., panic / anxiety disorder. As far back as I can remember I have always loved crystals. I have a large collection of magical crystals. I’m one of the lucky ones who actually feels the the fabulous healing energies in each stone. When I’m having a tough day, being in large crowds etc. Larimar helps to keep that anxiety away or at least under control. I’ve found it helps to keep me grounded around large crowds, out in public what have you. Because of the strong connection I have with Larimar, I welcome that calm all is well feeling when I’m meditating. Awesome stone.

  5. I LOVE my Larimar pendant! For me, it resonates with my High Heart Chakra. It helps me to speak my truth with wisdom and compassion. I always feel an ancient connection with Atlantis when I am near Larimar. Water has always been an obsession of mine, and Larimar definitely resonates with that part of me. Exquisite!

  6. I came across Larimar at a local rock and mineral show (Cayucos CA) and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! It can’t be the first time I’ve come across this stone, but for some reason this time I had to have the sweet heart shaped piece… They had other very nice pieces that were wire wrapped beautifully; but this lone heart shaped stone had me feeling so… happy! I have it by my bed and just looking at it makes me calm and peaceful, I fall right to sleep 🙂

    1. Same here! I went to a gem & mineral show in Freeport, NY a couple months ago and saw a couple tables of Larimar jewelry there. Never had seen it before. What a beautiful color! And I, too, just had to have the only heart-shaped pendant they had. Too funny.

  7. I visited the island of St. Thomas a few years ago to attend a wedding. I always try to research any “specialties” an area I am visiting is known for and, if possible, buy some while I’m there. At first the Black Coral jewelry found and sold there caught my eye. Then I did some further research on it and learned how endangered it is and how the harvesting of it for commercial uses (mainly jewelry making) has caused a critical loss of this beautiful gift of nature. Once I learned that, I knew I could not contribute to this harm. Then I spotted gorgeous, beautiful, ocean-blue Larimar. As soon as I saw pictures of it and read about it, I knew I would have to be on the hunt for some during my visit. I was fortunate to find a fantastic Larimar ring in which the stone was naturally in the shape of a flower and very artfully placed by the jeweler to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! The prices were great since Larimar is sourced from that area–I could not resist buying a pendant and earrings to go with the ring. I love the set and feel a calming energy when wearing them. The moral is: if you travel to the Carribean Islands, look around the local shops for some Larimar jewelry at great prices–you may just find a piece calling your name.

  8. Love Larimar! Dolphin stone, Atlantis…..can not get enough of it. 🙂 Are the red spots more rare then not? I have several pieces and only one of them have the red spots. Beautiful, calming and does help the throat chakra.

  9. Larimar is one of my favourite stones, and I have a ring that I wear every day. It does help with my communication, especially at work. It calms me when things get crazy at work. I wear my Lemurian seen crystal with it when I need to be crystal clear about decisions or to pitch a new business platform at work.
    Just a beautiful stone.

  10. I just read and watched a video about fake Larimer from China and India. A year ago I bought two pendants from India and I’m worried they are fakes made with stamped sterling silver. Any advice is appreciated.

    1. Well if it’s fake, than it is probably a mineral found in Kyanite, if memory serves me., so at least it is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes people have good luck oor feel a connection to minerals, or other fake made, even man made stones in general. It’s what gets you there.

  11. I only heard about larimar last year. Someone mentioned it and dominican republic on a facebook post about unicorns, then later that day i seen the words larimar, unicorns and dominican republic written on other unrelated articles. I looked it up and the first website i seen was called Emily’s Gems (my daughter is called emily) so i took it as a sign and bought a piece for myself and one for emily. I think we needed the gentle energy and honest communication from the larimar. Lovely stone

  12. Last time i wore my Larimar pendant i did it with the intention to communicate with a soul mate… and laugh because as far i remember i found myself involved in the crystal healing course, ah?!

  13. I absolutely adore everything Atlantean and have been after a piece of Larimar for over a decade. Just a few weeks ago I finally got my hands on a larimar pendant at a spiritual fayre, and knew what it was immediately by sight before I even looked at the label. Without hesitation I purchased the piece one of four the lady had for sale. That same evening I had work (I’m a retail supervisor) and I had a very angry aggressive customer come into store before closing ready for a fight with anyone who came near him. I have to say even I was impressed and shocked by how calmly and easily I dealt with the situation, normally I would be a little shaky in my boots dealing with someone visibly THAT aggressive. But I had nothing like that. I’d had the best evening shift going and I wasn’t about to let him ruin it. Then his friend came in and he was about to start again which I dealt with. After closing I also had to walk past them on my way home and he apologised for about the sixth time and said “you made me see perspective!”. That day was very memorable.
    I love my pendant and as I also work with lemurian seed crystals once a month I would say that larimar are more gentle yet more powerful than the lemurian seed crystals.

  14. Earlier in the year I came across a 5″ crescent shaped slice of larimar at my local crystal shop. I put it on layaway as I knew I was supposed to have it. In September I developed a still unknown issue with my throat (even after two visits to Doctor). During meditation recently, I have been laying this perfectly shaped piece of larimar on my throat area. It is extremely soothing and causes a floating feeling. The universe had known I would be needing this uniquely shaped piece to assist me!

  15. I have a question too. This may sound silly, but I’m wondering too, in terms of healing Properties, what the presents of the Hemitite does to the calming throat chakra stone. I almost wonder if it helps balance your past life mother earth connection, to the surface, acknowledgement of, or helps you relate and bring it in to this vibration. What do you think Hibiscus Moon?

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  18. Love larimar! Also heard it is protective from viruses, and I rarely get them. And the red hematite too. I think I need to find some more.

  19. Using it the first time the sensation feels really strange and it comes in waves. Took me a while to get used to it and step out of my comfort zone. Energy is almost like a sedative, it put me to sleep.

  20. I love Larimar. Lately, I see some gemstones called “Larimar Quartz”. Are these fake Larimar or Larimar and Quartz joined together something?
    I’d be really appreciate, if you shed some light on this..

  21. Last year, a friend was going on vacation to the Dominican Republic. I asked her if she could pick up some Larimar for me not more than $50. She texted me a picture of a pendant with a simple silver wire wrap. They were charging her $25. She also brought me a raw larimar stone about 2″x1 1/2″x1 1/2″. I’m going to re-wrap the pendant & is like to get the rock cut into slices but I don’t know where to take it & be able to get my stone pieces back & not get ripped off. I’m sure the inside of the stone is beautiful cause some of it peeks through the matrix rock. On the edge, there’s a tiny red speck.

  22. Hi and thank you for all of your amazing information. Do you know a reliable source to purchase Larimar jewelry? After reading your ebook on fake crystals I start to wonder about the sources. I live in NJ and would prefer to see it in person vs. online but don’t know who sells it. Thank you!!

  23. This is absolutely the heart of te fiti. Bright water born of the pulsating fire. When I don’t have my larimar near, I feel like panic is crawling all over me.

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