Special Offer – Crystal Savvy; Crystals + Mineral Identification

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Be much less likely to be fooled by crystal fakes or misrepresentations, allowing you to feel comfy-secure in your mineral collection, purchases, and teachings. Having this info under your belt will allow you to be self-reliant; confident that you know what you’re doing and talking about when making that next crystal purchase, whether it’s at a local shop or at any gem show… or even selling them yourself!

In fact, you’re going to end up pretty darned “Mineral-Smart” while also getting loaded up with mega-crystal confidence after taking this one-of-a-kind class. Science + a healthy dose of metaphysics makes this elective a must-do for anyone interested in crystals, no matter where you are on your crystal path. This geo-empowered learning experience is a perfect in-depth companion to the Summer Solstice Bundle.

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