Thanksgiving Week Quickie

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Hola My Crystal Compadre!

I’m just popping in here for a quickie since I decided to depart from my regularly scheduled blog post programming for this week. I’ve explained why in my newsletter.

So just a few quick announcements & updates. OK? 🙂

I posted a video of our Crystal Hottie Gem Show Field Trip. I sooo wish we ALL could have been there together! Can you imagine the energy?? This is a small gem & mineral show here in West Palm Beach, FL:

I’ll get around to organizing & posting some of the specialty pieces that I’ll have for sale next week, I hope.

In the spirit of Black Friday/Cyber Monday & all that jazz, I have 2 items that you may be called to @ limited pricing right now.

1. Sparkly Space Clearing eKit @ intro price only until Nov. 30

space clearing package

Just a week + 1/2 left to snatch up this deal before the price goes up to $24.97! Grab it now while its still just $19.97. 

Need to get your space sparkly clean? Stuck energy got your space feeling icky? Sounds like its time for some space clearing.

We can clear those yuck energies out with CRYSTALS! Yes, we can! Completely transform your environment + clear your crystals with this eKit.

Get more info or buy + download it immediately for this special intro price of $19.97 today! This price ends on Friday, Nov. 30 @ midnight EST, Crystal Hottie.

2. Sparkly Booty Limited Edition Get It All Package available only until Nov. 30

Yup, yup, yup. This package is around only until Fri., Nov. 30! There’s so much Crystal-Sparkly goodness here, you’ll be blinded by the light! You Get:

  1. The Crystal Grid Template Package
  2. How to Work & Have Fun with Gem Elixirs eKit (no longer available)
  3. Sparkly Space Clearing eKit (no longer available)

That’s a whole treasure trove of glittery resources to get you working with crystals while having a total BLAST! Not sure what to do with crystals?

Want to open up to them & their wondrous energies? This ePack will get you busy immediately.

A value of $81.94…but you’ll get all 3 in this Sparkly Limited Edition ePack for just $49. You save $32.94!! But this deal will be gone very soon, expires Fri., Nov. 30 @ midnight EST.

OK, for those of you in the US, enjoy your holiday & I’ll catch you all next week here on the bloggie!!

& Crystal Blessings!!



P.S. I’ll soon be releasing my long awaited Getting to Know Your Crystals eKit. Most likely next week. So very excited about this 1 as its been in the works for a long time. Eeeeeee! I’m very happy to release to the world to unleash its sparkly goodness. 🙂

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